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Valentino: At the Emperor's Table

The emperor not only of fashion but also of l'art de vivre, Valentino Garavani is in a class all his own. At the Emperor's Table is an invitation into his refined world of graceful and cultured living. The remarkable collection of table settings and objets d'art housed in his five residences, in Gstaad, London, Rome, New York, and Paris, as well as on his yacht, evoke the grandeur in which he lives and are presented ...
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Venetian Chic

Venetian art connoisseur, interior designer, and hotelier Francesca Bortolotto Possati knows the intricacies of Venice. To have her as a guide is to experience firsthand her passion for the private side of the mythic city whose daily visitors outnumber its population. Join her to visit artists' studios, elegant Venetian friends, and palaces' secrets. Follow her on a gondola ride or through secret gardens; discover ...
Цена:  7205.00
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The Impossible Collection of Cars

It is the dream of many to own the world's most beautifully designed automobiles, but most often only a handful of collectors ever come close. Now, The Impossible COLLECTION of Cars makes that dream come true, showcasing the 100 most exceptional cars of the twentieth century. Each luxury automobile from the 1909 Blitzen Benz to a 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S was chosen for its revolutionary design, magnificent lines, ...
Цена:  62392.00
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The Pearl Neclace

The pearl necklace is an iconic classic, which has offered an irresistible invitation to subversive reinterpretation through the centuries. Renaissance queens, maharajas, First Ladies, and starlets from the Golden Age of Hollywood to the present have all made the pearl necklace part of their wardrobes, each wearing it after the fashion of the times or their own fancy. In The Pearl Necklace, Assouline and Mikimoto ...
Цена:  7205.00
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Rajasthan Style

To travel to Rajasthan is to leave behind the world of commotion and confusion, of gloomy gray concrete, and forget the sometimes callous modern customs of the West. In Rajasthan one encounters marvel after marvel; one is surprised by beauty in all its formsreal or imaginaryand enchantment at every turn. A travel journal composed by four hands, this photographic opus expresses the sublime beauty of the people, ...
Цена:  7205.00
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Room With A View

A breathtaking hotel vista sets the stage for an inspiring journey. Featuring a room or suite in each of The Luxury Collection properties that frames an exceptional panorama, The Luxury Collection: Room with a View showcases the world s most beautiful destinations, with notable tastemakers, including Valentino global brand ambassador Carlos Souza and designer Margherita Missoni, relating their unforgettable ...
Цена:  3465.00
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Temple St. Clair: The Golden Menagerie

With an artist's eye and explorer's heart, Temple St. Clair explores our relationship to animals through a lens of whimsy and discovery. St. Clair, winner of the 2016 GEM Award for Jewelry Design, celebrates rare gemstones and Florentine craftsmanship in each of the one-of-a-kind pieces that comprise her Haute Couture collection, illustrated through luminous photography and St. Clair's original watercolor paintings ...
Цена:  13488.00
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Jeanne Lanvin, one of the great couturiers of the early twentieth century, gave up her careeer as a milliner when her clients began to demand copies of the dresses she had made for her younger sister and daughter. These youthful mother-and-daughter outfits made Lanvin famous. Her designs blurred the distinctions between women and young girls with fluid silhouette, flattering both a growing shape as well as one ...
Цена:  1982.00
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Jewels of the Renaissance

Renaissance jewels are among the most alluring manifestations of an age that experienced the widening of horizons, from the Old World to the New. This spectacular volume overflows with luxurious imagery expressing the boundless creativity and spirit of the Age of the Renaissance. Bringing to the subject not only her specialized knowledge and historical discipline, author Yvonne Hackenbroch also displays a storyteller ...
Цена:  15819.00
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фото Jewels of the Renaissance

Craft Cocktails

The long awaited companion book to Assouline's award-winning Vintage Cocktails, Craft Cocktails explores the new golden age of the cocktail as culinary art form. World-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern shares some of his famous recipes conceived while working as the head mixologist for Michelin three-star chef Thomas Keller at Per Se in New York. Additionally, Van Flandern has collected recipes from some ...
Цена:  3952.00
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Chaumet Slipcase Set

Chaumet, established in 1780, is one of the crown jewels of Place Vendome. The first fine jeweler to settle on this square at the heart of Parisian luxury, in 1812, today Chaumet is still ensconced on Place Vendome after more than two centuries, and continues to balance its heritage of impeccable service and fine technical craftsmanship with innovative design embodying modern Parisian sophistication. Three Memoire ...
Цена:  6357.00
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Art Game Book

