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Hotels & Clubs

Different from ordinary residential or office buildings, hotels and clubs are the second, even the third living space for human. Therefore, the architecture of hotels and clubs should meet the specific groups, or general groups' specific needs. With exquisite and unique forms and styles, and culture and stories behind architecture, the architects are presenting their thoughts in 23 projects. In the book, the ...
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Painting in Wall Design

Whether in private homes or hotels, restaurants or airports, wall paintings as decor add a rich, individualised dimension. Here, the work of illustrators, interior designers and graphic designers from different countries is presented to show the inspirational qualities they contain and release when integrated into interiors. This book shows the transformations, effects and possibilies they offer.
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HOPSCA (hotel, office, parking, shopping mall, convention, and apartment) is a rising concept for architecture design. With the fast pace of urbanization, we search for an efficient self-sufficient urban model. The projects here make a breakthrough from traditional single-function projects such as commercial places, offices, residences, entertaining places, transportation projects, and so on, to the establishment ...
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International Competition

This book International Competition contains 100 projects from the world, which are put into six categories: Commercial & Office, Complex, Culture & Sports, Planning, Public Facilities, and Residence. The book shows the special ideas and thoughts of the architects to the readers and will be a valuable resource for architects.
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Endless Performance. Buildings for Performing Arts

What we show in this book is endless live performance. Architecture is connected with music, opera and people, and then art is extended. Theatres, concert halls and opera houses belong to the main building tasks of our times. New-built, renovated and innovative soundscaping, all architects are exploring and aiming to establish a new relationship between art, people and buildings for contemporary life. In this ...
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Building Skins & Details

Contemporary architecture presents itself with various aesthetic standards. Besides the rational function of architectural design, architects now pay close attention to continuity between the interior and exterior of their work. This book collects a number of masterpieces that reflect the trend of modern architectural surface design. The book has been divided into six chapters according to the composition of ...
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