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Random House, Inc.

The Bunny Book

A daddy bunny plays with his baby bunny and says, What will our baby be when he grows up? Everyone, from the baby s mother to big sister to Great Aunt Bunny, seems to know: a clown, a policeman, a candy store owner. But the baby only nibbles on his carrot and looks wise... for he knows he will grow up to be a nice daddy bunny!
Цена:  501.00
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Set in Scotland, Alpha Force are helping out on a survival outdoors adventure holiday programme for problem youngsters when they stumble across evidence of an illegal drugs laboratory, hidden high on the moors on the laird's land. High-speed chases with quad bikes and 4X4 vehicles across country along with survival skills like rafting, abseiling and hiking bring this 10th action-packed adventure to the UK with ...
Цена:  901.00
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Baby Animals

NO ONE HAS illustrated animals with as much warmth, humor, and realism as Garth Williams. This classic, full of soft and furry animal babies, features his work at his best. This longtime favorite has been reissued for a new generation of kids who will love to pet the animals on each page!
Цена:  401.00
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Llama Llama Time to Share

Llama has a sharing drama! Build a tower. Make a moat. Nelly's dolly sails a boat. What can Llama Llama add? Maybe sharing's not so bad. Llama Llama has new neighbors! Nelly Gnu and her mama stop by for a play date, but Llama's not so sure it's time to share all his toys. Maybe just his blocks? It could be fun to make a castle with Nell... But wait Nelly has Llama's little Fuzzy Llama! The fun turns to tears ...
Цена:  1691.00
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Llama Llama Home with Mama

Llama Llama's mother takes good care of him when he has to stay home from school because he is sick, but when Mama Llama begins to feel sick, too, Llama Llama knows how to take care of her.
Цена:  1691.00
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How Do Lions Say I Love You?

Lions say I love you with a purr and a cuddle. Wolves say I love you with a howl and a huddle. Bears like to say it with a kiss on the muzzle. A mama cow says it with a lick and a nuzzle... Sweet, simple rhymes and glowing illustrations in soft pastels show the touching ways that animals from elephants to giraffes to chickens bond with their families.
Цена:  501.00
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Sphinx's Queen

Esther Friesner's fanbase is growing. Readers who love girl-centric teen fantasy/adventure are happily following her from ancient Greece to ancient Egypt and beyond. Overnight, every aspect of Nefertiti's life has changed. She is no longer living at the royal palace as the intended bride of the crown prince. Instead, she is being chased by the prince's soldiers for a crime she did not commit. Traveling with ...
Цена:  1004.00
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The Sky Is Everywhere

Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, bookworm and band geek, plays second clarinet and spends her time tucked safely and happily in the shadow of her fiery older sister, Bailey. But when Bailey dies abruptly, Lennie is catapulted to center stage of her own lifeaand, despite her nonexistent history with boys, suddenly finds herself struggling to balance two. Toby was Baileyas boyfriend; his grief mirrors Lennieas ...
Цена:  1004.00
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Llama Llama Mad at Mama

Yucky music, great big feet. Ladies smelling way too sweet. Look at knees and stand in line. Llama Llama starts to whine. Does any child like to go shopping? Not Llama Llama But Mama cant leave Llama at home, so off they go to Shop-O-Rama. Lots of aisles. Long lines. Mama is too busy to notice that Llama Llama is getting m-a-d And before he knows it, hes having a full-out tantrum Mama quickly calms him down, ...
Цена:  1691.00
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THREE ALL-TIME FAVORITE Little Golden Books (The Poky Little Puppy, The Saggy Baggy Elephant, and Scuffy the Tugboat) are gathered together in this sweet mini-treasury. At a retail price of $5.99, this durable, attractive volume is a great value and perfect for gift-giving.
Цена:  602.00
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B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs 1

The successful B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs hardcover - the first of four epic volumes collecting the entire Plague of Frogs saga from Hollow Earth to King of Fear - returns as an affordable paperback! With over 400-pages, there's never been a better time to delve into the haunting world of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Led by fish-man Abe Sapien, firestarter Liz Sherman and a bizarre roster of ...
Цена:  2250.00
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House of Meetings

Цена:  647.00
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Las Valkirias

Un hombre y una mujer, motivados por una busqueda espiritual, viajan hacia la aridez y el supuesto vacio del desierto de Mojave. A lo largo de cuarenta dias, rodeados de dudas y tentaciones, entraran en contacto con sus mas intimos conflictos y cuestionamientos. Paulo Coelho advierte que este ha sido un libro dificil de escribir porque revela episodios y sentimientos de su propia vida; porque dudaba poder narrar ...
Цена:  988.00
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As I Lay Dying

The death and burial of Addie Bundren is told by members of her family, as they cart the coffin to Jefferson, Mississippi, to bury her among her people. And as the intense desires, fears and rivalries of the family are revealed in the vernacular of the Deep South, Faulkner presents a portrait of extraordinary power - as epic as the Old Testament, as American as Huckleberry Finn.
Цена:  751.00
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The People of Sparks

When the people of the underground city of Ember follow Lina and Doon to the surface, little prepares them for what they will encounter. Leaving behind the darkness that has been their home for generations, they discover a world of colour, warmth and light. The people of the small village of Sparks seem willing to help them... at first... but life on the surface has its dark side too. Before long the villagers ...
Цена:  991.00
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Secrets & Lies

Tucked away high in the Himalayas, a long dormant evil has made these snowy mountain tops its home. Helspont, a decendant of the ancient alien race of Daemonites, has enlisted an army of robots to obtain all there is to know about the Kryptonian meanace standing between him and dominion over the people of Earth. Can Helspont gain control over Superman and use him to execute his invasion plan? Or will the Earth's ...
Цена:  2347.00
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Superman-Action Comics. Volume 2. Bulletproof

A New York Times Best Seller! DC Comics took a bold step and renumbered the longest-running monthly comic, Action Comics, to #1 for the first time since 1938 as part of the DC Comics - The New 52 event.With this renumbering comes a new creative team featuring comics legend Grant Morrison and fan-favorite artist Rag Morales. While Morrison is no stranger to writing the Superman character, having won three Eisner ...
Цена:  2347.00
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Trinity War

The event that the New 52 has been building towards since the beginning! Number 1 New York Times best-selling writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, Batman: Earth One) brings together almost two years of plot threads here in Justice League: Trinity War. When the three Justice Leagues go to war with one another, who's side will everyone be on? Allies will be born, friends will become enemies, and the DC Universe ...
Цена:  2817.00
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The Reckoning

I turned to Luke and reached for him. My blood felt as though it had seized up in my veins. Lanny, what is it? Luke asked. I clutched his lapel desperately It's Adair. He's free. For 200 years she's been hiding He gave her immortality. She tried to destroy him. Now he is searching for her. They must not meet. Or there will be a Reckoning.
Цена:  841.00
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The Amazing Book is Not on Fire. The World of Dan and Phil

Hello reader, In this book is a world. A world created by two awkward guys who share their lives on the internet! We are Dan and Phil and we invite you on a journey inside our minds! From the stories of our actual births, to exploring Phil's teenage diary and all the reasons why Dan's a fail. Learn how to draw the perfect cat whiskers, get advice on what to do in an awkward situation and discover which of our ...
Цена:  1912.00
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Big Dog... Little Dog

A condensed, board-book version of the P. D. Eastman canine classic Big Dog... Little Dog, staring Fred and Ted-mutts who are opposite in every way, but best friends nevertheless.
Цена:  501.00
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Keep Calm at Christmas

Цена:  563.00
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Scales of Injustice

When a boy goes missing and a policewoman starts drawing cave paintings, the Doctor suspects the Silurians are back. With the Brigadier distracted by questions about UNIT funding and problems at home, the Doctor swears his assistant Liz Shaw to secrecy and investigates alone. But Liz has enquiries of her own, teaming up with a journalist to track down people who don't exist. What is the mysterious Glasshouse, ...
Цена:  901.00
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Revenge of the Judoon

The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Martha to Balmoral in 1902. Here they meet Captain Harry Carruthers - friend of the new king, Edward VII. Together they head for the castle to see the king - only to find that Balmoral Castle is gone, leaving just a hole in the ground. The Doctor realises it is the work of the Judoon - a race of ruthless intergalactic mercenary space police. While Martha and Carruthers seek answers ...
Цена:  226.00
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Leaving Time

Цена:  647.00
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The Murderer's Daughter

Цена:  647.00
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Motive. An Alex Delaware Novel

Even having hundreds of closed cases to his credit cant keep LAPD police lieutenant Milo Sturgis from agonizing over the crimes that dont get solvedand the victims who go without justice. Victims like Katherine Hennepin, a young woman strangled and stabbed in her home. A single suspect with a solid alibi leads to a dead endone even Alex Delawares e... Even having hundreds of closed cases to his credit cant keep ...
Цена:  647.00
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Childhood's End

Soon to be a Syfy miniseries event Childhood's End is one of the defining legacies of Arthur C. Clarke, the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey and many other groundbreaking works. Since its publication in 1953, this prescient novel about first contact gone wrong has come to be regarded not only as a science fiction classic but as a literary thriller of the highest order. Space ships have suddenly appeared in the ...
Цена:  647.00
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John Constantine Hellblazer. In the Line of Fire. Volume 10

In this new Hellblazer collection, John Constantine comes to the aid of his downstairs neighbor, a dimwitted, epileptic giant whose home is haunted by a persistent ghost. Plus, John's affinity with the supernatural spoils a soccer game when a demon that thrives on holloganism shows up. And in the story Difficult Beginnings, Constantine must reconnect with the darker side of his own nature - a journey that leads ...
Цена:  1877.00
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My Little Monster 4

Mizutani is a self-absorbed overachiever, concerned only with maintaining the highest grades in school. Haru is an impulsive short tempered brute, who scares everyone with his explosive bursts of violence. Haru gets suspended on the first day of school when he encounters some bullies harassing a student and dispatches the bullies with some rather bloody violence. Mizutani is tasked with delivering school materials ...
Цена:  1249.00
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When You Dead, You Dead

Everybody's favourite truck-fitting, road-racing, TV-presenting, No 1 bestselling author, Guy Martin takes you on an action-packed ride through a year in his life. Get behind the scenes, into the pits and under the engines, up close and personal with Guy, telling it like only he knows how. Brimming with entertaining stories, daring exploits and unusual mishaps, accompanied by personal photos from Guy's phone, ...
Цена:  2369.00
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John Constantine Hellblazer. Fear Machine. Volume 3

In THE FEAR MACHINE, John Constantine looks for a way to reconnect to humanity - but how can such a man ever find inner peace? Constantine finds himself encamped with a new-age pagan group that's tapping into their own psychic abilities - but a defense contractor is out to exploit their powers. Is the company's aim just political, or is it something much more sinister?
Цена:  2347.00
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Batman. Knightfall. Volume 1

In the first installment of this classic storyline that leads to the birth of a new Batman, the Dark Knight's greatest enemies have all simultaneously escaped from Arkham Asylum and are preying on Gotham City. With his city under siege, Batman pushes his body to its physical breaking point as he takes on the Joker, the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, the Riddler and the Scarecrow, one after another. But ...
Цена:  2817.00
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John Constantine Hellblazer. Rake at the Gates of Hell. Volume 8

John Constantine heads towards a final showdown with a revenge-crazed Satan during a raging race riot, and in addition to desperately trying to save his dwindling number of living friends, Constantine also has one final reunion with his lost love Kit. This re-cut volume features Garth Ennis' and Steve Dillon's final John Constantine, Hellblazer arc, collecting issues numbered 78-83, as well as the special one-shot Heartland.
Цена:  1877.00
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Forever Evil

The Justice League is dead! And the villains shall inherit the Earth! In a flash of light, the world's most powerful heroes vanish as the Crime Syndicate arrives from Earth-3! As this evil version of the Justice League takes over the DC Universe, no one stands in the way of them and complete domination... no one except for Lex Luthor! By New York Times number 1 best-selling creators Geoff Johns and David Finch, ...
Цена:  2347.00
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Batman. Graveyard Shift. Volume 6

In the wake of the death of his son Damian, Batman is in danger of losing his humanity. However, the foes of this grief-ridden Dark Knight mean to strike him when he's at his weakest. Has Batman's worst foe become... Bruce Wayne? Plus, three pivotal chapters from the epic Zero Year storyline! From the critically acclaimed, New York Times (numbered) 1 best-selling creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo ...
Цена:  2347.00
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Christmas Holiday: Vintage Christmas

At the age of twenty-three, Charlie Mason is endowed with good looks, good manners and a happy disposition. Following three years at Cambridge and one in his father's business, he is now looking forward to a jaunt in Paris with Simon Fenimore, his oldest friend.Yet Paris is not what he expects. And in just a few days his young eyes are opened to the horror and ugly drama of its underworld. Published before the ...
Цена:  676.00
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The Grownup

Gillian Flynn’s Edgar Award-winning homage to the classic ghost story, published for the first time as a standalone A canny young woman is struggling to survive by perpetrating various levels of mostly harmless fraud. On a rainy April morning, she is reading auras at Spiritual Palms when Susan Burke walks in. A keen observer of human behavior, our unnamed narrator immediately diagnoses beautiful, rich Susan ...
Цена:  602.00
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The Life-changing Magic of Tidying. A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever

Transform your home into a permanently clear and clutter-free space with the incredible KonMari Method. Japan's expert declutterer and professional cleaner Marie Kondo will help you tidy your rooms once and for all with her inspirational step-by-step method. The key to successful tidying is to tackle your home in the correct order, to keep only the things you really love and to do it all at once - and quickly. ...
Цена:  1000.00
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фото The Life-changing Magic of Tidying. A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever

A Week in December

Powerful contemporary novel set in London from a master of literary fiction. THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER London, the week before Christmas, 2007. Seven wintry days to track the lives of seven characters: a hedge fund manager trying to bring off the biggest trade of his career; a professional footballer recently arrived from Poland; a young lawyer with little work and too much time to speculate; a student who has ...
Цена:  676.00
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No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday

A very funny romantic novel (... and no. 1 ebook bestseller) Childhood sweethearts Matthew and Katy agree they must never see each other again following a school reunion. So all is forgotten... until eight months later when a shock meeting at an antenatal class forces them to confront the fact that Matthew could be the father of Katy's baby. Love and life are messy, but Katy and Matthew take things to a whole ...
Цена:  788.00
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow

One snowy day in Copenhagen, six-year-old Isaiah falls to his death from a city rooftop. The police pronounce it an accident. But Isaiah's neighbour, Smilla, suspects murder.She embarks on a dangerous quest to find the truth, following a path of clues as clear to her as footsteps in the snow.
Цена:  676.00
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Just One Year

After spending an incredible day and night together in Paris, Just One Year is Willem's story, picking up where Just One Day ended. His story of their year of quiet longing and near misses is a perfect counterpoint to Allyson's own as Willem undergoes a transformative journey, questioning his path, finding love, and ultimately, redefining himself.
Цена:  868.00
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Like Water for Chocolate. A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies

Earthy, magical, and utterly charming, this tale of family life in turn-of-the-century Mexico became a best-selling phenomenon with its winning blend of poignant romance and bittersweet wit. The classic love story takes place on the De la Garza ranch, as the tyrannical owner, Mama Elena, chops onions at the kitchen table in her final days of pregnancy. While still in her mother's womb, her daughter to be weeps ...
Цена:  1255.00
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фото Like Water for Chocolate. A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies

Reckless. My Life as a Pretender

From Chrissie Hynde, one of rock's most iconic, alluring, kick-ass, and (let's face it) sexy women, a brilliant, no-holds-barred memoir of a rock life lived to the hilt. Chrissie Hynde, the songwriter and frontwoman of The Pretenders in its various incarnations, has for thirty-five years been one of the most admired and adored and imitated figures in rock. This long-awaited memoir tells her life story in full ...
Цена:  2180.00
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Arkham Manor. Volume 1

When catastrophe strikes Arkham Asylum, where will Gotham City house the world's most dangerous criminals? And when inmates are found murdered, what is Batman prepared to do in search of justice? Arkham's madness comes home in Arkham Manor, brought to you by Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, Nova) and Shawn Crystal (Deadpool, Wolverine and the X-Men). It collects Arkham Manor numbered 1-6.
Цена:  1457.00
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Award-winning and fan favorite comics creator Jeff Lemire spins the tale of two star-crossed loved through space in time in TRILLIUM! It's the year 3797, and botanist Nika Temsmith is researching a strange species on a remote science station near the outermost rim of colonized space. It's the year 1921, and renowned English explorer William Pike leads an expedition into the dense jungles of Peru in search of ...
Цена:  1595.00
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My New Roots. Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season

At long last, Sarah Britton, called the queen bee of the health blogs by Bon Appetit, reveals 100 gorgeous, all-new plant-based recipes in her debut cookbook, inspired by her wildly popular blog. Every month, two million readers - vegetarians, vegans, paleo followers, and gluten-free gourmets alike - flock to Sarah's adaptable and accessible recipes that make powerfully healthy ingredients simply irresistible. ...
Цена:  2392.00
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фото My New Roots. Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season

Butter Baked Goods. Nostalgic Recipes from a Little Neighborhood Bakery

More than 100 recipes for homemade treats and childhood favorites - old time classics, rich in nostalgic flavors, that you will want to make time and time again. "Butter Baked Goods" is a gorgeously illustrated cookbook, packed with delicious recipes perfect for celebrating a special holiday with family and friends, or just everyday life. Inside you'll find everything from cookies, scones and s'mores to chocolate ...
Цена:  1780.00
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Everybody Jam

Danny lives on a cattle station in the middle of the Australian outback, where everyone's getting ready for the annual muster. But this year, everything is different: because Danny's beloved older brother Jonny has died in a farm accident, and nobody talks about it; because his fourteen-year-old sister is pregnant, and about to be packed off to Alice Springs in disgrace. Because his mother can't cope, and has ...
Цена:  991.00
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фото Everybody Jam

Cracking the GRE, 2016 Edition

Цена:  2160.00
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фото Cracking the GRE, 2016 Edition

Elmer and Butterfly

Elmer frees a butterfly that is trapped behind a fallen branch, and the grateful butterfly promises to help him if he ever needs it. Our intrepid elephant laughs A butterfly saving an elephant - that's a good one! but when the remote cliff path that he is treading starts to crumble away, it doesn't seem so ridiculous after all! But just how can a butterfly help an Elephant?
Цена:  788.00
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фото Elmer and Butterfly

Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights

From Salman Rushdie, one of the great writers of our time, comes a spellbinding novel that blends history, mythology, and a timeless love story. A lush modern fairytale in which our world has been plunged into an age of unreason, Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights is a breathtaking achievement and an enduring testament to the power of storytelling.
Цена:  2630.00
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фото Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights

The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy

Adventure alongside Nathan Drake, as Dark Horse Books and Naughty Dog team up to bring you this breathtaking, comprehensive exploration into the Uncharted saga! Encompassing Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake's Deception, this epic volume offers a look at hundreds of never-before-seen designs and pieces of concept art from the creation of one of the most exciting game series of this generation, along ...
Цена:  2925.00
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фото The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy

Library of Souls

Time is running out for the Peculiar Children. With a dangerous madman on the loose and their beloved Miss Peregrine still in danger, Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom are forced to stage the most daring of rescue missions. They'll travel through a war-torn landscape, meet new allies, and face greater dangers than ever. Will Jacob come into his own as the hero his fellow Peculiars know him to be? This action-packed ...
Цена:  952.00
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фото Library of Souls

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist return She is the girl with the dragon tattoo a genius hacker and uncompromising misfit. He is a crusading journalist whose championing of the truth often brings him to the brink of prosecution. Late one night, Blomkvist receives a phone call from a source claiming to have information vital to the United States. The source has been in contact with a young female superhacker ...
Цена:  1879.00
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фото The Girl in the Spider"s Web

Fodor's In Focus St. Maarten. St. Martin. St. Barth & Anguilla

Separated by just a few miles and known as favorites of American travelers, the Caribbean islands of St. Maarten/St Martin, St. Barthélemy (also known as St Barth’s), and Anguilla couldn't be more different. Dutch St. Maarten offers big resorts, extensive shopping, and vibrant casinos, while French St. Martin is a bit more low-key, with excellent dining options and smaller, charming hotels; both sides share ...
Цена:  785.00
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фото Fodor"s In Focus St. Maarten. St. Martin. St. Barth & Anguilla

The Key

This is the final book in the enthralling Engelsfor's trilogy. After the terrible events in Fire, the Chosen Ones are reduced from seven to six. Will they be strong enough to face the final showdown with terrifying the demons? In The Key questions are answered. Secrets are revealed. Loyalties are tested. Only one thing is certain: Everything will change.
Цена:  1082.00
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фото The Key

Body of a Journalist

America's worst nightmare has come true. Having neglected the threat of anti-establishment militias, the U.S. government is in danger of losing control. Middle America has violently risen up, coming to a standstill at Manhattan or, as the world now knows it, the DMZ. Matty Roth, a naive, aspiring photojournalist, lands a dream gig following a veteran war journalist into the heart of the DMZ. Things soon go terribly ...
Цена:  1457.00
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фото Body of a Journalist

Great British Wit: The Greatest Assembly of British Wit and Humour Ever

Arranged thematically—from Class and Character, Sex and Snobbery, to the Foreigner’s Eye View—here is the definitive collection of the British nation’s funniest quotations. Among the many great and good who dazzle us with their wit are Martin Amis, Jane Austen, Billy Connolly, Quentin Crisp, Roald Dahl, John Lennon, Queen Victoria, and Oscar Wilde.
Цена:  713.00
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Doctor Who: Big Bang Generation

Imagine everyone's surprise when a time portal opens up in Sydney Cove. Imagine their shock as a massive pyramid now sits beside the Harbour Bridge, inconveniently blocking Port Jackson and glowing with energy. Imagine their fear as Cyrrus "the mobster" Globb, Professor Horace Jaanson and an alien assassin called Kik arrive to claim the glowing pyramid. Finally imagine everyone's dismay when they are followed ...
Цена:  788.00
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Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Цена:  676.00
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Doctor Who: The Taking of Chelsea 426

The Chelsea Flower Show - hardly the most exciting or dangerous event in the calendar, or so the Doctor thinks. But this is Chelsea 426, a city-sized future colony floating on the clouds of Saturn, and the flowers are much more than they seem. As the Doctor investigates, he becomes more and more worried. Why is shopkeeper Mr Pemberton acting so strangely? And what is Professor Wilberforce's terrible secret? They ...
Цена:  788.00
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Doctor Who: The King's Dragon

They called it Enamour. It turned minds, sold merchandise, and swayed elections. And it did its job far too well...' In the city-state of Geath, the King lives in a golden hall, and the people want for nothing. Everyone is happy and everyone is rich. Or so it seems. When the Doctor, Amy and Rory look beneath the surface, they discover a city of secrets. In dark corners, strange creatures are stirring. At the ...
Цена:  788.00
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Doctor Who: Royal Blood

The Grail is a story, a myth! It didn’t exist on your world! It can’t exist here!” The city-state of Varuz is failing. Duke Aurelian is the last of his line, his capital is crumbling, and the armies of his enemy, Duke Conrad, are poised beyond the mountains to invade. Aurelian is preparing to gamble everything on one last battle. So when a holy man, the Doctor, comes to Varuz from beyond the mountains, Aurelian ...
Цена:  788.00
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The Night Circus

A novel of magic and love that is enchanting readers far and wide with the spectacular power of its imagination. In 1886, a mysterious travelling circus becomes an international sensation. Open only at night, constructed entirely in black and white, Le Cirque des Rêves delights all who wander its circular paths and warm themselves at its bonfire. Although there are acrobats, fortune-tellers and contortionists, ...
Цена:  676.00
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NYPD Red 3

Hunter Alden Jr.has it all: a beautiful wife, a brilliant son and billions in the bank. But when his son goes missing and he discovers the severed head of his chauffeur, it's clear he's in danger of losing it all. The kidnapper knows a horrific secret that could change the world as we know it. A secret worth killing for. A secret worth dying for. New York's best detectives, Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald, are ...
Цена:  676.00
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Dragons at Crumbling Castle

A beautifully illustrated collection of short stories by master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, featuring dragons, dinosaurs, cavemen and car races! Dragons have invaded Crumbling Castle, and all of King Arthur's knights are either on holiday or visiting their grannies. It's a disaster! Luckily, there's a spare suit of armour and a very small boy called Ralph who's willing to fill it. Together with Fortnight ...
Цена:  676.00
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Kings and Queens: Queen Elizabeth II Edition

A SPECIAL EDITION TO CELEBRATE QUEEN ELIZABETH II AS BRITAIN'S LONGEST REIGNING MONARCH. With an extra chapter on Queen Elizabeth II and her family including William, Kate and Prince George. Kings and Queens have always provided their subjects with a great deal to talk about. But how much do we really know about them? For instance, who became king when he was only nine months old? Which king invented the handkerchief? ...
Цена:  1000.00
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Happy Holidays

How are you going to spend your summer holiday? Will you be going on a sunny beach holiday, meeting your friends at the park, or relaxing in the garden with an ice cream? Jacqueline Wilson's Happy Holidays is the perfect read for any fan. It's packed with brilliant short stories, puzzles, facts and activities all about summer holidays, and includes a very special brand-new story from Jacqueline. Join Tracy, ...
Цена:  788.00
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The Sea, the Sea

Time, like the sea, unties all knots. This title comes with an introduction by John Burnside. When Charles Arrowby retires from his glittering career in the London theatre, he buys a remote house on the rocks by the sea. He hopes to escape from his tumultuous love affairs but unexpectedly bumps into his childhood sweetheart and sets his heart on destroying her marriage. His equilibrium is further disturbed when ...
Цена:  676.00
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On Chesil Beach

All she had needed was the certainty of his love, and his reassurance that there was no hurry when a lifetime lay ahead of them. It is July 1962. Edward and Florence, young innocents married that morning, arrive at a hotel on the Dorset coast. At dinner in their rooms they struggle to suppress their private fears of the wedding night to come...
Цена:  676.00
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The Martian

I'm stranded on Mars. I have no way to communicate with Earth. I'm in a habitat designed to last 31 days. If the oxygenator breaks down, I'll suffocate. If the water reclaimer breaks down, I'll die of thirst. If the hab breaches, I'll just kind of explode. If none of those things happen, I'll eventually run out of food and starve to death. So yeah. I'm screwed.
Цена:  700.00
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Make My Wish Come True

Take one showbiz reporter; one sexy TV chef; one creepy ex-boyfriend plenty of sex and scandal and you have all the ingredients to Make My Wish Come True from the bestselling Katie Price. Storm always wanted to be a celebrity reporter. But when she lands the job of her dreams, it costs her, her best friend. However, apart from her creepy ex-boyfriend, Storm loves the job. Until she's asked to go undercover to ...
Цена:  788.00
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An Event in Autumn

Some cases aren't as cold as you'd think Kurt Wallander's life looks like it has taken a turn for the better when his offer on a new house is accepted, only for him to uncover something unexpected in the garden - the skeleton of a middle-aged woman. As police officers comb the property, Wallander attempts to get his new life back on course by finding the woman's killer with the aid of his daughter, Linda. But ...
Цена:  788.00
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Pelican Brief

Цена:  500.00
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Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success. Online and Off

Michelle Phan has believed in makeup since the first time she was allowed to try eyeliner. When she looked in the mirror and saw a transformed version of herself looking back, she fell in love with the sense of confidence that makeup could give her. Ever since she posted her first makeup tutorial on YouTube, she has dedicated herself to inspire millions by using makeup as a tool for transformation and self expression. Now, ...
Цена:  1506.00
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фото Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success. Online and Off

Black Light

Bob Lee Swagger has seen - and delivered - dozens of deaths. As a United States Marine sniper in Vietnam, his astonishing accuracy with a rifle earned him the nickname Bob the Nailer; twenty years later he was forced to kill again to unravel a brutal conspiracy (in Stephen Hunter's classic Point of Impact). Now happily secluded with his wife and young daughter in the Arizona desert, Swagger believes all the ...
Цена:  803.00
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The Queen of the Tearling

Kelsea Glynn is the sole heir to the throne of Tearling but has been raised in secret by foster parents after her mother - Queen Elyssa, as vain as she was stupid - was murdered for ruining her kingdom. For 18 years, the Tearling has been ruled by Kelsea's uncle in the role of Regent however he is but the debauched puppet of the Red Queen, the sorceress-tyrant of neighbouring realm of Mortmesme. On Kelsea's ...
Цена:  1396.00
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Fox in Socks

A book and tape pack. The soundtrack to the story enhances both the action and the mood of the titles. Each tape has a fast production side and a slower, read-along version.
Цена:  620.00
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The Ritz London Book of Drinks and Cocktails

This irresistible collection of cocktails and drinks from the London Ritz hotel offers not only a wonderful selection of recipes, but charming stories and anecdotes about the history of the hotel itself. The sumptuous grandeur of the bar of the London Ritz and its professional and creative barmen have made it one of the great traditional meeting places for the rich and famous and now the reader is invited to ...
Цена:  821.00
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The More the Merrier

Christmas comes but once a year. Luckily... The Christmas holiday is, traditionally, a time when families gather together. In Ralph's case, this means ten or more relatives coming to stay, including assorted aunts and uncles, nutty Great-Aunt Ida (the Home tells them to be careful not to let her out) and his ghastly cousins: Titania in her silly, sick-making frilly fairy dresses and the twins Sylvester and Sylvia ...
Цена:  846.00
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The Other Side of Paradise. World War 2 Saga

She lived only for pleasure... until war forced her to find courage she did not know she had, and love where she least expected it. It is 1941, and while Britain is in the grip of war, life in the Far East is one of wealth and privilege. In Singapore Susan Roper, secure in the supremacy of the British Empire, enjoys dancing, clothes and fast cars, tennis and light flirtations with visiting naval officers - her ...
Цена:  991.00
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Eating Things on Sticks

Harry is in trouble. He's burned down the family kitchen so now has to spend a week of his summer hols with his uncle Tristram - who's heading off to stay with a new girlfriend - Morning Glory - on a tiny British island. Harry doesn't expect it to be a lot of fun - with just a wacky competition at the end of the week to look forward to. He certainly didn't expect to discover all the beards. Or the angel on the ...
Цена:  846.00
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And God Created Cricket

Cricket defines Englishness like no other national pastime. From its earliest origins in the sixteenth century (or an early version played by shepherds called creag in the 1300s), through the formation of the MCC and the opening of Lord's cricket ground in 1787, to the spread of county cricket in the next century, when the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack was first published and the Ashes series was born, this simple ...
Цена:  1230.00
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Suddenly, a Knock on the Door

Etgar Keret is an ingenious and original master of the short story. Hilarious, witty and always unusual, declared a 'genius' by the New York Times, Keret brings all of his prodigious talent to bear in this, his sixth bestselling collection. Long a household name in Israel, where he has been declared the voice of his generation, Keret has been acknowledged as one of the country's most radical and extraordinary ...
Цена:  1717.00
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The Watchtower

The last in a long line of women sworn to guard our world against evil, jeweller Garet James is struggling to come to terms with who - or what - she really is. Will Hughes, the alluring four-hundred-year-old vampire who tasted her blood and saved her life, could help, but he's disappeared. Garet believes he's in France, searching for the Summer Country, the legendary land of the Fey where he might be freed from ...
Цена:  1367.00
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The Island of Thieves

The paper is old and torn. The scribbled black letters are almost impossible to read. But they hold the key to a mystery worth millions. Our Captayne took the pinnace ashore and I went with him and 6 men also, who were sworne by God to be secret in al they saw. Here we buried 3 chests filled with gold and 5 more chests filled with silver. Tom Trelawney's uncle discovered this ancient piece of paper in South ...
Цена:  846.00
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The Lincoln Myth: A Novel

No. 1 internationally bestselling author Steve Berry returns with his latest thriller, a Cotton Malone adventure involving a flaw in the United States Constitution, a mystery about Abraham Lincoln, and a political issue that’s as explosive as it is timely—not only in Malone’s world, but in ours.
Цена:  647.00
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Dark Places. Movie Tie-In

Цена:  729.00
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House Harkonnen

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson return to the vivid universe of Frank Herbert’s Dune, bringing a vast array of rich and complex characters into conflict to shape the destiny of worlds.... As Shaddam sits at last on the Golden Lion Throne, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen plots against the new Emperor and House Atreides — and against the mysterious Sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit. For Leto Atreides, grown complacent ...
Цена:  647.00
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Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children

September 3, 1940. Ten peculiar children flee an army of deadly monsters. And only one person can help them—but she’s trapped in the body of a bird. The extraordinary journey that began in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children continues as Jacob Portman and his newfound friends journey to London, the peculiar capital of the world. There, they hope to find a cure for their beloved headmistress, Miss Peregrine. ...
Цена:  729.00
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I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words

Illus. in full color. Beginning readers can learn 100 different words in this story about a remarkable dog.
Цена:  903.00
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The Long Utopia

2045-2059. After the cataclysmic upheavals of Step Day and the Yellowstone eruption humanity is spreading further into the Long Earth, and society, on a battered Datum Earth and beyond, continues to evolve. Now an elderly and cantankerous AI, Lobsang lives in disguise with Agnes in an exotic, far-distant world. He's convinced they're leading a normal life in New Springfield - they even adopt a child - but it ...
Цена:  1576.00
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From the author of the breathtaking bestsellers Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, the extraordinary saga continues. Their passionate encounter happened long ago by whatever measurement Claire Randall took. Two decades before, she had traveled back in time and into the arms of a gallant eighteenth-century Scot named Jamie Fraser. Then she returned to her own century to bear his child, believing him dead in the ...
Цена:  800.00
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Power Play

Цена:  647.00
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Time After Time

Calling Anna and Bennett's romance long distance is an understatement. She's from 1995 Chicago, and he's a time traveller from 2012 San Francisco. They never should have met, but they did. They fell in love, even though they knew they shouldn't. And they found a way to stay together, against all the odds. It's not perfect, of course. Bennett is forced to skip parts of his own present in order to be with Anna ...
Цена:  841.00
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What does Jade Goody tell us about Athenian democracy? What does Achilles say about the death of Ayrton Senna? Why does anyone want to be famous? Why do we want them to be? Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame. But just what is it that elevates mere mortals to the status of gods, and why has celebrity become an increasing preoccupation in the modern world? It once was ability, intelligence, power or ...
Цена:  1164.00
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The Big Idea

Based on the award-winning formula of his hugely popular nightly show on CNBC, Donny Deutsch's The Big Idea is a step-by-step guide for anyone who has ever dreamt of following through on creating their own business. From the 'Aha! Moment' to taking that all-important first leap, Deutsch cheers aspiring entrepreneurs along every step of the way. Starting with how to look for opportunities, through to keeping ...
Цена:  1082.00
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Prince Lestat

Цена:  647.00
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Brandon Sanderson, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Words of Radiance, coauthor of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, and creator of the internationally bestselling Mistborn trilogy, presents Steelheart, the first book in the Reckoners series, an action-packed thrill ride that will leave readers breathless. How far would you go for revenge if someone killed your father? If someone destroyed ...
Цена:  800.00
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The Children Act

Fiona Maye is a leading High Court judge, presiding over cases in the family court. She is renowned for her fierce intelligence, exactitude and sensitivity. But her professional success belies private sorrow and domestic strife. There is the lingering regret of her childlessness, and now, her marriage of thirty years is in crisis. At the same time, she is called on to try an urgent case: for religious reasons, ...
Цена:  788.00
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Blood Canticle

The dazzling vampire Lestat was once the epitome of evil. But now he struggles with his immortality, yearning for a more saintly path. His chance comes when he rescues a witch from death by turning her into a vampire. But the repercussions are swift as the powerful Mayfair family rally to punish Lestat for creating a killer from one of their flock. Yet in the midst of this schism comes a passionate love affair ...
Цена:  844.00
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Appointment in Samarra

Appointment in Samarra is a fast-paced, blackly comic depiction of the rapid decline and fall of Julian English. English is part of the social elite of his 1930s American hometown but from the moment he impetuously throws a cocktail in the face of one of his powerful business associates his life begins to spiral out of control - taking his loving but troubled marriage with it.
Цена:  1230.00
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Burma Boy

A few months ago fourteen-year-old Ali Banana was apprenticed to a whip-wielding blacksmith in his rural hometown. Now its winter 1944, the war is entering its most crucial stage and Ali is a private in Thunder Brigade. His unit has been given orders to go behind enemy lines and wreak havoc. But the Burmese jungle is a mud-riven, treacherous place, riddled with Japanese snipers, insanity and disease. Burma Boy ...
Цена:  991.00
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Middle School 5: Ultimate Showdown: Pack of two

Readers get a chance to participate in James Patterson's wildly successful Middle School series in this interactive book featuring more than 80 hilarious anecdotes from dueling siblings Rafe and Georgia Khatchadorian - plus dozens of fun-filled activities! The Khatchadorian kids are an opinionated duo, and as readers of the Middle School stories know, they don't exactly see eye to eye. But when wild-card Rafe ...
Цена:  676.00
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Middle School 6: Save Rafe!