With games, puzzles, quotations, and commentaries, the Art Game Book is an original way to explore 20th century painting, sculpture, architecture, design, video, installation, and photography. Newly updated, with abundant illustrations and a glossary, this extensive book also includes an international guide to museums, websites, fairs and modern art events around the world.
Цена:  3274.00
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Smoke & Fire. Recipes & Menus For Entertaining Outdoors

Summer is perfect for entertaining outdoors, with flavors enhanced by grill smoke, sea spray, and camaraderie. In Smoke and Fire, writer Holly Peterson curates themed menus and valuable tips for delightful outdoor gatherings, from a seaside crab boil to a Mexican fiesta. Simple recipes featuring fresh ingredients ensure hosts will spend more time with guests than on preparations. Capturing the essence of summer ...
Цена:  3465.00
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фото Smoke & Fire. Recipes & Menus For Entertaining Outdoors

Tequila Cocktails

Tequila Cocktails is the fourth in Brian Van Flandern's series of award-winning books, centering on Casamigos Tequila by George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman. This volume shines a spotlight on the title beverage: the smoothest, best-tasting tequila from their master distiller in Jalisco, Mexico, with a taste so good that adding salt or lime would be gilding the lily. The Blanco, Reposado, and An ejo ...
Цена:  3815.00
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Simply Italian: Classic recipes and tips from Harry's Bar in Venice

Founded in 1931 in Venice by Giuseppe Cipriani, the mythical Harry's Bar is world- renowned for its Italian simplicity and sophistication. Simply Italian offers recipes and tips from Arrigo CiprianiGiuseppe's son and the restaurant's ownerto make simple yet delicious Italian dishes from Harry's menu. From tiramisu and minestrone soup to pappardelle ai funghi and risotto alla parmigiana, this title is the perfect ...
Цена:  3285.00
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фото Simply Italian: Classic recipes and tips from Harry"s Bar in Venice

Ottoman Chic

Standing at the crossroads of many cultures, Ottoman style is spiced with influences from Chinese and Indian to French and Italian. In this spectacular volume, Istanbul-born interior designer Serdar Gulgun narrates a tour of his beautiful home, a historic mansion on the Bosphorus. Constantly inspired by the atmosphere of his ancient city, Gulgun believes a successful interior design is a place of experience ...
Цена:  6485.00
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The Queen's People

The British monarchy's rich and storied heritage has been preserved for centuries, and "The Queen's People", made with Royal Household approval, presents a magnificent collection of photography that brings Queen Elizabeth II and important members of Her Majesty's court to life as rarely seen before. Featuring forty-two unique portraits by prominent British photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas, this hand-bound limited-edition ...
Цена:  61692.00
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фото The Queen"s People

Nomad Deluxe

Nomad Deluxe reawakens the deep-seated desire to escape to the most distant reaches of the globe. From the remote Siwa Oasis in Egypt to the rugged Adirondacks, from a frigid ice hotel in the Arctic Circle to the craters of the arid Atacama Desert, this book is an authentic guide to being a modern-day nomad in the know. Noted travel writer Herbert Ypma's commentary and gripping anecdotes make Nomad Deluxe an ...
Цена:  5881.00
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In the Spirit of Capri

Jutting proudly out of the Mediterranean Sea, like a miracle of nature, Capri is one of the worlds chicest destinations the European pleasure island. It is a place where well-tanned Italians joyfully share the islands beauty with celebrities and emphatic island lovers: from limoncello, the native digestivo, to its eponymous Capri pants, to the bright turquoise jewelry and bejeweled sandals made famous by its ...
Цена:  3465.00
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фото In the Spirit of Capri

In The Spirit of Seville

Spellbinding, romantic, rich in history, and steeped in culture, are some of themany ways to describe the city of Seville. Natives and visitors alike can explore thisromantic city through its diverse neighborhoods including the Arenal, the city center; the Jewish Quarter; and the main tourist area, the Santa Cruz; and stumble uponlandmarks and treasures such as the Alcazar of Seville, the oldest active royal ...
Цена:  3465.00
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фото In The Spirit of Seville

Fred (Joaillier)

Fred Samuel was a master of colored stones who seduced his clients with the stylish lifestyle of the French Riviera at its peak. Opening his first jewelry shop in Paris in 1936, the jeweler became famous bringing original drawings by Jean Cocteau to glittering life, garnering clients of movie fame and royalty alike, and today the brand's modern ingenuity remains in the spotlight with colorful and unique jewels ...
Цена:  13488.00
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фото Fred (Joaillier)

