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Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again. More of the Nation's Favourite Bus Journeys

Discover the spice of modern Britain from the top deck of a bus. We may complain about the quality of our local bus services, but Britain is blessed with a very fine network of local bus routes. That network takes in celebrated coastal and mountain landscapes as well as gritty industrial towns and unsung suburbs. In Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again, over three dozen writers retrace journeys that have particular ...
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A hidden corner of eastern Europe, Montenegro lies across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, its stark mountains rising up from the coast. It offers superb, year-round, eco-adventure and sports facilities. Medieval architectural gems vie for attention with more recent Venetian fortresses and churches, reflecting the diversity of Montenegrin culture. Along the eastern border lies Lake Skadar, a nature lover's dream ...
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Landlocked between Russia and China, and surrounded by the shimmering Caspian Sea shores and the Altai and Tian Shan mountains, a trip to the exotic wilds of Kazakhstan will erase any association Westerners may have with the film Borat. Visit in May and find the slopes of the Tian Shan carpeted with tulips, base yourself in cosmopolitan Almaty and daytrip to the nearby mountains and forest (where the pious may ...
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Jungle-clad and teeming with exotic wildlife, Guyana is a South American secret begging to be told. With its unique geography of coastal waters, mangroves, marshes, savannas, mountains and tropical rainforests, it's an ideal match for adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts. Explore the interior's waterways from a dugout canoe, swim alongside a black caiman - the world's largest alligator, take in Amerindian ...
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There's more to Malawi than its lake. This fifth edition of the Bradt guide explores the country's rolling plateaux and massifs, and its five national parks and four game reserves. Adventurers, meanwhile, can discover how to kayak off Cape Maclear, hike up Mount Mulanje or cross the wildlife-rich Nyika Plateau on horseback. The book covers the country's dynamic music scene, and uncovers little-visited gems such ...
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In Mali you may float past hippopotami whilst sailing down the River Niger, greet 300 herdsmen atop brilliant white camels, or stand on an escarpment looking out over the mystical cliff villages of the Dogon people. This new edition features thoroughly updated information on everything from elephant migrations to rock-climbing. It also includes a new, comprehensive guide to the music and festivals of Mali, including ...
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This is the first guidebook to focus exclusively on the world's only Grand Duchy, home to the rolling forests of the Ardennes, hill-top medieval castles, a string of museums, two entries on UNESCO Heritage Listings, and one of Europe's smallest wine-growing regions. With first-class accommodation and more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than anywhere else on earth, this is tourism in style. The guide ...
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Touring the peaceful countryside and historic towns of Latvia is made simple with this guide. Travelers will benefit from advice on how to reach long, sandy beaches and quaint provincial villages, as well as a mass of practical information. Fascinating insights into Latvian folklore, customs, language and cuisine are provided to intrigue the curious browser and provide food for thought for travelers during their journey.
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Spanning the northernmost fringes of Norway, Sweden and Finland, Lapland offers exciting winter and summer adventures. Take in the indigenous Sami culture, experience a husky safari or snorkel alongside killer whales. Scandinavia enthusiast James Proctor leads visitors across magical frozen scenery, from the world-famous ICEHOTEL and the stunning Laponia World Heritage area to the Arctic's midnight sun - 24-hours ...
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Bradt's Estonia remains the only English-language guidebook to this Baltic destination, and this sixth edition reveals more of the country than any previous guide. Readers now discover why Miss Estonia likes antique cars, where Eiffel built before Paris, and why Edward VII could not land in Tallinn to meet Tsar Nicholas II and had instead to spend three days in the harbor. Offering extensive coverage of Estonia's ...
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Israel is a country whose turbulent history stands alongside its rich cultural heritage and outstanding natural beauty. The spiritual centre of three world religions i Judaism, Christianity and Islam i this new Bradt guide provides in-depth detail on key religious sites of interest to pilgrims. Go scuba-diving in the seaside town of Eilat, visit the green valleys and mountains of the Golan Heights or float in ...
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The first dedicated guidebook on both Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the People's Republic of Congo (PRC) in well over a decade, the Bradt guide provides full coverage of the major cities and parks of the two countries. The Congo possesses some of Africa's densest jungle terrain along with most of the continent's last remaining intact rainforest and endangered mountain gorillas.
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