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Letterland International

Giant Alphabet Puzzle

This brightly illustrated new puzzle introduces children to all the popular Letterland characters in alphabetical order. You will find that, often, surrounding each character, there are items to spot that begin with their sound. See how many you can find!
Цена:  1286.00
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Handwriting Practice 1: My Alphabet

This write-in activity book is for children progressing from tracing the letters to independent writing. It includes fun pre-writing activities with a focus on pencil control.
Цена:  364.00
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Vocabulary Cards

Develop your pupils' vocabulary rapidly with these new double-sided cards that support reading and spelling. Guidelines are given for all sorts of phonemic awareness activities, for use as an assessment tool, and for developing the strategy of Reading by Analogy (over 290 words). There are 78 cards featuring words/pictures for each a-z letter sound. Arrows on the cards indicate high frequency words. Six photocopiable ...
Цена:  2446.00
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Second Reading Flashcards

This is a pack of 80 versatile flashcards featuring decodable picture-coded words. Lots of game ideas are included, along with opportunities to create meaningful phrases and sentences. It includes key sight words with less regular parts underlined. Plain letters are on the reverse sides.
Цена:  672.00
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My Second Rhyming Activity Book: Learn to Read and Rhyme

This lively new activity book is full of activities encourage children to identify words that rhyme and anticipate word endings - vital steps on the road to reading. Included is an Alphabet of Poems - a wonderful new resource. Children will love the rhymes because they can play with language and children always love to play!
Цена:  364.00
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Handwriting Practice: Learn to Join Letter Shapes

This write-in activity book is for children progressing from Handwritng Practice 1. It includes pre-writing activities, letter formation practice and combining letters to form whole words and sentences. This book also introduces the first stages of how to join up letters in pre-cursive letter writing practice. Suitable for ages 4+.
Цена:  364.00
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First Reading Flashcards

This title features the Letterland alphabet in both capital and lower case letters, on 65 double sided cards with plain letters on the reverse. There are clear instructions for multiple uses and game ideas.
Цена:  685.00
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ELT Handwriting Book

This work describes progress from tracing to independent writing using this well proven unique pictogram approach to letter formation. Each 2-page lesson covers: lowercase and uppercase letter and numbers.
Цена:  425.00
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Action Tricks Poster

Do the actions, make the letter sounds and learn the alphabet with this revised edition actions poster now with full colour action photos. Actions help to develop multi-sensory memory clues for the letter sounds and can be performed sitting or standing. Great for use with Early Years classes.
Цена:  871.00
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