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Bruges City Guide

The one and only official Bruges city guide, compiled and published with the cooperation of the Bruges Tourist Board.
Цена:  338.00
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Osiris Hertman

Osiris Hertman graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, having studied under Lidewij Edelkoort. He started his career working for Ulf Moritz and later for Marcel Wanders. His background in product design is reflected in his passion for customising each project. Osiris is an all-round designer who's been pushing the boundaries of design since he opened his studio in 1997. He started as a furniture designer, ...
Цена:  6362.00
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Piet Boon Styling

This lavishly illustrated book is a source of inspiration for all adepts of the recognisable Piet Boon style. In this, her first book, Karin gives her definition of styling and shares her tips and tricks, gathered over the past 25 years as creative director of the company. With her unique talent to combine materials, colour, furniture and carefully selected objects, art and interior accessories, she has been ...
Цена:  5722.00
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Designing Life

A glimpse into the private world of an interior designer.
Цена:  1420.00
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Wish You Were Here: The Beauty of Living

Beautiful photography of interiors and atmospheric settings from around the world.
Цена:  2014.00
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