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Bright: Architectural Illumination and Light Installations

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The use of light and illumination in architecture and design is currently evolving and making an increasingly significant impact on various creative disciplines. Today, architects use light installations to create a different nighttime identity for their buildings that allow for additional functions and presentations. Light is also important for interior designers, who use it to give the impression of a room where there isn't one or make a space seem bigger or smaller. Others use light to conjure works of art, forms and images out of nothing or to give entire city centres a whole new look. In short, light is a magical medium for creative experimentation that designers are using to produce a broad spectrum of exciting work. Bright presents a rich selection of these innovative projects that are setting trends in the creative use of light. The included work has been implemented in both a commercial and cultural context around the world. Each designer or design company is portrayed in an eight-page spread featuring both stunning photography and detailed text information. Bright is an up-to-date reference tool for professionals working in the fields of lighting design, architecture and art. The book reflects the role of illumination as a multifaceted and interactive design element. In doing so, Bright sheds new light on the future of architecture and design.

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книга Bright: Architectural Illumination and Light Installations:

автор:  Lowther Claire
издательство:  Die Gestalten Verlag
год выпуска:  2008
страниц:  352
обложка:  твердый переплет
ISBN:  978-3-89955-301-7

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