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Moving into Tourism and Hospitality (+ Audio CD)

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Moving into Tourism & Hospitality Moving into Tourism & Hospitality is a course for college and university students who need English for their continuing education. It caters for pre-intermediate learners who want to study more effectively and to prepare for a career in tourism or hospitality. It combines carefully controlled development of English-language skills with coverage of key aspects of tourism and hospitality. Key features: *Communicative activities encourage students to become confident, effective communicators. *A wide range of topics introduce students to the most important and interesting areas of business studies. *A graded approach to skills enables students to use English effectively. The course teaches transferable skills that students can use both in their wider studies and in their future careers. The Workbook offers students the chance to practise key points from the Course Book in more depth. *Ten 6-page units provide a wide range of exercises to reinforce students' learning. They cover the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. *The audio CD is packed with additional listening material. As well as dialogues, it includes many pronunciation exercises, which enables students to develop their skills in this important area. *Transcripts at the back of the book provide complete reference for all the audio recordings.

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книга Moving into Tourism and Hospitality (+ Audio CD):

автор:  Mol Hans
издательство:  Garnet
год выпуска:  2014
серия:  Moving into ESAP
страниц:  76
обложка:  мягкая обложка
ISBN:  978-1-908614-47-6

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