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This book describes the critically acclaimed life of the infamous Queen of Egypt. Cleopatra was intimately involved in the critical years that saw the Roman Republic transformed into the Roman Empire. How this transition appeared to the Queen of Egypt - and the part she played in it - is the subject of Pat Southern's engrossing new biography. Descended from the first Ptolemy, one of the companions of Alexander ...
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Горацио Нельсон (на английском языке)

There are few figures in British history more famous and more influential than Vice-Admiral Horatio, Lord Nelson, KB. This book offers a comprehensive overview by the world's leading Nelson scholars of all aspects of the Nelson story. It has become the standard reference work for 'The Nelson Legend' and is ideal for anyone who wants to find out more about this remarkable character and the ways in which he has ...
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The Campaign of Trafalgar

In 1910, the revered maritime strategist Sir Julian Stafford Corbett published The Campaign of Trafalgar, with the intent of providing the first "staff account" of the celebrated battle. Beautifully written, and possessed of the historian’s classical precision, Corbett examines the underlying reasoning, both diplomatic and military, that wrought the framework of these famous endeavours.
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