After a rough summer, Rafe is heading back to the dreaded Hills Village Middle School, the site of the very worst years of his life. And as if that's not bad enough, Rafe's learned that he's going to be held back a year unless he can prove himself on an outdoor survival excursion - complete with dangerous white-water rafting, dizzying rock climbing and military style counsellors. Rafe and the rest of the pack ...
Цена:  676.00
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The Glamour Chase

Why are you here? I mean - who are you, exactly? An archaeological dig in 1936 unearths relics of another time... And - as the Doctor, Amy and Rory realise - another place. Another planet. But if Enola Porter, noted adventuress, has really found evidence of an alien civilisation, how come she isn't famous? Why has Rory never heard of her? Added to that, since Amy's been travelling with him for a while now, why ...
Цена:  901.00
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Starships and Spacestations

The Doctor has his TARDIS to get him from place to place and time to time, but the rest of the Universe relies on more conventional transport... From the British Space Programme of the late twentieth century to Earth's Empire in the far future, from the terrifying Dalek Fleet to deadly Cyber Ships, this book documents the many starships and space stations that the Doctor and his companions have encountered on ...
Цена:  901.00
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фото Starships and Spacestations

Illegal Alien

The Blitz is at its height. As the Luftwaffe bomb London, Cody McBride, ex-pat American private eye, sees a sinister silver sphere crash-land. He glimpses something emerging from within. The military dismiss his account of events - the sphere must be a new German secret weapon that has malfunctioned in some way. What else could it be? Arriving amid the chaos, the Doctor and Ace embark on a trail that brings ...
Цена:  901.00
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The Outlandish Companion: Volume 1

Diana Gabaldon has captivated millions of readers with her critically acclaimed Outlander novels. In this beautifully illustrated compendium, Diana Gabaldon opens a door through the standing stones and offers a guided tour of what lies within. It includes: full synopses of Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager and Drums of Autumn; a complete listing of the characters (fictional and historical) in the first ...
Цена:  1403.00
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Private Vegas

Jack Morgan, head of Private Investigations, the global PI agency of the rich and famous, is being pushed to the limit. His car has been firebombed, his ex is dating someone else, and his twin brother is still out to destroy him. But Private doesn't rest, and nor do its clients: not the LAPD who need Private's help catching two scumbags with diplomatic immunity, and not the client who has just confessed to murdering ...
Цена:  676.00
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Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

In Christian’s own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E. L. James offers a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of reader around the world. CHRISTIAN GREY exercises control in all things; his world is neat, disciplined, and utterly empty – until the day that Anastasia Steele falls into his office, in a tangle of shapely limbs and tumbling brown hair. He tries ...
Цена:  901.00
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фото Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

How to Build a Girl

What do you do in your teenage years when you realise what your parents taught you wasn't enough? You must go out and find books and poetry and pop songs and bad heroes - and build yourself. It's 1990. Johanna Morrigan, 14, has shamed herself so badly on local TV that she decides that there's no point in being Johanna anymore and reinvents herself as Dolly Wilde - fast-talking, hard-drinking Gothic hero and ...
Цена:  788.00
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Kingmaker. Winter Pilgrims

Set during England's bloody and brutal War of the Roses, the first novel in an epic historical fiction series. If you liked Conn Iggulden's Stormbird, you will love Toby Clement's Kingmaker novels. February 1460. In the bitter dawn of a winter's morning, a young man and a woman escape from a priory. In fear of their lives, they are forced to flee across a land ravaged by conflict. For this is the Wars of the ...
Цена:  901.00
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Albert Speer. Architecture 1932-1942

Architect Le?on Krier asks, "Can a war criminal be a great artist?" Speer, Adolf Hitler's architect of choice, happens to be responsible for one of the boldest architectural and urban oeuvres of modern times. First published in 1985 to an acute and critical reception, "Albert Speer: Architecture 1932-1942" is a lucid, wide-ranging study of an important neoclassical architect. Yet is is simultaneously much more: ...
Цена:  6754.00
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фото Albert Speer. Architecture 1932-1942

Fables. Volume 6

In this sixth deluxe Fables collection, featuring issues #46-51 of the Eisner Award-winning series, the threat of the Adversary looms ever closer as the drums of war begin their steady beat. The Fables prepare for battle, but first they must find their would-be commander: Bigby Wolf!
Цена:  2817.00
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фото Fables. Volume 6

Final Crisis

What happens when evil wins? That's the question Superman, Batman, the Justice League, and every being in the DCU have to face when Darkseid and his otherworldly legion of narcissistic followers actually win the war between light and dark. Featuring the deaths and resurrections of major DC characters, Final Crisis is more than your average multi-part event - it's a deconstruction of Super Hero comics and a challenging, ...
Цена:  1877.00
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True Love

In True Love, Lopez explores one of her life's most defining periods - the transformative two-year journey of how, as an artist and a mother, she confronted her greatest challenges, identified her biggest fears, and ultimately emerged a stronger person than she's ever been. This visually arresting publication is guided by both intimate and electrifying never-before-seen photographs. True Love is an honest and ...
Цена:  2813.00
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In Her Blood

The first in a series of crime novels starring the magnificent Catherine Berlin, a civilian investigator whose long-standing heroin addiction is only part of her story. On a bone-chilling February morning, Catherine Berlin, investigator with the Financial Services Agency, finds the almost-headless body of her informant, 'Juliet Bravo', rolling in a shallow reach of the Thames. That Juliet Bravo's death is linked ...
Цена:  961.00
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All the Birds, Singing

Jake Whyte is the sole resident of an old farmhouse on an unnamed British island, a place of ceaseless rains and battering winds. It's just her, her untamed companion, Dog, and a flock of sheep. Which is how she wanted it to be. But something is coming for the sheep - every few nights it picks one off, leaves it in rags. It could be anything. There are foxes in the woods, a strange boy and a strange man, rumours ...
Цена:  961.00
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фото All the Birds, Singing

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

A family Christmas in Cornwall for the newly single? Thea's parents have split up but still seem to be together. Both her younger sister and her brother are Smug Marrieds. But Thea is newly single and very much wishes she wasn't. When her mother and father plan a great family Christmas in a big house by the sea, the idea is to make it all great fun and tremendously civilised - not remotely complicated despite ...
Цена:  841.00
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StepAhead Phonics. Grades 1 - 2

Цена:  330.00
Посмотреть StepAhead Phonics. Grades 1 - 2
фото StepAhead Phonics. Grades 1 - 2

Preschool Skills. Preschool

Цена:  330.00
Посмотреть Preschool Skills. Preschool
фото Preschool Skills. Preschool

Phonics. Grades 1 - 2

Цена:  330.00
Посмотреть Phonics. Grades 1 - 2
фото Phonics. Grades 1 - 2

Spelling 1: Golden. Books Step Ahead Workbook

Цена:  248.00
Посмотреть Spelling 1: Golden. Books Step Ahead Workbook
фото Spelling 1: Golden. Books Step Ahead Workbook

Shapes and Colors. Preschool

Цена:  248.00
Посмотреть Shapes and Colors. Preschool
фото Shapes and Colors. Preschool

41. A Portrait of My Father

Forty-four men have served as President of the United States. Countless books have been written about them. But never before has a President told the story of his father, another President, through his own eyes and in his own words. A unique and intimate biography, this book covers the entire scope of President George Bush's life and career, including his service in the Pacific during World War II, his political ...
Цена:  1912.00
Посмотреть 41. A Portrait of My Father
фото 41. A Portrait of My Father

The Mist in the Mirror

An inveterate traveller, Sir James Monmouth has spent most of his life abroad. He arrives in England on a dark and rainy night with the intention of discovering more, not only about himself but his obsession with Conrad Vane, an explorer. Warned against following his trail, Sir James experiences some extraordinary happenings - who is the mysterious, sad little boy, and the old woman behind the curtain? And why ...
Цена:  961.00
Посмотреть The Mist in the Mirror
фото The Mist in the Mirror

Unbroken. A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

On a May afternoon in 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared, leaving only a spray of debris and a slick of oil, gasoline, and blood. Then, on the ocean surface, a face appeared. It was that of a young lieutenant, the plane's bombardier, who was struggling to a life raft and pulling himself aboard. So began one of the most extraordinary odysseys of the Second World War. ...
Цена:  1166.00
Посмотреть Unbroken. A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption
фото Unbroken. A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Gone Tomorrow

Susan Mark, the fifth passenger, had a big secret, and her plain little life was being watched in Washington, and California, and Afghanistan - by dozens of people with one thing in common: They're all lying to Reacher. A little. A lot. Or just enough to get him killed. A race has begun through the streets of Manhattan, a maze crowded with violent, skilled soldiers on all sides of a shadow war. For Jack Reacher, ...
Цена:  868.00
Посмотреть Gone Tomorrow
фото Gone Tomorrow

The Harem Midwife

Safiye had more to worry about than simply birthing this child. Her only son might not live to hear the call for morning prayers. If there ever was a time when the Empire required a male heir it was now. In the opulent royal palace of Murat III, on the shores of Constantinople, midwife Hannah Levi is charged with ensuring the Sultan's harem provides him with a male heir. If she fails, the entire Ottoman Empire ...
Цена:  961.00
Посмотреть The Harem Midwife
фото The Harem Midwife

The Signature of All Things

A glorious, sweeping novel of desire, ambition, and the thirst for knowledge, from the # 1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed In The Signature of All Things, Elizabeth Gilbert returns to fiction, inserting her inimitable voice into an enthralling story of love, adventure and discovery. Spanning much of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the novel follows the fortunes of ...
Цена:  1692.00
Посмотреть The Signature of All Things
фото The Signature of All Things

The Kings of Cool

In Savages, Don Winslow introduced Ben and Chon, twenty something best friends who risk everything to save the girl they both love, O. Now, in his high-octane prequel, Winslow reaches back in time to tell the story of how Ben, Chon and O became the people they are. Spanning fifty years, from 1960s Southern California to the recent past, it is a tale of family in all its forms - fathers and sons, mothers and ...
Цена:  961.00
Посмотреть The Kings of Cool
фото The Kings of Cool

Return to Perdition

This is a new chapter in the saga of the O'Sullivan crime family from the acclaimed movie Road to Perdition. The time is America in the early 1970's and our third generation hero, Michael Satariano, Jr. is a Vietnam vet recently returned to the States. He doesn't know that his father's real name was Michael O'Sullivan, and is unaware of the conflict between his dad, his grandfather, and John Looney - the criminal ...
Цена:  1457.00
Посмотреть Return to Perdition
фото Return to Perdition

Road to Perdition 2. On the Road

These thrilling tales are set during the six-month period in which Michael O'Sullivan and his son were on the run. In OASIS, Michael Jr. contracts a life-threatening illness, forcing him to hide out in an oasis of tranquility. The story continues in SANCTUARY, as the O'Sullivans seek a hiding place from the vicious bounty hunters on their trail. And in DETOUR, Michael O'Sullivan is headed for a showdown with ...
Цена:  1034.00
Посмотреть Road to Perdition 2. On the Road
фото Road to Perdition 2. On the Road

I'm Ready for School. Preschool

Simple instructions and delightful graphics motivate children to master skills... and turn the page for more. Each Workbook Contains: - Easy-to-follow directions; - Skill building exercises with delightful illustrations; - An assortment of colorful stickers; - 32 easy-tear-out pages; - Skill identifier at the bottom of each page; - An answer key.
Цена:  248.00
Посмотреть I'm Ready for School. Preschool
фото I"m Ready for School. Preschool

I Know the Alphabet. Preschool

Simple instructions and delightful graphics motivate children to master skills... and turn the page for more. Each Workbook Contains: - Easy-to-follow directions; - Skill building exercises with delightful illustrations; - An assortment of colorful stickers; - 32 easy-tear-out pages; - Skill identifier at the bottom of each page; - An answer key.
Цена:  330.00
Посмотреть I Know the Alphabet. Preschool
фото I Know the Alphabet. Preschool

I Know Numbers. Preschool

Simple instructions and delightful graphics motivate children to master skills... and turn the page for more. Each Workbook Contains: - Easy-to-follow directions; - Skill building exercises with delightful illustrations; - An assortment of colorful stickers; - 32 easy-tear-out pages; - Skill identifier at the bottom of each page; - An answer key.
Цена:  330.00
Посмотреть I Know Numbers. Preschool
фото I Know Numbers. Preschool

I Can Read. Grades K - 1

Цена:  248.00
Посмотреть I Can Read. Grades K - 1
фото I Can Read. Grades K - 1

I Can Print. Grades K-1

Bring home your child's classroom with the wonderfully imaginative Step Ahead series of products. Proven educational methods reinforce what is taught in preschool through the elementary grades. Simple instructions and delightful graphics motivate your child to master the skills... and turn the page for more! So give your child a head start on being smart with Step Ahead educational products.
Цена:  248.00
Посмотреть I Can Print. Grades K-1
фото I Can Print. Grades K-1

A Pony in the Picture. Vintage Portraits of Children and Ponies

Children everywhere have always loved ponies. Those lucky enough to grow up with horses invariably recall them as the keepers of their happiest childhood memories. But for most, a brief ride on a rented pony was the closest they would ever get to a horse of their own. A PONY IN THE PICTURE is an endearing collection of antique and vintage photographs of children posing proudly with ponies and horses, often taken ...
Цена:  1160.00
Посмотреть A Pony in the Picture. Vintage Portraits of Children and Ponies
фото A Pony in the Picture. Vintage Portraits of Children and Ponies

Her Last Assassin

Will love or loyalty conquer? Lady-in-waiting Lucy Morgan is once again torn between her dangerous attraction to William Shakespeare and her loyalty to Queen Elizabeth I. England is facing its gravest threat yet. The Spanish have declared war, and Elizabeth finds herself attacked by sea - and by Catholic conspiracy from within her own court. Master Goodluck goes undercover, tasked with discovering the identity ...
Цена:  2137.00
Посмотреть Her Last Assassin
фото Her Last Assassin

Marriage Material

If you've approached Bains Stores recently, you'd be forgiven for hesitating on doing so. A prominent window advert for a discontinued chocolate bar suggests the shop may have closed in 1994. The security shutters are stuck a quarter-open, adding to the general air of dilapidation. A push or kick of the door triggers something which is more grating car alarm than charming shop bell. To Arjan Banga, returning ...
Цена:  1082.00
Посмотреть Marriage Material
фото Marriage Material

Revenant Eve

Once upon a time, I had known nothing about my family. Gran never, ever spoke about her family, and I never asked. My parents and I knew that Gran had come from Europe, but anyone would have known that from her beautiful, aristrocratic French. But being me, I just couldn't leave it alone. So I went to Europe and found out. And then my life fell apart. Or shoudl I say, my "old" life fell apart. And my new life... ...
Цена:  1097.00
Посмотреть Revenant Eve
фото Revenant Eve

All Is Silence

Fins and Brinco are best friends, and they both adore the wild and beautiful Leda. The three young friends spend their days exploring the dunes and picking through the treasures that the sea washes on to the shores of Galicia. One day, as they are playing in the abandoned school on the edge of the village, they come across treasure of another kind: a huge cache of whisky hidden under a sheet. But before they ...
Цена:  1912.00
Посмотреть All Is Silence
фото All Is Silence

Between Man and Beast. An Unlikely Explorer, the Evolution Debates, and the African Adventure That Took the Victorian World by Storm

The unbelievably riveting adventure of an unlikely young explorer who emerged from the jungles of Africa with evidence of a mysterious, still mythical beast--the gorilla - only to stumble straight into the center of the biggest debate of the day: Darwin's theory of evolution In 1856 Paul Du Chaillu marched into the equatorial wilderness of West Africa determined to bag an animal that, according to legend, was ...
Цена:  2532.00
Посмотреть Between Man and Beast. An Unlikely Explorer, the Evolution Debates, and the African Adventure That Took the Victorian World by Storm
фото Between Man and Beast. An Unlikely Explorer, the Evolution Debates, and the African Adventure That Took the Victorian World by Storm

The Invention of Wings

From the celebrated author of The Secret Life of Bees, a magnificent novel about two unforgettable American women Writing at the height of her narrative and imaginative gifts, Sue Monk Kidd presents a masterpiece of hope, daring, the quest for freedom, and the desire to have a voice in the world. Hetty Handful Grimke, an urban slave in early nineteenth century Charleston, yearns for life beyond the suffocating ...
Цена:  1692.00
Посмотреть The Invention of Wings
фото The Invention of Wings

In America. Travels with John Steinbeck

The celebrated Dutch journalist follows John Steinbeck around America, 50 years on from the journey (in 1960) that became Travels With Charley. Steinbeck, great chronicler of the ordinary American working man, at 57 and with his great novels published, felt at odds with 'this monster of a land', and set out to reacquaint himself with his home country at a time of huge change and boundless opportunity. Mak, with ...
Цена:  1687.00
Посмотреть In America. Travels with John Steinbeck
фото In America. Travels with John Steinbeck

Moscow in the Plague Year. Poems

Written during the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Moscow famine that followed, these poems are suffused with Tsvetaeva's irony and humor, which undoubtedly accounted for her success in not only reaching the end of the plague year alive, but making it the most productive of her career. We meet a drummer boy idolizing Napoleon, an irrepressibly mischievous grandmother who refuses to apologize to God on Judgment ...
Цена:  1508.00
Посмотреть Moscow in the Plague Year. Poems
фото Moscow in the Plague Year. Poems

Fifty Shades of Grey

The first book in the 100 million copy bestselling trilogy, soon to be a major movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you for ever. When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive ...
Цена:  875.00
Посмотреть Fifty Shades of Grey
фото Fifty Shades of Grey

Raising Steam

The new Discworld novel, the 40th in the series, sees the Disc's first train come steaming into town. Change is afoot in Ankh-Morpork. Discworld's first steam engine has arrived, and once again Moist von Lipwig finds himself with a new and challenging job.
Цена:  647.00
Посмотреть Raising Steam
фото Raising Steam

The Drowning Spool

In the "USA Today" bestselling Needlecraft Mysteries, Betsy Devonshire, owner of the Crewel World needlework shop, knows how to untangle even the most knotty of mysteries. But a soggy murder case might have Betsy in over her head... Even though running Crewel World keeps Betsy plenty busy, a little extra cash on the side doesn't hurt. So when the local senior complex, Watered Silk, asks her to teach a class ...
Цена:  2344.00
Посмотреть The Drowning Spool
фото The Drowning Spool

Stone Bruises

Somebody! I half-sob and then, more quietly, Please. The words seem absorbed by the afternoon heat, lost amongst the trees. In their aftermath, the silence descends again. I know then that I'm not going anywhere... Sean is on the run. We don't know why and we don't know from whom, but we do know he's abandoned his battered, blood-stained car in the middle of an isolated, lonely part of rural France at the height ...
Цена:  841.00
Посмотреть Stone Bruises
фото Stone Bruises

The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix

My name is Raphael Ignatius Phoenix and I am a hundred years old - or will be in ten days' time, in the early hours of January 1st, 2000, when I kill myself. Raphael Ignatius Phoenix has had enough. Born at the beginning of the 20th century, he is determined to take his own life as the old millennium ends and the new one begins. But before he ends it all, he wants to get his affairs in order and put the record ...
Цена:  1082.00
Посмотреть The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix
фото The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy

When Queenie Hennessy discovers that Harold Fry is walking the length of England to save her, and all she has to do is wait, she is shocked. Her note to him had explained she was dying from cancer. How can she wait? A new volunteer at the hospice suggests that Queenie should write a second letter; only this time she must tell Harold the truth. Composing this letter, the volunteer promises, will ensure Queenie ...
Цена:  1396.00
Посмотреть The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy
фото The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy

Black Sheep

The village is called Mount of Zeal. It's built in a bowl like an amphitheatre, with the winding gear where the stage would be. The pit lies below. Ted Howker's school is on the edge of Lower Terrace next to the chapel. Upper Terrace - in a thunderous echo of the Bible so loved by Ted's grandfather - is Paradise. Ted and his father and his brothers live in Middle. In the beginning: a household of men, all of ...
Цена:  841.00
Посмотреть Black Sheep
фото Black Sheep

Someone Else's Wedding

Mr & Mrs Max Irving request the company of: Mrs Fran Friedman, mourning her empty nest, the galloping years and a disastrous haircut. Mr Saul Friedman, runner of marathons, and increasingly distant husband. The two Misses Friedman, Pip and Katy, one pining over the man she can't have, the other trying to shake off the man she no longer wants. At the marriage of their son James, forbidden object of troubling ...
Цена:  841.00
Посмотреть Someone Else's Wedding
фото Someone Else"s Wedding

Dear Thing

Claire and Ben are the perfect couple. But behind the glossy facade, they've been desperately trying - and failing - to have a baby for years. Now, the stress and feelings of loss are taking their toll on their marriage. Claire's ready to give up hope and get on with her life, but Ben is not. And then Ben's best friend, Romily, offers to conceive via artificial insemination and carry the baby for them. Romily ...
Цена:  961.00
Посмотреть Dear Thing
фото Dear Thing

The Search Warrant

Missing a young girl, Dora Bruder, 15, height 1.55m, oval-shaped face, grey-brown eyes, grey sports jacket, maroon pullover, navy blue skirt and hat, brown gym shoes. All information to M. and Mme Bruder, 41 Boulevard Ornano, Paris. The author chanced upon this notice in a December 1941 issue of Paris Soir. The girl has vanished from the convent school which had taken her in during the Occupation. She had apparently ...
Цена:  1082.00
Посмотреть The Search Warrant
фото The Search Warrant

Terminal World

In the distant future, enforcement agent Quillion is living incognito in the last human city of Spearpoint, working in the district morgue. But when a near-dead angel drops onto his dissecting table, his world is wrenched apart. For the angel is a winged posthuman from Spearpoint's Celestial Levels. And to save the angel's life, Quillion must leave his home and travel into the cold and hostile lands beyond the city.
Цена:  903.00
Посмотреть Terminal World
фото Terminal World

The Ascent of Money. A Financial History of the World

A richly original look at the origins of money and how it makes the world go around Niall Ferguson follows the money to tell the human story behind the evolution of our financial system, from its genesis in ancient Mesopotamia to the latest upheavals on what he calls Planet Finance. Whatas more, Ferguson reveals financial history as the essential backstory behind all history, arguing that the evolution of credit ...
Цена:  1692.00
Посмотреть The Ascent of Money. A Financial History of the World
фото The Ascent of Money. A Financial History of the World

The Girl on the Train

The Girl On The Train was so thrilling and tense and wildly unpredictable, it sucked up my entire afternoon. I simply could not put it down. Not to be missed! (Tess Gerritsen). To everyone else in this carriage I must look normal; I'm doing exactly what they do: commuting to work, making appointments, ticking things off lists. Just goes to show. Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and every evening. ...
Цена:  1680.00
Посмотреть The Girl on the Train
фото The Girl on the Train

Slapstick, or, Lonesome No More!

Wilbur Swain and his twin sister, Eliza, are so immensely hideous, helpless and vile in their infancy that their wealthy parents are forced to send them to live on a nearby asteroid. But behind their facade of idiocy, the monstrous pair possess a joint intelligence that could outstrip the most advanced computers...
Цена:  1201.00
Посмотреть Slapstick, or, Lonesome No More!
фото Slapstick, or, Lonesome No More!

Off the Menu. Staff Meals from America's Top Restaurants

For every dinner service, there is a staff meal. Family-style celebrations prepared by chefs for their crew, the meals are never on the menu, but are designed to show appreciation, provide energy for the evening, and more importantly, please even the pickiest palate. Marissa Guggiana, author of Primal Cuts, the definitive guide to America's best butchers, turns her attention to the best-kept secret of the restaurant ...
Цена:  3115.00
Посмотреть Off the Menu. Staff Meals from America's Top Restaurants
фото Off the Menu. Staff Meals from America"s Top Restaurants

I Can Doodle. Rhymes

Each spread offers two pages of complementary doodling activities. For example, a left-hand page invites kids to doodle raindrops falling on a picture of a plane, and the right-hand page asks them to doodle a plane flying through pictured raindrops. By using drawings, the connection between rain and plane doesn't need to be explained! Handwriting and spelling skills are reinforced throughout by rhyming words ...
Цена:  399.00
Посмотреть I Can Doodle. Rhymes
фото I Can Doodle. Rhymes

Green Hills of Africa

Green Hills of Africa is Ernest Hemingway's lyrical journal of a month on safari in the great game country of East Africa, where he & his wife Pauline journeyed in December 1933. Hemingway's well-known interest in - & fascination with - big-game hunting is magnificently captured in this evocative account of his trip. It is an examination of the lure of the hunt & an impassioned portrait of the glory of the African ...
Цена:  512.00
Посмотреть Green Hills of Africa
фото Green Hills of Africa

Shadow Games

Stranded on Tatooine with a broken-down hyperdrive, Dash Rendar and crew - his Nautolan copilot, Eaden Vrill, and a droid named Leebo - have to find a way to raise credits. It comes in the lovely form of Javul Charn, a multi-talented human holostar being stalked by an over-zealous fan. She needs bodyguards to protect her during her tour along the Corellian Run; Dash needs credits. It's a perfect match... until ...
Цена:  500.00
Посмотреть Shadow Games
фото Shadow Games

Clone Wars Gambit. Stealth

This is the first installment of a two-book Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker adventure, set against the backdrop of the Clone Wars! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are on a secret mission to one of the many worlds caught in the middle of the struggle between the Republic and the Separatists. A pastoral planet, Lanteeb wants only to be left alone to survive - but it is the source of what could be one of ...
Цена:  500.00
Посмотреть Clone Wars Gambit. Stealth
фото Clone Wars Gambit. Stealth

Clone Wars Gambit. Siege

This is the second installment of a two-book Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker adventure, set against the backdrop of the Clone Wars! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are trapped on the Separatist controlled planet Lanteeb, on the run from General Lok Durd and his droid army. After being forced to abandon their jerry-rigged groundcar they continue on foot, hunted, as they try to find a safe place to hide ...
Цена:  500.00
Посмотреть Clone Wars Gambit. Siege
фото Clone Wars Gambit. Siege

Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams

In the far future, the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack find a world on which fiction has been outlawed. A world where it's a crime to tell stories, a crime to lie, a crime to hope, and a crime to dream. But now somebody is challenging the status quo. A pirate TV station urges people to fight back. And the Doctor wants to help until he sees how easily dreams can turn into nightmares. With one of his companions ...
Цена:  788.00
Посмотреть Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams
фото Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams

Doctor Who: Silhouette

"Vastra and Strax and Jenny? Oh no, we don't need to bother them. Trust me." Marlowe Hapworth is found dead in his locked study, killed by an unknown assailant. This is a case for the Great Detective, Madame Vastra. Rick Bellamy, bare-knuckle boxer, has the life drawn out of him by a figure dressed as an undertaker. This angers Strax the Sontaran. The Carnival of Curiosities, a collection of bizarre and fascinating ...
Цена:  788.00
Посмотреть Doctor Who: Silhouette
фото Doctor Who: Silhouette

Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror

Gabby Nichols is putting her son to bed when she hears her daughter cry out. 'Mummy there's a daddy longlegs in my room!' Then the screaming starts. Kevin Alperton is on his way to school when he is attacked by a mosquito. A big one. Then things get dangerous. But it isn't the dead man cocooned inside a huge mass of web that worries the Doctor. It isn't the swarming, mutated insects that make him nervous. With ...
Цена:  788.00
Посмотреть Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror
фото Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror

Doctor Who: the Blood Cell

"Release the Doctor - or the killing will start." An asteroid in the furthest reaches of space - the most secure prison for the most dangerous of criminals. The Governor is responsible for the cruellest murderers so he's not impressed by the arrival of the man they're calling the most dangerous criminal in the quadrant. Or, as he prefers to be known, the Doctor. But when the new prisoner immediately sets about ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Doctor Who: the Blood Cell

Jacqueline Wilson Diary 2015

This gorgeous bakery-themed 2015 Diary is the perfect place to record your year, and is packed with lots of extras, including fun puzzles, gorgeous recipes, tasty baking tips, a pretty sticker sheet and invitations to your very own tea party!
Цена:  650.00
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фото Jacqueline Wilson Diary 2015

Dc Super Friends. ABC Sticker Book

From Aquaman in Atlantis to Batman battling bad guys and zooming off on an exciting adventure, the Super Friends help make learning the alphabet as easy as A B C! With 300 colourful reusable stickers, and activities designed to support early years development, your little super hero will love helping the Super Friends to save the day. Plus, look out for the QR code inside the book, to download a bonus reward ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Dc Super Friends. ABC Sticker Book

Mr Miracle

This is a heartwarming new Christmas novel from Debbie Macomber, internationally bestselling author of Rose Harbor in Bloom and Blossom Street Brides. Harry Mills thinks he knows all there is to know about humans. Being an angel, he has spent a long time studying the people down below, and is confident that during his assignment down on Earth, helping them will be a simple task. But soon after arriving in the ...
Цена:  676.00
Посмотреть Mr Miracle
фото Mr Miracle

Beautiful You

From the author of Fight Club, the classic portrait of the damaged contemporary male psyche, now comes this novel about the apocalyptic marketing possibilities of female pleasure. Sisters will be doing it for themselves. And doing it. And doing it. And doing it some more... Penny Harrigan is a low level associate in a big Manhattan law firm with an apartment in Queens and no love life at all. So it comes as ...
Цена:  1396.00
Посмотреть Beautiful You
фото Beautiful You

The Night Before Christmas

"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." This classic Christmas verse is well known to every parent and child preparing for Christmas and this beautifully illustrated new edition is the perfect Christmas gift for young and old.
Цена:  788.00
Посмотреть The Night Before Christmas
фото The Night Before Christmas

Alan Turing: The Enigma. The Book That Inspired the Film, the Imitation Game

This is a new edition to celebrate Alan Turing's centenary, that includes a new foreword by the author and a preface by Douglas Hofstadter. Alan Turing was the extraordinary Cambridge mathematician who masterminded the cracking of the German Enigma ciphers and transformed the Second World War. But his vision went far beyond this crucial achievement. Before the war he had formulated the concept of the universal ...
Цена:  624.00
Посмотреть Alan Turing: The Enigma. The Book That Inspired the Film, the Imitation Game
фото Alan Turing: The Enigma. The Book That Inspired the Film, the Imitation Game

The Polar Express

Late on Christmas Eve, after the town has gone to sleep, a boy boards a mysterious train that waits for him: the Polar Express bound for the North Pole. When he arrives there, Santa offers him any gift he desires. The boy modestly asks for one bell from the reindeer's harness. It turns out to be a very special gift, for only believers in Santa can hear it ring.
Цена:  788.00
Посмотреть The Polar Express
фото The Polar Express

The Wolves of Midwinter

The tale of The Wolf Gift continues... In Anne Rice’s surprising and compelling best-selling novel, the first of her strange and mythic imagining of the world of wolfen powers (I devoured these pages... As solid and engaging as anything she has written since her early Vampire Chronicles fiction - Alan Cheuse, The Boston Globe; A delectable cocktail of old-fashioned lost-race adventure, shape-shifting, and suspense ...
Цена:  642.00
Посмотреть The Wolves of Midwinter
фото The Wolves of Midwinter

Hannibal. Clouds of War

As Rome's war with Carthage continues, two friends - now on opposing sides - confront each other in one of the most brutal sieges of all time. A new Hannibal novel by the Sunday Times best-selling author of The Forgotten Legion series. 213 BC. Syracuse. Under the merciless Sicilian sun, a city is at war. Outside the walls, a vast Roman army waits. Yet the city's incredible defences, designed by Archimedes, mean ...
Цена:  928.00
Посмотреть Hannibal. Clouds of War
фото Hannibal. Clouds of War

