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Tim Walker Pictures

This is an alternative edition - slightly reduced in trim size but absolutely unabridged - of the 2008 classic, now out of print. This stunning new edition offers us a privileged glimpse into Walker's artistic process. It is a comprehensive overview that features a wide array of sketches, contact sheets, Polaroids, and source materials normally hidden within the photographer's studio. The evocative images are ...
Цена:  3677.00
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Following in the footsteps of Cartier-Bresson and Elliott Erwitt, Craig Semetko is a connoisseur of the spontaneous moment. With a keen eye for serendipity, he captures the offbeat and the unusual to be found all around us. Each of his images intrigues us, yet lets us draw our own conclusions. Although a skilled technical artist, for him the camera is just a tool. To borrow a phrase from Henri Cartier-Bresson, ...
Цена:  1213.00
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Zeiss Art Calendar, Vol. 1

Boy meets girl: This eternal and inexhaustible theme is the topic of the Zeiss Art Calendar. Zeiss, the leading manufacturer of optical systems, invites the very best photographers to take part each year. From Wim Wenders in 2009 to Douglas Kirkland in 2015, the photos are as complex and multifaceted as male-female relationships themselves; the lines between romance, drama, and comedy quickly blur. The people ...
Цена:  5934.00
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фото Zeiss Art Calendar, Vol. 1

Interior Design Review. Volume 18

A new volume of the yearly series coined the bible of interior design by The Times.
Цена:  4652.00
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фото Interior Design Review. Volume 18

Hasselblad Masters. Evolve

Fourth volume of the series that showcases the works of the participants of Hasselblad's prestigious Masters contest.
Цена:  7318.00
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Regarding Women

A new volume by teNeues legend Elliott Erwitt, the creator of countless icons of contemporary photography.
Цена:  3285.00
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фото Regarding Women

Personal Best

Originally published as a large format hardcover in 2006, this carefully curated retrospective of Elliott Erwitt's work is now available in a less expensive edition. This is a classic collection of images by a master of the art form.
Цена:  4641.00
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The Beauty Book

As humans we are programmed to instinctively respond to beauty. It has an indescribable quality that lifts our spirits and opens our hearts. Yet while this intangible essence can be hard to define, it's nonetheless instantly recognizable. Over the course of his illustrious career, photographer Kenneth Willardt has captured an impressive array of images that epitomize our contemporary concept of beauty. Although ...
Цена:  9676.00
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Almost ten years after his highly successful Close Up, Martin Schoeller presents us with the much-anticipated follow-up, featuring portraits of stars of the stage and screen including P. Diddy, Salma Hayek, George Clooney, and Pink. These staged photographs prove that Martins Schoeller is the most talented successor of his former teacher Annie Leibovitz.
Цена:  9787.00
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Sequentially Yours

In this unique book, photographic legend Elliott Erwitt presents a series of vignettes, each showing a sequence of photographs shot just moments apart. The characters portrayed vary widely from infants to the elderly or dogs. The themes range from the buzz of street life to lovers in a casual embrace. True to Erwitt's distinctive style, these images are un-staged, and the subjects' spontaneity shines through ...
Цена:  7363.00
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The Aston Martin Book

For the fiftieth anniversary of James Bond in 2012, two icons came together who jointly epitomize the very essence of British coolness. In Skyfall, Daniel Craig, as agent 007, powered across the screen in an Aston Martin DB5, the very same thrilling six-cylinder that Sean Connery drove in Goldfinger. Meanwhile, Aston Martin has celebrated a milestone birthday. In the century since it was founded by Robert Bamford ...
Цена:  12812.00
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фото The Aston Martin Book

Stern Fotographie No. 66. Robert Capa

Robert Capa was a Hungarian combat photographer and photojournalist who covered five different wars: the Spanish Civil War, the Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II across Europe, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the First Indochina War. He documented the course of World War II in London, North Africa, Italy, the Battle of Normandy on Omaha Beach and the liberation of Paris. His action photographs, such as those ...
Цена:  1802.00
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фото Stern Fotographie No. 66. Robert Capa

AAD Rome

Цена:  338.00
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AAD Art Architecture Design. City Guide London

The ultimate selection of museums, galleries and architectural icons, as well as stylish hotels, restaurants and shop. Features insider tips, practical travel information and map of must-see locations.
Цена:  338.00
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Blossom Buddies

Blossom Buddies are the endearing creations of illustrator Elsa Mora. She carefully reconfigures plants to create a universe of unique characters. Inspired by time spent with her young autistic son, Mora’s one-of-a-kind characters combine vivid imagination with a careful appreciation of nature’s forms. These floral personalities will draw you into their world of wonder and whimsy.
Цена:  535.00
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Cool Hotels Beach Resorts

From the pounding surf to the salty tang in the air, there's something magical about the beach. As a followup to the successful Designpocket Beach Hotels, this breakthrough volume chronicles the most excellent accommodations located near enchanting beaches. With pareddown design and hip details, these cutting-edge getaways combine the allure of the ocean with a design sensibility sure to appeal to even the most ...
Цена:  428.00
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фото Cool Hotels Beach Resorts

You Should Have Been With Me

In this photographic scrapbook, fashion photographer Stan Shaffer share his extraordinary life at the nexus of art, fashion and cinema. On this incredible journey we traipse through the hottest NYC parties where everyone is somebody and they're all dressed to kill! Over his career as icon maker, Shaffer has hung out with everyone from Andy Warhol to Jerry Hall, Carla Bruni to Uma Thurman. With his fine-tuned ...
Цена:  3370.00
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