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Corporate Architecture

From the 1930s, Olivetti, the manufacturer of business products, was widely regarded as the pioneer of corporate architecture. During the 1990s, the concept became firmly established as a basic component of a corporate identity. Architecture and design are used to control the interior and exterior image of company headquarters and office buildings, to production sites and store interiors. Corporate architecture ...
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Luxurious Design for Dogs

Dogs are considered mans best friends in most parts of the world. Consequently, dog lovers want their canine friends to have the most optimal living conditions possible beyond the minimum requirements of healthy food, regular movement and toys for training body and brain. This volume shows the amazing breadth of selection and creativity of products to warm the hearts of dogs and owners alike. The smart furnishings ...
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Green Design: Volume 2

Elegant, innovative or even extravagant design can hardly exist on its own today. The ecological and sustainable aspect of a product is the argument that clinches the sale especially where one is prepared to pay something more for design. That principal applies as well to the manufacture of products, for example those which are resource sparing, as well as their application, if they are low-emission and finally ...
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Wood: Architecture & Design

Wood has always been a strong contributing factor in the creation of interesting architecture. Because of its special physical characteristics, its many possibilities of application and combination with other construction materials, since human beings began building houses, wood has been one of the main building materials. In addition, because of the increasing sensitivity for the protection of resources, the ...
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Swim: Best of Pool Design

From Olympic training pools to relaxing spas, child-friendly swimming complexes to private bathing facilities, this area offers a diversity of function matched only by the architectural diversity showcased in this volume. The demand in each case is met by contemporary and innovative designs that explore the medium of water as both a powerfully creative and a calming force. Swim! Best of Pool Design introduces ...
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Automobile Architecture

Since Carl Benz’ 1886 patented three wheeled motorcar the automobile has changed public space more than any other invention. New building types had to be created to house the car when immobile, so when it is purchased, serviced or parked. From the beginning architects have transformed the purely functional buildings into landmarks, places of wonder and experience. Automobile Architecture presents the most interesting ...
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Architectural details - stairs

Zunachste einmal Treppen sind eine notwendige Konstruktion um Hohenunterschiede zu uberwinden. Ob dynamisch oder elegant, ob modern oder traditionell, ob schmal oder groraumig ein Treppenaufgang fuhrt uns nicht nur von einer Ebene zur nachsten. Abgesehen von dieser fundamental wichtigen Funktion sind sie jedoch auch immer ein Ausdruck einer speziellen Lebensart innerhalb eines Gebaudes, eines Viertels, einer ...
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Architectural Details - Balconies

Balconies are an architectural accent of a special kind. Forced to looking up from below while passing by on the street the balcony serves as an eye-catcher. However, regarded down from the perspective of the balcony it is providing a refuge.
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Toy Design

Toys, fulfilling as they do one of mankind's most basic needs, have existed for as long as we have. From the earliest times both adults and children have used toys to simulate reality or simply to pass time. Renowned designers, artists and architects have always tried their hand at creating toys: from Frank Lloyd Wright's work with Frbel'S building blocks to Josef Hartwig's Bauhaus chess set that is still produced ...
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