My Autobiography

This is the story of life at the centre of the world's most dangerous sport, by its brightest and biggest star. Guy Martin, international road-racing legend, maverick star of the Isle of Man TT, truck mechanic and TV presenter, lives on the edge, addicted to speed, thoroughly exhilarated by danger. In this book we'll get inside his head as he stares death in the face, and risks his life in search of the next ...
Цена:  2002.00
Посмотреть My Autobiography
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The Never List

There were four of us down there for the first thirty-two months and eleven days of our captivity. And then, very suddenly and without warning, there were three. Even though the fourth person hadn't made any noise at all in several months, the room got very quiet when she was gone. For a long time after that, we sat in silence, in the dark, each of us wondering what this meant for her and for us, and which of ...
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The Republic of Thieves

A bright new voice in the fantasy genre (George R. R. Martin), acclaimed author Scott Lynch continues to astound and entertain with his thrillingly inventive, wickedly funny, suspense-filled adventures featuring con artist extraordinaire Locke Lamora. And The Republic of Thieves is his most captivating novel yet. With what should have been the greatest heist of their career gone spectacularly sour, Locke and ...
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Takedown Twenty

Powerhouse author Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels are laugh-out-loud funny (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), brilliantly evocative (The Denver Post), and making trouble and winning hearts (USA Today). Stephanie Plum has her sights set on catching a notorious mob boss. If she doesn't take him down, he may take her out. New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum knows better than to mess with family. But when powerful ...
Цена:  714.00
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Sharp Objects

WICKED above her hipbone, GIRL across her heart Words are like a road map to reporter Camille Preaker's troubled past. Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, Camille's first assignment from the second-rate daily paper where she works brings her reluctantly back to her hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. NASTY on her kneecap, BABYDOLL on her leg Since she left town eight years ago, Camille ...
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Unrivaled storytelling... unforgettable characters... rich historical detail... these are the hallmarks of Diana Gabaldon's work. Her New York Times bestselling Outlander novels have earned the praise of critics and captured millions of fans. Here is the story that started it all, introducing two remarkable characters, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, in a spellbinding novel of passion and history that combines ...
Цена:  671.00
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The Halfling's Gem

Join Drizzt Do'Urden, the world's most famous drow elf, on his adventures in the Forgotten Realms Regis has fallen into the hands of the assassin Artmis Entreri, who is taking him to Calimport to deliver him into the clutches of the vile Pasha Pook. But Drizzt and Wulfgar are close on their heels, determined to save Regis from his own folly as much as from his powerful enemies.
Цена:  642.00
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Passage to Dawn

Revenge and Resurrection in a Frozen Wasteland Drizzt and Catti-brie have been away from Mithral Hall for six long years, but the pain of a lost companion still weighs heavily on their strong shoulders. Chasing pirates aboard Captain Deudermont's Sea Sprite is enough to draw their attention away from their grief. Then a mysterious castaway on an uncharted island sends them back to the very source of their pain, ...
Цена:  642.00
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As girls, Nel and Sula shared each other's discoveries and dreams in the poor black mid-West of their childhood. Then Sula ran away to live her dreams and Nel got married. Ten years later Sula returns and no one, least of all Nel, trusts her. SULA is the story of the fear that makes people accept self-pity; the fear that will not countenance escape and that justifies itself through myth and legend. Sula herself ...
Цена:  452.00
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Never Say Goodbye

This is a compelling and deeply moving novel of friendship, family and the power of love, from the Sunday Times top ten bestseller. How would you cope with the threat of losing someone you love? Josie Clarke is a loving wife and mother. She and her husband Jeff don't have much and it's often difficult to make ends meet. But Josie will do anything to protect her family and keep them safe. Bel Monkton is a successful ...
Цена:  694.00
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Stay Alive

This is the gripping new race-against-time thriller by the best-selling author of Relentless, The Last 10 Seconds, Siege and Ultimatum. Tonight it's just you, and the darkness. It's a sunny afternoon, and you're deep in the country on a river trip with your family. You're nearing journey's end when a shot rings out - and your whole life changes in an instant. A woman is coming towards you, chased by three gunmen. ...
Цена:  615.00
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The Maude is outside. It wants to come in. It wants to sit on your chest. The mentally ill patients in Beechway High Secure Unit are highly suggestible. A hallucination can spread like a virus. When unexplained power cuts lead to a series of horrifying incidents, fear spreads from the inmates to the staff. Amidst the growing hysteria, AJ, a senior psychiatric nurse, is desperate to protect his charges. Detective ...
Цена:  880.00
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A French Affair

Gina and Sally Makepiece have inherited a stall in the French House - an antiques centre nestled in the heart of the English countryside. Gina is determined to drag the French House and its grumpy owner into the twenty-first century. Bearing all the attributes of a modern-day Mr Rochester, Matthew Ballinger is less than happy with the whirlwind that has arrived on his doorstep. The last thing either of them ...
Цена:  856.00
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The Devil Delivered and Other Tales

The Devil Delivered: In the breakaway Lakota Nation, in the heart of a land blistered beneath an ozone hole the size of the Great Plains of North America, a lone anthropologist wanders the deadlands, recording observations that threaten to bring the world's powers to their knees. Revolvo: In the fictitious country of Canada, the arts scene is ruled by technocrats who thrive in a secret, nepotistic society of ...
Цена:  773.00
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Blood of Tyrants

Naomi Novik's beloved Temeraire series, a brilliant combination of fantasy and history that reimagines the Napoleonic wars as fought with the aid of intelligent dragons, is a twenty-first-century classic. From the first volume, His Majesty's Dragon, readers have been entranced by the globe-spanning adventures of the resolute Capt. William Laurence and his brave but impulsive dragon, Temeraire. Now, in Blood ...
Цена:  642.00
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Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Tsukuru Tazaki had four best friends at school. By chance all of their names contained a colour. The two boys were called Akamatsu, meaning red pine, and Oumi, blue sea, while the girls names were Shirane, white root, and Kurono, black field. Tazaki was the only last name with no colour in it. One day Tsukuru Tazakis friends announced that they didnt want to see him, or talk to him, ever again. Since that day ...
Цена:  751.00
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Strange Shores

A young woman walks into the frozen fjords of Iceland, never to be seen again. But Matthildur leaves in her wake rumours of lies, betrayal and revenge. Decades later, somewhere in the same wilderness, Detective Erlendur is on the hunt. He is looking for Matthildur but also for a long-lost brother, whose disappearance in a snow-storm when they were children has coloured his entire life. He is looking for answers. Slowly, ...
Цена:  650.00
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Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen

A thrilling, all-new adventure featuring the Doctor as played by Matt Smithin the spectacular hit series from BBC Television. "'They like the Shadows. You know them as Plague Warriors...'"When the Doctor arrives in the 19th-century village of Klimtenburg, he discovers the residents suffering from some kind of plague - a 'wasting disease'. The victims face a horrible death - but what's worse, the dead seem to ...
Цена:  650.00
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Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

gloriously witty novel from Sebastian Faulks using P.G. Wodehouse's much-loved characters, Jeeves and Wooster, fully authorised by the Wodehouse estate. Due to a series of extenuating circumstances, Bertie Wooster, recently returned from a very pleasurable sojourn in Cannes, finds himself at the home of Sir Henry Hackwood. Bertie is, of course, familiar with the set-up at a country house. He can always rely ...
Цена:  650.00
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Scream of the Shalka

When the Ninth Doctor lands in the town of Kennet, he finds that something is terribly wrong. The people are scared. They don't like going out at night, they don't like making too much noise, and they certainly don't like strangers asking questions. What alien force has invaded the town and why is it watching barmaid Alison Cheney? The Ninth Doctor is sardonic, witty, compassionate, and tired of how foolish ...
Цена:  901.00
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The Official Quiz Book

For over fifty years, Doctor Who has been one of the nation's favourite programmes. Now you can discover just how much you know about it. Straightforward or fiendish, easy or horrendously difficult, all 3500 questions in this book have one thing in common u a certain traveller through time and space. From Ace to Zoe and Axons to Zygons, it covers every single one of the almost 250 Doctor Who stories that have ...
Цена:  1076.00
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Shadows of Avalon

The Brigadier, mourning the loss of his wife Doris, is called to help find a nuclear weapon that's gone missing over the Wiltshire Downs. The Doctor is on his way there too, to pick up his companion Compassion, after her holiday on Earth. But when the Doctor's Tardis explodes, he, the Brigadier, Compassion and Fitz are thrown into the other-dimensional world of Avalon. Magic faces down science, dragons duel with jet fighters.
Цена:  751.00
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Elmer the colourful patchwork elephant has been a nursery favourite since this first book was published in 1989. A modern classic, this picture book is known to millions, and continues to be the strongest seller of the whole series, having sold over 2 million copies around the world. The subtle message is that it is OK to be different, and combined with the vibrant colour and cheeky humour of the main character, ...
Цена:  700.00
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Elmer and Friends. Sticker Storybook

Elmer woke up one sunny morning, and decided to go for a walk. Down by the pond, he meets Hippo, Crocodile and Frog. As he carries on walking through the jungle, he meets all his many animal friends. While the story is being read to them, small children can be encouraged to find the relevant animal sticker and put in position, to create their very own story book that can be re-read.
Цена:  376.00
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Where She Went

If you had a second chance at first love... would you take it? It's been three years since Adam's love saved Mia after the accident that annihilated life as she knew it... and three years since Mia walked out of Adam's life forever. Now living on opposite coasts, Mia is Julliard's rising star and Adam is LA tabloid fodder, thanks to his new rock star status and celebrity girlfriend. When Adam gets stuck in New ...
Цена:  773.00
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The Shakespeare. Notebooks

Since his first adventure in 1963, the Doctor has enjoyed many encounters with William Shakespeare. Now, BBC Books has rediscovered notebooks, long thought lost, compiled by the Bard in which he divulges the influential role the Doctor played in his creative life. Here are the original notes for Hamlet, including a very different appearance by the ghost; early versions of great lines (To reverse or not to reverse ...
Цена:  1010.00
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If I Ran the Rain Forest. All about Tropical Rain Forests

The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Dick for an umbrella-vator ride through the understory, canopy, and emergent layers of a tropical rain forest, encountering a host of plants, animals, and native peoples along the way.
Цена:  671.00
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фото If I Ran the Rain Forest. All about Tropical Rain Forests

Safari, So Good!

In this latest installment of the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, the Cat takes Sally and Nick to Africa - where they meet some really big cats - and all sorts of other animals, too, including elephants, zebra, giraffe, hippos, warthogs, buffalo, baboons, side-striped jackals, spotted hyena, galagos, pythons, vipers, and six kinds of antelope! Young readers will learn how animals are either predators or prey, ...
Цена:  729.00
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Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?

In this latest installation of the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, the Cat takes Sally and Dick to explore different kinds of deserts around the world, from the hot, dry Sonoran and Mojavi to the bitter cold Gobi and Antarctica. Young readers learn why deserts are dry, and how plants and animals - including cactus, kangaroos, camels, penguins, roadrunners, and many others - have adapted to survive the unforgiving ...
Цена:  729.00
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The Vampire Lestat

Collected for the first time, here are the twelve extraordinary illustrated volumes that form the graphic novel of THE VAMPIRE LESTAT. Evocative full-color paintings and an artful abridgment of the original text capture the inimitable spirit and atmosphere of this passionate, complex, and thrilling tale. The story begins in our own time with Lestat, tall, blond, and handsome, a world-renowned rock star. His ...
Цена:  642.00
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Gone Girl: A Novel

Marriage can be a real killer. One of the most critically acclaimed suspense writers of our time, New York Times bestseller Gillian Flynn takes that statement to its darkest place in this unputdownable masterpiece about a marriage gone terribly, terribly wrong. The Chicago Tribune proclaimed that her work “draws you in and keeps you reading with the force of a pure but nasty addiction.” Gone Girl’s toxic mix ...
Цена:  599.00
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Never Go Back- A Jack Reacher Novel

Never go back - but Jack Reacher does, and the past finally catches up with him... Never Go Back is Lee Child’s new novel of action-charged suspense starring “one of the best thriller characters at work today” (Newsweek).
Цена:  647.00
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Sycamore Row: A Novel

John Grisham takes you back to where it all began. One of the most popular novels of our time, A Time to Kill established John Grisham as the master of the legal thriller. Now we return to Ford County as Jake Brigance finds himself embroiled in a fiercely controversial trial that exposes a tortured history of racial tension. Seth Hubbard is a wealthy man dying of lung cancer. He trusts no one. Before he hangs ...
Цена:  599.00
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Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is the outrageously funny debut novel about three super-rich, pedigreed Chinese families and the gossip, backbiting, and scheming that occurs when the heir to one of the most massive fortunes in Asia brings home his ABC (American-born Chinese) girlfriend to the wedding of the season. When Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a ...
Цена:  702.00
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Innocence: A Novel

In Innocence, Dean Koontz blends mystery, suspense, and acute insight into the human soul in a masterfully told tale that will resonate with readers forever. He lives in solitude beneath the city, an exile from society, which will destroy him if he is ever seen. She dwells in seclusion, a fugitive from enemies who will do her harm if she is ever found. But the bond between them runs deeper than the tragedies ...
Цена:  626.00
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Third Secret

Explosive in both its pace and its revelations, The Third Secret is a remarkable international thriller. Bestselling author Steve Berry tackles some of the most controversial ideas of our time in a breakneck journey through the history of the Church and the future of religion. Fatima, Portugal, 1917: The Virgin Mary appears to three peasant children, sharing with them three secrets, two of which are soon revealed ...
Цена:  647.00
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Eat, Drink and be Merry. Poems About Food and Drink

Eating and drinking and the rituals that go with them are at least as important as loving in most people's lives, yet for every hundred anthologies of poems about love, hardly one is devoted to the pleasures of the table. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry abundantly fills the gap. All kinds of foods and beverages are laid out in these pages, along with picnics and banquets, intimate suppers and quiet dinners, noisy parties ...
Цена:  1046.00
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Cat Stories

Two centuries of literary homages to the fascinating feline: stories by writers of every stripe - from P.G. Wodehouse to Doris Lessing, from Damon Runyon to Steven Millhauser. The essential unknowableness of cats has inspired many flights of fancy: Italo Calvino's secret city of cats in The Garden of Stubborn Cats, the disappearing feline in Ursula K. Le Guin's mind-twisting Schrodinger's Cat, the cartoon rodent ...
Цена:  1046.00
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The Scorch Trials

Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end. No more puzzles. No more variables. And no more running. Thomas was sure that escape meant he and the Gladers would get their lives back. But no one really knew what sort of life they were going back to. In the Maze, life was easy. They had food, and shelter, and safety... until Teresa triggered the end. In the world outside the Maze, however, the end was triggered ...
Цена:  599.00
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The Maze Runner

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his first name. His memory is blank. But he's not alone. When the lift's doors open, Thomas finds himself surrounded by kids who welcome him to the Glade - a large, open expanse surrounded by stone walls. Just like Thomas, the Gladers don't know why or how they got to the Glade. All they know is that every morning the stone doors to the maze ...
Цена:  599.00
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The Death Cure

Thomas knows that Wicked can't be trusted, but they say the time for lies is over, that they've collected all they can from the Trials and now must rely on the Gladers, with full memories restored, to help them with their ultimate mission. It's up to the Gladers to complete the blueprint for the cure to the Flare with a final voluntary test. What Wicked doesn't know is that something's happened that no Trial ...
Цена:  599.00
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The Kill Order

The prequel to the New York Times bestselling Maze Runner series - The Kill Order is a modern classic for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent. It can be read alone or as a companion to the action-packed series. Before WICKED was formed, before the Glade was built, before Thomas entered the Maze, sun flares hit the earth and mankind fell to disease. Mark and Trina were there when it happened, and they survived. ...
Цена:  740.00
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Doctor Who: Paradox Lost

'The Squall feed on psychic energy. They spread like a plague and if they are not stopped they will strip the Earth clean...' London 1910: an unsuspecting thief finds himself confronted by grey-skinned creatures that are waiting to devour his mind. London 2789: the remains of an ancient android are dredged from the Thames. When reactivated it has a warning that can only be delivered to a man named 'the Doctor'. ...
Цена:  650.00
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Цена:  500.00
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Doctor Who: Night of the Humans

'This is the Gyre - the most hostile environment in the galaxy...' 250,000 years' worth of junk floating in deep space, home to the shipwrecked Sittuun, the carnivorous Sollogs, and worst of all - the Humans. The Doctor and Amy arrive on this terrifying world in the middle of an all-out frontier war between Sittuun and Humans, and the countdown has already started. There's a comet in the sky, and it's on a collision ...
Цена:  788.00
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Doctor Who: Harvest of Time

Цена:  751.00
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Doctor Who: Ghosts of India

India in 1947 is a country in the grip of chaos - a country torn apart by internal strife. When the Doctor and Donna arrive in Calcutta, they are instantly swept up in violent events. Barely escaping with their lives, they discover that the city is rife with tales of 'half-made men', who roam the streets at night and steal people away. These creatures, it is said, are as white as salt and have only shadows where ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Doctor Who: Ghosts of India

Doctor Who: Forgotten Army

'Let me tell you a story. Long ago, in the frozen Arctic wastes, an alien army landed. Only now, 10,000 years later, it isn't a story. And the army is ready to attack.' New York - one of the greatest cities on 21st century Earth... But what's going on in the Museum? And is that really a Woolly Mammoth rampaging down Broadway? An ordinary day becomes a time of terror, as the Doctor and Amy meet a new and deadly ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Doctor Who: Forgotten Army

Doctor Who: Dead of Winter

'The Dead are not alone. There is something in the mist and it talks to them.' In a remote clinic in 18th-century Italy, a lonely girl writes to her mother. She tells of pale English aristocrats and mysterious Russian nobles. She tells of intrigues and secrets, and strange faceless figures that rise from the sea. And she tells about the enigmatic Mrs Pond, who arrives with her husband and her physician. What ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Doctor Who: Dead of Winter

Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons

The TARDIS lands the Doctor and Martha in the Lake District in 1909, where a small village has been terrorised by a giant, scaly monster. The search is on for the elusive 'Beast of Westmorland', and explorers, naturalists and hunters from across the country are descending on the fells. King Edward VII himself is on his way to join the search, with a knighthood for whoever finds the Beast. But there is a more ...
Цена:  751.00
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Doctor Who: Snowglobe 7

Earth, 2099. Global warming is devastating the climate. The polar ice caps are melting. In a desperate attempt at preservation, the governments of the world have removed vast sections of the Arctic and Antarctic and set them inside huge domes across the world. The Doctor and Martha arrive in Snowglobe 7 in the Middle East, hoping for peace and relaxation. But they soon discover that it's not only ice and snow ...
Цена:  788.00
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The Snowman Storybook

Цена:  306.00
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фото The Snowman Storybook

The Wolves of Midwinter

Цена:  563.00
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фото The Wolves of Midwinter

Fox in Socks

Dr. Seuss's Fox in Socks has been troubling tongues - and garnering giggles - since 1965. Written specifically to be read aloud, it features a tricky fox in socks and the progressively more difficult tongue-twisting games he plays on his exasperated friend Mr. Knox. Now available for the first time in an abridged, sturdy, board book edition, this beloved classic will have babies of all ages laughing with - and ...
Цена:  376.00
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The Critic

Three years ago the body of France's foremost wine critic was found strung up like a scarecrow in a Gaillac vineyard, dressed in the ceremonial robes of the Order of the Divine Bottle and pickled in wine. For ex-pat Scot and forensic forager Enzo Macleod, the answer to this unsolved murder lies in cracking the critic's secretly coded reviews - which on publication could make or break a vineyard's reputation. ...
Цена:  751.00
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On the hottest day of summer in 1934, Briony Tallis sees her older sister Cecilia strip off and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching her is her childhood friend, Robbie Turner. By the end of that day, the lives of all three will have changed for ever: Robbie and Cecilia will have crossed an unimagined boundary, and Briony will have committed a crime for which she will spend ...
Цена:  676.00
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фото Atonement

The Chimp Paradox. The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

Do you sometimes behave irrationally or impulsively? Do you face some situations with fear and trepidation? Do feelings of self-doubt consume everyday activities? Leading forensic psychologist, Dr. Steve Peters, knows more than anyone how impulsive behaviour or nagging self-doubt can impact negatively on our professional and personal lives. In this, his first book, Steve shares his phenomenally successful mind ...
Цена:  1294.00
Посмотреть The Chimp Paradox. The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness
фото The Chimp Paradox. The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

A madcap band of dancing, prancing monkeys explain hands, fingers, and thumbs to beginning readers.
Цена:  376.00
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фото Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

Hop on Pop

Back in 1957, Theodor Geisel responded to an article in Life magazine that lamented the use of boring reading primers in schools. Using the pseudonym of "Dr. Seuss" (Seuss was Geisel's middle name) and only two hundred twenty-three words, Geisel created a replacement for those dull primers: "The Cat in the Hat." The instant success of the book prompted Geisel and his wife to found Beginner Books, and Geisel ...
Цена:  671.00
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фото Hop on Pop

The House We Grew Up in

The unforgettable story about a family with a secret at its core, from Top Ten bestseller Lisa Jewell, author of Ralph's Party, The Making of Us and Before I Met You. Picture a picture-book cottage in a village. A family in a sun-drenched kitchen filled with love and laughter. Picture an Easter weekend when tragedy strikes - so unexpected, so devastating that no one can talk about it. The years pass; the children ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The House We Grew Up in

Mistress of the Art of Death

Adelia Aguilar is a rare thing in medieval Europe - a woman who has trained as a doctor. Her speciality is the study of corpses, a skill that must be concealed if she is to avoid accusations of witchcraft. But in Cambridge a child has been murdered, others are disappearing, and King Henry has called upon a renowned Italian investigator to find the killer - fast. What the king gets is Adelia, his very own Mistress ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Mistress of the Art of Death

A Very Busy Sticker Book

From the very hungry caterpillar to the big brown bear and many more, the World of Eric Carle brings all of the beloved illustrator's creations together. Boys and girls ages 3-7 will have hours of fun adding their own colorful and creative touches to the art of Eric Carle in this deluxe coloring book that features more than 300 stickers!
Цена:  447.00
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фото A Very Busy Sticker Book

The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas

It's the poky little puppy's first Christmas, and he's not sure what to expect. When he meets an animal friend who's lost his home, Poky's quick to help-and learns all about the spirit of Christmas.
Цена:  376.00
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фото The Poky Little Puppy"s First Christmas

Police. A Harry Hole Thriller

The police urgently need Harry Hole. A killer is stalking Oslo's streets. Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated, but failed to solve. The murders are brutal, the media reaction hysterical. But this time, Harry can't help anyone. For years, detective Harry Hole has been at the centre of every major criminal investigation in Oslo. His dedication to his job and his brilliant ...
Цена:  773.00
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фото Police. A Harry Hole Thriller

Red, Stop! Green, Go! An Interactive Book of Colors

With the beloved dogs from P. D. Eastman's classic, Go, Dog. Go!, toddlers can explore the world of color in this interactive adaptation of the original book. Flaps, wheels, and slide tabs let children make a white dog get black spots, the traffic light change from red to green, and dogs of all colors zoom around in cars. Simple and sturdy interactive elements will make this new format a hit with parents and ...
Цена:  671.00
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фото Red, Stop! Green, Go! An Interactive Book of Colors

The World of Eric Carle

From the very hungry caterpillar to the big brown bear and many more, the World of Eric Carle brings all of this beloved illustrator's creations together. Now children can make this very unique and very timeless world a part of their own with this imagination-tickling coloring and activity series! The big activity book with a die-cut handle features 24 of Eric Carle's biggest and best animals to color - plus ...
Цена:  517.00
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фото The World of Eric Carle

The Cat Mummy

I sometimes talk about my mum to Mabel, because Mabel doesn't ever get upset. Verity adores her cat, Mabel, and is desperately sad when she dies. Remembering her recent school lessons about the Ancient Egyptians, Verity decides to mummify Mabel and keep her hidden. Verity's dad and grandparents can't bear to talk about death, having lost Verity's mum in childbirth, but when they eventually discover what Verity ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Cat Mummy

The Hutchinson Book of Kings & Queens

Kings and Queens have always provided their subjects with a great deal to talk about. But how much do we really know about them? For instance, who became king when he was only nine months old? Which king invented the handkerchief? Which king died on the toilet? And who is England's longest reigning monarch? In this fascinating and witty look at kings and queens of England, Tony Robinson provides all the answers ...
Цена:  838.00
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фото The Hutchinson Book of Kings & Queens

The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch

A hand reached out and patted Dinah on the shoulder. A large scaly hand with a spiked thumb! On a school trip to see the dinosaurs in the museum, everyone in the class has a packed lunch. Everyone, that is, except for Dinah. Until a friendly iguanodon decides to help... Soon Dinah has a very special packed lunch - and a huge surprise to come!
Цена:  376.00
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фото The Dinosaur"s Packed Lunch

My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar

Georgia Khatchadorian plans to excel at Hills Village Middle School in all the places her troublemaking brother failed. She's even bet him that she'll quickly become one of the most popular girls in school. But Rafe left a big mark at HVMS, and no one will give Georgia a chance! Even worse, Rafe has sneakily signed up her band to play at the school dance, and she's terrified to embarrass herself in front of ...
Цена:  676.00
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фото My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar

Get Me Out of Here!

After sixth grade, the very worst year of his life, Rafe Khatchadorian thinks he has it made in seventh grade. He's been accepted to art school in the big city and imagines a math-and-history-free fun zone. Wrong! It's more competitive than Rafe ever expected, and to score big in class, he needs to find a way to turn his boring life into the inspiration for a work of art. His method? Operation: Get a Life! Anything ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Get Me Out of Here!

The Monster Story-teller

Monster Planet, here we come! One morning at school, Natalie is feeling bored - until a tiny monster waves at her from a plant on the classroom window sill. The monster whizzes her off in his mini flying saucer for some monster fun. Now Natalie really has some monster stories to tell. This is an exciting and funny adventure from the award-winning author of The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch.
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Monster Story-teller

How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill

Rafe Khatchadorian, the hero of the bestselling Middle School series, is ready for a fun summer at camp - until he finds out it's a summer school camp! Luckily, Rafe easily makes friends with his troublemaking cabin mates and bunkmate, a boy nicknamed Booger Eater, who puts up with endless teasing from the other kids. Rafe soon realises there's more to a person than a nickname, though, and Booger Eater might ...
Цена:  563.00
Посмотреть How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill
фото How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill

The Worst Thing About My Sister

Being a sister isn't always easy... but what's the very worst thing about your sister? Marty and her sister Melissa couldn't be more different. Marty loves her converse trainers, playing football, hiding in her secret den and helping her dad with his die. But Melissa loves Justin Bieber and all things pink, girly and pretty. The sisters can manage to live together, despite their occasional scraps but then Mum ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото The Worst Thing About My Sister

Are You My Mother?

A baby bird is hatched while his mother is away. Fallen from his nest, he sets out to look for her and asks everyone he meets - including a dog, a cow, and a plane - Are you my mother?
Цена:  376.00
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фото Are You My Mother?

The Night Before Christmas

This 1949 Little Golden Book edition of the famous poem, The Night Before Christmas, was a staple in the Golden Book line for many years. Recently found in the Golden Books archives, Corinne Malvern's artwork for this title has been digitized and beautifully reproduced for today's kids!
Цена:  376.00
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фото The Night Before Christmas


Belize might just have the greatest variety of flora and fauna of any country of its size in the world. Offshore the Belize Barrier Reef, a great wall of coral, stretches the entire 200-mile-length of the coast. And archaeologists have identified more than 600 significant Mayan sites in Belize. Fodor's guide gives you all the information you need to plan the perfect trip, whether you want a scuba adventure, ...
Цена:  952.00
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фото Belize

Dear Life. Stories

WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE® IN LITERATURE 2013 A New York Times Notable Book A Washington Post Notable Work of Fiction A Best Book of the Year: The Atlantic, NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, Vogue, AV Club In story after story in this brilliant new collection, Alice Munro pinpoints the moment a person is forever altered by a chance encounter, an action not taken, or a simple twist of fate. Her characters are ...
Цена:  647.00
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фото Dear Life. Stories


1969. A veteran secret agent. A single mission. A licence to kill. James Bond returns.
Цена:  452.00
Посмотреть Solo
фото Solo

The Sense of an Ending

Tony Webster and his clique first met Adrian Finn at school. Sex-hungry and book-hungry, they would navigate the girl-less sixth form together, trading in affectations, in-jokes, rumour and wit. Maybe Adrian was a little more serious than the others, certainly more intelligent, but they all swore to stay friends for life. Now Tony is in middle age. He's had a career and a single marriage, a calm divorce. He's ...
Цена:  749.00
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фото The Sense of an Ending


'Seek and ye shall find.' With these words echoing in his head, eminent Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon awakes in a hospital bed with no recollection of where he is or how he got there. Nor can he explain the origin of the macabre object that is found hidden in his belongings. A threat to his life will propel him and a young doctor, Sienna Brooks, into a breakneck chase across the city of Florence. Only Langdon's ...
Цена:  563.00
Посмотреть Inferno
фото Inferno

Crime and Punishment

A troubled young man commits the perfect crime - the murder of a vile pawnbroker whom no one will miss. Raskolnikov is desperate for money, but convinces himself that his motive for the murder is to benefit mankind. So begins one of the greatest novels ever written, a journey into the criminal mind, a police thriller, and a philosophical meditation on morality and redemption.
Цена:  987.00
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фото Crime and Punishment

For Your Eyes Only

'Private armies, private wars. How much energy they siphoned off from the common cause, how much fire they directed away from the common enemy!' From A View to A Kill; For Your Eyes Only; Quantum of Solace; Risico; The Hildebrand Rarity Five stories. Five missions. Five glimpses into the mind of a spy. From Jamaican estates to brooding French forests, Bond is tested to his limits by the world's most dangerous ...
Цена:  773.00
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фото For Your Eyes Only


'For several minutes he stood speechless, his eyes dazzled by the terrible beauty of the greatest weapon on earth.' He's a self-made millionaire, head of the Moonraker rocket programme and loved by the press. So why is Sir Hugo Drax cheating at cards? Bond has just five days to uncover the sinister truth behind a national hero, in Ian Fleming's third 007 adventure.
Цена:  694.00
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фото Moonraker

Wedding Night

Lottie is tired of long-term boyfriends who don't want to commit to marriage. When her old boyfriend Ben reappears and reminds her of their pact to get married if they were both still single at thirty, she jumps at the chance. There will be no dates and no engagement - just a straight wedding march to the altar! Next comes the honeymoon on the Greek island where they first met. But not everyone is thrilled with ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Wedding Night


How well can you ever really know someone? As Ben Casper watches his best friend plummet from her sixth-floor apartment balcony, he realises his life is about to change. Diana had no reason to kill herself, she had to have been pushed. Diana worked for the CIA, so the investigation into her death is kept tightly under wraps. But Ben is a political journalist, and can feel that something isn't right. Ben starts ...
Цена:  864.00
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фото Mistress

The Black Prince

The Black Prince is both a remarkable thriller and a story about being in love. Bradley Pearson, narrator and hero, is an elderly writer with a 'block'. Finding himself surrounded by predatory friends and relations - his ex-wife, her delinquent brother, a younger, deplorably successful writer, Arnold Baffin, Baffin's restless wife and engaging daughter - Bradley attempts to escape. His failure to do so and its ...
Цена:  1094.00
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фото The Black Prince

The Truth

William just wants to get at the truth. Unfortunately, everyone else wants to get at William. And it's only the third edition. William de Worde is the accidental editor of the Discworld's first newspaper. Now he must cope with the traditional perils of a journalist's life - people who want him dead, a recovering vampire with a suicidal fascination for flash photography, some more people who want him dead in ...
Цена:  880.00
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фото The Truth

The Double

Watching a rented video, Tertuliano Maximo Afonso is shocked to notice that one of the actors is identical to him in every physical detail. He embarks on a secret quest to find his double and sets in motion a train of events that he cannot control. Saramago's novel explores the nature of individuality and examines the fear and insecurity that arise when our singularity comes under threat, when even a wife cannot ...
Цена:  1142.00
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фото The Double

Martha in the Mirror

Castle Extremis - whoever holds it can control the provinces either side that have been at war for centuries. Now the castle is about to play host to the signing of a peace treaty. But as the Doctor and Martha find out, not everyone wants the war to end. Who is the strange little girl who haunts the castle? What is the secret of the book the Doctor finds, its pages made from thin, brittle glass? Who is the hooded ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Martha in the Mirror

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Back on Earth with nothing more to show for his long, strange trip through time and space than a ratty towel and a plastic shopping bag, Arthur Dent is ready to believe that the past eight years were all just a figment of his stressed-out imagination. But a gift-wrapped fishbowl with a cryptic inscription, the mysterious disappearance of Earth's dolphins, and the discovery of his battered copy of The Hitchhiker's ...
Цена:  647.00
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фото So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Wolves of Willoughby Chase

It's 19th-century England during the reign of King James II, but it's not the England we know from the history books. This country is overrun with wolves that roam the forests, providing the perfect setting for a witty and dramatic story spanning the whole country, from the frozen North to the city of London, and peopled with all manner of evil governesses and ancient aunts. Filled with brilliantly-drawn Dickensian ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Sod Calm and Get Angry

During the current recession it seems our traditional stiff upper lip can only last so long before those other world-beating British skills come to the fore - quiet grumbling and resigned cynicism. Sod Calm and Get Angry is for anyone who has finally had enough of bankers and politicians and bosses telling them to keep sodding calm and to carry bloody on. Sod Calm and Get Angry is both a rallying call and essential ...
Цена:  512.00
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фото Sod Calm and Get Angry

Private Down Under

P.I. Craig Gisto, head of the latest branch of Private, is enjoying the glamorous launch party with his new team when their celebrations are interrupted by the bloodied arrival of a boy with his eyes gouged out. The boy is the kidnapped son of one of Australia's richest men - but investigating his death isn't their only pressing case. The rock star Micky Stevens is convinced someone's trying to kill him, and ...
Цена:  463.00
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фото Private Down Under

The Long War

A generation after the events of The Long Earth, mankind has spread across the new worlds opened up by Stepping. Where Joshua and Lobsang once pioneered, now fleets of airships link the stepwise Americas with trade and culture. Mankind is shaping the Long Earth - but in turn the Long Earth is shaping mankind... A new 'America', called Valhalla, is emerging more than a million steps from Datum Earth, with core ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Long War

Monstrous Regiment

A sudden burst of nationalism has swept over Polly Perks causing her to cut off her hair, don her brother's clothes and join the local regiment so she can fight for her country. But there's only one problem - she has no idea who she'll be fighting or what she is really fighting for. And why do they want her to have a rolled-up pair of socks anyway? War teaches you a lot, she finds, when it turns out that you ...
Цена:  1023.00
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фото Monstrous Regiment

The Science of Discworld IV. Judgement Day

The fourth book in the Science of Discworld series, and this time around dealing with The Really Big Questions, Terry Pratchett's brilliant new Discworld story Judgement Day is annotated with very big footnotes (the interleaving chapters) by mathematician Ian Stewart and biologist Jack Cohen, to bring you a mind-mangling combination of fiction, cutting-edge science and philosophy. Marjorie Daw is a librarian, ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото The Science of Discworld IV. Judgement Day

Between Friends

'On the kibbutz it's hard to know. We're all supposed to be friends but very few really are.' Amos Oz's compelling new fiction offers revelatory glimpses into the secrets and frustrations of the human heart, played out by a community of misfits united by political disagreement, intense dissatisfaction and lifetimes of words left unspoken. Ariella, unhappy in love, confides in the woman whose husband she stole; ...
Цена:  999.00
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фото Between Friends

Cider with Rosie

'I remember, too, the light on the slopes, long shadows in tufts and hollows, with cattle, brilliant as painted china, treading their echoing shapes' Cider With Rosie is a wonderfully vivid memoir of Laurie Lee's childhood and youth in a remote Cotswold village. From the moment he is set down in the long grass, 'thick as a forest and alive with grasshoppers', he depicts a word that is both tangibly real yet ...
Цена:  702.00
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фото Cider with Rosie

A Rose for Winter. Travels in Andalusia

Andalusia is a passion, and 15 years after his previous visit Laurie Lee returned. He found a country broken by the civil war, but the totems of indestructible Spain survive: the Christ in agony, the thrilling flamenco cry, the pride in poverty, the gypsy intensity in vivid whitewashed slums, the cult of the bullfight, the exultation in death, the humour of hopelessness - the paradoxes deep in the fiery bones ...
Цена:  702.00
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фото A Rose for Winter. Travels in Andalusia

The Flamethrowers

The year is 1977 and Reno - so called because of the place of her birth - has come to New York intent on turning her fascination with motorcycles and speed into art. Her arrival coincides with an explosion of activity in the art world - artists have colonised a deserted and industrial SoHo, are squatting in the East Village, and are blurring the line between life and art. Reno meets a group of dreamers and raconteurs ...
Цена:  999.00
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фото The Flamethrowers

The Dark Road

Meili, a young peasant woman born in the remote heart of China, is married to Kongzi, a village school teacher, and a distant descendant of Confucius. They have a daughter, but desperate for a son to carry on his illustrious family line, Kongzi gets Meili pregnant again without waiting for official permission. When family planning officers storm the village to arrest violators of the population control policy, ...
Цена:  644.00
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фото The Dark Road

Office Politics. How to Thrive in a World of Lying, Backstabbing and Dirty Tricks

The modern working world is a dangerous place, where game-playing, duplicity and sheer malevolence are rife. Do talent and hard work count for nothing? Is politics everything? In this fascinating expose, Oliver James reveals the murky underside of modern office life. With cutting-edge research and eye-opening interviews, he highlights the nasty practices that propel people to the top and shows how industries ...
Цена:  1273.00
Посмотреть Office Politics. How to Thrive in a World of Lying, Backstabbing and Dirty Tricks
фото Office Politics. How to Thrive in a World of Lying, Backstabbing and Dirty Tricks

Dust. Wool Trilogy 3

In a time when secrets and lies were the foundations of life, someone has discovered the truth. And they are going to tell. Jules knows what her predecessors created. She knows they are the reason life has to be lived in this way. And she won't stand for it. But Jules no longer has supporters. And there is far more to fear than the toxic world beyond her walls. A poison is growing from within Silo 18. One that ...
Цена:  773.00
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фото Dust. Wool Trilogy 3

The New Atkins Made Easy. The Faster, Simpler Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great - Starting Today!

