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In an era of outfitted home kitchens and food fascination, it's no wonder home cooks who never learned the fundamentals of the kitchen are intimidated. Twenty years ago, James Peterson could relate, and so he taught himself by cooking his way through professional kitchens and stacks of books, logging the lessons of his kitchen education one by one. Now one of the country's most revered cooking teachers, Peterson ...
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The French Menu Cookbook

Now in paperback, this landmark, debut cookbook from Richard Olney is brimming with over 150 authentic recipes that capture the flavors and spirit of the French countryside. Originally published in 1970, The French Menu Cookbook is one of the most important culinary works of the twentieth century. It has served as a foundational resource and beacon to cooks worldwide - including visionaries like Alice Waters ...
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The Japanese Grill. From Classic Yakitori to Steak, Seafood, and Vegetables

American grilling, Japanese flavors: That's the irresistible idea behind "The Japanese Grill." In this bold cookbook, chef Tadashi Ono and writer Harris Salat, avid grillers both, share a key insight: that live-fire cooking marries perfectly with mouthwatering Japanese ingredients like soy sauce and miso. Packed with fast-and-easy recipes, versatile marinades, and step-by-step techniques, "The Japanese Grill" ...
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A pioneer in American cuisine, chef Grant Achatz represents the best of the molecular gastronomy movement brilliant fundamentals and exquisite taste paired with a groundbreaking approach to new techniques and equipment. ALINEA showcases Achatzs cuisine with more than 100 dishes (totaling 600 recipes) and 600 photographs presented in a deluxe volume. Three feature pieces frame the book: Michael Ruhlman considers ...
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