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Everyday Objects. Cultural Treasures

We live in the Universe of Malevich, though we very rarely notice it. Vadim Gushchin photographs Everyday Objects in such a way that it is immediately obvious that they have originated from Malevichs Black Square. The main idea of design is the sparing use of form. El Lissitzky, a pupil of Kazimir Malevich, was the first to formulate this idea in relation to the industrial object. Malevich used the expressive ...
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Photographer Lucia Ganieva visited the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg not to admire its wonderful art collection but to photograph the guards who keep an eye on the paintings as well as on the millions of art lovers and tourists passing through every year. These guards often work for decades in the museum, as witnessed by the ID they carry on their chests obviously first issued when the guards were ...
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A portrait of his late cat, put up on a wall in his house by his wife, started to intrigue American artist Elliot Ross. The cat seemed to stare right at him. Ross wondered if the cat had consciously looked into the camera when the photo was taken. What the cat was thinking at that time. In what way the consciousness of an animal differentiated from that of a human being. In a quest to try and find the answers, ...
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Title Nation (+ DVD)

Documentary photographers Jason Eskenazi (American) and Valeri Nistratov (Russian) took to the road in Russia to shoot 4 x 5 colour portraits in various cities and across different levels of Russian society. It was their first time shooting large format so they created a method to shoot each portrait under the same conditions (lighting, distance, pose). Only the locations changed: factory, street, train station, ...
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фото Title Nation (+ DVD)

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