Atkins remains the world's most famous diet, and for good reason: the Atkins high-protein, low-carb plan has helped millions of people around the world lose weight and keep it off. In New Atkins Made Easy, this amazing lifestyle plan has been further simplified to guarantee quicker weight loss with even less hassle. Alongside simple, straightforward guidelines you'll find: tips and advice for keeping on track ...
Цена:  821.00
Посмотреть The New Atkins Made Easy. The Faster, Simpler Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great - Starting Today!
фото The New Atkins Made Easy. The Faster, Simpler Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great - Starting Today!

An Officer and a Spy

January 1895. On a freezing morning in the heart of Paris, an army officer, Georges Picquart, witnesses a convicted spy, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, being publicly humiliated in front of twenty thousand spectators baying 'Death to the Jew!' The officer is rewarded with promotion.
Цена:  563.00
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фото An Officer and a Spy

Tender is the Night

It is the French Riviera in the 1920s. Nicole and Dick Diver are a wealthy, elegant, magnetic couple. A coterie of admirers are drawn to them, none more so than the blooming young starlet Rosemary Hoyt. When Rosemary falls for Dick, the Diver's calculated perfection begins to crack. As dark truths emerge, Fitzgerald shows both the disintegration of a marriage and the failure of idealism. Tender is the Night ...
Цена:  611.00
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фото Tender is the Night

You Against Me

If someone hurts your sister and you're any kind of man, you seek revenge, right? If your brother's accused of a terrible crime but says he didn't do it, you defend him, don't you? When Mikey's sister claims a boy assaulted her, his world begins to fall apart. When Ellie's brother is charged with the offence, her world begins to unravel. When Mikey and Ellie meet, two worlds collide. This is a brave and unflinching ...
Цена:  615.00
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фото You Against Me

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Alice is one of the most beloved characters of English writing. A bright and inquisitive child, one boring summer afternoon, she follows a white rabbit down a rabbit-hole. At the bottom, she finds herself in a bizarre world full of strange creatures, and attends a very strange tea party and croquet match. This immensely witty and unique story mixes satire and puzzles, comedy and anxiety, to provide an astute ...
Цена:  666.00
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фото Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass


Byrne is Anthony Burgess' final work: an epic verse novel. Michael Byrne is a minor modern composer with greater talent in bed than in the concert hall. A bigamist, a charmer and a thug, Byrne sells his talents as a composer and painter, ending up in Hitler's Third Reich. He moves opportunistically from country to country and from bed to bed, leaving a small tribe of children across the globe. He then vanishes ...
Цена:  880.00
Посмотреть Byrne
фото Byrne

Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking

Born in a surreal Moscow communal apartment where eighteen families shared one kitchen, Anya von Bremzen grew up singing odes to Lenin, black-marketeering Juicy Fruit gum at school, and longing for a taste of the mythical West. It was a life by turns absurd, drab, naively joyous, melancholy and, finally, intolerable. In 1974, when Anya was ten, she and her mother fled to the USA, with no winter coats and no ...
Цена:  987.00
Посмотреть Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking
фото Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking

A Time In Rome

Elizabeth Bowen's account of a time spent in Rome between February and Easter is no ordinary guidebook but an evocation of a city - its hisotry, its architecture and, above all, its atmosphere. She describes the famous classical sites, conjuring from the ruins visions of former inhabitants and their often bloody activities. She speculates about the immense noise of ancient Rome, the problems caused by the Romans' ...
Цена:  940.00
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фото A Time In Rome

The Book Thief

Here is a small fact - You are going to die 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier. Liesel, a nine-year-old girl, is living with a foster family on Himmel Street. Her parents have been taken away to a concentration camp. Liesel steals books. This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall. Some Important Information - This ...
Цена:  880.00
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фото The Book Thief

Washington, D.C. 2014

With history around every corner, Washington, D.C. is a city that magically blends yesterday and today. This updated guide - often among our top domestic best-sellers - lets travelers discover the myriad, charms of the nation's capital, from its stately monuments to the trendiest restaurants. World-class museums, shady parks, and an important arts scene make Washington, D.C. an ever-changing American showcase: ...
Цена:  952.00
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фото Washington, D.C. 2014

Toronto 2014

Fodor's Tokyo offers savvy advice and recommendations from local writers to help travellers make the most of their time. Fodor's Choice designates our best picks, from hotels to night-life. "Word of Mouth" quotes from fellow travellers provide valuable insights.
Цена:  952.00
Посмотреть Toronto 2014
фото Toronto 2014

South Florida 2014

With many of the state's most popular destinations, including Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, the Everglades, and the Florida Keys, Fodor's South Florida offers savvy advice and recommendations from local writers to help travelers make the most of their time. Fodor's Choice designates our best picks, from hotels to nightlife. "Word of Mouth" quotes from fellow travelers provide valuable insights.
Цена:  952.00
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фото South Florida 2014

Brazil 2014

Brazil is full of flavor, fun, and fabulous history. Explore some of the best tourist stops, as well as the more out-of-the-way places for a memorable experience.
Цена:  952.00
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фото Brazil 2014

Heat. An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany

A highly acclaimed writer and editor, Bill Buford left his job at The New Yorker for a most unlikely destination: the kitchen at Babbo, the revolutionary Italian restaurant created and ruled by superstar chef Mario Batali. Finally realizing a long-held desire to learn first-hand the experience of restaurant cooking, Buford soon finds himself drowning in improperly cubed carrots and scalding pasta water on his ...
Цена:  1142.00
Посмотреть Heat. An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany
фото Heat. An Amateur"s Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany

Tokyo 2014

Fodor's Tokyo offers savvy advice and recommendations from local writers to help travellers make the most of their time. Fodor's Choice designates our best picks, from hotels to night-life. "Word of Mouth" quotes from fellow travellers provide valuable insights.
Цена:  1177.00
Посмотреть Tokyo 2014
фото Tokyo 2014

Paris 2014

Paris is an all-time top destination for travellers, and it's easy to see the allure: the experiences - dining, shopping, museum-going, neighbourhood strolling - are all legendary. This stunning full-colour Fodor's guide captures the best of the City of Light, from the masterful cuisine to the sweeping romance of the Eiffel Tower.
Цена:  952.00
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фото Paris 2014

Florida 2014

Florida's attractions, along with balmy weather and beautiful people, lure over 80 million visitors to the state every year. In full color throughout, Fodor's Florida 2014 takes a smart insider's look at the state, with helpful planning advice at the start of each chapter. Fodor's Florida offers savvy advice and recommendations from local writers to help travelers make the most of their time. Fodor's Choice ...
Цена:  1393.00
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фото Florida 2014

Caribbean 2014

Belize might just have the greatest variety of flora and fauna of any country of its size in the world. Offshore the Belize Barrier Reef, a great wall of coral, stretches the entire 200-mile-length of the coast. And archaeologists have identified more than 600 significant Mayan sites in Belize. Fodor's guide gives you all the information you need to plan the perfect trip, whether you want a scuba adventure, ...
Цена:  952.00
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фото Caribbean 2014

Body Land

Smithsonian Institution Press is pleased to join Motta Fotografia, one of Europe's foremost publishers of photography, in presenting a series showcasing the work of postwar masters. Each book includes more than forty duotone or color images and represents an original approach to a particular theme by one of the century's finest documentary or fine-art photographers. In this collection of self-portraits Minkkinen ...
Цена:  1947.00
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Guilt. An Alex Delaware Novel

In an upscale L.A. neighborhood, a backyard renovation unearths an infant's body, buried sixty years ago. Soon thereafter, in a nearby park, another disturbingly bizarre discovery is made not far from the body of a young woman shot in the head. Helping LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis to link these eerie incidents is brilliant psychologist Alex Delaware. But even the good doctor's vast experience with matters ...
Цена:  647.00
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No Country for Old Men

In his blistering new novel, Cormac McCarthy returns to the Texas-Mexico border, setting of his famed Border Trilogy. The time is our own, when rustlers have given way to drug-runners and small towns have become free-fire zones. One day, a good old boy named Llewellyn Moss finds a pickup truck surrounded by a bodyguard of dead men. A load of heroin and two million dollars in cash are still in the back. When ...
Цена:  647.00
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Dirty Beasts

Meet the dirtiest beasts in the world! The comic creations in these rhymes can be bloodthirsty, gruesome and often act in unexpected ways. A collection of hilarious and naughty rhymes with a touch of the magical, and a dash of the dangerous...
Цена:  751.00
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Ghost World

Back for an amazing ninth printing, this is our bestselling book ever, a Catcher in the Rye for its generation and the basis for the Academy Award-nominated film. It tells the story of Enid and Rebecca, two above-it-all best friends confronted with the prospect of adulthood and the uncertain future of their friendship.
Цена:  1076.00
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Happy Moscow

Moscow in the 1930s is a symbol of Soviet paradise, a fairy-tale capital where, in Stalin's words life has become better, life has become merrier. Moscow Chestnova bears her captial's name, and seeks the happiness it promises. She flits from man to man, fascinated by the brave new world around her. In an age of spin and soundbites, this anarchic satire retains its bite.
Цена:  987.00
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The Queen's Knickers

Everyone can see the Queen's smart coats and dresses, but what does she wear underneath, particularly for a school visit? Through the eyes of a little girl hoping for a school visit by the Queen, the range of royal underwear is revealed, in all its regal glory - garden party and Christmas speech knickers to the VIP (Very Important Pair) for the opening of Parliament. This is a gently humorous book that will ...
Цена:  563.00
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Special Agent Will Trent has something to hide. Something he doesn't want Dr Sara Linton - the woman he loves - to find out. He's gone undercover in Macon, Georgia and put his life at risk. And he knows Sara will never forgive him if she discovers the truth. But when a young patrolman is shot and left for dead Sara is forced to confront the past and a woman she hoped never to see again. And without even knowing ...
Цена:  563.00
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Second Honeymoon

A newlywed couple steps into the sauna in their deluxe honeymoon suite - and never steps out again. When another couple is killed while boarding their honeymoon flight to Rome, it becomes clear that someone is targeting honeymooners, and it's anyone's guess which happy couple is next on the list. FBI Agent John O'Hara is deep into the case, trying to figure out who this deranged killer is. At the same time, ...
Цена:  563.00
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No Man's Nightingale

No Man's Nightingale: the eagerly anticipated twenty-fourth title in Ruth Rendell's bestselling Detective Chief Inspector Wexford series. Sarah Hussain was not popular with many people in the community of Kingsmarkham. She was born of mixed parentage - a white Irishwoman and an immigrant Indian Hindu. She was also the Reverend of St Peter's Church. But it comes as a profound shock to everyone when she is found ...
Цена:  650.00
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Midnight in St Petersburg

St Petersburg, 1911: Inna Feldman has fled the pogroms of her native Kiev to take refuge with distant relatives in Russia's capital city. Welcomed into the flamboyant Leman family, she is apprenticed into their violin-making workshop, and feels instantly at home in their bohemian circle of friends. But revolution is in the air and, as society begins to fracture, she is forced to choose between following her ...
Цена:  845.00
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The Stone Rose

Mickey is startled to find a statue of Rose in a museum a statue that is 2,000 years old. The Doctor realises that this means the TARDIS will shortly take them to Ancient Rome, but when it does, he and Rose soon have more on their minds than sculpture. While the Doctor searches for a missing boy, Rose befriends a girl who claims to know the future a girl whose predictions are surprisingly accurate. But then ...
Цена:  901.00
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Sting of the Zygons

The Tardis lands the Doctor and Martha in the Lake District in 1909, where a small village has been terrorised by a giant, scaly monster. The search is on for the elusive 'Beast of Westmorland', and explorers, naturalists and hunters from across the country are descending on the fells. King Edward VII himself is on his way to join the search, with a knighthood for whoever finds the Beast. But there is a more ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Sting of the Zygons


Thirteen year old Madison has problems: she's overweight, ignored by her movie star parents, and in love with her adopted brother. She's also dead. But not just dead. Madison is in Hell. Chuck Palahniuk's latest, Damned, takes us on Madison's journey through Hell, as she navigates the Hillocks of Discarded Nail Pairings and the River of Vomit, meeting everyone from Charles Darwin to Marilyn Monroe, with a colorful ...
Цена:  563.00
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Cross My Heart

Alex Cross' whole world is crashing down around him. He has been hunted, stalked like prey. His predator priming himself for the kill. Cross has devoted his life to protecting others. Now, he's unable to protect even those closest to him. As a police detective, he has made many enemies, but never like this. Everything he loves is being taken from him. Soon he will have nothing and no one left.
Цена:  726.00
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Bridget Jones. Mad About the Boy

When Helen Fielding first wrote Bridget Jones' Diary, charting the life of a 30-something singleton in London in the 1990s, she introduced readers to one of the most beloved characters in modern literature. The book was published in 40 countries, sold more than 15 million copies worldwide, and spawned a best-selling sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. The two books were turned into major blockbuster films ...
Цена:  654.00
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The Book Thief

It is 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier, and will become busier still. By her brother's graveside, Liesel Meminger's life is changed when she picks up a single object, partially hidden in the snow. It is The Gravedigger's Handbook, left there by accident, and it is her first act of book thievery. So begins a love affair with books and words, as Liesel, with the ...
Цена:  650.00
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Bones of the Lost

The body of a teenage girl is discovered along a desolate highway on the outskirts of Charlotte. Inside her purse is the ID card of a local businessman who died in a fire months earlier. Who was the girl? And was she murdered? Dr Temperance Brennan, Forensic Anthropologist, must find the answers. She soon learns that a Gulf War veteran stands accused of smuggling artefacts into the country. Could there be a ...
Цена:  563.00
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Summer, 1972: In the claustrophobic heat, eleven-year-old Byron and his friend begin 'Operation Perfect', a hapless mission to rescue Byron's mother from impending crisis. Winter, present day: As frost creeps across the moor, Jim cleans tables in the local cafe, a solitary figure struggling with OCD. His job is a relief from the rituals that govern his nights. Little would seem to connect them except that two ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Little Christmas Elf

Nina, the littlest elf in Santa's workshop, doesn't finish the teddy bear she's making in time for it to get loaded onto Santa's sleigh - but, encouraged by Santa Claus himself to not give up, she works far into the night to finish it. While Santa is out delivering presents, a baby is born. Santa comes back for Nina's now - finished bear - and guess who he takes along to deliver it?
Цена:  376.00
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Draw + Learn: Faces Everywhere

No kid wants to pick up a book that promises to develop important learning skills. Have no fear! Kids will be too busy coloring a face on an ice cream cone, or a face on a baseball mitt, to notice the fiber amid the fun. This First Activity Book combines the immediate pleasure of doodling and coloring with the development of anatomy recognition, perspective, scale, and artistic skills. First Activity Books are ...
Цена:  471.00
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фото Draw + Learn: Faces Everywhere

Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! (Big Bright & Early Board Book)

From Aunt Annie's Alligator to Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, this sturdy board book version of Dr. Seuss's ABC is now available in a bigger trim size. With Dr. Seuss as your guide, learning the alphabet is as fun and as funny as the feather on a Fiffer-feffer-feff!
Цена:  517.00
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фото Dr. Seuss"s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! (Big Bright & Early Board Book)

Draw + Learn Fun: People

Colorful pages include white space for kids to fill in what's missing, or just to add color to certain elements. In People, emerging artists will see a page that shows basic body parts, then pages where kids can fill in missing arms, legs, hands, trunks, feet, etc. They can also add these things to a robot and a monster to further extend their facility and fun.
Цена:  505.00
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фото Draw + Learn Fun: People

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Junior Novelization

Mr. Peabody & Sherman hits theatres March 7, 2014! DreamWorks Animation brings Jay Ward's classic cartoon Mr. Peabody & Sherman to the big screen in an all-new comedy adventure for the whole family. Mr. Peabody is the world's smartest person who just so happens to be a dog. When his pet boy, Sherman, uses their time-traveling WABAC machine without permission, the events in history spiral out of control to disastrous ...
Цена:  481.00
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фото Mr. Peabody & Sherman Junior Novelization

Wet Pet, Dry Pet, Your Pet, My Pet

This touch-and-feel book invites babies and toddlers to pet and play with the most imaginative pets of all-time! Based on the classic Beginner Book "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, " this book of pettable pets features fur, feathers, flaps, slide tabs, and even cardboard rings to toss! From Zeds with just one hair on their heads to a Yink that likes to drink pink ink, this interactive menagerie is sure ...
Цена:  671.00
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фото Wet Pet, Dry Pet, Your Pet, My Pet

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Ascension

The toppling of ruthless Natasi Daala has left a political vacuum on Coruscant and ignited a power struggle between opposing factions racing to claim control of the Galactic Alliance. Surrounded by hidden agendas, treacherous conspiracies, and covert Sith agents, the Jedi Order must keep the government from collapsing into anarchy—while facing the combined threats of the resurgent Lost Sith Tribe, a deposed ...
Цена:  500.00
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фото Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Ascension

A Spot of Bother

George Hall is an unobtrusive man. A little distant, perhaps, a little cautious, not quite at ease with the emotional demands of fatherhood or of manly bonhomie. The secret of contentment, George felt, lay in ignoring many things completely. Some things in life cant be ignored, however: his tempestuous daughter Katies deeply inappropriate boyfriend Ray, for instance, or the sudden appearance of a red circular ...
Цена:  599.00
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фото A Spot of Bother

I Know Letters

Bring your child's classroom with the wonderfully imaginative Step-Ahead series. Proven educational methods reinforce what is taught in preschool through the elementary grades. Simple instructions, delightful graphics, and fun-to-do activities, such as this book with peel-and-stick stickers, motivate your child to master skills and turn the page for more.
Цена:  224.00
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Too Much Happiness

Brilliantly paced, lit with sparks of danger and underlying menace, these are dazzling, provocative stories about Svengali men, and radical women who outmanoeuvre them, about destructive marriages and curdled friendships, about mothers and sons, about moments which change or haunt a life. Alice Munro takes on complex, even harrowing emotions and events, and renders them into stories that surprise, amaze and ...
Цена:  967.00
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Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

A gloriously witty novel from Sebastian Faulks using P.G. Wodehouse's much-loved characters, Jeeves and Wooster, fully authorised by the Wodehouse estate. Due to a series of extenuating circumstances, Bertie Wooster, recently returned from a very pleasurable sojourn in Cannes, finds himself at the home of Sir Henry Hackwood. Bertie is, of course, familiar with the set-up at a country house. He can always rely ...
Цена:  1076.00
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фото Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

Doctor Who: Krillitane Storm

When the Tardis materialises in medieval Worcester, the Doctor finds the city seemingly deserted. He soon discovers its population are living in a state of terror, afraid to leave their homes after dark, for fear of meeting their doom at the hands of the legendary Devil's Huntsman. For months, people have been disappearing, and the Sheriff has imposed a strict curfew across the city, his militia maintaining ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Doctor Who: Krillitane Storm

Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos

Donna Noble is back home in London, catching up with her family and generally giving them all the gossip about her journeys. Her grandfather is especially overjoyed - he's discovered a new star and had it named after him. He takes the Doctor, as his special guest, to the naming ceremony. But the Doctor is suspicious about some of the other changes he can see in Earth's heavens. Particularly that bright star, ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos

A Game of Thrones: A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons (количество томов: 5)

Winter is coming. Such is the stern motto of House Stark, the northernmost of the fiefdoms that owe allegiance to King Robert Baratheon in far-off King’s Landing. There Eddard Stark of Winterfell rules in Robert’s name. There his family dwells in peace and comfort: his proud wife, Catelyn; his sons Robb, Brandon, and Rickon; his daughters Sansa and Arya; and his bastard son, Jon Snow. Far to the north, behind ...
Цена:  3196.00
Посмотреть A Game of Thrones: A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons (количество томов: 5)
фото A Game of Thrones: A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons (количество томов: 5)

Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

If a country wants to remain economically vibrant, it needs to manufacture things. In recent years, however, many nations have become obsessed with making money out of selling services, leaving the real business of manufacturing to others. Makers is about how all that is being reversed. Over the past ten years, the internet has democratised publishing, broadcasting and communications, leading to a massive increase ...
Цена:  1070.00
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фото Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

Fodor`s England

Full-color guide • Make your trip to England unforgettable with illustrated features, maps, and color photos. Customize your trip with simple planning tools • Convenient overview of each region and its highlights • Top experiences & attractions • Practical advice for getting around • Easy-to-read color regional maps Explore London, the Cotswolds, Cornwall, and beyond • Discerning Fodor’s Choice picks for hotels, ...
Цена:  1046.00
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Bleeding Edge

Silicon Alley is a ghost town, Web 1.0 is having adolescent angst, Google has yet to IPO, Microsoft is still considered the Evil Empire. Maxine Tarnow is running a nice little fraud investigation business on the Upper West Side, chasing down different kinds of small-scale con artists.
Цена:  1035.00
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Solo. A James Bond Novel

It is 1969 and James Bond is about to go solo, recklessly motivated by revenge. A seasoned veteran of the service, 007 is sent to single-handedly stop a civil war in the small West African nation of Zanzarim. Aided by a beautiful accomplice and hindered by the local militia, he undergoes a scarring experience which compels him to ignore M's orders in pursuit of his own brand of justice. Bond's renegade action ...
Цена:  897.00
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фото Solo. A James Bond Novel

Doctor Who: Wishing Well

The old village well is just a curiosity - something to attract tourists intrigued by stories of lost treasure, or visitors just making a wish. Unless something alien and terrifying could be lurking inside the well? Something utterly monstrous that causes nothing but death and destruction? But who knows the real truth about the well? Who wishes to unleash the hideous force it contains? What terrible consequences ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Doctor Who: Wishing Well


When the Tardis makes a disastrous landing in the swamps of the planet Sunday, the Doctor has no choice but to abandon Martha and try to find help. But the tranquility of Sunday's swamps is deceptive, and even the Tardis can't protect Martha forever. The human pioneers of Sunday have their own dangers to face: homeless and alone, they're only just starting to realise that Sunday's wildlife isn't as harmless ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Wetworld

Doctor Who: The Way Through the Woods

England, today. Between the housing estate and the motorway lies an ancient wood. The motorway bends to avoid it. Last week, teenager Laura Brown went missing. Tonight, Vicky Caine will miss her bus and take a shortcut through the wood. And she will disappear too. England, 1917. Between the village and the main road lies an ancient wood. The old Roman road bends to avoid it. Tonight Emily Bostock and a man called ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Doctor Who: The Way Through the Woods

Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

For a year, while the Master ruled over Earth, Martha Jones travelled the world telling people stories about the Doctor. She told people of how the Doctor has saved them before, and how he will save them again. This is that story. It tells of Martha's travels from her arrival on Earth as the Toclafane attacked and decimated the population through to her return to Britain to face the Master. It tells how she ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

Doctor Who: Sick Building

Tiermann's World: a planet covered in wintry woods and roamed by sabre-toothed tigers and other savage beasts. The Doctor is here to warn Professor Tiermann, his wife and their son that a terrible danger is on its way. The Tiermanns live in luxury, in a fantastic, futuristic, fully-automated Dreamhome, under an impenetrable force shield. But that won't protect them from the Voracious Craw. A gigantic and extremely ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Doctor Who: Sick Building

Doctor Who: Shining Darkness

For Donna Noble, the Andromeda galaxy is a long, long way from home. But even two-and-a-half-million light years from Earth, danger lurks around every corner... A visit to an art gallery turns into a race across space to uncover the secret behind a shadowy organization. From the desert world of Karris to the interplanetary scrapyard of Junk, the Doctor and Donna discover that appearances can be deceptive, that ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Doctor Who: Shining Darkness

Doctor Who: Peacemaker

The Doctor and Martha are about to find out if a sonic screwdriver is more powerful than a six-shooter in the latest in the bestselling series of Doctor Who novels. The peace and quiet of a remote homestead in the 1880s American West is shattered by the arrival of two shadowy outriders searching for 'the healer'. When the farmer refuses to help them, they raze the house to the ground using guns that shoot bolts ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Doctor Who: Peacemaker

Doctor Who: Nuclear Time

The Doctor and Amy arrive in Appletown, an idyllic Colorado town where townsfolk go peacefully about their routines. But when two more strangers arrive, things begin to change. As death falls from the sky, the Doctor is trapped. The TARDIS is damaged, and the Doctor finds he is living backwards through time. With Amy being hunted through the streets of the Doctor's own future and getting farther away with every ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Doctor Who: Nuclear Time

Doctor Who: Monsters Inside

The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Rose to a destination in deep space - Justicia, a prison camp stretched over seven planets, where Earth colonies deal with their criminals. While Rose finds herself locked up in a teenage borstal, the Doctor is trapped in a scientific labour camp. Each is determined to find the other, and soon both Rose and the Doctor are risking life and limb to escape in their distinctive styles. ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Doctor Who: Monsters Inside

Doctor Who: The Many Hands

The Nor' Loch is being filled in. If you ask the soldiers there, they'll tell you it's a stinking cesspool that the city can do without. But that doesn't explain why the workers won't go near the place without an armed guard. That doesn't explain why they whisper stories about the loch giving up its dead, about the minister who walked into his church twelve years after he died... It doesn't explain why, as they ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Doctor Who: The Many Hands

Doctor Who: The Last Dodo

After a trip to the zoo, the Doctor and Martha go in search of a real live dodo, and are transported by the TARDIS to the mysterious Museum of the Last Ones. There, in the Earth section, they discover every extinct creature up to the present day - billions of them, from the tiniest insect to the biggest dinosaur, all still alive and in suspended animation. Preservation is the Museum's only job - collecting the ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Doctor Who: The Last Dodo

Doctor Who: Borrowed Time

'You want more time Mr Brown, of course you do. We all want more time. Let me make you an offer'... Andrew Brown never has enough time. No time to call his sister, no time to prepare for that important presentation at the bank where he works... The train's late, the lift jams, the all-important meeting's started by the time he arrives. Disaster. If only he'd had just a little more time. Time is the business ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Doctor Who: Borrowed Time

Doctor Who: The Art of Destruction

The TARDIS lands in 22nd century Africa in the shadow of a dormant volcano. Agri-teams are growing new foodstuffs in the baking soil to help feed the world's starving millions - but the Doctor and Rose have detected an alien signal somewhere close by. When a nightmare force starts surging along the dark volcanic tunnels, the Doctor realises an ancient trap has been sprung. But who was it meant for? And what ...
Цена:  551.00
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фото Doctor Who: The Art of Destruction

One Night in Winter

If your children were forced to testify against you, what terrible secrets would they reveal? Moscow 1945. As Stalin and his courtiers celebrate victory over Hitler, shots ring out. On a nearby bridge, a teenage boy and girl lie dead. But this is no ordinary tragedy and these are no ordinary teenagers, but the children of Russia's most important leaders who attend the most exclusive school in Moscow. Is it murder? ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото One Night in Winter

The Wheel of Ice

The Wheel. A ring of ice and steel turning around a moon of Saturn, and home to a mining colony supplying a resource-hungry Earth. It's a bad place to grow up. The colony has been plagued by problems. Maybe it's just gremlins, just bad luck. But the equipment failures and thefts of resources have been increasing, and there have been stories among the children of mysterious creatures glimpsed aboard the Wheel. ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Wheel of Ice

Trio for Blunt Instruments

If Nero Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie, would ever admit to an Achilles' heel-which they wouldn't-it would be a weakness for damsels in distress. In these three charming chillers the duo answer the call of helpless heroines with nothing to lose-except their lives. First a beautiful young Aphrodite comes to Nero looking for a hero-and the answer to the mystery of her father's death... Then an old flame of Archie's ...
Цена:  599.00
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фото Trio for Blunt Instruments


Touch and Feel Town, Dwell Studio's chic companion to Touch and Feel Farm, is the newest addition to the Dwell Studio line of distinctive books for baby. Using images from their bestselling children's lines, babies will take a trip through town, touching a stylish taxi, traffic light, sidewalk, tree, and a building.
Цена:  611.00
Посмотреть Town
фото Town

Three Witnesses

Three witnesses hold all the clues in three crimes of passion that have even the great Nero Wolfe guessing to the very end. A dead million comes back to life, only to wind up dead again; a black Labrador retriever becomes a killer's worst enemy; and an answering service with three untalkative operators may mean an innocent man will get the chair.
Цена:  553.00
Посмотреть Three Witnesses
фото Three Witnesses

Phonics: Flash Cards

Double-sided cards with pictures and upper and lower case letters.
Цена:  240.00
Посмотреть Phonics: Flash Cards
фото Phonics: Flash Cards

Matching Puzzle Cards: Numbers

Here's the concept: two matching puzzle cards will each show, say, one object to make a match. For the next two matching puzzle cards, one will show one object and the corresponding card will show two objects (similar backgrounds and such will also help the child connect these cards). The next two matching puzzle cards will each have two objects. The pattern continues up to ten. This way the child not only grasps ...
Цена:  732.00
Посмотреть Matching Puzzle Cards: Numbers
фото Matching Puzzle Cards: Numbers

Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956

In the long-awaited follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize-winning Gulag, acclaimed journalist Anne Applebaum delivers a groundbreaking history of how Communism took over Eastern Europe after World War II and transformed in frightening fashion the individuals who came under its sway. At the end of World War II, the Soviet Union to its surprise and delight found itself in control of a huge swath of territory in Eastern ...
Цена:  1126.00
Посмотреть Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956
фото Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956

Before I Write

Bring your child's classroom with the wonderfully imaginative Step-Ahead series. Proven educational methods reinforce what is taught in preschool through the elementary grades. Simple instructions, delightful graphics, and fun-to-do activities, such as this book with peel-and-stick stickers, motivate your child to master skills and turn the page for more.
Цена:  212.00
Посмотреть Before I Write
фото Before I Write

Alphabet: Flash Cards

Help children recognize basic shapes and colors, a necessary step in developing pre-math and pre-reading skills.
Цена:  227.00
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фото Alphabet: Flash Cards

Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch

Roundworld is in trouble again, and this time it looks fatal. Having created it in the first place, the wizards of Unseen University feel vaguely responsible for its safety. They know the creatures who lived there escaped the impending Big Freeze by inventing the space elevator - they even intervened to rid the planet of a plague of elves, who attempted to divert humanity onto a different time track. But now ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Science of Discworld III: Darwin"s Watch


Dodger is a tosher - a sewer scavenger living in the squalor of Dickensian London. Everyone who is nobody knows Dodger. Anyone who is anybody doesn't. But when he rescues a young girl from a beating, suddenly everybody wants to know him. And Dodger's tale of skulduggery, dark plans and even darker deeds begins...
Цена:  476.00
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Doctor Who: The Slitheen Excursion

1500BC - King Actaeus and his subjects live in mortal fear of the awesome gods who have come to visit their kingdom in ancient Greece. Except the Doctor, visiting with university student June, knows they're not gods at all. They're aliens. For the aliens, it's the perfect holiday - they get to tour the sights of a primitive planet and even take part in local customs. Like gladiatorial games, or hunting down ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Carpet People

In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet ...That's the old story everyone knows and loves. But now the Carpet is home to many different tribes and peoples and there's a new story in the making. The story of Fray, sweeping a trail of destruction across the Carpet. The story of power-hungry mouls - and of two Munrung brothers, who set out on an amazing adventure. It's a story ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Doctor - His Lives and Times

'I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. And I'm the man who's going to save your life.' He's made a mark on almost every era of history, and he's touched millions of lives across space and time. In these pages you'll find just some of the stories behind those brief encounters, each of them addressing the question that must never, ever be answered: ...
Цена:  1474.00
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Bill Clinton

Nigel Hamilton brings all the magisterial authority he brought to his Whitbread-winning biography of Monty, and all the talent for tracking down and verifying hidden, controversial material that he showed in JFK: Reckless Youth, which topped the American bestseller charts for months, in this new biography of Bill Clinton. Born into a 'white trash' family in backwoods, racially segregated Arkansas, he suffered ...
Цена:  892.00
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In a half-built mansion in Los Angeles, a watchman stumbles onto the bodies of a young couple—murdered and left in a gruesome postmortem embrace. Veteran homicide cop Milo Sturgis is shocked at the sight: a twisted crime that only Milo and psychologist Alex Delaware can hope to solve. While the female victim’s identity remains in question, her companion is ID’d as eco-friendly architect Desmond Backer, notorious ...
Цена:  360.00
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The Flash. Volume 1. Move Forward

Struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals, Central City Police scientist Barry Allen was transformed into the fastest man alive. Tapping into the energy field called The Speed Force, he applies a tenacious sense of justice to protect an serve the world as The Flash! The Fastest Man Alive returns to his own monthly series as part of the DC Comics - The New 52 event with the writer/artist team of Francis ...
Цена:  1012.00
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Blackhawks Volume 1. The Great Leap Forward

As a part of DC Comics - The New 52 event of September 2011, welcome to a world waging a new kind of war that's faster and more brutal than ever before. It's fought by those who would make the innocent their targets, using computers, smart weapons and laser-guided missiles. The new enemy is hard to find - and closer to home than we think. Between us and them stand the Blackhawks, an elite force of military specialists ...
Цена:  1180.00
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In a future less than fifty years away, the world is still as we know it. Time continues to tick by. The truth is that it is ticking away. A powerful few know what lies ahead. They are preparing for it. They are trying to protect us. They are setting us on a path from which we can never return. A path that will lead to destruction; a path that will take us below ground. The history of the silo is about to be ...
Цена:  979.00
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Who are the members of the Doctor's family? What are the 20 best ways to defeat a Dalek? What are the galactic coordinates of Gallifrey? Packed with amazing facts, figures and stories, Who-ology is an unforgettable journey through fifty years of Doctor Who. Test your knowledge of the last Time Lord and the worlds he's visited, from Totters Lane to Trenzalore. Get lost in guides to UNIT call signs, the inner ...
Цена:  1355.00
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Vineland, a zone of blessed anarchy in northern California, is the last refuge of hippiedom, a culture devastated by the sobriety epidemic, Reaganomics, and the Tube. Here, in an Orwellian 1984, Zoyd Wheeler and his daughter Prairie search for Prairie's long-lost mother, a Sixties radical who ran off with a narc. Vineland is vintage Pynchon, full of quasi-allegorical characters, elaborate unresolved subplots, ...
Цена:  1230.00
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Seventy-five years after he came to life, Superman remains one of America’s most adored and enduring heroes. Now Larry Tye, the prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Satchel, has written the first full-fledged history not just of the Man of Steel but of the creators, designers, owners, and performers who made him the icon he is today. Legions of fans from Boston to Buenos Aires can ...
Цена:  1170.00
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It was a case that haunts Bobby Dodge to this day—the case that nearly killed him and changed his life forever. Now, in an underground chamber on the grounds of an abandoned Massachusetts mental hospital, the gruesome discovery of six mummified corpses resurrects his worst nightmare: the return of a killer he thought dead and buried. There’s no place to run. . . . Bobby’ s only lead is wrapped around a dead ...
Цена:  664.00
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Apocalypse: Star Wars (Fate of the Jedi)

In the stunning finale of the epic Fate of the Jedi series, Jedi and Sith face off—with Coruscant as their battlefield. For the Sith, it’s the chance to restore their dominance over the galaxy that forgot them for so long. For Abeloth, it’s a giant step in her quest to conquer all life everywhere. For Luke Skywalker, it’s a call to arms to eradicate the Sith and their monstrous new master once and for all. In ...
Цена:  547.00
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THE CHOSEN ONES are about to start their second year in senior high school. The whole summer break they have held their breaths waiting for the demons' next move. But the threat shows up from another direction, somewhere they could never have foreseen. It becomes more and more obvious that something is very, very wrong in Engelsfors. The past is woven together with the present. The living meet the dead. THE ...
Цена:  598.00
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Sod Calm and Get Angry

During the current recession it seems our traditional stiff upper lip can only last so long before those other world-beating British skills come to the fore - quiet grumbling and resigned cynicism. Sod Calm and Get Angry is for anyone who has finally had enough of bankers and politicians and bosses telling them to keep sodding calm and to carry bloody on. Sod Calm and Get Angry is both a rallying call and an ...
Цена:  476.00
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Fodor's Amsterdam 2013

This edition offers savvy advice and recommendations from local writers to help travellers make the most of their time. Fodor's Choice designates our "best picks," from hotels to night life and beyond. "Word of Mouth" quotes provide valuable insights from fellow travellers.
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor`s Rome 2012

Rome is more than ever bursting at the seams with newly unleashed vitality. Just in time for 2012’s 2 million American visitors is all-color, photo-packed Fodor’s Rome, revealing the festa romana that is the pulse of the Eternal City. If proof were needed that Romans are switching into the fast lane, just check out Fodor’s “new Rome” wrap-up. Expanded Coverage: Look for expanded write-ups of the hot and hip ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor`s Arizona & the Grand Canyon 2013

Fodor's Arizona & the Grand Canyon offers savvy advice and recommendations from local writers to help travelers make the most of their time. Fodor's Choice designates our best picks, from hotels to nightlife. "Word of Mouth" quotes from fellow travelers provide valuable insights.
Цена:  675.00
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The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket

There's nothing unusual about the Brockets. Normal, respectable, and proud of it, they turn up their noses at anyone strange or different. But from the moment Barnaby Brocket comes into the world, it's clear he's anything but ordinary. To his parents' horror, Barnaby defies the laws of gravity - and floats.
Цена:  1280.00
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The Collected Stories

Classic short stories that expand the epic Legend of Drizzt! For years, the Legend of Drizzt has included short stories published in Forgotten Realms® anthologies and DragonTM magazine. Collected here for the first time are all the classic stories and one all new tale by The New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore! From the startling origin of Drizzt s panther companion, to the tale of Jarlaxle and ...
Цена:  642.00
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World War Z (Mass Market Movie Tie-In Edition): An Oral History of the Zombie War

The Zombie War came unthinkably close to eradicating humanity. Max Brooks, driven by the urgency of preserving the acid-etched first-hand experiences of the survivors from those apocalyptic years, traveled across the United States of America and throughout the world, from decimated cities that once teemed with upwards of thirty million souls to the most remote and inhospitable areas of the planet. He recorded ...
Цена:  682.00
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фото World War Z (Mass Market Movie Tie-In Edition): An Oral History of the Zombie War

Sharp Objects

WICKED above her hipbone, GIRL across her heart Words are like a road map to reporter Camille Preaker’s troubled past. Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, Camille’s first assignment from the second-rate daily paper where she works brings her reluctantly back to her hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. NASTY on her kneecap, BABYDOLL on her leg Since she left town eight years ago, Camille ...
Цена:  611.00
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Dark Places

I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Libby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in “The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas”. As her family lay dying, little Libby fled their tiny farmhouse into the freezing January snow. She lost some fingers and toes, but she survived–and famously testified that her fifteen-year-old brother, Ben, was the killer. Twenty-five years later, Ben ...
Цена:  611.00
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Breakfast at Tiffany's

In this seductive, wistful masterpiece, Truman Capote created a woman whose name has entered the American idiom and whose style is a part of the literary landscape. Holly Golightly knows that nothing bad can ever happen to you at Tiffany's; her poignancy, wit, and naiveté continue to charm. This volume also includes three of Capote's best-known stories, "House of Flowers", "A Diamond Guitar", and "A Christmas ...
Цена:  647.00
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You are Awful (but I Like You)

A hilarious account of an odyssey across 'unloved Britain'. It began with an accidental daytrip to an intriguingly awful resort on the Thames Estuary, and ended 3,812 miles later: one man's journey through deep-fried, brownfield, poundshop Britain, a crash course in urban blight, deranged civic planning and commercial eccentricity. Following an itinerary drawn up from surveys, polls, reviews and lazy personal ...
Цена:  713.00
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Emerald Star

This title is a fantastic new adventure for brave, feisty Hetty Feather - one of Jacqueline Wilson's most well-loved characters. Since leaving the Foundling Hospital, Hetty has seen her fair share of drama, excitement, tragedy and loss. After the death of her beloved mama, she sets off to find a real home at last - starting with the search for her father. But Hetty is no longer a simple country girl, and begins ...
Цена:  650.00
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Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go by

The winter festival is approaching for the hardy colony of Morphans, but no one is in the mood to celebrate. They're trying to build a new life on a cold new world, but each year gets harder and harder. It's almost as if some dark force is working against them. Then three mysterious travelers arrive out of the midwinter night, one of them claiming to be a doctor. Are they bringing the gift of salvation or doom? ...
Цена:  638.00
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Doctor Who: Dark Horizons

From popular author Jenny Colgan, a thrilling new adventure in which the latest Doctor battles Vikings, chess and an unstoppable fire...
Цена:  901.00
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Private Berlin

A history lesson they'll never forget... and neither will you. Mattie Engel is one of the rising stars at Private Berlin, and believes she's seen the worst of people in her previous life with the Berlin police force. That is until Chris, her colleague - and until recently, her fiance - is found dead, brutally murdered in an old slaughterhouse outside the city. The slaughterhouse is filled with bodies. But just ...
Цена:  676.00
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Dear Life

Alice Munro captures the essence of life in her brilliant new collection of stories. Moments of change, chance encounters, the twist of fate that leads a person to a new way of thinking or being: the stories in Dear Life build to form a radiant, indelible portrait of just how dangerous and strange ordinary life can be.
Цена:  563.00
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Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History

From 1943 to 1951, 350 or so men and women from thirteen Allied nations served as the men and women of the Monuments, Fine Arts & Archives section (MFAA) of the Allied armed forces. This title presents the story of eight of these men in the forward operating theatre.
Цена:  838.00
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фото Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History

Back to Blood

As a police launch speeds across Miami's Biscayne Bay - with officer Nestor Camacho on board - Tom Wolfe is off and running. Into the feverous landscape of the city, he introduces the Cuban mayor, the black police chief, an ambitious young journalist and his Yale-marinated editor.
Цена:  598.00
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The Animals' Christmas Eve

In the barn on Christmas Eve, After all the people leave, The animals, in voices low, Remember Christmas long ago... So begins a sweet rhyming story in which a group of animals recounts the events surrounding Jesus' birth in the manger, and the parts some of their ancestors played in it. This is also a counting book.
Цена:  376.00
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A Wanted Man

“The indomitable Reacher burns up the pages.” USA Today Four people in a car, hoping to make Chicago by morning. One man driving, another telling stories that don’t add up. A woman in the back, silent and worried. And a hitchhiker with a broken nose. An hour behind them, the FBI descends on an old pumping station where a man was stabbed to death - the knife work professional, the killers nowhere to be seen. ...
Цена:  599.00
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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of very curious photographs. It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers ...
Цена:  940.00
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The Racketeer

Цена:  526.00
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In a host of consecutive bestsellers, Jonathan Kellerman has kept readers spellbound with the intense, psychologically acute adventures of Dr. Alex Delaware-and with excursions through the raw underside of L.A. and the coldest alleys of the criminal mind. Rage offers a powerful new case in point, as Delaware and LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis revisit a horrifying crime from the past that has taken on shocking ...
Цена:  484.00
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Five Days to Die

On Day One he takes his first victim. On Day Five he's coming back for her son... At the end of a family holiday, Emily Parker makes a last minute trip to the supermarket...and doesn't return. Finding her car abandoned in the car park, her husband makes a desperate plea to the local authorities - but his only help comes from retired FBI profiler, John Geary. Geary is struck by similarities with a cold case he ...
Цена:  523.00
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WHAT IS JESUS WORTH TO YOU? It's easy for Christians to forget how Jesus said his followers would actually live, what their new lifestyle would actually look like. They would, he said, leave behind security, money, convenience, even family for him. They would abandon everything for the gospel. They would take up their crosses daily... BUT WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO LIVES LIKE THAT? DO YOU? In "Radical," David Platt ...
Цена:  894.00
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A Week in Winter

Maeve Binchy, 'the grand story teller', returns with a cast of characters you will never forget when they all spend a winter week together on holiday at Stone House, a restful inn by the sea...
Цена:  647.00
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фото A Week in Winter

Skipping Christmas

Luther and Nora Krank are fed up with the chaos of Christmas. The endless shopping lists, the frenzied dashes through the mall, the hassle of decorating the tree... where has all the joy gone? This year, celebrating seems like too much effort. With their only child off in Peru, they decide that just this once, they'll skip the holidays. They spend their Christmas budget on a Caribbean cruise set to sail on December ...
Цена:  647.00
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Red Herring Without Mustard: A Flavia De Luce Mystery

Цена:  599.00
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фото Red Herring Without Mustard: A Flavia De Luce Mystery

Miles and Miles of Reptiles: All about Reptiles

Leaping lizards - the Cat and Co. explore the world of reptiles! The Cat in the Hat travels the globe - in his trusty crocodile car - to explore the world of reptiles: lizards, snakes, turtles, and crocodilians. Along the way, young readers learn the characteristics shared by most reptiles; basic information about each group; quirky, fun facts about individual species; and much, much more. Cool creatures featured ...
Цена:  729.00
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фото Miles and Miles of Reptiles: All about Reptiles

Last Man in Tower

Searing. Explosive. Lyrical. Compassionate. Here is the astonishing new novel by the Man Booker Prize-winning author of The White Tiger, a book that took rage and anger at injustice and turned it into a thrilling murder story. Now, with the same fearlessness and insight, Aravind Adiga broadens his canvas to give us a riveting story of money and power, luxury and deprivation, set in the booming city of Mumbai. At ...
Цена:  553.00
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I`ve Got Your Number

Poppy Wyatt has never felt luckier. She is about to marry her ideal man, Magnus Tavish, but in one afternoon her “happily ever after” begins to fall apart. Not only has she lost her engagement ring in a hotel fire drill but in the panic that follows, her phone is stolen.
Цена:  553.00
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The Enchanted Wanderer

A new translation of the hilarious picaresque about a man with an indomitable spirit The Enchanted Wanderer is a Russian Candide with a revolutionary edge, a picaresque that features a fast-talking monk named Ivan who is at war, it seems, with every level of society. Working as a carriage man for a Count, Ivan accidentally causes the death of a monk, which leads to his being ostracized by the local peasantry... ...
Цена:  964.00
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'My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse'. Auggie wants to be an ordinary ten-years-old. He does ordinary things - eating ice cream, playing on his Xbox. He feels ordinary - inside. But Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids aren't stared at wherever they go. Born with ...
Цена:  709.00
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Skipping Christmas: Christmas with the Kranks

Imagine a year without Christmas. No crowded shops, no corny office parties, no fruitcakes, no unwanted presents. That's just what Luther and Nora Krank have in mind when they decide that, just this once, they'll skip the holiday altogether. Theirs will be the only house on the street without a rooftop Frosty the snowman; they won't be hosting their annual Christmas Eve bash; they aren't even going to have a ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Skipping Christmas: Christmas with the Kranks

The Science of Discworld

When a wizardly experiment goes adrift, the wizards of Unseen University find themselves with a pocket universe on their hands: Roundworld, where neither magic nor common sense seems to stand a chance against logic. The Universe, of course, is our own. And Roundworld is Earth. As the wizards watch their accidental creation grow, we follow the story of our universe from the primal singularity of the Big Bang ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Science of Discworld

Just Imagine

Just imagine what it would be like to be as small as a mouse; or as big as a house. Imagine exploring the depths of the ocean, travelling into the past or the future - or something even stranger... This wonderfully inventive and interactive book allows a child to tell their own story, combining new elements each time. And with intricately detailed illustrations for parent and child to pore over together, this ...
Цена:  788.00
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This title comes from the acclaimed author of The Gone-Away World - a new riveting action spy thriller, blistering gangster noir, and howling absurdist comedy: a propulsively entertaining tale about a mobster's son and a retired secret agent who are forced to team up to save the world. All Joe Spork wants is a quiet life. He repairs clockwork and lives above his shop in a wet, unknown bit of London. The bills ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото Angelmaker

Wings: The Third Book of the Nomes

Somewhere in a place so far up there is no down, a ship is waiting to take the nomes home. And one nome, Masklin, knows that they've got to try and contact this ship. It means going to Florida (wherever that is), then getting to the launch of a communications satellite (whatever that is). A ridiculous plan. Impossible. But Masklin doesn't know this, so he tries to do it anyway. And the first step is to hitch ...
Цена:  476.00
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фото Wings: The Third Book of the Nomes

Lionel Asbo: State of England

Lionel Asbo - a very violent but not very successful young criminal - is going about his morning duties in a London prison when he learns that he has just won GBP139,999,999.50 on the National Lottery. This is not necessarily good news for his ward and nephew, the orphaned Des Pepperdine, who still has reason to fear his uncle's implacable vengeance. Savage, funny, and mysteriously poignant, Lionel Asbo is a ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Lionel Asbo: State of England

Cross Country

Alex Cross is drawn into a bitter personal battle against corruption, conspiracy and savage violence in a chase that takes him through a vast and uncompromising landscape. When Cross is called to investigate a massacre-style murder scene, he is shocked to find that the victim is an old friend. Angry, hurt and more determined than ever, Cross begins the hunt for the perpetrators of this cruel crime. He is drawn ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото Cross Country

The Untold History of the United States

Beginning with the bloody suppression of the Filipino struggle for independence and spanning the two World Wars, this title documents how US administrations have repeatedly intervened in conflicts on foreign soil, taking part in covert operations and wars in Latin American, Asia and the Middle East.
Цена:  822.00
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фото The Untold History of the United States

Silver. Return to Treasure Island

Think of the fortune waiting for you. July, 1802. Young Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver's daughter, Natty, set off in the footsteps of their fathers. The lure of hidden treasure and the thrill of the ocean odyssey soon gives way to terror as the Nightingale reaches its destination. Treasure Island is not uninhabited as it once was.
Цена:  598.00
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фото Silver. Return to Treasure Island

Before I Met You

Having grown up on the quiet island of Guernsey, Betty Dean can't wait to start her new life in London. On a mission to find Clara Pickle - the mysterious beneficiary in her grandmother's will - she arrives in grungy, 1990s Soho, ready for whatever life has to throw at her. Or so she thinks... In 1920s bohemian London, Arlette - Betty's grandmother - is starting her new life in a time of post-war change. Beautiful ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Before I Met You

Don't Let Me Go

Charlotte Nicholls has made a new life for herself and little Chloe. They have left everything behind, determined to forget a past which has cast a shadow over both their lives. Charlotte would do anything for Chloe. But just when she feels they might have a chance of happiness at last, Charlotte is forced to confront the consequences of the heart-breaking decision she took only a few months earlier. And it ...
Цена:  563.00
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1037 GMAT Practice Questions 2

This practice-packed prep book has been revised and updated for the new GMAT and includes a diagnostic, multiple drills, and 100 practice questions for table analysis, graphics interpretation, multi-source reasoning with detailed math and verbal drills.
Цена:  1756.00
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фото 1037 GMAT Practice Questions 2


Dan Brown's new novel, Inferno, features renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and is set in the heart of Europe, where Langdon is drawn into a harrowing world centred around one of history's most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces. As Dan Brown comments: Although I studied Dante's Inferno as a student, it wasn't until recently, while researching in Florence, that I came to appreciate the enduring ...
Цена:  2095.00
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фото Inferno

Beowulf: Dragonslayer

Grendel prowled in, hating all men and all joy and hungry for human life. So swift was his attack that no man heard an outcry; but when the dawn came, thirty of Hothgar's best and noblest thanes were missing. Only Beowulf, foremost among warriors, has the strength and courage to battle with Grendel the Night-stalker. In this thrilling re-telling of the Anglo-Saxon legend, Rosemary Sutcliff recounts Beowulf's ...
Цена:  401.00
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You Choose: Colouring Book with Stickers

This title includes over 40 fantastic full-colour stickers and 24 black and white pages - choose your own colours and make the world your own. Imagine you could go anywhere, with anyone and do anything. Where would you live? Where would you sleep? Who would be your friends? What games would you play? Go on... You choose! With the help of Nick Sharratt's wonderful illustrations, Pippa looks at a whole range of ...
Цена:  401.00
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You Choose

Imagine you could go anywhere, with anyone and do anything. Where would you live? Where would you sleep? Who would be your friends? What games would you play? Go on... You choose! With the help of Nick Sharratt's wonderfully detailed illustrations, Pippa Goodhart looks at a whole range of scenarios where choosing is made fun!
Цена:  563.00
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Wrong Time Wrong Place

A gripping Quick Read from the master of the race against time thriller. Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? You are hiking in the Scottish highlands with three friends when you come across a girl. She is half-naked, has been badly beaten, and she can't speak English. She is clearly running away from someone. Do you stop to help her? Even if it means putting your friends' lives - and your ...
Цена:  113.00
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This title is an epic story of life, love and survival at all odds and one of the most-talked and anticipated books of the year. In a ruined and hostile landscape, in a future few have been unlucky enough to survive, a community exists in a giant underground silo. Inside, men and women live an enclosed life full of rules and regulations, of secrets and lies. To live, you must follow the rules. But some don't. ...
Цена:  563.00
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Sweet Tooth

Serena Frome, the beautiful daughter of an Anglican bishop, has a brief affair with an older man during her final year at Cambridge, and finds herself being groomed for the intelligence services. The year is 1972. Britain, confronting economic disaster, is being torn apart by industrial unrest and terrorism and faces its fifth state of emergency. The Cold War has entered a moribund phase, but the fight goes ...
Цена:  650.00
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Ten Little Aliens

Deep in the heart of a hollowed-out moon the First Doctor finds a chilling secret: ten alien corpses, frozen in time at the moment of their death. They are the empire's most wanted terrorists, and their discovery could end a war devastating the galaxy. But is the same force that killed them still lurking in the dark? And what are its plans for the people of Earth? An adventure featuring the First Doctor as played ...
Цена:  638.00
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Shroud of Sorrow

It is the day after John F. Kennedy's assassination and the faces of the dead are everywhere. PC Reg Cranfield sees his deceased father in the mists along Totter's Lane. Reporter Mae Callon sees her late grandmother in a coffee stain on her desk. FBI Special Agent Warren Skeet finds his long-dead partner staring back at him from raindrops on a window pane. Then the faces begin to talk, and scream... and push ...
Цена:  788.00
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Arriving on the sun-baked veldt in the middle of the Boer War, the Sixth Doctor is soon involved in the adventures of struggling politician and war correspondent Winston Churchill. Of course, he knows Churchill is destined for great things, but unseen forces seem to be interfering with Winston's historic career. The Doctor suspects the hidden hand of the Players, mysterious beings who regard human history as ...
Цена:  638.00
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Last of the Gaderene

The aerodrome in Culverton has new owners, and they promise an era of prosperity for the idyllic village. But former Spitfire pilot Alex Whistler is suspicious - when black-shirted troops appear on the streets, he contacts his old friend Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart at U.N.I.T. The Third Doctor is sent to investigate - and soon uncovers a sinister plot to colonise the Earth. The Gaderene are on their way.
Цена:  638.00
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Festival of Death

The Beautiful Death is the ultimate theme-park ride: a sightseeing tour of the afterlife. But something has gone wrong, and when the Fourth Doctor arrives in the aftermath of the disaster, he is congratulated for saving the population from destruction - something he hasn't actually done yet. He has no choice but to travel back in time and discover how he became a hero. And then he finds out. He did it by sacrificing ...
Цена:  638.00
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Fear of the Dark

On a moon of the ruined planet Akoshemon, an age-old terror is about to be reborn. Something that remembers the spiral of war, pestilence and deprivation - and rejoices in it. The Fifth Doctor joins a team of archaeologists searching for evidence of the planet's infamous past, and uncovers more than just ancient history. Forced to confront his own worst fears, even the Doctor will be pushed to breaking point ...
Цена:  638.00
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Anji has just had the worst week of her life. She should be back at her desk, not travelling through time and space in a police box. The Eighth Doctor is supposed to be taking her home, so why are there dinosaurs outside? The Doctor doesn't seem to know either, or else he surely would have mentioned the homicidal princesses, teen terrorists and mad robots? One thing is certain: Anji is never going to complain ...
Цена:  638.00
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Dreams of Empire

On a barren asteroid, the once-mighty Haddron Empire is on the brink of collapse, torn apart by civil war. The one man who might have saved it languishes in prison, his enemies planning his death and his friends plotting his escape. The Second Doctor arrives as the last act of this deadly drama is being played out - and with both terrifying killers and cunning traitors to defeat, the future hangs in the balance.
Цена:  638.00
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The Dalek Generation

Sunlight 349 is one of countless Dalek Foundation worlds, planets created to house billions suffering from economic hardship. The Doctor arrives at Sunlight 349, suspicious of any world where the Daleks are apparently a force for good - and determined to find out the truth. The Doctor knows they have a far more sinister plan - but how can he convince those who have lived under the benevolence of the Daleks for ...
Цена:  650.00
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Only Human

Reports of a time disturbance lead the Ninth Doctor to modern-day London, where he discovers a Neanderthal Man, twenty-eight thousand years after his race became extinct. A trip back to the dawn of humanity only deepens the mystery: who are these strange humans from the far future now living in the distant past? The Doctor must learn the truth about the Osterberg experiment before history is changed forever. ...
Цена:  638.00
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Remembrance of the Daleks

With unfinished business to attend to, the Seventh Doctor returns to where it all began: Coal Hill School in London in 1963. Last time he was here, the Doctor left something behind - a powerful Time Lord artefact that could unlock the secrets of time travel. Can the Doctor retrieve it before two rival factions of Daleks track it down? And even if he can, how will the Doctor prevent the whole of London becoming ...
Цена:  638.00
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House of Secrets Omnibus

In the fully painted psychological thriller and horror story HOUSE OF SECRETS, teenage runaway Rain Harper becomes part of a supernatural justice system when she takes up residence in a haunted mansion. Holding court within the abandoned house, five otherworldly ghostly spirits known as the Juris hypnotically summon people to their location and judge them for the secrets that they keep. Acting as a witness that ...
Цена:  5191.00
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The Last Jedi: Star Wars

The Emperor's ruthless Order 66 has all but exterminated the Jedi. The few remaining who still wield the Force for good have been driven into exile or hiding. But not Jax Pavan, who's been steadily striking blows against the Empire - as a lone guerrilla fighter and a valued partner of Whiplash, a secret Coruscant-based resistance group. Now he's taking on his most critical mission: transporting a valued Whiplash ...
Цена:  518.00
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Fodor`s England

Creating a great trip to England and Wales is easy using Top Attractions and Great Itineraries. Convenient overviews show each region and its highlights, and detail-rich chapter planning sections have on-target advice and tips for planning your time and for getting around the country by car, bus, and train. Color city and regional maps, and a map of travel times by train, help travelers get around.
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor`s California

California is one of America’s most popular vacation destinations, and for good reason - the state is so diverse that it draws every type of traveler. Fodor’s 2013 California ebook covers all corners of the state, from the northern coast to wine country to Los Angeles to the Mojave Desert. Expanded Coverage: New hotels and restaurants are covered around the state, from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe to the Southern ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor`s Barcelona

Barcelona is a top European destination for American travelers, and this stunning eguide features the city's biggest draws, from the cutting-edge cuisine to the dizzying heights of Gaudí's architecture. The city springs to life, covering quintessential experiences from the famous Boqueria market to the sunny beaches. Expanded Coverage: New shopping coverage highlights the top neighborhoods to boutique-hop, ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor`s Australia

Expanded Coverage: New hotel and restaurant reviews in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, plus farther-flung cities and towns. Australia 21st edition has 65 newly updated maps and 260 color photos. Illustrated Features: Look for richly illustrated guides of the best dive sites in the Barrier Reef, understanding aboriginal art, dining on mod-oz cuisine, hiking in the Blue Mountains, driving the Convict Trail in Tasmania, ...
Цена:  675.00
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Dragons of Summer Flame

Primed for a battle between good and evil, Raistlin, the corrupted mage, returns to the Dragonlance series along with a new generation of characters, the inheritors of the fabled Heroes of the Lance.
Цена:  524.00
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Jailbird takes us into a fractured and comic, pure Vonnegut world of high crimes and misdemeanors in government - and in the heart. This wry tale follows bumbling bureaucrat Walter F. Starbuck from Harvard to the Nixon White House to the penitentiary as Watergate’s least known co-conspirator. But the humor turns dark when Vonnegut shines his spotlight on the cold hearts and calculated greed of the mighty, giving ...
Цена:  1335.00
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God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater - drunk, volunteer fireman, and President of the fabulously rich Rosewater Foundation - is about to attempt a noble experiment with human nature . . . with a little help from writer Kilgore Trout. God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is Kurt Vonnegut’s funniest satire, an etched-in-acid portrayal of the greed, hypocrisy, and follies of the flesh we are all heir to.
Цена:  1347.00
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Galápagos takes the reader back one million years, to A.D. 1986. A simple vacation cruise suddenly becomes an evolutionary journey. Thanks to an apocalypse, a small group of survivors stranded on the Galápagos Islands are about to become the progenitors of a brave, new, and totally different human race. In this inimitable novel, America’s master satirist looks at our world and shows us all that is ...
Цена:  1224.00
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Wolf Gift

The time is the present. The place, the rugged coast of Northern California. A bluff high above the Pacific. A grand mansion full of beauty and tantalizing history set against a towering redwood forest. A young reporter on assignment from the San Francisco Observer . . . An older woman welcoming him into her magnificent family home that he has been sent to write about and that she must sell with some urgency ...
Цена:  608.00
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The Painter of Battles

Andrés Faulques, a world-renowned war photographer, has retreated to a tower overlooking the Spanish coast, where he paints a vast mural incorporating the indelible images of conflict he’s witnessed in his lifetime. One night, an unexpected visitor interrupts his solitude. As Faulques struggles to recall the face, the man explains that he was the subject of an iconic photo taken by Faulques in a war zone ...
Цена:  900.00
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The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples

With over 180,000 copies in print, this is the resume resource for job seekers by Yana Parker, widely known and loved author of the best selling DAMN GOOD RESUME GUIDE (over 500,000 copies in print). Sample resumes-ready to be adapted and/or used for inspiration-cover all levels of experience and an extraordinarily wide range of careers, from the specific (biofeedback specialist, gas chromatography) to the general ...
Цена:  1245.00
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The Damn Good Resume Guide

For hundreds of thousands of job seekers, The Damn Good Resume Guide has been the go-to resource for writing and refining their resumes to damn near perfection. Filled with savvy advice and written in a straightforward, user-friendly style, The Damn Good Resume Guide will help you zero in on that dream job, then craft a winning resume that gets your foot in the door. This tried-and-true best seller has been ...
Цена:  738.00
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Fifty Shades of Grey

When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but ...
Цена:  956.00
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Fifty shades Freed

When unworldly student Anastasia Steele first encountered the driven and dazzling young entrepreneur Christian Grey it sparked a sensual affair that changed both of their lives irrevocably. Shocked, intrigued, and, ultimately, repelled by Christian’s singular erotic tastes, Ana demands a deeper commitment. Determined to keep her, Christian agrees. Now, Ana and Christian have it all—love, passion, intimacy, wealth, ...
Цена:  1011.00
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Never Let Me Go. Movie Tie-In Edition

From the Booker Prize-winning author of The Remains of the Day comes a devastating new novel of innocence, knowledge, and loss. As children Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy were students at Hailsham, an exclusive boarding school secluded in the English countryside. It was a place of mercurial cliques and mysterious rules where teachers were constantly reminding their charges of how special they were. Now, years later, ...
Цена:  1335.00
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The Happiness Project: One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record

365 days. 5 years. 1,825 happy moments. The Happiness Journal is the ideal project for anyone who is looking to add more meaning and happiness to their lives but is short on time. Based on the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, this five-year journal will help you make a time capsule of the next few years in the simplest way possible. You can start at any point in the year. Simply turn to today s ...
Цена:  1726.00
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Q and A-a-Day. 5-Year Journal. 365 Questions/1825 Answers

Do you ever stop to wonder how you got where you are? The Q&A a Day Journal shows you what was going through your head each day - for five years of your life. Simply turn to today’s date, answer the question at the top of the page, and when you finish the journal, start over. As you return to the daily questions again over the years, you’ll notice how your answers change (or don’t)! With questions that are sometimes ...
Цена:  1726.00
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Jane-a-Day. 5 Year Journal. With 365 Witticisms by Jane Austen

Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery, this Austen journal is sure to delight and inspire your prose! The 5-year journal has become one of the most popular ways to keep a diary. Simply turn to today s date and take a few moments to reflect on a quote from one of Jane Austen s iconic works. When you finish the year, move on to the next section. As the years pass, you ll notice how your entries evolve alongside ...
Цена:  1726.00
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Fodor's Southern California 2013

Beautiful beaches, perfect weather, movie-star glamour...there are so many reasons to visit Southern California that deciding where to go and what to do can be a bit overwhelming. Fodor's Southern California 2013 takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect SoCal experiences--from picking the perfect Santa Barbara bistro to finding the best studio tour in Hollywood. This guide is filled with awe-inspiring ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor's InFocus: Cayman Islands 2013

One of the most popular destinations for Americans in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands lie between the sun-kissed beaches of Cancun and the western tip of Jamaica. Famous for their ravishing coral reefs, safety, and hospitality, the Cayman Islands are a favorite destination for families, couples, and scuba divers. "InFocus Cayman Islands" has detailed coverage of Grand Cayman but also in-depth information on ...
Цена:  675.00
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Emperor's Tomb

The tomb of China’s First Emperor, guarded by an underground army of terra-cotta warriors, has remained sealed for more than two thousand years. Though it’s regarded as one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world, the Chinese government won’t allow anyone to open it. Why? That question is at the heart of a dilemma faced by former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone, whose life is shattered when ...
Цена:  642.00
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East, West: Stories

In this brilliant collection - his first major work of fiction since The Satanic Verses - one of the great writers in the world today gives us nine stories that together reveal the intricate intimacies and unbridgeable distances between the East and the West. A rickshaw driver dreams of being a Bombay movie star while, in a futuristic Western dystopia, legendary Hollywood icons acquire magic powers. Indian diplomats ...
Цена:  1011.00
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Cat's Cradle

One of Vonnegut's most highly praised novels. Filled with humor and unforgettable characters, this apocalyptic story tells of Earth's ultimate end, and presents a vision of the future that is both darkly fantastic and funny, as Vonnegut weaves a satirical commentary on modern man and his madness.
Цена:  1347.00
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The Assault

A novel that probes moral devastation in the wake of the slaughter of an innocent family by the Nazis in retaliation for the association with a Dutch collaborator. The Assault has been translated and published to great critical acclaim throughout Europe and in the United States.
Цена:  686.00
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Hotel Du Lac

In the novel that won her the Booker Prize and established her international reputation, Anita Brookner finds a new vocabulary for framing the eternal question Why love? It tells the story of Edith Hope, who writes romance novels under a psudonym. When her life begins to resemble the plots of her own novels, however, Edith flees to Switzerland, where the quiet luxury of the Hotel du Lac promises to resore her ...
Цена:  1147.00
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Fodor's Tokyo

Full-color guide - Make your trip to Tokyo unforgettable with illustrated features, maps, and color photos. Customize your trip with simple planning tools - Top experiences & attractions - Lodging comparison chart - Easy-to-read color neighborhood maps Explore Ueno Park, the Imperial Palace, Harajuku, and beyond - Discerning Fodor's Choice picks for hotels, restaurants, sights, and more - "Word of Mouth" tips ...
Цена:  675.00
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The Wilt Inheritance

Henry Wilt, Tom Sharpe's beleaguered hero, returns again for another hilarious dose of quickfire farce. Stuck in a job he doesn't want - but can't afford to lose - as nominal Head of the Communications Department at Fenland University, Wilt is still subject to the whims of The Powers That Be, both in and outside of work. The demands of his snobbish wife Eva, and the stupendous school fees of his despicable quadruplet ...
Цена:  751.00
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Sherlock: The Casebook

Attempts to shine a light on the work of the best and wisest the author have ever known. In this title, Sherlock Holmes has, he think it is safe to say, elevated the science of detection into an art form.
Цена:  1149.00
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Guilty Wives

Only minutes after Abbie Elliot and her three best friends step off a private helicopter, they enter the most luxurious, sumptuous, sensually pampering hotel they have ever been to. Their lavish presidential suite overlooks Monte Carlo, and they surrender: to the sun and pool, to the sashimi and sake, to the Bruno Paillard champagne. For four days they're free to live someone else's life. As the weekend moves ...
Цена:  676.00
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The Red House

Family, that slippery word, a star to every wandering bark, and everyone sailing under a different sky. After his mother's death, Richard, a newly remarried hospital consultant, decides to build bridges with his estranged sister, inviting Angela and her family for a week in a rented house on the Welsh border. Four adults and four children, a single family and all of them strangers. Seven days of shared meals, ...
Цена:  523.00
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Calico Joe

In this surprising and moving novel, the careers of a golden-boy rookie hitter for the Cubs and a hard-hitting Mets pitcher take very different paths. The baseball is thrilling, but it's what happens off the field that makes Calico Joe a classic.
Цена:  608.00
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Liebesgrüße aus Deutschland

Deutschland hat viel Liebenswertes zu bieten: Sparkassenberater, die von jeder Geldanlage abraten, Zeitungsenten aus Plüsch, ein findiges Finanzamt oder Vegetarier, die gerne Fleisch essen nur nicht das von Tieren. Außerdem gibt es bei uns die perfekte Form der Schriftgutverwaltung. Schließlich ist ein Land ein schwieriges Unternehmen, und um es in den Griff zu bekommen, braucht man Erfindungsgeist. ...
Цена:  1129.00
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The Ex-Wives

With three ex-wives, a failing career and only his dog George for company, Buffy's bachelorhood is looking worryingly confirmed. Until he meets Celeste. Dazzled by love, Buffy has no idea that Celeste is systematically researching his ex-wives, children and step-children, and unearthing secrets that will change all their lives.
Цена:  755.00
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Realising that his New Year is probably going to be a disaster, as usual, our narrator, on impulse, walks into a travel agency to book a week in the sun. Sensitive to his limited means and dislike of Muslim countries, the travel agent suggests an island full of 21st century hedonism, set in a bizarre lunar landscape - Lanzarote. On Lanzarote, one can meet some fascinating human specimens, notably Pam and Barbara ...
Цена:  709.00
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фото Lanzarote

London for Lovers

Forget Paris - London is the city for lovers. London for Lovers navigates the changing face of the Capital, with all of its secrets and surprises, mapping out romantic dates full of originality, spontaneity, and adventure, allowing you to concentrate on the main event - each other. Whether your idea of a blissful date is walking with dinosaurs in Crystal Palace or star-gazing in Greenwich Park, sniffing out ...
Цена:  900.00
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Earthly Powers

'Crowded, crammed, bursting with manic erudition, garlicky puns, omnilingual jokes... which meshes the real and personalised history of the twentieth century' (Martin Amis). Kenneth Toomey is an eminent novelist of dubious talent; Don Carlo Campanati is a man of God, a shrewd manipulator who rises through the Vatican to become the architect of church revolution and a candidate for sainthood. These two men are ...
Цена:  880.00
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Keep Calm for Ladies

Well, it just gets worse and worse doesn't it? Collapsing banks, collapsing countries, massive government cuts, rising debt, inflation and the possibility of a double dip. It's amid all this uncertainty that the already embattled modern woman needs the best advice she can get about how to be as cool and calm in life as possible. Keep Calm for Ladies offers the same pearls of life wisdom, inspirational quotes, ...
Цена:  476.00
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Once Upon a Secret

In 1963, Mimi Beardsley was a naive young American girl - she had attended the exclusive girls school as Jackie Bouvier, installed in the White House as the president's wife. It was a place for which she was not prepared, dominated by the charismatic and sexually rapacious figure of the president. Within days, they had started a relationship.
Цена:  1213.00
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Gone Girl

Marriage can be a real killer. One of the most critically acclaimed suspense writers of our time, New York Times bestseller Gillian Flynn takes that statement to its darkest place in this unputdownable masterpiece about a marriage gone terribly, terribly wrong. The Chicago Tribune proclaimed that her work "draws you in and keeps you reading with the force of a pure but nasty addiction." Gone Girl's toxic mix ...
Цена:  599.00
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Fodor's London

Fodor's correspondents highlight the best of London, including its stunning sights, historic neighborhoods, and latest restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and clubs. Our local experts vet every recommendation to ensure you make the most of your time, whether it's your first trip or your fifth.
Цена:  675.00
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Dark Places

I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Libby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas. As her family lay dying, little Libby fled their tiny farmhouse into the freezing January snow. She lost some fingers and toes, but she survived-and famously testified that her fifteen-year-old brother, Ben, was the killer. Twenty-five years later, Ben sits ...
Цена:  1001.00
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The Lottie Project

Hi! I'm Charlie (DON'T call me Charlotte - ever!). History is boring, right? Wrong! The Victorians weren't all deadly dull and drippy. Lottie certainly isn't. She's eleven - like me - but she's left school and has a job as a nursery maid. Her life is really hard, just work work work, but I bet she'd know what to do about my mum's awful boyfriend and his wimpy little son. I bet she wouldn't mess it all up like I do...
Цена:  563.00
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A Writer's Notebook

From 1892, when he was eighteen, until 1949, when this book was first published, Somerset Maugham kept a notebook. It is without doubt one of his most important works. Part autobiographical, part confessional, packed with observations, confidences, experiments and jottings it is a rich and exhilarating admission into this great writer's workshop.
Цена:  1213.00
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Notes from the Underground

The apology and confession of a minor mid-19th century Russian official, Notes From Underground, is a half-desperate, half-mocking political critique and a powerful, at times absurdly comical, account of man's breakaway from society and descent underground.
Цена:  900.00
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Darker Than Love

A lavish erotic historical set in 1875. The morals of Queen Victoria mean nothing to London's wayward and debauched elite. Young but naive Clarissa Longleigh is visiting London for the first time. She is eager to meet Lord Marldon - the man to whom she's been promised - knowing only that he's handsome, dark and sophisticated. In fact he is depraved, louche, and has a taste for sexual excess. Clarissa has also ...
Цена:  673.00
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An angry and self-loathing veteran of the Korean War, Frank Money finds himself back in racist America after enduring trauma on the front lines that left him with more than just physical scars. His home - and himself in it - may no longer be as he remembers it, but Frank is shocked out of his crippling apathy by the need to rescue his medically abused younger sister and take her back to the small Georgia town ...
Цена:  961.00
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Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: City of Night

From the celebrated imagination of Dean Koontz comes a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time. If you think you know the legend, you know only half the truth. Here is the mystery, the myth, the terror, and the magic of... Dean Koontz's City of the Night They are stronger, heal better, and think faster than any humans ever created - and they must be destroyed. But not even Victor Helios ...
Цена:  484.00
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Fodor's France 2009

Fodor's helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you're at the helm, Fodor's offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It's like having a friend in France! • Updated annually, Fodor's France 2009 provides the most accurate and up-to-date ...
Цена:  450.00
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Fodor`s Paris 2009

Choice ratings you can trust. Exceptional restaurants, hotels, and sights selected to help you make the best choices. Easy planning. Each neighborhood's distinctive attractions are conveniently paired with nearby restaurants. Expert writing, gorgeous graphics. Unique photo-features impart the city's culture, covering Paris's quintessential museum, the Louvre; the best ways to explore the Seine, Notre-Dame, the ...
Цена:  450.00
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The Tenacity of the Cockroach

Since its creation in 1993, The Onion A.V. Club has run an extraordinary array of interviews with venerable directors, creators, writers, actors, and musicians who articulately and often controversially expound upon their unique careers. Having its content paired with The Onion's humor allows the A.V. Club to focus its attention away from boring starlets and flashes in the pan. Instead, they interview the story-tellers, ...
Цена:  1146.00
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Transform your life. Rewrite your destiny. In his most personal novel to date, Paulo Coelho returns with a remarkable tale of self-discovery. Much like the shepherd boy Santiago in his bestselling novel The Alchemist, Paulo has recently been brought low by a grave crisis of faith. Seeking a path of spiritual renewal and growth, he sets off on a trip via the Trans-Siberian Railway in order to meet new people ...
Цена:  642.00
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While the Coast Guard is preparing Pensacola Beach for a severe hurricane, they find an oversized fishing cooler filled with body parts tightly wrapped in plastic floating offshore. Special Agent Maggie O'Dell is sent to investigate, despite the fact that she is putting herself in the projected path of the hurricane. She's able to trace the torso in the cooler back to a man who mysteriously disappeared weeks ...
Цена:  606.00
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P.G. Wodehouse: A Life in Letters

This is the definitive edition of P.G. Wodehouse's letters, edited with a commentary by Oxford academic Sophie Ratcliffe. The funniest and most adored writer of the twentieth century, P.G. Wodehouse always shied away from the idea of a biography - a retiring sort of chap, he expressed himself through the written word. So his letters - expertly collected and edited here - provide the best biographical accompaniment ...
Цена:  2105.00
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Christmas Holiday

At the age of twenty-three, Charlie Mason is endowed with good looks, good manners and a happy disposition. Following three years at Cambridge and one in his father's business, he is now looking forward to a jaunt in Paris with Simon Fenimore, his oldest friend. Yet Paris is not what he expects. And in just a few days his young eyes are opened to the horror and ugly drama of its underworld. Published before ...
Цена:  673.00
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The Family Corleone

The city and the nation are in the depths of the Great Depression. The crime families of New York have prospered in this time, but with the coming end of Prohibition, a battle is looming that will determine which organisations will rise... and which will face a violent end. For Vito Corleone, nothing is more important than his family's future.
Цена:  1224.00
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Santa Baby

Angel's glamour days are behind her, she's happily married to Cal and hoping to have another baby. But, as ever, drama is just around the corner, when Angel meets her half sister Tiffany for the first time...
Цена:  619.00
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The Pregnant Widow

Summer 1970 - a long, hot summer. In a castle in Italy, half a dozen young lives are afloat on the sea of change, trapped inside the history of the sexual revolution. The girls are acting like boys, and the boys are going on acting like boys, and Keith Nearing - twenty years old, a literature student all clogged up with the English novel - is struggling to twist feminism and the rise of women towards his own ...
Цена:  880.00
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Live and Let Die

You start to die the moment you are born. Live and Let Die, Ian Fleming's second 007 novel, takes Bond from Harlem to Jamaica in a frenzied hunt for the deadly gangster Mr Big and his macabre network of associates.
Цена:  698.00
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Diamonds are Forever: James Bond 007

The twentieth century looked out at him from the piece of newsprint and bared its teeth in a sneer From the diamond mines of Sierra Leone to the jewellers of Hatton Garden, from race track to casino... Bond must infiltrate and destroy the criminal network of the Spangled Mob in Fleming's fourth 007 adventure.
Цена:  698.00
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The Christmas Wedding

The tree is decorated, the cookies are baked, and the presents are wrapped, but the biggest celebration this Christmas is Gaby Summerhill's wedding. Since her husband died three years ago, Gaby's four children have drifted apart, each consumed by the turbulence of their own lives. They haven't celebrated Christmas together since their father's death, but when Gaby announces that she's getting married - and that ...
Цена:  678.00
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From Russia with Love

'We are here to find a target who will fulfil our requirements. Someone who is admired and whose ignominious destruction would cause dismay' A beautiful Soviet spy. A brand-new Spektor cipher machine. Smersh has set an irresistible trap that threatens the entire Secret Service. In Fleming's fifth 007 novel Bond finds himself enmeshed in a deadly game of cross and double cross.
Цена:  698.00
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The Technologists

It's spring 1868, and the population of Boston is being terrorised by technological attacks: first a magnetic storm causes ships in the harbour to collide in flames, then in another bizarre catastrophe every piece of glass in the financial district spontaneously melts - clocks, windows, eyeglasses. Nothing in nature can do this: these are man-made disasters. Someone has unleashed the destructive potential of ...
Цена:  638.00
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Dr. No

'The first shot had been fired. There would be others. And whose finger was on the trigger? Who had got him so accurately in their sights?' Crab Key island is desolate and remote. So why is Dr No defending it so ruthlessly? Only Bond can uncover the truth, in Fleming's sixth 007 adventure.
Цена:  698.00
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Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel

The past is like a foreign country. Nice to visit, but you really wouldn't want to live there. In 2003, Rebecca Whitaker died in a road accident. Her husband Mark is still grieving. Then he receives a battered envelope, posted in eight years ago, containing a set of instructions and a letter with a simple message: You can save her. Later that night, while picking up a takeaway, Mark glances at a security monitor ...
Цена:  563.00
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Norwegian Wood

When he hears her favourite Beatles song, Toru Watanabe recalls his first love Naoko, the girlfriend of his best friend Kizuki. Immediately he is transported back almost twenty years to his student days in Tokyo, adrift in a world of uneasy friendships, casual sex, passion, loss and desire - to a time when an impetuous young woman called Midori marches into his life and he has to choose between the future and the past.
Цена:  563.00
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Mary Boleyn: The Great and Infamous Whore

Mary Boleyn is remembered by posterity as a 'great and infamous whore'. She was the mistress of two kings, Francois I of France and Henry VIII of England, and sister to Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife. She may secretly have borne Henry a child and it was because of his adultery with Mary that his marriage to Anne was annulled. It is not hard to see how this tangled web of relationships has given rise to ...
Цена:  788.00
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Wits and Wives

Dr Johnson is often thought of as a strident, overbearing conversationalist, a man who famously asserted that Women have all the liberty they should wish to have. In this book, the author argues it is time to consider how Johnson lived his life, not just what he said.
Цена:  1755.00
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The Tin Man

New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown pits men and technology against impossible odds, in vividly realized stories. Now, in his eleventh novel, he brings aerial combat hero Patrick McLanahan out of retirement and plunges him into the most personal war he's ever fought. His old enemy Gregory Townsend has come to America to ignite a reign of terror that will sweep across the nation. The police and the government ...
Цена:  608.00
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The Six SIGMA Fieldbook: How DuPont Successfully Implemented the Six SIGMA Breakthrough Management Strategy

Цена:  720.00
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фото The Six SIGMA Fieldbook: How DuPont Successfully Implemented the Six SIGMA Breakthrough Management Strategy

The Fifth Woman

Fifth in the Kurt Wallander series. In an African convent, four nuns and a unidentified fifth woman are brutally murdered - the death of the unknown woman covered up by the local police. A year later in Sweden, Inspector Kurt Wallander is baffled and appalled by two murders. Holger Eriksson, a retired car dealer and bird watcher, is impaled on sharpened bamboo poles in a ditch behind his secluded home, and the ...
Цена:  776.00
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In the President's Secret Service

After conducting exclusive interviews with more than 100 current and former Secret Service agents, bestselling author and award-winning reporter Kessler reveals their secrets for the first time.
Цена:  476.00
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Stake in the Outcome

The First Management Classic of the New Millennium! A bold experiment is taking place these days, as leading-edge companies turn upside down the management paradigm that has dominated corporate thinking for more than one hundred years. Southwest Airlines is perhaps the most visible practitioner, soaring through economic downturns while its competitors slash their budgets and order massive layoffs...
Цена:  383.00
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Overnight Resume

A step-by-step approach to resume writing for all career stages and most educational backgrounds, this guide shows job seekers how to develop and craft a focused, successful resume in one sitting.
Цена:  1142.00
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The Rainmaker

Rudy Baylor is a newly qualified lawyer: he has one case, and one case alone, to save himself from his mounting debts. His case is against a giant insurance company which could have saved a young man's life, but instead refused to pay the claim until it was too late. The settlement could be worth millions of dollars, but there is one problem: Rudy has never argued a case in court before, and he's up against ...
Цена:  476.00
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Fodor's Germany 2011

Offering visitors the most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of Germany, this Fodor's Gold Guide contains information on lodgings, restaurants, and points of interest, and comes with a pullout map.
Цена:  675.00
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The Professor of Desire

David Kepesh, an adventurous man of intelligence and feeling, tries to make his way to both pleasure and dignity through a world of sensual possibilities. Temptation comes to him in both its ordinary and spectacular forms, and the novel charts the history of his desire from the early years, when he is acceded to it totally, to the time when he attempts to domesticate his passions (and his wife's) and finally ...
Цена:  1142.00
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Norwegian Wood

When he hears her favourite Beatles song, Toru Watanabe recalls his first love Naoko, the girlfriend of his best friend Kizuki. Immediately he is transported back almost twenty years to his student days in Tokyo, adrift in a world of uneasy friendships, casual sex, passion, loss and desire - to a time when an impetuous young woman called Midori marches into his life and he has to choose between the future and the past.
Цена:  987.00
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The Snows of Kilimanjaro

In these early Hemingway stories, which are partly autobiographical, men and women of passion live, fight, love and die in scenes of dramatic intensity. They range from haunting tragedy on the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, to brutal America with its deceptive calm, and war-ravaged Europe.
Цена:  837.00
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фото The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Through the Window

In these 17 essays (plus a short story) the 2011 Man Booker Prize winner examines British, French and American writers who have meant most to him, as well as the cross - currents and overlappings of their different cultures. From the deceptiveness of Penelope Fitzgerald to the directness of Hemingway, from Kipling's view of France to the French view of Kipling, from the many translations of Madame Bovary to ...
Цена:  1104.00
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Friends Like These

Danny Wallace is about to turn thirty and his life has become a cliche. Recently married and living in a smart new area of town, he's swapped pints down the pub for lattes and brunch. For the first time in his life, he's feeling, well... grown-up. But something's not right. Something's missing. Until he finds an old address book containing just twelve names. His best mates as a kid. Where are they now? Who are ...
Цена:  897.00
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Ghost Hero

Lydia Chin is called in on what appears to be a simple case. Jeff Dunbar, art world insider, wants her to track down a rumour. Contemporary Chinese painting is sizzling hot on the art scene and no one is hotter than Chau Chun, known as the Ghost Hero. A talented and celebrated ink painter, Chau's highly-prized work mixes classical forms and modern political commentary. The rumour of new paintings by Chau is ...
Цена:  598.00
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Angels in the Gloom

With this latest entry in a bestselling series that evokes all the passion and heroism of history’s most heartbreaking conflict - the war that was meant to end all wars - Anne Perry adds new luster to her worldwide reputation. Angels in the Gloom is an intense saga of love, hate, obsession, and murder that features an honorable English family - brothers Joseph and Matthew Reavley and their sisters, Judith and ...
Цена:  535.00
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Fodor's Pacific Northwest

Covering Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver, this Fodor's Gold Guide to the Pacific Northwest offers vibrant graphic tools that make planning a trip easy. The full-color guide provides comprehensive planning information on sights, dining, and lodging.
Цена:  450.00
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A Dangerous Fortune

Political and amorous intrigues, cold-blooded murders and financial crises... old-fashioned entertainment! In 1866, tragedy strikes at the exclusive Windfield School. A young student drowns in a mysterious accident involving a small circle of boys. The drowning and its aftermath initiates a spiraling circle of treachery that will span three decades and entwine many loves... From the exclusive men's club and ...
Цена:  630.00
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61 Hours

Hitting shelves just before Lee Child's wildly anticipated new hardcover, comes the mass market paperback of the #1 Reacher thriller that's leaving everyone breathless. Child ratchets up the tension minute by minute, leading up to the most talked-about cliff-hanger in suspense today.
Цена:  647.00
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Octopussy & The Living Daylights

The British Secret Service has many enemies. Whether it's a sniper in East Berlin, a Russian agent secretly bidding for a Faberge egg, or a retired major in Jamaica with a treacherous secret, it is down to James Bond to neutralize the threat. In these stories the dirty world of international espionage tests Bond's skills to the extreme.
Цена:  563.00
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Joseph Anton

On 14 February 1989, Valentine's Day, Salman Rushdie was telephoned by a BBC journalist and told that he had been 'sentenced to death' by the Ayatollah Khomeini. For the first time he heard the word fatwa. His crime? To have written a novel called The Satanic Verses, which was accused of being 'against Islam, the Prophet and the Quran'. So begins the extraordinary story of how a writer was forced underground, ...
Цена:  1755.00
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Who is Auric Goldfinger? The Bank of England wants to know and they're also curious to find out what he's done with the huge stock of gold he's been collecting since the war. James Bond is put on the trail. This isn't the first time 007 has come across the enigmatic millionaire and he quickly discovers that Goldfinger never forgets and never forgives. Bond is drawn inexorably into the most ambitious heist of ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Goldfinger

Going Dutch

Jo Edwards never planned to live on a barge. She's not even sure she likes boats. But when her husband trades her in for a younger model, she finds her options alarmingly limited. Dora Hamilton never planned to run out on her own wedding. But as The Big Day approaches, her cold feet show no signs of warming up - and accepting Jo's offer of refuge aboard The Three Sisters seems the only alternative. As Jo and ...
Цена:  514.00
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Fifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set (количество томов: 3)

Fifty Shades of Grey. When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man, and excited when she realises that Christian wants her too. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Christian ...
Цена:  1089.00
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фото Fifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set (количество томов: 3)

Arctic Chill

On an icy January day the Reykjavik police are called to a block of flats where a body has been found in the garden: a young, dark-skinned boy, frozen to the ground in a pool of his own blood. The discovery of a stab wound in his stomach extinguishes any hope that this was a tragic accident. Erlendur and his team embark on their investigation with little to go on but the news that the boy's Thai half-brother ...
Цена:  650.00
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Alex Cross's Trial

A few months after Alex Cross hunted a vicious killer named The Tiger halfway around the world, he began to think seriously about a book he had been wanting to write for years. It is a story his grandmother had told him - a story that has always stayed with him - about what took place in the early part of the Twentieth Century in Mississippi, during the time that Theodore Roosevelt was President. It is a story ...
Цена:  676.00
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фото Alex Cross"s Trial

I Shall Wear Midnight

A man with no eyes. No eyes at all. Two tunnels in his head... It's not easy being a witch, and it's certainly not all whizzing about on broomsticks, but Tiffany Aching - teen witch - is doing her best. Until something evil wakes up, something that stirs up all the old stories about nasty old witches, so that just wearing a pointy hat suddenly seems a very bad idea. Worse still, this evil ghost from the past ...
Цена:  676.00
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фото I Shall Wear Midnight

Now is Good

Tessa has just a few months to live. Fighting back against hospital visits, endless tests and drugs with excruciating side-effects, Tessa compiles a list. It's her Before I Die list. And number one is sex. Starting tonight. Released from the constraints of 'normal' life, Tessa tastes new experiences to make her feel alive while her failing body struggles to keep up. Her feelings, her relationships with her father ...
Цена:  698.00
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Fodor's in Focus Portland

Цена:  450.00
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фото Fodor"s in Focus Portland

Fodor's New Orleans 2012

Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Fodor's New Orleans 2012
фото Fodor"s New Orleans 2012

Liza of Lambeth

Down among the drab slums of Lambeth, eighteen-year-old Liza is the darling of Vere Street. Vibrant and bewitching, she is adored by the steady, loyal Tom. But then Liza meets Jim Blakeston, charming and worldy, new to the area, and married. Soon the streets are wise to their passionate affair and Liza's fall from grace is fast and fatal. Written while Maugham was a medical student, and his first published novel, ...
Цена:  833.00
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фото Liza of Lambeth

Angel Time

Rice, best known for her "Vampire Chronicles" and "Lives of the Mayfair Witches" novels, has taken a new direction in her writing.
Цена:  552.00
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фото Angel Time

The Imperfectionists

One of most acclaimed books of the year, Tom Rachman's debut novel follows the topsy-turvy private lives of the reporters and editors of an English-language newspaper in Rome.
Цена:  797.00
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фото The Imperfectionists

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Цена:  773.00
Посмотреть Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
фото Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Fifty Shades Darker

Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house. But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia cannot resist. They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and Anastasia learns ...
Цена:  956.00
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фото Fifty Shades Darker


A perfect introduction to reading Spanish! Simple English words and sentences are introduced by pictures. Then the words and sentences are translated into Spanish with the translation of the featured word in capital letters. It's that easy. And for the child who wants to go further - a two-page, basic key to the pronunciation of the language. Great for introducing Spanish to English-speaking children and for ...
Цена:  647.00
Посмотреть Seuss-isms
фото Seuss-isms

Cavalier Queen

She was the Princess Diana of her day. Her story The English Gone With The Wind. She loved clothes and jewels and parties. She had exquisite taste in interior design. She seemed destined to reign as one of England's most glamorous queens, famed for the beautiful palaces she designed and decorated. Instead, Princess Henrietta Maria of France became caught up in the Civil War, one of the greatest cataclysms in ...
Цена:  523.00
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фото Cavalier Queen

Fodor`s San Diego

Цена:  675.00
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фото Fodor`s San Diego

Business Stripped Bare

In Business Stripped Bare, Sir Richard Branson shares the inside track on his life in business and reveals the incredible truth about his most risky, brilliant and audacious deals. Discover why Virgin tried to take on one of the world's biggest superbrands, how Virgin Mobile USA holds the record as the fastest company in history to generate revenues of over one billion dollars (faster than Microsoft, Google ...
Цена:  1094.00
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фото Business Stripped Bare

The Witch and the Warrior

The historical tales of Karyn Monk are filled with unforgettable romance and her own special brand of warmth and humor. Now love casts its spell in the Highlands, as a warrior seeks a miracle from a mysterious lady of secrets and magic... The Witch and the Warrior Suspected of witchcraft, Gwendolyn MacSween has been condemned to being burned at the stake at the hands of her own clan. Yet rescue comes from a ...
Цена:  507.00
Посмотреть The Witch and the Warrior
фото The Witch and the Warrior

Fodor's Chicago 2012

Цена:  1070.00
Посмотреть Fodor's Chicago 2012
фото Fodor"s Chicago 2012

Fodor's France 2012

Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Fodor's France 2012
фото Fodor"s France 2012

Fodor's Central America

Fodor's. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor's helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you're at the helm, Fodor's offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It's like having a friend in Central America - Updated annually, Fodor's Central ...
Цена:  1393.00
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фото Fodor"s Central America

For Women Only in the Workplace

This expanded edition includes faith-based insights throughout, plus an added chapter with supportive application and wisdom from senior Christian women in the workplace. Millions of women gained eye-opening insights about the inner lives of men through Shaunti Feldhahn's best-selling book For Women Only. Now with The Male Factor, Feldhahn brings her innovative research approach to the workplace to help women ...
Цена:  889.00
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фото For Women Only in the Workplace

Fodor's Guatemala

Fodor's choice ratings you can trust. Exceptional restaurants, hotels, and sights selected to help you make the best choices. Simple pleasures. Embrace the local culture as you shop for colorful textiles at markets, watch the sunrise over Mayan ruins, or relax at a cafe on a colonial plaza. Boundless activities. Find choices for every traveler, from hiking on a volcano and exploring wildlife preserves to ecotouring ...
Цена:  675.00
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фото Fodor"s Guatemala

Fodor's Spain 2012

Full-color guide - Make your trip to Spain unforgettable with illustrated features, maps, and color photos. Customize your trip with simple planning tools - Top experiences & attractions - Convenient overview of each region and its highlights - Easy-to-read color regional maps. Explore Spain and beyond - Discerning Fodor's Choice picks for hotels, restaurants, sights, and more - Word of Mouth tips from fellow ...
Цена:  675.00
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фото Fodor"s Spain 2012

Fodor's Thailand

Цена:  675.00
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фото Fodor"s Thailand

Playing for Pizza

Rick Dockery was the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the AFC Championship game, to the surprise and dismay of virtually everyone, Rick actually got into the game. With a 17-point lead and just minutes to go, Rick provided what was arguably the worst single performance in the history of the NFL. Overnight, he became a national laughingstock - and was immediately cut by the Browns and shunned ...
Цена:  599.00
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фото Playing for Pizza

One Shot

Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me. And sure enough, from the world he lives in - no phone, no address, no commitments-ex-military investigator Jack Reacher is coming. In Lee Child's astonishing new thriller, Reacher's ...
Цена:  642.00
Посмотреть One Shot
фото One Shot

Mister Magnolia

Mr Magnolia has only one boot. He has an old trumpet that goes rooty-toot. And two lovely sisters who play on the flute. But Mr Magnolia has only one boot. In this wittily rhyming picture book, Mr Magnolia has a full and happy life except for one serious omission - a boot. But one day, he receives a mysterious parcel, and at last Mr Magnolia can splash in the puddles with everyone else!
Цена:  476.00
Посмотреть Mister Magnolia
фото Mister Magnolia

The Milkman in the Night

Semyon is disturbed. He has woken up in the living room with blood on his shirt, an angry wife and no idea where he was the night before. After waking to find his boots and overcoat damp on several mornings in a row, Semyon realises his excursions are a nightly occurrence. Concerned for his own safety and for the security of his marriage, he asks his friend and business partner Volodka to follow him on his nocturnal ...
Цена:  638.00
Посмотреть The Milkman in the Night
фото The Milkman in the Night

Memoirs of a Geisha

This seductive and evocative epic tells the extraordinary story of a geisha girl. It reveals the cruelty and ugliness of life behind the rice-paper screens, and summons up more than 20 years of Japan's most dramatic history.
Цена:  698.00
Посмотреть Memoirs of a Geisha
фото Memoirs of a Geisha

Highland Fling

When 'Virtual Assistant' Jenny Porter's boyfriend accuses her of being impulsive, soft-hearted and unbusinesslike, dashing off to Scotland to sort out a failing mill for one of her clients may not be the best way of proving him wrong. And promising to help run a mobile burger bar before she's even found her feet doesn't help matters. When she finds herself determined to save the mill - whatever her client's ...
Цена:  901.00
Посмотреть Highland Fling
фото Highland Fling

Flora's Lot

Bidding for love can be a costly business... Flora Stanza has sub-let her London life in a bid to join the family antiques business. Her knowledge extends only to the information she has crammed from daytime TV, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in blind enthusiasm. So she is more than a little put out when she doesn't receive the warm country welcome she expected. Her curt cousin Charles and ...
Цена:  751.00
Посмотреть Flora's Lot
фото Flora"s Lot

How to be a Woman

It's a good time to be a woman: we have the vote and the Pill, and we haven't been burnt as witches since 1727. However, a few nagging questions do remain...Why are we supposed to get Brazilians? Should we use Botox? Do men secretly hate us? And why does everyone ask you when you're going to have a baby? Part memoir, part rant, Caitlin answers the questions that every modern woman is asking.
Цена:  923.00
Посмотреть How to be a Woman
фото How to be a Woman

