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Glas New Russian Writing

Yaroslavl Stories

A cycle of stories about the difficult process of coming of age: young people who see themselves as outcasts, oddballs, and freaks, and who grow up through some experience of love and loss. These Ugly Duckling - type stories are timeless and the author has managed to make them new again. They are united by the one thousand-year-old city of Yaroslavl, Russia, and provide a host of exciting details which go unseen ...
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The Little Man

Merciless and beautiful prose, pithy and precise... leaves no one unmoved. Ex Libris Real-life dialogues, vivid imagery, striking metaphors. Literary Russia A remarkable novel of social discontent written by a sure hand. SNOB Gangsters take complete control of an industrial town with its corrupt authorities, business, and police. Defending his daughter, the protagonist accidentally shoots the chief gangster ...
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The Lair Collected Works

Leonid Latynin was born in a small town on the Volga and raised by his old grandmother on old religious books and Russian folklore. Since childhood he has been fascinated with pre-Christian Russian culture, which found expression in his highly original novels. Latynin was trained as a philologist and has become an expert in pre-Christian Russian culture and Russian icons. Both of these interests are apparent ...
Цена:  214.00
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In this collection, centred on the theme of Childhood, we offer two early stories by Andrei Bitov which reflect the growing awareness in children of life's mystery and beauty; a story by Andrei Platonov, bearing the stamp of his inimitable style; Ludmilla Ulitskaya's perspicacious insight into the complex relationship between twin sisters; an impressionistic story by Zufar Gareev about the torments of adolescence; ...
Цена:  198.00
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Petroleum Venus

This is the tragicomic story of a successful young architect, Fyodor, the reluctant single father of an adolescent son with Down syndrome. The son is a terrible embarrassment to Fyodor, who relies on his own parents to take care of him. Fyodor has fraught relationship with them as well. But then a fatal car crash and the accidental discovery of a mystical painting, Petroleum Venus, force this self-involved father ...
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Mendeleev Rock and Rooftop Anesthesia

These two novels by Debut Prize finalists present typical provincial towns in central Russia and a gallery of modern-day types: radically minded youths, ruthless thugs, drunken intellectuals, the local elite, and failed fortune seekers. The heroes are yearning for faraway glamorous cities and trying to find their identities. They suffer through various weird misadventures, but for many readers their tales may ...
Цена:  286.00
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The Face-Maker and the Muse

An anti-utopian novel about a society where success depends on the degree of a person's likeness to the Model Face.
Цена:  248.00
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Soviet Grotesque, vol.2

This issue of Glas has a subtitle Soviet Grotesque and our subsequent numbers will follow a similar pattern, dealing with such themes as The Woman's View and The Jews in Russia. We hope this approach will increase our reader's enjoyment by offering them an integrated reading experience which gives us a clear insight into some aspect of life in Russia. The sense of the grotesque has a long and distinctive history ...
Цена:  62.00
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"Galina's ingenuity in weaving together numerous mythological allusions and literary parallels is astounding. Apart from the Hellenic, Jewish and Arabic myths, she introduces references to popular legends and modern superstitions."—The Moscow Times Iramifications has all the cheeky comedy of Ilf and Petrov with a touch of Gogolian barminess.
Цена:  214.00
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Here I Am

Rubinstein succeeds in arranging his fragmented text in such a clever way that they invariably trigger off a series of associations, even in the reader who fails to catch all the allusions weaved in by the author. Thus his texts begin to speak to any reader anywhere and in any language, but they speak in a different way.
Цена:  214.00
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Red Bread

These literary pieces by one of Russia's foremost essayists reflect the author's bi-culturalism – Russian and American civilizations are compared in their various manifestations. Genis is a shrewd and observant critic. His essays are dynamic, informative, and a joy to read.
Цена:  135.00
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The Grassy Street

"As the narrative delivers glimpses of human life in bite-size chunks, [Asar] Eppel's extraordinary compassion and humor is revealed, combined with his Jewish sense of history and merciless insight into people's true natures" Good Book Guide "Unsentimental but humane, his spare realism penetrates daily life" The New York Times Book Review
Цена:  248.00
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Things That Happened

Boris Slutsky has now emerged as one of Russia's great twentieth-century poets. Unlike his contemporary Solzhenitsyn, this once ardent Stalinist remained inside the Soviet literary establishment, and kept his unacceptable work to himself. His best poetry and prose were published only after his death. In "Things That Happened" the innermost thoughts of this clear-eyed tragedian are revealed as he enthused during ...
Цена:  270.00
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Sea Stories. Army Stories

"Sea Stories" depicts the realities of life inside the army. Alexander Pokrovsky's cycle of satirical stories about the trials and trivialities of life on a nuclear submarine are both funny and frightening. Alexander Terekhov relates his traumatic first-hand experiences in the army without losing sight of man's better nature.
Цена:  262.00
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Booker Winners & Others II

Excerpts from the novels shortlisted for the third Booker Russian Novel Prize read like complete stories and are followed by summaries of the novels and authors' notes. Included are: Bulat Okudzhava (Winner), The Show is Over; Peter Aleshkovsky, The Life of Ferret; Yuri Buida, Don Domino; Alexei Slapovsky, The First Second Coming; Mikhail Levitin, Total Impropriety; Igor Dolinyak, The Third World. Also a story ...
Цена:  270.00
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War and Peace. Contemporary Russian Prose

War&Peace: a compelling portrait of post-post-perestroika Russia. War&Peace brings together 12 stories by new generation of Russian writers. These 'state of the nation' stories imaginatively explore current Russian definitions of war and peace. WAR: controversial stories about life in the modern Russian army where the continuing war in the Caucasus has bred discontent and corruption. PEACE: stories from the ...
Цена:  286.00
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