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MING. Porcelain for a Globalised Trade

The Ming Dynasty (1368 1644) is regarded as one of the most glorious in Chinese history especially in regards to porcelain. Ming denotes the finest and most precious porcelain, which regularly achieves astronomical prices at auctions. The Ming vase is a popular cliche even for those who are not familiar with the history of Chinese ceramics. This publication unveils the Ming myth, by presenting the internationally ...
Цена:  6618.00
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фото MING. Porcelain for a Globalised Trade

The Modern Style. Art Nouveau 1899-1905

Features over 2500 objects such as metal, ceramics, glass, furniture and jewelry from the Art Nouvea movement that were included in leading internation al specialist journals. All of these journals have been combined in to this one volume with illustrations and information on designers and makers, making this an indispensable reference.
Цена:  4387.00
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фото The Modern Style. Art Nouveau 1899-1905

Pavel Tchelitchew: Metamorphoses

Pavel Tchelitchew (1898-1957) is amongst the most fascinating artist personalities of the modern era. After completing his apprenticeship in Moscow and Kiev, at the beginning of the 1920s he worked as a successful stage designer in Berlin, before relocating to Paris in 1923. He was influenced not only by Surrealism, but also by the Russian Symbolism, to which he added elements of Cubism. In the 1940s, now in ...
Цена:  3782.00
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фото Pavel Tchelitchew: Metamorphoses

Passion for Meissen

This meticulously designed publication focuses on the artistic details of masterpieces of Meissen porcelain.
Цена:  3415.00
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фото Passion for Meissen

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