Small World

Philip Swallow, Morris Zapp, Persse McGarrigle and the lovely Angelica are the jet-propelled academics who are on the move, in the air and on the make in David Lodge's satirical Small World. It is a world of glamorous travel and high excitement, where stuffy lecture rooms are swapped for lush corners of the globe, and romance is in the air...
Цена:  1000.00
Посмотреть Small World
фото Small World

Street Boys

Naples, Italy, during four fateful days in the fall of 1943. The only people left in the shattered, bombed-out city are the lost, abandoned children whose only goal is to survive another day. None could imagine that they would become fearless fighters and the unlikeliest heroes of World War II. They are the warriors immortalized in Street Boys, Lorenzo Carcaterra's exhilarating new novel, a book that exceeds ...
Цена:  293.00
Посмотреть Street Boys
фото Street Boys

Murder on the Leviathan

Paris, 1878: Eccentric antiquarian Lord Littleby and his ten servants are found murdered in Littleby's mansion on the rue de Grenelle, and a priceless Indian shawl is missing. Police commissioner Papa Gauche recovers only one piece of evidence from the crime scene: a golden key shaped like a whale. Gauche soon deduces that the key is in fact a ticket of passage for the Leviathan, a gigantic steamship soon to ...
Цена:  1224.00
Посмотреть Murder on the Leviathan
фото Murder on the Leviathan


In this mesmerizing new novel, Anne Rice demonstrates once again her gift for spellbinding storytelling and the creation of myth and magic, as she weaves together two of her most compelling worlds those of the Vampire Chronicles and the Mayfair witches.
Цена:  608.00
Посмотреть Merrick
фото Merrick


The bestselling author of Fight Club, Choke, and Lullaby continues his 21st-century reinvention of the horror novel in this scary and profound look at mankind's quest for some sort of immortality. Diary takes the form of a coma diary kept by one Misty Tracy Wilmot as her husband lies senseless in a hospital after a suicide attempt.
Цена:  1255.00
Посмотреть Diary
фото Diary

Conspiracy Club

When his brief, passionate romance with nurse Jocelyn Banks is cut short by her kidnapping and brutal murder, young psychologist Jeremy Carrier is left emotionally devastated, haunted by his lover's grisly demise and warily eyed by police still seeking a prime suspect in the unsolved slaying. To escape the pain, he buries himself in his work at City Central Hospital - only to be drawn deeper into a waking nightmare ...
Цена:  535.00
Посмотреть Conspiracy Club
фото Conspiracy Club

Saul and Patsy

Цена:  731.00
Посмотреть Saul and Patsy
фото Saul and Patsy

Breakfast of Champions

In Breakfast of Champions, one of Kurt Vonnegut's most beloved characters, the aging writer Kilgore Trout, finds to his horror that a Midwest car dealer is taking his fiction as truth. What follows is murderously funny satire, as Vonnegut looks at war, sex, racism, success, politics, and pollution in America and reminds us how to see the truth.
Цена:  1224.00
Посмотреть Breakfast of Champions
фото Breakfast of Champions


The closing of the grand old Fauborg Hotel in Beverly Hills is a sad occasion for longtime patrons Alex Delaware and Robin Castagna, who go there one last time for cocktails. But even more poignant - and curious - is a striking young woman in elegant attire and dark glasses, alone there and waiting in vain. Two days later, police detective Milo Sturgis comes seeking his psychologist comrade's insights about ...
Цена:  678.00
Посмотреть Mystery
фото Mystery


Цена:  1335.00
Посмотреть Choke
фото Choke


Nabokov's first novel. A tale of youth, first love and nostalgia. In a Berlin rooming house, a vigorous young officer poised between his past and his future relives his first love affair.
Цена:  1181.00
Посмотреть Mary
фото Mary

The Ravishing of Lol Stein

Цена:  698.00
Посмотреть The Ravishing of Lol Stein
фото The Ravishing of Lol Stein

The Moor's Last Sigh

Booker Prize-winning author Salman Rushdie combines a ferociously witty family saga with a surreally imagined and sometimes blasphemous chronicle of modern India and flavors the mixture with peppery soliloquies on art, ethnicity, religious fanaticism, and the terrifying power of love. Moraes Moor Zogoiby, the last surviving scion of a dynasty of Cochinese spice merchants and crime lords, is also a compulsive ...
Цена:  1070.00
Посмотреть The Moor's Last Sigh
фото The Moor"s Last Sigh

The Lady in the Lake

Цена:  1091.00
Посмотреть The Lady in the Lake
фото The Lady in the Lake

Forbidden Colors

Toward that end the cynical Shunsuke enlists the beautiful young Yuichi, who is irresistible to women but is just coming to realize that he loves only men. As the boy embarks on a loveless marriage and equally loveless adulteries, he enters the gay underworld of postwar Japan - a world where he is as helpless as any of the women he preys on.
Цена:  1381.00
Посмотреть Forbidden Colors
фото Forbidden Colors

Brutal Simplicity of Thought: How it Changed the World

Simplicity looks easy. It's not. It's easier to complicate than simplify. This book presents stunningly simple examples of concepts that have changed the world - from the single piece of paper that became the American Declaration of Independence, giving birth to the most powerful nation in the history of the world, to the symbol and line that enables us to write music. Thought-provoking and incisive, Brutal ...
Цена:  608.00
Посмотреть Brutal Simplicity of Thought: How it Changed the World
фото Brutal Simplicity of Thought: How it Changed the World

The Litigators

The partners at Finley & Figg - all two of them - often refer to themselves as a boutique law firm. Boutique, as in chic, selective, and prosperous. They are, of course, none of these things. What they are is a two-bit operation always in search of their big break, ambulance chasers who've been in the trenches much too long making way too little. Their specialties, so to speak, are quickie divorces and DUIs, ...
Цена:  809.00
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фото The Litigators

Explosive Eighteen

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum's life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits dangerously close to home, in this dynamite novel by Janet Evanovich. Before Stephanie can even step foot off Flight 127 Hawaii to Newark, she's knee deep in trouble. Her dream vacation turned into a nightmare, and she's flying back to New Jersey solo. Worse still, her seatmate never returned to the plane after the L.A. ...
Цена:  552.00
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фото Explosive Eighteen

The One Straw Revolution

Masanobu Fukuoka's book about growing food has been changing the lives of readers since it was first published in 1978. It is a call to arms, a manifesto, and a radical rethinking of the global systems we rely on to feed us all. It is also the memoir of a man whose spiritual beliefs underpin and inform every aspect of his innovative farming system. Equal parts farmer and philosopher, Fukuoka is recognized as ...
Цена:  889.00
Посмотреть The One Straw Revolution
фото The One Straw Revolution

Summer Crossing

Thought to be lost for over 50 years, here is the first novel by one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. Set in New York during the summer of 1945, this is the story of a young carefree socialite, Grady, who must make serious decisions about the romance she is dangerously pursuing and the effect it will have on everyone involved. Fans of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Capote's short stories will ...
Цена:  1023.00
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фото Summer Crossing

When We Were Orphans

From the Booker Prize-winning, bestselling author of Remains of the Day comes this stunning work of soaring imagination. Born in early-twentieth-century Shanghai, Banks was orphaned at the age of nine after the separate disappearances of his parents. Now, more than twenty years later, he is a celebrated figure in London society; yet the investigative expertise that has garnered him fame has done little to illuminate ...
Цена:  1301.00
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фото When We Were Orphans

Trouble is My Business

In the four long stories in this collection, Marlowe is hired to protect a rich old guy from a gold digger, runs afoul of crooked politicos, gets a line on some stolen jewels with a reward attached, and stumbles across a murder victim who may have been an extortionist.
Цена:  988.00
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фото Trouble is My Business

Sputnik Sweetheart

Haruki Murakami, the internationally bestselling author of Norwegian Wood and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, plunges us into an urbane Japan of jazz bars, coffee shops, Jack Kerouac, and the Beatles to tell this story of a tangled triangle of uniquely unrequited loves. A college student, identified only as K, falls in love with his classmate, Sumire. But devotion to an untidy writerly life precludes her from any ...
Цена:  1069.00
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фото Sputnik Sweetheart


Set in a Newark neighborhood during a terrifying polio outbreak, Nemesis is a wrenching examination of the forces of circumstance on our lives. Bucky Cantor is a vigorous, dutiful twenty-three-year-old playground director during the summer of 1944. A javelin thrower and weightlifter, he is disappointed with himself because his weak eyes have excluded him from serving in the war alongside his contemporaries. ...
Цена:  1013.00
Посмотреть Nemesis
фото Nemesis

Special Assignments

In Special Assignments, Erast Fandorin, nineteenth-century Russia's suavest sleuth, faces two formidable new foes: One steals outrageous sums of money, the other takes lives. The Jack of Spades is a civilized swindler who has conned thousands of rubles from Moscow's residents-including Fandorin's own boss, Prince Dolgorukoi. To catch him, Fandorin and his new assistant, timid young policeman Anisii Tulipov, ...
Цена:  505.00
Посмотреть Special Assignments
фото Special Assignments

Your Baby in Pictures

Capture the story of your baby's first year! The first twelve months of your child's life are full of precious, fleeting moments, from sleepy newborn yawns to first smiles and wobbly first steps. Why entrust your memories to hastily taken snapshots - or worse yet, none at all? Let professional photographer (and mom) Me Ra Koh help you capture the moments with 40 beautiful photo recipes anyone can do, with any ...
Цена:  1311.00
Посмотреть Your Baby in Pictures
фото Your Baby in Pictures

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

The Gulag, the Stalinist labour camps to which millions of Russians were condemned for political deviation, has become a household word in the West. This is due to the accounts of many witnesses, but most of all to the publication, in 1962, of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, the novel that first brought Aleksandr Sozhenitsyn to public attention. His story of one typical day in a labour camp as experienced ...
Цена:  987.00
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фото One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Rant: The Oral History of Buster Casey

Rant is the oral history of one Buster 'Rant' Casey, in which an assortment of friends, enemies, detractors, lovers and relations have their say on the man who may or may not be the most efficient serial killer of our time. Rant is a darkly glittering anti-hero whose recreational drug of choice is rabies, and whose own personal Viagra is the venom of a black widow spider. He soon leaves his half-feral hometown ...
Цена:  574.00
Посмотреть Rant: The Oral History of Buster Casey
фото Rant: The Oral History of Buster Casey

Cancun and the Riviera Maya 2012

Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Cancun and the Riviera Maya 2012
фото Cancun and the Riviera Maya 2012

Boston 2012

Full-color guide - Make your trip to Boston unforgettable with maps, illustrated features, and color photos. Customize your trip with simple planning tools - Top experiences & attractions - Lodging comparison charts - Easy-to-read color regional maps. Explore Boston, and beyond - Discerning Fodor's Choice picks for hotels, restaurants, sights, and more - Word of Mouth tips from fellow Fodor's travelers - Illustrated ...
Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Boston 2012
фото Boston 2012

Titanic Lost and Found

Exciting nonfiction books for kids just beyond the beginner stage can be hard to come by, and the story of the sinking of the "Titanic" and its subsequent rediscovery will be the ticket for both hard-to-please young 'real stuff' buffs and older reluctant readers.
Цена:  306.00
Посмотреть Titanic Lost and Found
фото Titanic Lost and Found

The Husband

With each and every new novel, Dean Koontz raises the stakes—and the pulse rate—higher than any other author. Now, in what may be his most suspenseful and heartfelt novel ever, he brings us the story of an ordinary man whose extraordinary commitment to his wife will take him on a harrowing journey of adventure, sacrifice, and redemption to the mystery of love itself and to a showdown with the darkness that would ...
Цена:  547.00
Посмотреть The Husband
фото The Husband

Angels All Over Town

New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice made her triumphant debut with this delicately drawn but emotionally powerful portrait of a woman’s extraordinary journey of the heart and soul–a timeless story of love, sisterhood, and the hope that emerges even out of heartbreak.... Una Cavan doesn’t believe in ghosts. But ghosts seem to believe in her. At least, her father’s ghost does, walking into and out of ...
Цена:  596.00
Посмотреть Angels All Over Town
фото Angels All Over Town

Sonic Boom: Globalization at Mach Speed

Noted contrarian and Progress Paradox author Gregg Easterbrook predicts that in spite of the recent economic crisis, globalization will continue to increase at a rapid clip in the years to come, producing tremendous economic growth - but also increased anxiety for people attempting to adjust to its effects. Though the growth we are about to experience will surely bring anxiety, it will also bring more prosperity, ...
Цена:  945.00
Посмотреть Sonic Boom: Globalization at Mach Speed
фото Sonic Boom: Globalization at Mach Speed

Незаменимое руководство по переговорам (на английском языке)

The act of negotiating-particularly when it comes to purchases and salaries-is enough to make many readers panic and grit their teeth, hoping the person they're dealing with has their best interests at heart. Stark, who runs a management consulting firm, and Flaherty, a senior consultant for Stark's company, offer this helpful guide to arm beginners and refine experienced negotiators. The first half of this ...
Цена:  1213.00
Посмотреть Незаменимое руководство по переговорам (на английском языке)
фото Незаменимое руководство по переговорам (на английском языке)

Ashes of Midnight

A woman driven by blood. A man thirsting for vengeance. A place where darkness and desire meet... As night falls, Claire Roth flees, driven from her home by a fiery threat that seems to come from hell itself. Then, from out of the flames and ash, a vampire warrior emerges. He is Andreas Reichen, her onetime lover, now a stranger consumed by vengeance. Caught in the cross fire, Claire cannot escape his savage ...
Цена:  552.00
Посмотреть Ashes of Midnight
фото Ashes of Midnight

At Last Comes Love

Step into a world of scandal, intrigue, and enthralling passion as New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh sweeps us into the lives of an extraordinary family: the Huxtables. Margaret, the eldest, embarks on the most risque adventure of her life and agrees to marry the most notorious man in London... Only desperation could bring Duncan Pennethorne, the infamous Earl of Sheringford, back home after the ...
Цена:  518.00
Посмотреть At Last Comes Love
фото At Last Comes Love

Brighton Rock: Movie-Tie-In

With a new introduction by J.M. Coetzee A gang war is raging through the dark underworld of Brighton. Pinkie, malign and ruthless, has killed a man. Believing he can escape retribution, he is unprepared for the courageous Ida Arnold, who is determined to avenge a death.
Цена:  450.00
Посмотреть Brighton Rock: Movie-Tie-In
фото Brighton Rock: Movie-Tie-In

The Vagrant Mood

A colourful collection of essays of literary criticism. Topics covered span from Kant to Raymond Chandler, from the legend of Zurbaran to the art of the detective story, and from Burke to Augustus Hare.
Цена:  900.00
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фото The Vagrant Mood


• Exceptional restaurants, hotels, and sights selected to help you make the best choices. • Simple pleasures. Embrace the local scene as you hit the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay, shop for shorts on Front Street, or cheer on your team at Cup Match. • Boundless activities. Find choices for every traveler, from snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and golfing to just lounging on the beach. • Local Experts Fodor’s worldwide ...
Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Bermuda
фото Bermuda


• Easy planning. Hit the ground running with convenient overviews of each region, along with top experiences, festivals and events, and insider tips. • Expert writing, gorgeous graphics. Unique photo-features impart the country’s culture, covering Mexico’s Mayan ruins, craft traditions, and most decadent spas. • Local Experts Fodor’s worldwide team of 700 writers reveal their favorite haunts to enrich your travel ...
Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Mexico
фото Mexico

Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo

Chock full of more maps and the most informed hotel, restaurant, shopping, and nightlife reviews, discerning travelers pack the new Fodor’s Rio and São Paulo 1st edition. Written by Brazilians who know secrets of their city, this brand new title is bursting with critical reviews, insider tips from locals and travelers, and not-to-be-missed side-trip suggestions.
Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo
фото Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo

Dominican Republic

- Simple pleasures. Embrace the local culture as you take in a Dominican baseball game, stroll the streets of Santo Domingo's Colonial Zone, or sip an after-dinner mamajuana liqueur. - Boundless activities. Find choices for every traveler, from kite surfing in Cabarete to whale-watching in Samana, from playing golf on a fabled Casa de Campo course to lounging on a perfect Punta Cana beach. - Local Experts Fodor's ...
Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Dominican Republic
фото Dominican Republic

Buenos Aires

Fodor's Buenos Aires, 2nd Edition. With Side Trips to Gaucho Country, Iguazu, and Uruguay.
Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Buenos Aires
фото Buenos Aires


Fodor's. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor's helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you're at the helm, Fodor's offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It's like having a friend in Japan! -Updated frequently, Fodor's Japan provides ...
Цена:  675.00
Посмотреть Japan
фото Japan

La's Orchestra Saves the World

A heart-warming stand alone novel about the life-affirming powers of music and company during a time of war, from the best-selling and beloved author of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency.
Цена:  900.00
Посмотреть La's Orchestra Saves the World
фото La"s Orchestra Saves the World

The Firm

When Mitchell McDeere qualified third in his class at Harvard, offers poured in from every law firm in America. Bendini, Lambert and Locke were a small, well-respected firm, but their offer exceeded Mitch's wildest expectations: a fantastic salary, a new home, and the keys to a brand new BMW. It was his dream job - but it was to become his worst nightmare. Unravelling a complex trail of secret files, undercover ...
Цена:  749.00
Посмотреть The Firm
фото The Firm

The Runaway Jury

Every jury has a leader, and the verdict belongs to him. In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark trial with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake begins routinely, then swerves mysteriously off course. The jury is behaving strangely, and at least one juror is convinced he's being watched. Soon they have to be sequestered. Then a tip from an anonymous young woman suggests she is able to predict the juror's increasingly ...
Цена:  709.00
Посмотреть The Runaway Jury
фото The Runaway Jury

The Partner

They found him in a small town in Brazil, near the border with Paraguay. He had a new name, Danilo Silva, and his appearance had been changed by plastic surgery. The search had taken four years. They'd chased him around the world, always just missing him. It had cost their clients $3.5 million. But so far none of them had complained. The man they were about to kidnap had not always been called Silva. Before ...
Цена:  749.00
Посмотреть The Partner
фото The Partner

The Client

An eleven-year-old has discovered a secret that not even an adult should know. A U.S. State Senator is dead, and Mark Sway is the only one who knows where the body is hidden. The FBI wants him to tell them where it is at whatever cost to Mark and his family. The killer wants him silenced forever. Reggie Love has been practising law for less than five years. Only she can save Mark from these twin threats. Together ...
Цена:  749.00
Посмотреть The Client
фото The Client

Alex Cross's Trial

While you wait for the next exciting installment in the Alex Cross series, I, Alex Cross (published November 2009 by Century), get your hands on a new book written by Alex Cross himself! Ben Corbett is a brilliant young lawyer in early-twentieth-century Washington DC. Yet he is a disappointment to his wife and father, who believe he wastes his talents by doing poorly-paid and thankless work helping the poor ...
Цена:  664.00
Посмотреть Alex Cross's Trial
фото Alex Cross"s Trial

The Litigators

Цена:  553.00
Посмотреть The Litigators
фото The Litigators

Ten Apples up on Top

A beginning Beginner Book, this ingenious story uses a vocabulary of only 75 different words. A hilarious story in rhyme about a number of animals who could carry 10 apples on their heads.
Цена:  729.00
Посмотреть Ten Apples up on Top
фото Ten Apples up on Top

Genuine Lies

Hollywood legend Eve Benedict has finally decided to tell her life story to one lucky biographer. Renowned for having a heart as big the legend that surrounds her, Eve is also a woman of mystery whose passionate affairs and tempestuous marriages have fueled gossip columns for decades. She chooses Julia Summers, a writer with a fierce drive to uncover the truth - no matter what. Yet there are those who will do ...
Цена:  553.00
Посмотреть Genuine Lies
фото Genuine Lies

Room 13

Somebody was in there. Somebody - or some thing... There is no room thirteen in the creepy Crow's Nest Hotel, where Fliss and her friends are staying on a school trip. Or is there? For at the stroke of midnight, something peculiar happens to the door of the linen cupboard next to room l2. And something is happening to Ellie-May Sunderland, too - something very sinister... This is a gripping page-turner from ...
Цена:  401.00
Посмотреть Room 13
фото Room 13

Maximum Ride: The Manga. Volume 5

Escaping Itex in Florida, the flock head west, with Max more burdened than ever by the knowledge that she's meant to save the world. But while their leader is keen to stay on the path leading to her destiny, Fang and the others are more interested in settling down and letting the chips fall where they may. With the erasers eerily absent from their lives of late, has the flock finally earned a bit of peace... ...
Цена:  507.00
Посмотреть Maximum Ride: The Manga. Volume 5
фото Maximum Ride: The Manga. Volume 5

From Russia with Love

SMERSH, the Russian intelligence unit, is hell-bent on destroying Special Agent James Bond. His death would deal a hammer blow to the heart of The British Secret Service. The lure? The chance for 007 to bring the Spektor decoding machine from Istanbul to London, and for the British to take the upper hand in a chilling new front of the Cold War. So begins a deadly game of bluff and double bluff, with Bond a marked ...
Цена:  563.00
Посмотреть From Russia with Love
фото From Russia with Love


This is a sparkling and sexy tale of glamour modelling, romance and the treacherous promises of fame. When Angel is discovered by a model agent, her life changes for ever. Young, beautiful and sexy, she seems destined for a successful career in modelling and, very quickly, the glitzy world of celebrity, fame and riches becomes her new home. But then she meets Mickey, the lead singer of a boy band, who is as ...
Цена:  563.00
Посмотреть Angel
фото Angel


A successful sitcom writer with plenty of money, a stable marraige, a platonic mistress and a flash car, Laurence 'Tubby' Passmore has more reason than most to be happy. Yet neither physiotherapy nor aromatherapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy or acupuncture can cure his puzzling knee pain or his equally inexplicable mid-life angst. As Tubby's life fragments under the weight of his self-obsession, he embarks - ...
Цена:  713.00
Посмотреть Therapy
фото Therapy

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

In 1862 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a shy Oxford mathematician with a stammer, created a story about a little girl tumbling down a rabbit hole. Thus began the immortal adventures of Alice, perhaps the most popular heroine in English literature. Countless scholars have tried to define the charm of the Alice books–with those wonderfully eccentric characters the Queen of Hearts, Tweedledum, and Tweedledee, the Cheshire ...
Цена:  327.00
Посмотреть Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass
фото Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Shogun: A Novel of Japan

A bold English adventuer. An invincible Japanese warlord. A beautiful woman torn between two ways of life, two ways of love. All brought together in a mighty saga of a time and place aflame with conflict, passion, ambition, lust and the struggle for power. "Superbly crafted... grips the reader like a riptide... gets the juices flowing!" - "Washington Star". "Exciting, totally absorbing... be prepared for late ...
Цена:  757.00
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A Game of Thrones

Now available in a specially priced edition - the first volume in an epic series by a master of contemporary fantasy, filled with mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure.
Цена:  1004.00
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The Partner

They watched Danilo Silva for days before they finally grabbed him. He was living alone, a quiet life on a shady street in a small town in Brazil; a simple life in a modest home, certainly not one of luxury. Certainly no evidence of the fortune they thought he had stolen. He was much thinner and his face had been altered. He spoke a different language, and spoke it very well. But Danilo had a past with many ...
Цена:  526.00
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Can You Keep a Secret

Meet Emma Corrigan, a young woman with a huge heart, an irrepressible spirit, and a few little secrets: Secrets from her boyfriend: I've always thought Connor looks a bit like Ken. As in Barbie and Ken. Secrets from her mother: I lost my virginity in the spare bedroom with Danny Nussbaum while Mum and Dad were downstairs watching Ben-Hur. Secrets she wouldn't share with anyone in the world: I have no idea what ...
Цена:  606.00
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Shopaholic & Baby

Becky Brandon is pregnant! She couldn't be more overjoyed - especially since shopping cures morning sickness. But when the celebrity must-have obstetrician turns out to be her husband's glamorous ex-girlfriend, Becky's perfect world starts to crumble.
Цена:  553.00
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Perry's IQ is only 76, but he's not stupid. His grandmother taught him everything he needs to know to survive: She taught him to write things down so he won't forget them. She taught him to play the lottery every week. And most important, she taught him whom to trust. When Gram dies, Perry is left orphaned and bereft at the age of thirty-one. Then he wins twelve million dollars with his weekly Washington State ...
Цена:  523.00
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The Consequences Of Love

Under the hot sun, the Jeddah streets resemble a scene from an old black-and-white movie: the women dressed like long, dark shadows and the men in their light cotton tunics. Naser's friends have all left town for cooler climes but he can't get away: he's an outsider in Saudi and he needs to hold down his job at the local carwash. During his time off, he sits beneath his favourite palm tree, writing to his mother ...
Цена:  487.00
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Dreams Of Rivers And Seas

For some time now, I have been plagued, perhaps blessed, by dreams of rivers and seas, dreams of water. Just days after Albert James writes these lines to his son, John, in London, he is dead. Abandoning a pretty girlfriend and the lab where he is completing his PhD, John flies to Delhi to join his mother in mourning.
Цена:  628.00
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Secret Between Us

One lie sends a family into turmoil in a heart-rending new novel from a worldwide bestselling author, perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult When Deborah Monroe's car hits and kills a man on a deserted road on a dark and rainy night, questions of who is to blame muddy the already complicated life of a woman who is newly divorced and struggling with emotions that are rampant in a house with two vulnerable children. ...
Цена:  606.00
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Killing Rommel

Steven Pressfield’s quintet of acclaimed, bestselling novels of ancient warfare - Gates of Fire, Tides of War, Last of the Amazons, The Virtues of Wa,r and The Afghan Campaign - have earned him a reputation as a master chronicler of military history, a supremely literate and engaging storyteller, and an author with acute insight into the minds of men in battle. In Killing Rommel Pressfield extends his talents ...
Цена:  606.00
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I, Alex Cross

Overcome by the brutal murder of his niece, Alex vows to capture the psychopath before he kills again. During his investigation, Alex discovers that she was mixed up with some very important, very dangerous people-and she's not the only one who has disappeared. The hunt for the murderer leads Alex and his girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, to Washington's most infamous club-a place where every fantasy is possible, ...
Цена:  676.00
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1Q84: Books 1, 2 and 3

The year is 1Q84. This is the real world, there is no doubt about that. But in this world, there are two moons in the sky. In this world, the fates of two people, Tengo and Aomame, are closely intertwined. They are each, in their own way, doing something very dangerous. And in this world, there seems no way to save them both. Something extraordinary is starting.
Цена:  1289.00
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On the Street

Between 1980 and 1990, over five hundred of photographer Amy Arbus's impromptu and edgy portraits of New Yorkers appeared in the Village Voice's monthly fashion feature, "On the Street". The column's missive was to document the city's most adventurous trednsetters as they lived their lives. But Arbus's photographs tell much more than a style story. From the friendliest to the grittiest, every one of these images ...
Цена:  3704.00
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Strange Fascination: David Bowie

David Bowie is now into his fifth decade of making music. From his first hit single/Space Oddity', to his vital 21st-century albums Heathen and Reality, he remains the most influential rock star of his generation. "Strange Fascination" chronicles Bowie's career against the colourful backdrop of post-Beatles pop culture, taking us from the glam-era gender-bending of the early 1970s, through plastic soul, the ...
Цена:  1213.00
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Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

Having completed the two cycles of legend to which she has devoted her career so far, Anne Rice gives us now her most thoughtful and powerful book, a novel about the childhood of Christ the Lord based on the gospels and on the most respected New Testament scholarship. The book’s power derives from the passion its author brings to the writing, and the way in which she summons up the voice, the presence, the words ...
Цена:  428.00
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The Imperfectionists

Upon its initial publication, Tom Rachmans first novel was greeted with the kind of wall-to-wall acclaim usually reserved for an acknowledged master. Critics, booksellers, and readers everywhere fell in love with Rachmans cast of characters, an adrift crew of journalists, editors, and reporters at an English-language newspaper in Rome.
Цена:  1075.00
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The Shining

Jack Torrance's new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start. As the off-season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel, he'll have plenty of time to spend reconnecting with his family and working on his writing. But as the harsh winter weather sets in, the idyllic location feels ever more remote... and more sinister. And the only one to notice the strange and terrible forces gathering ...
Цена:  553.00
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The Cat's Table

In the early 1950s, an eleven-year-old boy boards a huge liner bound for England - a 'castle that was to cross the sea'. At mealtimes, he is placed at the lowly 'Cat's Table' with an eccentric group of grown-ups and two other boys, Cassius and Ramadhin. As the ship makes its way across the Indian Ocean, through the Suez Canal, into the Mediterranean, the boys become involved in the worlds and stories of the ...
Цена:  765.00
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The Prague Cemetery

Nineteenth-century Europe, from Turin to Prague to Paris, abounds with the ghastly and the mysterious. Conspiracies rule history. Jesuits plot against Freemasons. Italian priests are strangled with their own intestines. French criminals plan bombings by day and celebrate black masses by night. Every nation has its own secret service, perpetrating forgeries, plots, and massacres. From the unification of Italy ...
Цена:  563.00
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A Moveable Feast

Published posthumously in 1964, A Moveable Feast remains one of Ernest Hemingway's most beloved works. Since Hemingway's personal papers were released in 1979, scholars have examined and debated the changes made to the text before publication. Now this new special restored edition presents the original manuscript as the author prepared it to be published. Featuring a personal foreword by Patrick Hemingway, Ernest's ...
Цена:  451.00
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Private Games

July 2012: The Games have arrived in London. Preparations have gone flawlessly and the stage is set for one of the greatest ever showcases of sporting excellence. But one man has a devastating plan. Having waited years for this chance, he is now ready for vengeance. When Sir Denton Marshall, a key member of the London Olympic organising committee, is found decapitated in his garden, Peter Knight, head of Private ...
Цена:  476.00
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Brave New World

Far in the future, the World Controllers have created the ideal society. Through the clever mix of genetic engineering, brainwashing and recreational sex and drugs, everyone is a happy consumer. Bernard Marx seems alone in his discontent.
Цена:  650.00
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Family Album

Through forty years - from Hollywood's golden days in World War II to the present - Faye Price would create first a career as a legendary actress, then a family, and finally she would realize her dream of becoming one of Hollywood's first woman directors. But nothing was more precious to Faye than her five children. In a changing world, a milieu where family values are constantly challenged from without and ...
Цена:  553.00
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Doctor Zhivago

From the acclaimed translators of War and Peace and Anna Karenina, a stunning new translation of Boris Pasternak's Nobel Prize-winning masterpiece, the first since the 1958 original. Banned in the Soviet Union until 1988, Doctor Zhivago is the epic story of the life and loves of a poet-physician during the turmoil of the Russian Revolution. Taking his family from Moscow to what he hopes will be shelter in the ...
Цена:  900.00
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Fun Inc

The sheer pervasiveness of game experience - 99 per cent of teenage boys and 94 per cent of teenage girls having played a video game - means that instant naffness falls upon those who express a musty disdain for the medium. This book shows that computer game-playing has a strong claim to be one of the most vital test-beds for intellectual enquiry.
Цена:  598.00
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In a French courtroom, the trial of a woman is taking place. Gladys Eysenach is no longer young, but she is still beautiful, elegant, cold. She is accused of shooting dead her much-younger lover. As the witnesses take the stand and the case unfolds, Gladys relives fragments of her past: her childhood, her absent father, her marriage, her turbulent relationship with her daughter, her decline, and then the final ...
Цена:  673.00
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A Game of Groans

There was a bloodied knife on Allbran's bed. Lady Gateway Barker knew what she had to do; what all the royals in Summerseve did when somebody tried to kill a member of their family: gather up a bunch of people and horses, and go from one place to another.
Цена:  598.00
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The Complete Enderby

Enderby - poet, social critic, comrade and Catholic - is endlessly hounded by women. He may be found hiding in the lavatory where much of his best work is composed, or perhaps in Rome, brainwashed into respectability by a glamorous wife, aftershave and the dolce vita. But whether he is pursuing revenge and inspiration in Morocco, expounding on his notorious sex film on a TV chat show, or writing a hit musical ...
Цена:  1070.00
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The Glovemaker

Offers an account of the legal case against a fictional woman condemned to death for secretly burying her dead, illegitimate newborn in Cromwell's England.
Цена:  523.00
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Bitter in the Mouth

Growing up in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, in the '70s and '80s, Linda Hammerick knows that she is different. She has strong, almost paralysing associations between words and tastes; she doesn't look like everyone else; and she isn't popular at school. She finds her way through life with the help of her great uncle 'Baby' Harper, who loves her and loves to dance, and her best friend fat-thin-fat Kelly with ...
Цена:  598.00
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Fire and Ice

Sophie Rose is a crime reporter at a major Chicago newspaper and the daughter of Bobby Rose, a charming gentleman and big-time thief. When asked to write an exposé about her notorious father, Sophie quits and goes to work at a small newspaper, covering local personalities such as William Harrington, the 5K runner whose trademark is red socks. Those socks—with Sophie’s business card tucked inside—are practically ...
Цена:  512.00
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Rotten Apple

Apple is the opposite of her outspoken mother and gossipy, chatty best friends; she’s always been the cool, calm, and collected one. But her life is about to spiral out of control. Apple’s super-sized, secret crush on her friend Zen leads her into major trouble. And she’s realizing it might not have been such a good idea to pose as her mother–the famous talk show host and self-help guru, Dr. Bee Berg–and send ...
Цена:  731.00
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Precious (Push Movie Tie-in Edition)

Precious Jones, an illiterate sixteen-year-old, has up until now been invisible to the father who rapes her and the mother who batters her and to the authorities who dismiss her as just one more of Harlem's casualties. But when Precious, pregnant with a second child by her father, meets a determined and radical teacher, we follow her on a journey of education and enlightenment as she learns not only how to write ...
Цена:  754.00
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A dance with dragons

The fifth volume in the greatest epic work of the modern age The future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance. In the east, Daenerys, last scion of House Targaryen, her dragons grown to terrifying maturity, rules as queen of a city built on dust and death, beset by enemies. Now that her whereabouts are known many are seeking Daenerys and her dragons. Among them the dwarf, Tyrion Lannister, who has escaped ...
Цена:  553.00
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Night Shift

