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The Song of Igor's Campaign

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The Naked Year

The Naked Year follows the provincial town of Ordinin through 1919, a year of war, illness, and tumultuous change. The village and its inhabitants merchants, nobles, peasants, and communists alike experience first-hand the impact of the violent revolutionary struggle of the Reds, Whites, Blacks, and Greens, until their world eventually dissolves into chaos.
Цена:  1180.00
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Mahogany & Other Stories

Цена:  1519.00
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фото Mahogany & Other Stories

The Crocodile

Inspired by Gogol's surreal tales, Dostoevsky's hilarious story has been interpreted by some as a vitriolic piece of social criticism The civil servant Ivan Matveyich and his wife Elena Ivanovna are spectators of an exhibition - in a shopping arcade - of a crocodile owned by a German, when Ivan is suddenly swallowed alive by the animal. Unsuccessful in his attempts to be freed from his prison, due to the German's ...
Цена:  776.00
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Notes on the Cuff

The stories collected here, available for the first time in paperback, represent a sampling of the prose that first established Bulgakov as a major figure in the literary renaissance of Moscow in the 1920s, long before he became known as an influential playwright and novelist. The centerpiece of this collection is the long story 'Notes on the Cuff,' a comically autobiographical account of how the tenacious young ...
Цена:  1224.00
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My Half Century

Цена:  1727.00
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