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Clarkson Potter

Martha Stewart Weddings. The Great Book of Ideas and Inspiration

With rich photography, expert voice, and taste-making style, Martha Stewart Weddings a brand-new volume, the first in nearly two decades is at once a guide to and inspiration for planning a wedding. Since the debut of Martha Stewart Weddings in 1995, it has been the premier resource for couples looking to plan and personalize their big day. To coincide with the brand s 20th anniversary, the magazine s team of ...
Цена:  4849.00
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фото Martha Stewart Weddings. The Great Book of Ideas and Inspiration

Roberta's Cookbook

When Roberta’s opened in 2008 in a concrete bunker in Bushwick, it was a pizzeria where you could stop in for dinner and stumble out hours later, happy. It’s still a down-the-rabbit-hole kind of place but has also become a destination for groundbreaking food, a wholly original dining experience, and a rooftop garden that marked the beginning of the urban farming movement in New York City. The forces behind Roberta’s-chef ...
Цена:  2781.00
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Girls in the Windows

Ormond Gigli had an illustrious career as a photojournalist over the course of some 40 years and took many magnificent photographs - but one photograph has eclipsed all the others. It was a photograph he conceived for himself, without an editorial assignment. It is the incomparable "Girls in the Windows" of 1960. "Girls in the Windows: And Other Stories" is the first book to survey the work of Ormond Gigli and ...
Цена:  6073.00
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фото Girls in the Windows

Alexa Hampton. Decorating in Detail

The celebrated designer and author of The Language of Interior Design takes readers deeply into her process of selecting the details for elegant, classic homes with inviting living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and other spaces. In her first book, Alexa Hampton shared the basics of interior design - Contrast, Proportion, Color, and Balance - to rave reviews from readers and the media. In Decorating ...
Цена:  3709.00
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фото Alexa Hampton. Decorating in Detail

Try This at Home

From Bravo’s Top Chef All-Stars winner Richard Blais comes his very cool debut cookbook for home cooks looking to up their game with more excitement in the kitchen. This is accessible and fun, and includes the signature recipes, flavor combinations, and cooking techniques that have made him such a popular chef. A new way to make a dish is always on Richard Blais’s mind. He has a wildly creative approach—whether ...
Цена:  1908.00
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Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

An authority on the subject of small spaces presents a beautiful, inspirational, and informative resource for ideas that transform tiny areas into living rooms, kitchens, offices, kids' rooms, bedrooms, and more.
Цена:  2403.00
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фото Apartment Therapy"s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

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