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Stripes: Design Between the Lines

In Stripes: Design Between the Lines, writer and design expert Linda O’Keeffe explores the lineage of lines as they shape culture, art, and style. The illustrations create a rollicking visual ride while the accompanying text—by turns witty and weighty—shows how these potent, sometimes-charged symbols have even changed the course of world history. The simplest and most ancient of all decorative markings, stripes ...
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The Lost Vanguard: Russian Modernist Architecture 1922-1932

The Lost Vanguard documents the work of modernist architects in the Soviet Union during the years following the 1917 revolution and civil war. In little more than a decade, some of the most radical buildings of the twentieth century were completed by a small group of architects who developed a new architectural language in support of new social goals of communal life. Rarely published and virtually inaccessible ...
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Made to Order

Clean and simple design coupled with an embrace of color, beautifully crafted millwork, and environmentally friendly materials are hallmarks of the work of Campion Platt. Every project is firmly rooted in the belief that handcrafting a home of one's own should be a pleasure, and that an individualized, intensely personal interior can be achieved on any budget when an honest conversation is opened with a designer, ...
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