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Pride and Glory. The Rocker's Jacket

After the success of Or Glory 21st Century Rockers, acclaimed photographer Horst A. Friedrichs captures the spirit of The Rockers Jacket in modern times. First coming into its own as a symbol of youth rebellion in the 50s, the Leather jacket continues to fascinate as much for its beauty as its mythology. The leather jacket belongs to that select group of garments that can be described as iconic. No other western ...
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фото Pride and Glory. The Rocker"s Jacket

Archi-Tectonics: Winka Dubbeldam

With her progressive architectural office Archi-Tectonics, Winka Dubbeldam has advanced to the very top of the New York architecture scene. Her innovative projects are grounded within the context of urban planning, society and technology and attest to a unique interplay of materials and methods. This monograph presents an impressive overview of the projects that have endowed her with international prestige. ...
Цена:  1202.00
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фото Archi-Tectonics: Winka Dubbeldam

The Label Book of Clothing Culture: Tradition, Quality, Style

Wenn Tradition, Qualitat und Stil zu einem ausdrucksstarken, unverwechselbaren Produkt verschmelzen, dann steckt moglicherweise eines der 43 Top-Marken des LABEL BOOK dahinter. Denn sie alle gehoren auch international zu den besten in ihrem Segment.
Цена:  2331.00
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фото The Label Book of Clothing Culture: Tradition, Quality, Style

Go West! Cutting-Edge Creatives In The United States

The United States is a magnet for creative people from across the world who come here to draw on the inspiration they need for their internationally acclaimed projects. The output of the best creative minds in the architecture, design, art, fashion, photography and advertising scene is presented through a stunningly illustrated journey spanning six chapters. Creatives featured in this book... ADVERTISING: 22squared, ...
Цена:  2331.00
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фото Go West! Cutting-Edge Creatives In The United States

Rising: Young Artists to Keep an Eye on

Like a watchlist RISING presents about 100 young artists who are still at the beginning of their career and whose extremely interesting positions are not yet counted as secured by the established art market. Young art personalities in the often difficult but crucial time between the academy and the first experiences in galleries whose exciting work already raises hopes. The book is not only an inspiration for ...
Цена:  2755.00
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фото Rising: Young Artists to Keep an Eye on

Traffic Design

For over two centuries, public space has been gradually adjusted to meet the needs of a rapidly growing traffic. Thanks to the mass-motorization of the 50's and 70's in the US respectively Europe and the subsequent development of private mobility, less visionary Traffic Design quickly generated an ugly and alienated architecture. The needed infrastructure had to be built quick and, what was more important, it ...
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фото Traffic Design


Wahrend seiner abschlieenden Studienarbeit ist Alexander Babic nach Australien und Sudafrika gereitst um sich ganz dem Phanomen der sehr groen LKWs zu widmen. Das zentrale Thema seiner Arbeit konzentriert vor allem auf die Fahrer dieser groen Maschinen.Die Technik der Freistellung, die den Hintergrund ausblendet, ist signifikant fur die Objekte der Bilder: Die Trucker sind „frei“ und folgen ihrem Fernweh. Sie ...
Цена:  450.00
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