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Teach Yourself

Teach Yourself AutoCAD 2007

AutoCAD is the leading computer aided design software used by architects, engineers and draughtspeople worldwide. Based on the latest release of the AutoCAD software, this book is an introductory level text and is intended for new users of the software. It will introduce you to AutoCAD's key tools and techniques, give clear and concise intructions on how to use the package and will avoid the use of jargon. Although ...
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Teach Yourself Access 2007

Teach Yourself Access 2007 explains all the key aspects of this application from the user's angle. Written in a clear and enthusiastic style for the new user at home or in the office, it covers all the key features of Access 2007 and helps you to maximise your use of the system with confidence.
Цена:  225.00
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Teach Yourself PC Networking for Small Business

Just as small enterprises - businesses, voluntary organisations etc - acquired their first PC's s a decade or more ago, they are now implementing small networks, mainly to share resources such as ADSL (broadband) Internet connections. Larger companies have the resources to employ full time technical support staff or can afford to contract their network services to support companies. However, the truly small ...
Цена:  338.00
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Teach Yourself Manage Your IT for Profit

Photographer Traer Scotts portraits of dogs living in American shelters are endearing and heartrending, and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers everywhere. Some of the dogs subsequently found good homes; others were never adopted. The images reveal the strikingly intense emotion, dignity and even humor that Scott saw in each face, despite the dogs circumstances. By documenting the unique characters of just ...
Цена:  338.00
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Close That Sale

Learn how to hone your selling skills and close more sales with this easy to read guide written by someone with extensive experience of every aspect of selling and marketing in the international arena. Based on the five stage OIMCO selling model it covers: -Opening-phase selling skills, including taking control of your selling space and sizing up the customer; - Interviewing-phase selling skills, including asking ...
Цена:  338.00
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