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Monet: A Bridge to Modernity

French painter Claude Monet (1840-1926) is one of the most popular artists of all time. His paintings of water lilies, haystacks, cathedrals, and much more are all celebrated and beloved. For the first time, this book explores a new aspect of Monet's work: his fascination,during the 1870s, with bridges. After moving to Argenteuil, a small town on the outskirts of Paris, Monet was drawn to the local footbridge ...
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Mythical Diary

Mythical Diary is a visual journey through the classical sculpture of Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. It is a physical engagement with the marble bodies of myth. Through his black and white photography, Luigi Spina disassembles the limbs of the sculptures, emphasising their curves and hidden eroticism, humanising them to establish a dialogue with the observer. A sculpture is the sign of eternal, unchanging ...
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Khajuraho: Indian Temples and Sensuous Sculptures

The temples of Khajuraho are one of the great wonders of India. Built between about 850 and 1150, Khajuraho is renowned as much for the elegance of its architecture as for the sensuality of its sculpture. Once an important political and religious center, it is thought to have contained up to 95 Hindu and Jain temples, but today, only 25 survive-many with stunning depictions of human sexuality. The area has undergone ...
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Indian Contemporary Art

"The Indian tribal art, a new field of exploration of contemporary art". Le Monde Like India itself, its contemporary art is multifaceted, reflecting the diverse cultures this vast country is made up of: dominant, minority, global, local, urban and rural. This book offers a unique insight into the work of contemporary artists from India's minorities, the hundreds of tribes scattered across India's social labyrinth. ...
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The advent of abstraction. Russia, 1914-1923. Ediz. illustrata

L'avanguardia russa è un movimento artistico che ha vissuto uno sviluppo notevole tra il 1890 e il 1930 e che ha investito pittura, letteratura, cinema, scultura, architettura e propaganda politica. Le opere di questo periodo si distinguono facilmente per i colori brillanti, le forme geometriche e una tipografia particolare. Questo catalogo di mostra presenta sei opere importanti dei suoi più celebri ...
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фото The advent of abstraction. Russia, 1914-1923. Ediz. illustrata

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