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A comprehensive overview of Slavoj Zizek's thought, including all of his published works to date. Provides a solid basis in the work of an engaging thinker and teacher whose ideas will continue to inform philosophical, psychological, political, and cultural discourses well into the future. Identifies the major currents in Zizek's thought, discussing all of his works and providing a background in continental ...
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Respiratory Management in Critical Care

This book first appeared as a well received series in 'Thorax'. It has leading international authorship and is presented in a clear and attractive format. The articles cover management of the acute respiratory diseases requiring intensive care. They are therefore relevant both for respiratory physicians and intensivists. The clinical management articles are complemented by illustrative cases, making this an ...
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Quality Assurance Handbook for Veterinary Laboratories

Every veterinary laboratory, whether it is a full-service commercial or institutional facility or a practitioner's office laboratory, can benefit from a quality assurance programme. A laboratory quality assurance programme has one overall objective - to provide confidence in the validity of the laboratory's test results and services. In turn, the laboratory's customers will have increased satisfaction with the ...
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Knowledge of God

Is belief in God epistemically justified? That's the question at the heart of this volume in the Great Debates in Philosophy series, with Alvin Plantinga and Michael Tooley each addressing this fundamental question with distinctive arguments from opposing perspectives. The first half of the book contains each philosopher's explanation of his particular view; the second half allows them to directly respond to ...
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Processed Cheese and Analogues

Part of the Society of Dairy Technology Series, this book deals with a commercially significant sector of dairy science. The book includes chapters on legislation, functionality of ingredients, processing plants and equipment, manufacturing best practice, packaging, and quality control. The chapters are authored by an international team of experts. This book is an essential resource for manufacturers and users ...
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Injectable Fillers (+ DVD)

Dermal fillers are the fastest growing tools in the cosmetic physician's armamentarium for refreshing the appearance of patients. This book demonstrates effective, best-practice use for superb patient results. Augmented by a DVD of procedural videos, it shows you how to match patient, treatment, and filler for maximum results. Taking a patient-centered approach, Dr. Jones reviews the advantages and disadvantages ...
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Facilities Manager's Desk Reference

In the course of their work, the facilities manager will face a range of complex and often challenging tasks, sometimes concerned with a single business premises, often across an entire property portfolio. To help with those tasks, the Facilities Manager's Desk Reference provides the facilities manager with an invaluable source of highly relevant, practical information on the all the principal facilities management ...
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Gluten-Free Food Science and Technology

Coeliac disease (CD) and other allergic reactions/intolerances to gluten are on the rise, largely due to improved diagnostic procedures and changes in eating habits. The worldwide incidence of coeliac disease has been predicted to increase by a factor of ten over the next number of years, and this has resulted in a growing market for high quality gluten-free cereal products. However, the removal of gluten presents ...
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A Brief History of Happiness

In this brief history, philosopher Nicholas White reviews 2,500 years of philosophical thought about happiness. Addresses key questions such as: What is happiness? Should happiness play such a dominant role in our lives? How can we deal with conflicts between the various things that make us happy? Considers the ways in which major thinkers from antiquity to the modern day have treated happiness: from Plato's ...
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Critical Care in Childbearing for Midwives

Critical Care in Childbearing for Midwives is a comprehensive, up-to-date guide surrounding the support, care and management of critically ill women in childbearing specifically written for midwives. Many women who have higher-risk pregnancies, complications or medical conditions require specialist obstetric or multidisciplinary care. Increasingly women, whose condition deteriorates and becomes critical during ...
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