In the Spirit of Bali

The spiced aroma of frangipani, sweeping beaches, dramatic landscapes inhabited by beautiful peoplethese are the popular images of Bali, but the fabled island is also a magnet for celebrities, artists, and eccentrics. Featuring beautiful original photography, this lush volume explores the many facets of the mythical island of Bali, from its verdant topography and deeply rooted traditions and rituals, to the ...
Цена:  3465.00
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фото In the Spirit of Bali

GQ Men

GQ has become synonymous with style, but "to be GQ" is so much more than just being outwardly fashionable. It also means to be cultured, to have taste, to have panoramic interests. GQ Men captures the essence of what it means to look sharp and think smart the magazine's mantra by showcasing the men who embody the GQ spirit: from screen legends to young hot shots, musicians, political and social leaders, plus ...
Цена:  10373.00
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Fig & Olive: The cuisine of the French Riviera

More than a cookbook, Fig & Olive: The Cuisine of the French Riviera is an exploration of the Mediterranean table. Fig & Olive founder Laurent Halasz shares his passion for the cuisine of the South of France plus his insider s tips, from selecting the best tomato or melon to pairing the right olive oils with each dish. Filled with beautiful photographs of more than sixty enticing recipes and the spectacular ...
Цена:  3285.00
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фото Fig & Olive: The cuisine of the French Riviera

Dressing for the Dark

In her first-ever book, celebrity stylist Kate Young draws inspiration from iconic fashion moments in film to choose the most influential eveningwear styles of all time, and offers her expert insight as to why these looks are so definitive and are worth revisiting today for that special night out. Spanning classic moments such as Elizabeth Taylor's timeless white silk chiffon dress in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and ...
Цена:  3709.00
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фото Dressing for the Dark

Epicurean Journeys

Take a culinary journey of the world's most beloved food destinations, curated by internationally celebrated chefs. With over eighty hotels featured, from New York to Vietnam, India to Peru, no region of the world is left untasted. Showcasing unique local takes on curry, risotto, and dulce de leche, The Luxury Collection Epicurean Journeys reveals the most delicious dishes of these legendary establishments. ...
Цена:  3465.00
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фото Epicurean Journeys

The Luxury Collection: Certified Indigenous

The third volume in The Luxury Collection series, Certified Indigenous, taps into the extensive worldly knowledge of each hotel's concierge. Each concierge from the over ninety Luxury Collection hotels has compiled experiences indigenous to each destination, organized into morning, afternoon, and evening recommendations that will take visitors on a vibrant twenty-four-hour tour of each locale's culture, environment, ...
Цена:  3465.00
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фото The Luxury Collection: Certified Indigenous

Creative Tables

Rose Fournier has a knack for fun, creative, and transformative table decoration. The whimsical settings in Creative Tables forgo expensive tableware and accessories in favor of elements found in the typical home. Learn how pasta can become a whimsical centerpiece or step onto the set of an Audrey Hepburn movie adorned with classic pearls and red roses. Each exciting scene is so different from the one before, ...
Цена:  3465.00
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фото Creative Tables

Canada Goose

Instantly recognizable whether scaling Everest, navigating an icy sidewalk, or walking the catwalk, Canada Goose is a genre-defying brand that has quickly found itself at the forefront of the industry for delivering a highly stylish product while simultaneously remaining true to its roots. Started in 1957 by Sam Tick as Metro Sportswear Ltd., the Canada Goose story began with functional, quality outerwear designed ...
Цена:  13827.00
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фото Canada Goose

Celebrity Cocktails

The third in master mixologist Brian Van Flandern s series of award-winning books, Celebrity Cocktails shares cocktail recipes associated with great Hollywood stars, from Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Charlie Chaplin and Dean Martin. With easy-to-follow instructions, tricks of the trade, and gorgeous photography, this chic volume is a must-have for every sophisticated host and aspiring mixologist and ...
Цена:  3815.00
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фото Celebrity Cocktails

Bulgari: Monete Collection. Celebrating 130 Years

The third volume in the Bulgari Collection series traces the story of the Monete Collection. Conceived by Nicola Bulgari in 1966, these extraordinary jewels feature an array of coins from ancient Greece to early twentieth century America. The contrast of contemporary designs with the history of the coins isin perfect sync with the innovative image of the jeweler from the Eternal City, and the coin jewels quickly ...
Цена:  8296.00
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фото Bulgari: Monete Collection. Celebrating 130 Years

Bordeaux: City of Light

Bordeaux is not only the name of a worldwide, high-quality wine terroir; it has long been the central city of the French countryside. Founded in the third century B.C., Bordeaux boasts several golden periods, including its meteoric rise in the eighteenth century as the country's center for the arts. More recently, mayor Alain Juppe has driven its resurgence as a cultural and business hub. Anne Garde, a well-known ...
Цена:  5510.00
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фото Bordeaux: City of Light

