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Ryland Peters & Small

Easy Slow Cooker. Fuss-free Family Food from Your Slow Cooker

For anyone who loves good food but has little time to spend cooking, an electric slow-cooker can fit perfectly into a busy lifestyle. They can be used day or night, and you don't have to stay in to keep an eye on the pot while you produce hearty family food. Warming Soups to try include Chicken Noodle Soup; Slow-cooked Onion and Cider Soup; and, Italian Vegetable and Bread Soup. Starters and Light Bites include ...
Цена:  1094.00
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фото Easy Slow Cooker. Fuss-free Family Food from Your Slow Cooker

Rachel Ashwell. Couture Prairie Mini Flexi Notebook

Be inspired by this new stationery range featuring Rachel Ashwell's signature eye for detail and her commitment to beauty and comfortable interiors. Photography from Rachel Ashwell: Couture Prairie and Fleamarket Treasures adorns notecards and a notebook, adding the perfect elegant touch to your own home, while helping you stay organized and in touch with friends.
Цена:  833.00
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фото Rachel Ashwell. Couture Prairie Mini Flexi Notebook

The Stuff of Life. How to style and display your most treasured possessions

In her gorgeous new book, sought-after interiors stylist Hilary Robertson reveals a multitude of different ways to style and display the 'stuff of life' - the flotsam and jetsam of possessions, from pictures and ornaments to hats and bicycles, that we all gradually accumulate. In the first chapter, How to Arrange your Stuff, Hilary identifies and illustrates four different approaches to arrangements and shows ...
Цена:  3103.00
Посмотреть The Stuff of Life. How to style and display your most treasured possessions
фото The Stuff of Life. How to style and display your most treasured possessions

Dinner with Mr. Darcy

Food is an important theme in Jane Austen's novels - it is used as a commodity for showing off, as a way of showing kindliness among neighbours, as part of the dynamics of family life, and - of course - for comic effect. Dinner with Mr Darcy takes authentic' recipes from the period, inspired by the food that features in Austen's novels and letters, and adapts them for contemporary cooks. The text is interwoven ...
Цена:  2158.00
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фото Dinner with Mr. Darcy

Couture Prairie. And Flea Market Treasures

Think Marie Antoinette in jeans and a cowboy hat - that is Rachel Ashwell's prairie style. Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie takes her signature pastels, ruffles and whimsical prettiness right to the heart of cowboy country. This is a journey in pictures and words, following Rachel through the fields of a little town called Round Top, home to one of the largest, most eclectic and vibrant antiques and flea markets ...
Цена:  3103.00
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фото Couture Prairie. And Flea Market Treasures

Bike Days. Notebook

This new stationery range features beautiful photography of vintage bikes. Celebrate the romance and utilitarian chic of life on two wheels with notecards in a tin, paperback journals, flip-top mini notebooks and a mini flexi notebook.
Цена:  833.00
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фото Bike Days. Notebook

The Curious Bartender

Preparing a first-class cocktail relies upon a deep understanding of its ingredients, the delicate alchemy of how they work together. In The Curious Bartender, Tristan Stephenson explores and experiments with the art of mixing the perfect cocktail, explaining the fascinating modern turns mixology has taken. Showcasing a selection of classic cocktails, he explains their intriguing origins, introducing the colourful ...
Цена:  1969.00
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фото The Curious Bartender

Blenheim and the Churchill Family: A personal portrait

Blenheim Palace is one of the most important buildings in Europe, and the only palace in England that is still lived in as a family home. Yet controversy and conflict seethed around the Palace from its very start, thanks to two strong-minded women: Sarah, the wilful first Duchess, who wanted a home fit for a hero, and Queen Anne, who envisaged a glorious monument to England herself and a palace to rival Versailles. ...
Цена:  3448.00
Посмотреть Blenheim and the Churchill Family: A personal portrait
фото Blenheim and the Churchill Family: A personal portrait

Visual Contrast

In Visual Contrast, Timothy Rundle reveals key techniques for styling your home by reworking what you already have. He looks at Shape, Colour, Placement and Personality and reveals how these seemingly abstract concepts are the stylist's essential tools, and the key to a beautiful, practical and individual home. Using dozens of examples of real-life homes and plenty of practical advice, Tim analyses successful ...
Цена:  2384.00
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фото Visual Contrast

The Girl's Guide to Life on Two Wheels

Welcome to the Velorution! Women's cycling is having a moment. From Olympic heroines like Victoria Pendleton, through fashion designers, models and celebrities, to the super-cool girls on the street, everybody who is anybody is travelling on two wheels. This book will inspire you to join them. Cycling is a fun, healthy and inherently stylish hobby and form of transport with a long and rich history of empowering ...
Цена:  1747.00
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фото The Girl"s Guide to Life on Two Wheels

Shabby Chic Inspirations

Be inspired by Rachel Ashwell's iconic Shabby Chic interiors, which celebrate the charm of objects from the past, an extravagant sense of comfort and the beauty of the perfectly imperfect. The stationery range features stunning photography from Rachel's latest book, Shabby Chic Inspirations and Beautiful Spaces.
Цена:  338.00
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фото Shabby Chic Inspirations

