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Gorky Park

In Soviet Russia, a triple murder in Moscow amusement centre, Gorky Park, leaves three corpses frozen in the snow. But when Senior Investigator in the Moscow Prosecutor's Office Arkady Renko arrives, he finds that the brutal murder leaves the victims unidentifiable with faces and fingers missing. Renko must battle political and corporate corruption internationally, from the USSR to the USA, to uncover the truth ...
Цена:  595.00
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The World is Full of Married Men

This is a novel about the glittering world of rock parties and concerts, the stretch limos and mansions of the power-brokers.
Цена:  500.00
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Winter Wonderland

A wintry world awaits for any girl who likes to make things gorgeous. Winter Wonderland is a beautiful activity book, full of partly coloured illustrations and festive patterns designed to inspire budding artists and help them to create their own, festive masterpieces. From snowflakes, sleighs and sparkling lights, to treats, trees and trimmings - doodlers can keep out the cold and get into the festive spirit ...
Цена:  641.00
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Holiday World

This drawing, doodling and colouring book makes a sensational seasonal gift for any girl who likes to get creative. Summer World contains beautiful colour illustrations and pretty patterns designed to inspire budding artists to create their own masterpieces. From sun, surf and sand to flowers, flip-flops and Frisbees, girls can enjoy colouring and completing these pretty pages all summer long.
Цена:  642.00
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Boys' World

A great gift for any boy who has a creative streak, this exciting new activity book contains fantastic colour illustrations and daring designs to inspire budding young artists to create their own masterpieces. From robots and cars to gadgets and gears; from wacky flying-machines to weird aliens - doodlers can let their imaginations run wild.
Цена:  642.00
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The Beautiful Patterns

This vibrant, bumper colouring book is full of beautiful, partially coloured patterns to complete. From French Fleur de Lys wallpaper to Japanese decorative fans, autumn leaves to bright birds and gorgeous flowers to beautiful butterflies, this is the perfect pattern book for girls.
Цена:  642.00
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