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Toys for Chefs

If the materials make the artist, then the right cooking toys can make the chef. Beyond the simple act of preparing food, cooking for others is a journey of personal creation that expresses one's own individualism through an edible art form. Chefs are as passionate about using the best tools for their craft as they are about the perfect ingredients used in their cuisine.
Цена:  1638.00
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Flower Design Handbook

This book features more than 200 cutting-edge and surprising floral graphic motifs, grouped thematically in a useful and easy-to-use way including floral designs, oriental flowers, and work by leading illustrators. This is the ultimate graphic floral guide for professionals and aspiring designers. Illustrated throughout with copiable patterns, motifs and templates.
Цена:  666.00
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Drawing Perpective

Any professional artist knows that creating depth of field and the relative position of objects is practically impossible without the basic notions of perspective in drawing. This book explains and demonstrates in a series of sketches the practical foundations of perspective in drawing and sketching.
Цена:  743.00
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Hotel Bible

You will be captivated by an impressive compilation of photographs in a wide range of very diverse hotels, giving you a glimpse of the quality time you could expect when staying in these interiors, created with great vigour and imagination.
Цена:  1125.00
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How to Draw Animals Step by Step

Learn to draw fifty different animals and dinosaurs step-by-step with this detailed book, from the preliminary sketch to the final piece of art in full colour. The book includes tips on shadows, sizes, colours and anatomy, plus tricks and advice for amateurs and professionals alike.
Цена:  833.00
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The immortal Citroen Deux Chevaux - the 'corrugated chicken shed on wheels' has been a French style icon since it was conceived before the war as a cheap utilitarian town-and-country vehicle. This is the complete illustrated history of the 2CV, its variants and successors from 1948 to the current day. ICONS OF STYLE is a brand new series of compact illustrated books which celebrate the most iconic car designs ...
Цена:  450.00
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Fiat 500

The 'new' Fiat 500 of 1957 was destined to be a motoring classic. Building upon the company's pre-war reputation for small utility vehicles, the 500 combined engineering simplicity and Italian design genius. This is the complete illustrated history of the little car that helped Italy grow in the post-war reconstruction of Europe. ICONS OF STYLE is a brand new series of compact illustrated books which celebrate ...
Цена:  450.00
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Oh My Dog!

Art restorer Poncelet has a passion for nineteenth century ancestral portraits and a love for dogs. This blends into an unlikely but fascinating union: he changes the heads on the paintings into those of matching dogs.
Цена:  338.00
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Tomorrow's World

Flying cars, impossibly-shaped homes, transport that travels at ultrasonic speeds... Imagining the future has always fascinated man and the fact of the matter is that futuristic style is still in fashion. This book aims to demonstrate how designers and architects imagine and create tomorrow's world.
Цена:  900.00
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Destination Barcelona

This beautifully illustrated book takes you through 300 pages of breathtaking photographs of the Hospital San Pau, the Barcelona Museum of Modern Art, Montjuïc park and the Plaça Catalunya.
Цена:  563.00
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Drag has become a diverse form of expression that challenges, entertains, and educates by pushing boundaries, while embracing beauty, comedy and glamour. The performers in this book are evidence of that diversity, captured by some of the top photographers working in today's world.
Цена:  563.00
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The World's Most Expensive

An exclusive design or a special edition can make almost any object into a luxury item. But there is only one item in each category that can call itself the most expensive in the world. The Barbie doll with a diamond dress or the unique office chair by a top designer. There is even the most expensive hamburger. This book doesn't forget the classics, of course: the priciest luxury car... The most expensive luxuries ...
Цена:  450.00
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Toys for Kids

After the success of Toys for Boys and Toys for Girls, this edition focuses on the most valuable part of our lives - our children. Toys for Kids introduces the most impressive luxury products for children. More than 150 products show the reader how sweet growing up can be. From birth to a child's first steps into a fascinating world that waits to be discovered, to the teenage years, this amazing book reveals ...
Цена:  1311.00
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Cars and Stars

Lavishly illustrated, this amazing photo book offers an almost inadvertent glimpse into celebrities' lives and their close relationship with cars. With more than 160 pictures, film stills and memorable paparazzi shots, the reader will be driven on a fanta.
Цена:  788.00
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Amazing Auctions

Auctions are a kind of business. People have something they want to sell and auction it to the person who offers the most. Regarding business: the domain business.com has been auctioned for $7.5 million and therefore as the most expensive web address ever. But the real gems are, inconspicuously at first, among the totally normal auctions. Bizarre, funny, astonishing, unexpected, shocking-Not 'business as usual' ...
Цена:  900.00
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Extreme Venues

How about an incentive in an igloo, a wedding in a submarine or a birthday party in the world's biggest toy store? From traditional to contemporary, intimate to large-scale - Extreme Venues sought and found the most unique, eccentric and unusual venues on earth. More than 40 radically original gathering locations from all over the world in words and images.
Цена:  450.00
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Bimbos & Machos: A Photographic View of a 20th Century Phenomenon

Bimbos and machos. A match made in heaven: both are twentieth century cultural phenomena that are unrivalled in their straightforwardness. With examples from tv, film, comics, games, literature, music and real life, this book attempts to explore the bimbo and macho universe and pay tribute to the greatest bimbos and machos of all time. Kelly Bundy, David Hasselhof, Lolo Ferrari, Poncherello, Britney Spears, ...
Цена:  282.00
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Boulevard of Broken Hearts

The world's most compelling love affairs don't end in happily ever after. They end tragically, and by doing so, achieve immortality, reminding us of the fact that even though lovers may die, love itself remains forever. Whether on film, in literature or in real life, there have been many enduring tales of love found and lost. Romeo and Juliet, Sid and Nancy, Heathcliff and Catherine, John and Yoko, Ennis Del ...
Цена:  563.00
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