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Julien Vallee: Rock, Paper, Scissors (+ DVD)

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The young Canadian designer Julien Vall e is a leading expert at melding a variety of analog and digital design techniques into outstanding work. The graphic designer and art director Julien Vall e represents a new generation of designers. The young Canadian is a virtuoso at melding the most diverse analog and digital design techniques. He combines graphic design, stop-motion film, and a talent for staging space to create fascinating worlds of images in his work. Enthusiastically multidisciplinary, Vall e is as versed in traditional skills such as drawing, cutting, illustration, and collage as he is in the use of technologies such as stop-motion animation, 3D rendering, video editing, and interactive design. Thanks to his expertise in both of these realms, the Montreal-based designer seamlessly bridges the gap between the manual and virtual production of art. Although he mostly develops and stages his installations and stop-motion films using simple materials such as paper, wood, and plastic, Julien Vall e's magically arranged spaces are, at times, reminiscent of the work of a twenty-first-century Escher. The designer's work has already been heaped with prizes such as the ADC Young Guns Award and the Creative Review Award 2010. The monograph Julien Vall e not only presents his commissioned work for brands such as the New York Times, Elle, Swatch, AOL, and MTV, but also includes personal projects. A DVD featuring his video work accompanies the book.

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книга Julien Vallee: Rock, Paper, Scissors (+ DVD):

автор:  Vallee Julien
издательство:  Die Gestalten Verlag
год выпуска:  2011
страниц:  160
обложка:  мягкая обложка
ISBN:  978-3-89955-365-9

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