David Webb: The Quintessential American Jeweler

Jackie Kennedy compared him to Cellini, the Duchess of Windsor said he was today's Faberge, and The New Yorker described him as "the new meteor around town". David Webb was the go-to jeweler in the 1960s and 1970s, and David Webb: The Quintessential American Jeweler is the official survey of this important designer. His devoted clientele have included Lee Radziwill, Diane von Furstenberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra ...
Цена:  5881.00
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фото David Webb: The Quintessential American Jeweler


Synonymous with French sophistication, Chantelle is a prestigious lingerie label with a rich history, enduring savoir faire, and seductive design. As a family business founded in the 1870s, the company pioneered the manufacture of innovative elasticized knits and then flourished in the 1920s as flappers replaced stiff corsets with sleek, athletic shapewear. Continuing innovation and dependable excellence, especially ...
Цена:  1908.00
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фото Chantelle

Chic Stays: Cond? Nast Traveller's Favourite People on Their Favourite Places

Take a tour of the world’s most beautiful hotels with your favorite actors, writers, musicians, and models in Chic Stays. From Jeremy Irons’s historical Palacio Belmonte escape in Lisbon, to the beaches of Kate Winslet’s secret Sco ish hideaway of Eilean Shona, to Kate Moss’s favorite beach in the Maldives, each of these thirty-five personal tales of the loveliest spots around the globe is packed with anecdotes ...
Цена:  6463.00
Посмотреть Chic Stays: Cond? Nast Traveller's Favourite People on Their Favourite Places
фото Chic Stays: Cond? Nast Traveller"s Favourite People on Their Favourite Places

Pierre Cardin

The first couturier ever to transform his name into a global brand, Pierre Cardin is unique for his perpetual mode of creativity and self-promotion. His elixir of youth - rigorous work—sustains him. Renowned for his prodigious inventiveness, today he remains a kind of free electron, beaming his label throughout the world. Filled with fascinating images from the 1960s to today, this comprehensive anthology is ...
Цена:  15406.00
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фото Pierre Cardin

Bulgari: Bulgar - Bulgari Collection

In the 1970's,Gianni Bulgari created a legendary watch with the Bulgari-Bulgari logo, which sparked a revolution in the jewelry world and marked the beginning of the Bulgari-Bulgari line. From ancient inspirations to various interpretations, and iconic photographs of luminaries past and present, this oversize luxury volume explores the rich and diverse heritage of one of Bulgari's most iconic collection.
Цена:  8296.00
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фото Bulgari: Bulgar - Bulgari Collection

Bulgari: Serpenti Collection

Since the 1940s, with the creation of bracelet-watches in the form of a snake, the serpent has been one of Bulgari’s most emblematic and eternal symbols. Representing everything from birth, rebirth, beauty, sex appeal, and wisdom in Greek mythology and Roman civilization, the snake motif also alludes to founder Sotirio Bulgari’s Greek heritage and adopted home of Rome. This new tome explores the Serpenti collection’s ...
Цена:  8296.00
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фото Bulgari: Serpenti Collection

Hunting. Legendary Rifles

A hunting gun of true quality holds a place of honor in the world of sporting equipment. Hunting: Legendary Rifles combines the thrill of the hunt with the arms' rich past, from creation and refinement of each rifle to exhilarating examples of its use. A brand-by-brand catalog completes the account, offering specifications and detailed illustrations. This book's thorough approach expertly details the story of ...
Цена:  6485.00
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фото Hunting. Legendary Rifles

Fendi Roma

Founded in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi with the creation of workshops devoted to handbags and fur, Fendi is first and foremost a Roman luxury house. Inspired by the architecture, colors, and textures of Rome, Fendi designs are a true product of the city they represent. It is a family company too—Silvia Venturini Fendi, the creative director for accessories and menswear, belongs to the third generation in ...
Цена:  15406.00
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фото Fendi Roma


This slipcase presents the history of Chanel, from its beginning through the creative trilogy which made this brand famous: Fashion, Jewellery and Perfuume.
Цена:  6357.00
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фото Chanel

ABCDCS. David Collins Studio

I have always wanted to see things I imagine made into a reality, declared renowned architect David Collins, a statement that rings powerfully true in the projects of his eponymous studio. Presented alphabetically, ABCDCS showcases a bold portfolio of images that manifest an interior designer's wildest dreams. Revealing one by one his myriad influences and inspirations, this volume is an aesthetically arresting ...
Цена:  5722.00
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фото ABCDCS. David Collins Studio

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