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Kenzine 2

KENZINE is a collaboration between TOILETPAPER magazine and KENZO. Named after KENZO's online blog, KENZINE has been published in alimited run of 1500 numbered copies. TOILETPAPER was founded in 2010by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari with the art direction of MicolTalso as a picture-based magazine. Photos published in the magazinehave been applied to a variety of products and media, exploring themultiple ...
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Kenny Scharf Kolors

Published on the occasion of Scharf's exhibition, Kolors, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, (April 4 - May 4, 2013) this publication, produced in collaboration with Damiani and Standard Press, presents the artist's new body of Pop-Surrealist work, which includes monochrome paintings and large-scale sculptures. An in-depth photo essay explores Scharf's eclectic world, while Jeffrey Deitch's text provides an insider's ...
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Brian Bowen Smih

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Brian Bowen Smith became a professional photographer by a less traditional route than most. While performing as a pro athlete, Bowen Smith happen to catch the eye of legendary photographer Herb Ritts, who invited him to appear in a Gap ad campaign. Ritts subsequently became his mentor and friend. Four years spent as Ritts' assistant helped Bowen Smith to establish his photographic ...
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Greg Gorman: Framed

In 1982 Greg Gorman was just beginning his career as a photographer, creating campaigns and publicity shoots for such films as Tootsie, The Big Chill and Scarface, with stars from the worlds of film, television and music gracing his studio on a daily basis. It was also at this time that Jeff Gorman and Gary Johns created a campaign for the famous Los Angeles-based eyewear company, L.A. Eyeworks, for which they ...
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Mark Abrahams: Up Close

One of the foremost fashion and magazine-cover photographers of the past two decades, American photographer Mark Abrahams has straddled the gap between fashion and celebrity portraiture with guileless simplicity and exacting care. A self-taught photographer, Abrahams portrays his subjects with an introspective depth and candor. His subjects run the gamut of the A-list: Julianne Moore, George Clooney, James Franco, ...
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Хидетоши Нагесава (на английском языке)

Born in 1940 in Japan, Hidetoshi Nagasawa is well known in his current home country of Italy for synthesizing arte povera techniques with Eastern cultural and philosophical ideals. His plastic constructions are characterized by a sense of suspension and lightness, a sober and refined elegance that plays easily between wood, stone, marble and metal.
Цена:  866.00
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From the Hip

It was precisely this lucky scoop, portraying the young and fairly sleepy Rolling Stones at the tables of a London café, that baptised John “Hoppy” Hopkins’ career (and the pages of this book), photographer of the Stones, the Beatles and many others, famous and not, on the 60’s cultural and political scene. Thanks to an extraordinary ability to step into various worlds, over the years Hopkins’ lens has ...
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