Scandinavian Modern

Modern Scandinavian homes are enviably relaxed and welcoming, filled with furniture and objects that are practical, functional, and beautiful. For many people, Scandinavian style conjures up images of pale blonde wood and pared-down, clutterfree interiors. In reality, it's far from minimal. Scandinavian Modern introduces the most important designers and their work and explores some of the most interesting homes ...
Цена:  2247.00
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фото Scandinavian Modern

My Garden

Featuring beautiful photography, this new range has something for every gardener, whether you want to send a note to other green-fingered friends, record your own gardening plans and purchases, or jot down any sudden planting inspirations on the handy sticky notes.
Цена:  507.00
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фото My Garden

La Vie est Belle: The elegant art of living in the French style

La Vie est Belle is the perfect gift for Francophiles or those with a passion for the best things in life - elegant interiors, ageless beauty and tradition, and fine food and wine. The book is arranged by region and offers a privileged glimpse inside dozens of French homes, from chateaux to farmhouses, as well as the regions in which they are set. The book also features essays on the traditions and characteristics ...
Цена:  3170.00
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фото La Vie est Belle: The elegant art of living in the French style

Children's Spaces

A brilliant book for design-conscious parents and kids alike! Children's Spaces helps you to plan all the practical aspects of children's rooms and provides plenty of affordable ideas and inspiration when it comes to their design and decoration. Judith Wilson looks at rooms for children between birth and ten years old, with chapters on babies' rooms, rooms for girls, rooms for boys, and shared bedrooms. There ...
Цена:  1747.00
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фото Children"s Spaces

Jane Packer (Wedding) Mini Notebook

Цена:  450.00
Посмотреть Jane Packer (Wedding) Mini Notebook
фото Jane Packer (Wedding) Mini Notebook

Spring Blossom Hardback Mini Notebook

Inspired by beautiful Eastern designs, these colorful patterns capture the essence of Eastern style. Includes 96 lined pages in square backed with rounded corners, card covered with textured imitation cloth, elastic closure band, storage pocket inside back cover, ribbon marker.
Цена:  714.00
Посмотреть Spring Blossom Hardback Mini Notebook
фото Spring Blossom Hardback Mini Notebook

Recipe Organizer

Now you can organize your precious recipe collection and locate what you are looking for in a flash. Do you often find yourself searching through kitchen drawers crammed full of torn-out or photocopied favourite recipes? Do you worry that you will lose or misplace precious handwritten recipes passed on by friends and family members? Do you all too often forget where you put that web address of the fantastic ...
Цена:  507.00
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фото Recipe Organizer

Wedding Notes Themed Mini Notebook

With plenty of space to jot down important thoughts & plans, this notebook is just the thing to keep busy brides organized in the run up to the big day! If you're tying the knot buy one for yourself, or snap one up as a gorgeous little gift for any busy bride to be. Beautifully finished with a ribbon marker, storage pocket & elastic closure band.
Цена:  450.00
Посмотреть Wedding Notes Themed Mini Notebook
фото Wedding Notes Themed Mini Notebook

Romantic English Homes

A unique collection of timeless English houses featuring original photography make this a book to treasure. Ever since the English aristocracy embarked on a Grand Tour in the seventeenth century, the passion for developing collections has been a national trait of England. As a result, the country's aristocratic palaces became repositories of treasure gathered from around the globe. But so too, thanks to the ...
Цена:  3470.00
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фото Romantic English Homes

Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic: Inspiration & Beautiful Spaces

Welcome to Rachel Ashwell's world: as beautiful as it is comfortable, as inspiring and spontaneous as it is practical and personal. In this book, Rachel shares her inspirations and her humour, celebrates the charm of the old and battered, and demonstrates time and again how interiors touched with Rachel's magic transcend fashionable trends, extending a calming, personal welcome to all. In this new book, Rachel ...
Цена:  2692.00
Посмотреть Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic: Inspiration & Beautiful Spaces
фото Rachel Ashwell"s Shabby Chic: Inspiration & Beautiful Spaces

English Decoration

In English Decoration, London-based architectural and interior designer Ben Pentreath presents a major new survey of the best of the English style. Eighteen homes, many of which have never been previously photographed, provide the source material for his wide-ranging investigation of this classic look. The houses include Ben's own homes in London and West Dorset, alongside those of Earls and artists, writers ...
Цена:  3306.00
Посмотреть English Decoration
фото English Decoration

Perfect English

Perfect English Farmhouse celebrates the characteristic style and fascinating history of the classic farmhouse and shows how to turn your own home into a welcoming retreat. Farmhouse is a word that conjures an array of appealing associations: fresh eggs and baby lambs, chunky beams and flagged floors, cream teas and harvest suppers, a place of welcome and plenty. With their generous kitchens and meandering layout, ...
Цена:  3624.00
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фото Perfect English

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