Night Shift - Stephen King's first collection of stories - is an early showcase of the depths that King's wicked imagination could plumb. In these 20 tales, we see mutated rats gone bad ( Graveyard Shift ); a cataclysmic virus that threatens humanity ( Night Surf, the basis for The Stand ); a smoker who will try anything to stop ( Quitters, Inc. ); a reclusive alcoholic who begins a gruesome transformation ( ...
Цена:  599.00
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Animal House

Welcome to Animal House, where occupancy is strictly limited to the furry, the feathered, the hoofed, and the clawed. In this tongue-in-cheek peek at critters great and small, photographer Catherine Ledner has brought the animals indoors to create a collection of magical and clever portraits unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Discover a series of brightly-colored rooms, lined with plush carpets and bold decorative ...
Цена:  563.00
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Keep Calm and Carry on: Good Advice for Hard Times

"Keep Calm and Carry On" was a WWII government poster discovered in a dusty box nine years ago. Though it never saw the light of day in 1939 (it was only supposed to go up if Britain was invaded), it has suddenly struck a chord in our current difficult times, now we are in need of a stiff upper lip and optimistic energy once again. Gordon Brown has one up in 10 Downing Street and James May wears a Keep Calm ...
Цена:  401.00
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The Heart of a Goof

From his favourite chair on the terrace above the ninth hole, The Oldest Member tells a series of hilarious golfing stories. From Evangeline, Bradbury Fisher's fifth wife and a notorious 'golfing giggler', to poor Rollo Podmarsh whose game was so unquestionably inept that 'he began to lose his appetite and would moan feebly at the sight of a poached egg', the game of golf, its players and their friends and enemies ...
Цена:  514.00
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Perfect Answers to Interview Questions

Written by a leading professional with years of experience in the field of human resources, this is essential reading for novice and experienced job hunters alike. The 100 most common interview questions as well as the trickiest are all covered, and practical advice on how to display your best personality traits is provided. Instructions for how to dress and act, and what to do after your interview are also ...
Цена:  799.00
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Fodor's Essential Scandinavia

Fodor’s. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor’s helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you’re at the helm, Fodor’s offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It’s like having a friend in Scandinavia! •Updated frequently, Fodor’s Essential ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor's Alaska 2009

Fodor’s. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor’s helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you’re at the helm, Fodor’s offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It’s like having a friend in Alaska! • Your vacation never looked better. This ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor's Essential Italy, 2nd Edition. Rome, Florence, Venice & the Top Spots In Between

Fodor’s. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor’s helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you’re at the helm, Fodor’s offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It’s like having a friend in Italy! •Your vacation never looked better. This Fodor’s ...
Цена:  675.00
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фото Fodor"s Essential Italy, 2nd Edition. Rome, Florence, Venice & the Top Spots In Between

Fodor's Hawaii 2009

Fodor’s. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor’s helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you’re at the helm, Fodor’s offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It’s like having a friend on Hawaii! • Your vacation never looked better. This ...
Цена:  675.00
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Odd Hours

Only a handful of fictional characters are recognized by first name alone. Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas is one such literary hero, who has come alive in readers’ imaginations as he explores the greatest mysteries of this world and the next with his inimitable wit, heart, and quiet gallantry. Now Koontz follows Odd as he is drawn onward, to a destiny he cannot imagine. Haunted by dreams of an all-encompassing red ...
Цена:  666.00
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Diane Arbus Revelations

Diane Arbus redefined the concerns and the range of the art she practiced. Her bold subject matter and photographic approach have established her preeminence in the world of the visual arts. Her gift for rendering strange those things we consider most familiar, and uncovering the familiar within the exotic, enlarges our understanding of ourselves. Diane Arbus Revelations affords the first opportunity to explore ...
Цена:  8008.00
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Lost Boy, Lost Girl

A woman commits suicide for no apparent reason. A week later, her son– fifteen-year-old Mark Underhill–vanishes. His uncle, novelist Timothy Underhill, searches his hometown of Millhaven for clues that might help unravel this horrible dual mystery. He soon learns that a pedophilic murderer is on the loose in the vicinity, and that shortly before his mother’s suicide, Mark had become obsessed with an abandoned ...
Цена:  357.00
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An Artist of the Floating World

This is the story of an artist as an aging man, struggling through the wreckage of Japan's World War II experience. Ishiguro's first novel.
Цена:  1094.00
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Rant: The Oral Biography of Buster Casey

Buster “Rant” Casey just may be the most efficient serial killer of our time. A high school rebel, Rant Casey escapes from his small town home for the big city where he becomes the leader of an urban demolition derby called Party Crashing. Rant Casey will die a spectacular highway death, after which his friends gather the testimony needed to build an oral history of his short, violent life. With hilarity, horror, ...
Цена:  962.00
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Fodor`s Norway

Take a train ride up a 2,850-foot scenic gorge, watch the midnight sun rise from the deck of your boat, wander through a village of ancient stave churches and sod houses or stroll by the gabled warehouses of Norway's most charming wharf—Fodor's Norway, 8th Edition offers all these experiences and more! Our local writers have traveled throughout the country to find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor's Maui 2009

Fodor’s. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor’s helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. Although you’re at the helm, Fodor’s offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It’s like having a friend in Maui! •Your vacation never looked better. This Fodor’s ...
Цена:  450.00
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Fodor's Las Vegas 2008

Sin City is hotter than ever, with nearly 38 million annual visitors indulging in all the glitz and glam it has to offer. Fodor's Las Vegas 2008 takes a savvy, insider look at the city, uncovering the secrets that every traveler needs to know. • Brand-new, photo-rich design highlights what's best about Sin City in an easy-to-use format. • New "Experience Las Vegas" section rounds up the best of the city in one ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor's Ireland 2008

With the Celtic Tiger roaring more loudly then ever, irresistible Ireland continues to boom in economy, culture, and tourism (more than 1 million North-American visitors in 2004)—little wonder Fodor’s Ireland 2008 is one of the top-selling Europe guides. Now, to make the journey even more memorable, the Emerald Isle joins the next generation of Fodor's Gold Guides, with an innovative, photo-rich, browsable design ...
Цена:  675.00
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Fodor's Eastern & Central Europe

Fodor’s. For Choice Travel Experiences. Fodor’s helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insightful tools you need to experience the trips you want. While you’re at the helm, Fodor’s offers the assurance of our expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It’s like having a friend in Eastern and Central Europe! • Updated frequently, Fodor’s ...
Цена:  675.00
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Drop Shot

A Myron Bolitar Novel
Цена:  495.00
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фото Drop Shot

Sherlock: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

The hit BBC series Sherlock offers a fresh, contemporary take on the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and has helped introduce a whole new generation of fans to the legendary detective. This TV tie-in edition to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's second collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories, which was first published in 1894, includes the infamous The Final Problem . It is one of Conan Doyle's favourite ...
Цена:  523.00
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фото Sherlock: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock: The Hound of the Baskervilles

The hit BBC series Sherlock offers a fresh, contemporary take on the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and has helped introduce a whole new generation of fans to the legendary detective. In this TV tie-in edition of the classic novel, first published in The Strand in 1901, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are called to the haunting and beautiful moors of Dartmoor and the home of the Baskerville family, who ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Sherlock: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Puss in Boots: The Novel

Way before Puss ever met Shrek, our suave and furry feline hero goes on a swashbuckling ride, as he teams with mastermind Humpty Dumpty and the street-savvy Kitty to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. Join in Puss on his swashbuckling adventure, in this perfect novel for young readers. Based on the film, it includes 8 pages of colour photos to help you re-live the fun!
Цена:  401.00
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фото Puss in Boots: The Novel

Persepolis I and II

Wise, often funny, sometimes heartbreaking, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood tells the story of Marjane Satrapi's life in Tehran from the ages of six to fourteen, years that saw the overthrow of the Shah's regime, the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and the devastating effects of war with Iraq. The intelligent and outspoken child of radical Marxists, and the great-grandaughter of Iran's last emperor, Satrapi ...
Цена:  1000.00
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фото Persepolis I and II

The Night Circus

In 1886, a mysterious travelling circus becomes an international sensation. Open only at night, constructed entirely in black and white, Le Cirque des Reves delights all who wander its circular paths and warm themselves at its bonfire. Although there are acrobats, fortune-tellers and contortionists, the Circus of Dreams is no conventional spectacle. Some tents contain clouds, some ice. The circus seems almost ...
Цена:  512.00
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фото The Night Circus

Kill Alex Cross

Detective Alex Cross is one of the first on the scene of the biggest case he's ever been part of. The President's son and daughter have been abducted from their school - an impossible crime, but somehow the kidnapper has done it. Alex does everything he can but is shunted to the fringes of the investigation. Someone powerful doesn't want Cross too close. A deadly contagion in the DC water supply threatens to ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

When Ravi Kapoor, an over-worked London doctor, is driven beyond endurance by his obnoxious father-in-law, he asks his wife: 'Can't we just send him away somewhere? Somewhere far, far away'. His prayer seems to have been answered when his entrepreneurial cousin, Sonny, sets up a retirement home, recreating a lost corner of England in a converted guesthouse in Bangalore. Travel and set-up are inexpensive, staff ...
Цена:  524.00
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фото The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Magic & Desire

These three short novels about forbidden and otherworldly desires reveal deeply buried erotic truths. Met by Moonlight asks the questions Can it be possible that a handsome stranger met by moonlight is a mischievous fairy out to sample a taste of human love and passion? What will happen when the magic witching month of May is over? When he loses his human form, will he lose his memories of her as well? In the ...
Цена:  641.00
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Thirteen-year-old Ben Tracey is looking forward to spending the summer in the Democratic Republic of Congo where his father has been hired to examine the valuable mineral Coltan that is being mined there. They soon realize that the people in the village close to the mine are frightened and it doesn’t take long for Ben and his father to discover why: behind the door of every hut there is at least one person dying ...
Цена:  686.00
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What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret

How You Can Strike It Rich in Life and Business Finally, the secrets of the truly wealthy are revealed! Now you can uncover what the world's richest people know that you don't—and learn to apply simple, practical, yet innovative methods that will enrich and enhance your life and bottom line. In What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret, author Brian Sher shares the best-of-the-best ideas and secrets ...
Цена:  574.00
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The Strategy Paradox: Why Committing to Success Leads to Failure

A compelling vision. Bold leadership. Decisive action. Unfortunately, these prerequisites of success are almost always the ingredients of failure, too. In fact, most managers seeking to maximize their chances for glory are often unwittingly setting themselves up for ruin. The sad truth is that most companies have left their futures almost entirely to chance, and don’t even realize it. The reason? Managers feel ...
Цена:  720.00
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New Orleans 2008

Stroll through the French Quarter, sample the city's distinctive Creole cuisine, listen to the best live music, or take a post-Katrina drive to remember the victims – Fodor's New Orleans 2008 offers all these experiences and more! Our local writers have traveled throughout the country to find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities to prepare you for a journey of stunning variety. Before you ...
Цена:  524.00
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The Upside: The 7 Strategies for Turning Big Threats into Growth Breakthroughs

Today, when your fortunes can literally change overnight, the new strategic imperative is making your moment of maximum risk your moment of maximum opportunity. In The Upside, Adrian Slywotzky provides bold and original ideas for growth breakthroughs as well as the practical tools to use Monday morning, such as •How to change the odds for your next major initiative and create potential industry breakthroughs, ...
Цена:  1780.00
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Maui 2008

Hike into the massive bowl of Haleakala National Park, snorkel in gorgeous waters, learn to hula dance, or hang-ten in West Maui – Fodor's Maui 2008 Edition offers all these experiences and more! Our local writers have traveled throughout the country to find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities to prepare you for a journey of stunning variety. Before you leave for your trip be sure to pack ...
Цена:  450.00
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Capital Crimes

Internationally bestselling husband and wife Jonathan and Faye Kellerman team up for a powerful one-two punch with Capital Crimes, a gripping pair of original crime thrillers. MY SISTER’S KEEPER: BERKELEY Some of progressive state representative Davida Grayson’s views have made her unpopular. Although her foes are numerous no one suspects that any buttons Davida might push could evoke deadly force. But now Davida ...
Цена:  678.00
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It's Not What You Say...It's What You Do: How Following Through At Every Level Can Make Or Break Your Company

Good managers at every level recognize the importance of strategic planning and setting concrete goals for their employees. But even the best among them often fail to implement and support the crucial processes that turn well-laid plans into visible successes. Studies show that over the last fifty years, a whopping 83 percent of corporate slowdowns were attributable not to outside economic forces but to the ...
Цена:  574.00
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The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich

What’s the secret to becoming a millionaire? For years people have asked David Bach, the national bestselling author of Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, and The Finish Rich Workbook, what’s the real secret to getting rich? What’s the one thing I need to do? Now, in The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach is sharing that secret. The Automatic Millionaire starts with the powerful story of an average ...
Цена:  293.00
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You Can Negotiate Anything: The World's Best Negotiator Tells You How To Get What You Want

Every day, you negotiate for something: prestige, money, security, love. This straight-talking guide will show you how to get what you want by dealing successfully with your mate, your boss, MasterCard, your children, your best friends and even yourself. As Herb Cohen counsels, "Power is based upon perception if you think you've got it then you've got it. Be patient, be personal, be informed and you can bargain ...
Цена:  552.00
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The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution

Studies man in view of what he may become. Describes how a man must work simultaneously on his knowledge and his being to find inner unity.
Цена:  644.00
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The Fourth Way

The Fourth Way is the most comprehensive statement thus far published of the ideas taught by the late P.D. Ouspensky. Consisting of verbatim records of his oral teaching from 1921 to 1946, it gives a lucid explanation of the practical side of G. I. Gurdjieff's teachings, which Gurdjieff presented in the form of raw materials, Ouspensky's specific task having been to put them together as a systematic whole. Just ...
Цена:  1191.00
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House of Meetings

There were conjugal visits in the slave camps of the USSR. Valiant women would travel continental distances, over weeks and months, in the hope of spending a night, with their particular enemy of the people, in the House of Meetings. The consequences of these liaisons were almost invariably tragic. "House of Meetings" is about one such liaison. It is a triangular romance: two brothers fall in love with the same ...
Цена:  595.00
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Hocus Pocus

Цена:  945.00
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The Skin Gods

With the breakneck pacing and intricate plotting of his most recent novel, The Rosary Girls, Richard Montanari established himself as one of the most exciting suspense writers working today. Now he proves himself a virtuoso with The Skin Gods, an explosive new thriller featuring Philadelphia homicide detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano. It is the steaming heart of summer in the City of Brotherly Love. ...
Цена:  626.00
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Ape House

Isabel Duncan, a scientist at the Great Ape Language Lab, doesn't understand people, but apes she gets - especially the bonobos Sam, Bonzi, Lola, Mbongo, Jelani, and Makena, who are capable of reason and communication through American Sign Language. Isabel feels more comfortable in their world than she's ever felt among humans - until she meets John Thigpen, a very married reporter writing a human interest feature. ...
Цена:  606.00
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Eating Fire and Drinking Water

"I was someone hungry for stories; more specifically, I was someone who craved after facts. I was, you see, a person with no history. Lacking this, I developed a curiosity about other's people's stories..." Clara Perez is a reporter on a small South seas island. An orphan raised by nuns, she is a young woman with origins shrouded in mystery. Full of idealistic ambition, she grows tired of the trivial assignments ...
Цена:  606.00
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Cassie Wright never saw it coming. As the owner of thriving Wright Glassworks, Cassie’s life was quiet, well-ordered... until a tragic accident forces her to take in a one-year-old child who has no one else to care for her. As the years pass, Cassie will raise young Gwen as her own, and the girl will flourish in a world of privilege and opportunity. Enter Jewel Fairbanks. Beautiful and conniving, Jewel will ...
Цена:  606.00
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Forty Stories

Цена:  1324.00
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The Vault

'Don't forget,' Wexford said, 'I've lived in a world where the improbable happens all the time.' However, the impossible has happened. Chief Inspector Reg Wexford has retired. He and his wife, Dora, now divide their time between Kingsmarkham and a coachhouse in Hampstead, belonging to their actress daughter, Sheila. Wexford takes great pleasure in his books, but, for all the benefits of a more relaxed lifestyle, ...
Цена:  514.00
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Summer of Love

Who knows what might happen in a summer of love? Sian Bishop has left the hustle and bustle of the city behind and has thrown herself into a new life in the country. With her young son, her picture-postcard garden and her small thriving business, she's happy and very busy. She is not - repeat not - looking for love. And then, one glorious summer evening, Gus Beresford arrives. One-time explorer, full-time heart-breaker, ...
Цена:  563.00
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Maximum Ride: Angel

Max Ride and her best friends have always had one another's backs. No matter what. Living on the edge as fugitives, they never had a choice. But now they're up against a mysterious and deadly force that's racing across the globe - and just when they need one another the most, Fang is gone. He's creating his own gang that will replace everyone - including Max. Max is heartbroken over losing Fang, her soulmate, ...
Цена:  476.00
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Fifty Shades of Grey

When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting went badly, she tries to put him out of her mind - until he turns up at the store where she works part-time, and invites her out.
Цена:  638.00
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Fifty Shades Freed

When unworldly student Ana Steele first encountered the driven, damaged young entrepreneur Christian Grey, it sparked a sensual affair that changed both their lives irrevocably. Now, finally together, they have love, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of infinite possibilities. But Ana always knew that loving her Fifty Shades would not be easy and being together poses challenges neither of them ever anticipated. ...
Цена:  598.00
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Fifty Shades Darker

Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house. But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Ana cannot resist. Soon she is learning more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven, and ...
Цена:  598.00
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The Angel Inside: Michelangelo's Secrets For Following Your Passion and Finding the Work You Love

The break-out business parable that’s already sold more than 70,000 copies, The Angel Inside tells the story of a young man searching for meaning in his work and finding it in an unlikely place: the life and art of Michelangelo. There will come a time when you must decide to lead the life someone else has chosen for you…or the life you want. According to legend, when a young boy asked the great Renaissance artist ...
Цена:  225.00
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There's a Business in Every Woman: A 7-Step Guide to Discovering, Starting, and Building the Business of Your Dreams

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, or if you’ve ever wondered about how to build up the business you already run, but worry because you don’t have an MBA or a couple of years of college business courses, this book is for you. Based on extensive interviews with more than eighty women entrepreneurs from around the country, There’s a Business in Every Woman offers inspiring success stories (and ...
Цена:  574.00
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фото There"s a Business in Every Woman: A 7-Step Guide to Discovering, Starting, and Building the Business of Your Dreams

Drawing Conclusions

When a young woman returns from holiday to find her elderly neighbour dead, she immediately alerts the police. Commissario Brunetti is called to the scene but, though there are signs of a struggle, it seems the woman has simply suffered a fatal heart attack. Vice-Questore Patta is eager to dismiss the case as a death from natural causes, but Brunetti believes there is more to it than that. His suspicions are ...
Цена:  725.00
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Back to Work

President Bill Clinton gives us his views on the challenges facing the United States today and why government matters - presenting his ideas on restoring economic growth, job creation, financial responsibility, resolving the mortgage crisis, and pursuing a strategy to get us "back in the future business." He explains how we got into the current economic crisis, and offers specific recommendations on how we can ...
Цена:  1612.00
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The Time Weaver

From award-winning author Shana Abe comes the fifth novel in her paranormal Drakon series - featuring a glittering world of supersensual creatures that can shape-shift from human to smoke to dragon. Honor Carlisle may have been born into the "drakon" clan but she's always felt like a stranger to her kin - an intuition that proves true when she discovers that she is a Time Weaver: a creature with the extraordinary ...
Цена:  606.00
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Cracking the AP Economics Macro & Micro Exams

All you need to study and prepare for the AP Economics exams is in this test-prep book - Cracking the AP Economics Macro & Micro Exams, 2010 Edition includes: -2 full-length AP Economics practice tests with detailed explanations; -Proven test-taking strategies from the experts to help you score higher on your AP; -Review of all Economics AP topics covered, such as systems of government, economic decisions, firm ...
Цена:  1322.00
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Magnificent Folly

A #1 New York Times -bestselling author blends romance, suspense, and a touch of the paranormal as only she can in this classic love story of a woman who unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams - only to discover the shocking bond that has already linked them together.
Цена:  606.00
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For Elena Michaels, being the world's only female werewolf has its advantages, such as having her pick of the Otherworld's most desirable males. And she couldn't have picked a more dangerously sexy and undyingly loyal mate than Clayton Danvers. But now their bond will be put to the ultimate test. A werewolf more wolf than human and more unnatural than supernatural - a creature whose origins spring from ancient ...
Цена:  606.00
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Tender Savage

From New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a tale of danger and desire, as a woman caught up in another country's revolution finds herself falling in love with a charismatic freedom fighter. Lara Clavel knows that her mission to the war-torn Caribbean island of Saint Pierre is fraught with danger. But she is determined to rescue the imprisoned rebel leader Ricardo Lazaro - if only to prevent ...
Цена:  606.00
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The Order of Odd-Fish

JO LAROUCHE HAS lived her 13 years in the California desert with her Aunt Lily, ever since she was dropped on Lily's doorstep with this note: This is Jo. Please take care of her. But beware. This is a dangerous baby. At Lily's annual Christmas costume party, a variety of strange events take place that lead Jo and Lily out of California forever - and into the mysterious, strange, fantastical world of Eldritch ...
Цена:  681.00
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The Sword Never Sleeps

A classic, Lieber-esque sword and sorcery adventure! A cry for heroes went out from the kingdom of Cormyr when treachery threatened to bring her low, and the Knights of Myth Drannor answered that call. Earning praise from the Crown itself for their efforts, the Knights earned the name of adventurers. But to save Cormyr, they must become more than mere adventurers. The Knights must become heroes. The Sword Never ...
Цена:  767.00
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Nightlight: A Parody

About three things I was absolutely certain. First, Edwart was most likely my soul mate, maybe. Second, there was a vampire part of him-which I assumed was wildly out of his control-that wanted me dead. And third, I unconditionally, irrevocably, impenetrably, heterogeneously, gynecologically, and disreputably wished he had kissed me. And thus Belle Goose falls in love with the mysterious and sparkly Edwart Mullen ...
Цена:  1056.00
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Remember Me?

When twenty-eight-year-old Lexi Smart wakes up in a London hospital, she's in for a big surprise. Her teeth are perfect. Her body is toned. Her handbag is Vuitton. Having survived a car accident - in a Mercedes no less - Lexi has lost a big chunk of her memory, three years to be exact, and she's about to find out just how much things have changed. Somehow Lexi went from a twenty-five-year-old working girl to ...
Цена:  606.00
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Unholy Ghosts

THE DEPARTED HAVE ARRIVED. The world is not the way it was. The dead have risen, and the living are under attack. The powerful Church of Real Truth, in charge since the government fell, has sworn to reimburse citizens being harassed by the deceased. Enter Chess Putnam, a fully tattooed witch and freewheeling ghost hunter. She's got a real talent for banishing the wicked dead. But Chess is keeping a dark secret: ...
Цена:  626.00
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"NEW YORK TIMES" BESTSELLER Ansley Park is one of Atlanta's most upscale neighborhoods - but in one gleaming mansion, in a teenager's lavish bedroom, a girl has been savagely murdered. And in the hallway, her mother stands amid shattered glass, having killed her daughter's attacker with her bare hands. Detective Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is one of the first on the scene. Trent soon sees ...
Цена:  803.00
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The Seducer

She has captivated fans with unforgettable romance novels filled with suspense, seduction, mystery, and passionate love. Now nationally bestselling author Madeline Hunter introduces the Seducer in a dazzling tale of a powerfully sensual man, a headstrong young innocent, and a scandalously perilous affair as forbidden as it is irresistible... From the moment he arrived to rescue her, Diane Albret saw more in ...
Цена:  378.00
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The Saint

Nationally bestselling author Madeline Hunter has captivated fans with unforgettable romance novels filled with suspense, seduction, mystery, and love. Now meet the Saint in this sizzling tale of a mysterious aristocrat, a high-spirited American beauty, and an affair that begins with an innocent temptation... and leads to the most exquisitely dangerous of seductions. Vergil Duclairc was a man used to getting ...
Цена:  378.00
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Adolf Loos

Adolf Loos not only was part of the first wave of modern architecture but also served as an important source of inspiration for all architects who followed. He is emblematic of the turn-of-the-century generation that was torn between the traditional culture of the nineteenth century and the innovative modernism of the twentieth. Loos's masterful "astylistic architecture" is captured in this volume by the esteemed ...
Цена:  4226.00
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The Appeal

Politics has always been a dirty game. Now justice is, too. In a crowded courtroom in Mississippi, a jury returns a shocking verdict against a chemical company accused of dumping toxic waste into a small town's water supply, causing the worst cancer cluster in history. The company appeals to the Mississippi Supreme Court, whose nine justices will one day either approve the verdict or reverse it. Who are the ...
Цена:  553.00
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Hip Hollywood Homes

An Intimate Look at L.A.’s Hottest Trendsetters and the Inspiring Spaces They Live InRooted in innovation, aspiration, and tradition, daring in its scale and often in its luxury, Los Angeles style is unique. Nothing expresses these values more strikingly or more beautifully than the homes of L.A.’s hippest and most influential set: the designers, artists, stylists, and entrepreneurs whose tastes lead the way ...
Цена:  2852.00
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A Calculated Risk

"A dizzying, enjoyable caper... After reading this hard-to-put down thriller, you may put all your money in your mattress." LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWSWhen financial executive Verity Banks' latest proposal is axed by her boss, she decides to show how easy it is to break through automated security, hide money, and then show senior management where it is. Then her former mentor, financial wizard, Dr. Zooltan Tor ups ...
Цена:  606.00
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Ghosts Of New England

Records case studies of parapsychology and the contacts made with entities throughout the New England states and presents historical research attesting to the actual lives of these spirits.
Цена:  832.00
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The Road to Death

The epic Eberron trilogy The Lost Mark continues! The dark and mysterious world of Eberron continues to expand through RPG products and novels. This is the sixth novel set in the Eberron world. Matt Forbeck has written and designed games for more than 14 years, for which he has garnered several awards. His most recent title for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. was Marked for Death, the kickoff novel for The Lost Mark trilogy.
Цена:  529.00
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I, Robot

The three laws of Robotics: 1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2) A robot must obey orders givein to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. With this, Asimov changed our perception of robots ...
Цена:  647.00
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The Emperor's Tomb

"NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER Includes exclusive bonus material Former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone has received an anonymous note carrying an unfamiliar Web address. Logging on, he's shocked to see Cassiopeia Vitt, a woman who's saved his life more than once, being tortured at the hands of a mysterious man who has a single demand: "Bring me the artifact she's asked you to keep safe." The only problem ...
Цена:  641.00
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фото The Emperor"s Tomb

The Hidden Goddess

In a brilliant mix of magic, history, and romance, M. K. Hobson moves her feisty young Witch, Emily Edwards, from the Old West of 1876 to turn-of-the-nineteenth-century New York City, whose polished surfaces conceal as much danger as anything west of the Rockies. Like it or not, Emily has fallen in love with Dreadnought Stanton, a New York Warlock as irresistible as he is insufferable. Newly engaged, she now ...
Цена:  626.00
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A Dark Matter

On a Midwestern campus in the 1960s, a charismatic guru and his young acolytes perform a secret ritual in a local meadow. What happens is a mystery - all that remains is a gruesomely dismembered body and the shattered souls of all who were present. Forty years later, one man seeks to learn about that horrifying night, and to do so he'll have to force those involved to examine the unspeakable events that have ...
Цена:  606.00
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White Satin

In this classic novel, "New York Times" bestselling author Iris Johansen spins a marvelous love story about a world-class figure skater, her distant, demanding mentor, and the high-stakes competition that could bring them together at last - or put all their dreams on ice. WHITE SATIN On the smooth, silvery surface of the ice skating rink, Dany Alexander cuts a figure of strength and fire, beauty and grace. One ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото White Satin

Promises in the Dark: A Shadow Force Novel

On the run, in each other's arms, with one last chance to survive A rugged Navy SEAL, Zane Scott was part of a failed mission to rescue Dr. Olivia Strohm from abduction by the terrorist group Dead Man's Hand - and her anguished screams have haunted him ever since. So when he gets word that the beautiful physician has escaped from her captors in Africa, he's got personal reasons to storm the continent and save ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото Promises in the Dark: A Shadow Force Novel

The Chamber of Ten

From two masters of dark fantasy comes a chilling tale of magic and possession, set in - and beneath - fabulous Venice, a city slowly being swallowed by the very waters that have made it one of the wonders of the world. Geena Hodge is an American archaeologist working to salvage Venice's past from the encroaching Adriatic Sea. When she and her lover, Nico, discover the lost library of Petrarch under the Piazza ...
Цена:  606.00
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Missing Mark

In this page-turning sequel to Stalking Susan, TV reporter Riley Spartz pursues a curious story of a bride left at the altar and finds herself caught in a dangerous missing-person case. When Riley Spartz sees a want ad reading Wedding Dress for Sale: Never Worn, her news instincts tell her that the backstory might make an intriguing television sweeps piece. The groom, Mark, last seen at the rehearsal dinner, ...
Цена:  606.00
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Mind Games

Crane delivers a new slant on paranormal fantasy, for fans of both books witha psychic twist as well as urban fantasy.
Цена:  606.00
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фото Mind Games

The Treasure Keeper

She is a young drakon of untried powers. He is the powerful second son of the Alpha male from their clan of shapeshifting, supersensual beings. And what she is about to attempt will violate every taboo and break every law that bind the drakon together - and just may save them from destruction. A mere seamstress's daughter, Zoe Cyprienne Lane isn't even in the same league as Lord Rhys Langford. Nothing could ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото The Treasure Keeper

In Serena's Web

From" New York Times" bestselling author Kay Hooper comes this classic romantic tale of two men entangled in the nets of deadly temptation--and one irresistible, ambitious woman caught in a trap of her own devising... At twenty-six, Serena Jameson is a handful - brilliant, manipulative, and passionate, at least when it comes to righting the wrongs of the world. Her father, a renowned computer magnate, is worried ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото In Serena"s Web

Raven on the Wing

"New York Times "bestselling author Kay Hooper brings together romance and suspense in this classic love story of a woman who must lie to keep a safe distance from the man she loves - because telling him the truth is too dangerous for them both. From the moment Raven Anderson literally knocks Josh Long off his feet, he's determined to keep this elusive beauty in his tight embrace. While Raven denies their electrifying ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото Raven on the Wing

The Devil's Playground

Morgan Kingsley, a kick-ass exorcist, can deal with Lugh, the supersexy demon living inside her, but does he have to moan softly during her intimate moments with her mortal lover? Understandably, Brian is reluctant to share the pleasures of Morgan's flesh with a gorgeous rogue from the Demon Realm. But personal matters will have to wait when the opportunistic owner of the Seven Deadlies demon club in Philadelphia ...
Цена:  606.00
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Saving Grace: Tough Love

A gripping novel packed with heart and heat based on the hit television series "Saving Grace" Life's been tough for Oklahoma police detective Grace Hanadarko. She's got the talent it takes to make her a damn fine cop - but a personal life that can make your hair stand on end. Earl is not your average angel, but he is determined to lead Grace down the road to salvation - if he can handle the hard-as-nails journey. ...
Цена:  606.00
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Coming Home

From the New York Times -bestselling author of Acts of Mercy comes a novel about a man who's sworn off women and a woman haunted by her past. When fate offers them a second chance, will they take it?
Цена:  606.00
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Last Chance

NEVER SAY DIE McKenna Sloan saved Lucas Kane's life and then vanished. Lucas moved mountains trying to find her again, and finally McKenna relented - for one fleeting night. The truth is, McKenna's life is all about the dark, deception-filled world of Last Chance Rescue, and for her, there's no hope of love or Lucas. But fate, and Lucas's determination, soon change everything. A kidnapped young woman, a lure ...
Цена:  606.00
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The Deepest Cut

Back from the dead. That's how it feels for Nan Vining, a Pasadena homicide cop determined to find the brutal madman who attacked her a year ago. Nan's daughter calls the unknown assailant T. B. Mann - The Bad Man. On the job, Nan breaks rules and steals evidence, building a case file based on the certainty that T. B. Mann is obsessed with women who wear uniforms, that he hunts them, kills them, then adorns ...
Цена:  606.00
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Original Sin

Haunted by chilling memories of demonic possession and murder, Moira O'Donnell has spent seven years hunting down her mother, Fiona, whose command of black magic has granted her unprecedented control of the underworld. Now Moira's global search has led her to a small California town that's about to become hell on earth. Tormented by his own terrifying past and driven by powers he can't explain, ex-seminarian ...
Цена:  626.00
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Shades of Midnight

In a frozen wilderness steeped in darkness, the lines between good and evil, lover and enemy, are never black or white but drawn in Shades of Midnight. Something inhuman is stalking the frigid Alaskan wilds, leaving unspeakable carnage in its wake. For bush pilot Alexandra Maguire, the killings stir memories of a horrific event she witnessed as a child and evoke in her the inexplicable sense of otherness she ...
Цена:  360.00
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Lethal Legacy

Featuring a cast of elite and erudite characters, and a complex trail of clues that will have you guessing until the final pages, Lethal Legacy is Linda Fairstein's most beguiling thriller yet. When Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper is summoned to Tina Barr's apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side, she finds a neighbor convinced that the young woman has been assaulted. But the terrified victim, a conservator ...
Цена:  606.00
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While My Sister Sleeps

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Once again "New York Times" bestselling author Barbara Delinsky brings us a masterful family portrait, filled with thought-provoking insights into how emotions affect the decisions we make and how letting go can be the hardest thing to do and the greatest expression of love all at the same time. Molly and Robin Snow are sisters in the prime of life. So when Molly receives the news that ...
Цена:  606.00
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Desperate Measures

An orphan whose wealthy uncle saved him from a life of poverty, Pete Sorenson has lived a fairy-tale life - complete with a princess named Annie. But then Maddie Stern enters Pete's life. Maddie was a foster child, too, and her allure entrances Pete. But just before their wedding, Maddie disappears. Pete reaches out to the one person who has always been there for him - Annie.
Цена:  606.00
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One Touch of Topaz

From "New York Times" bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a timeless tale about the immutable power of attraction, as two lovers forge a bond so undeniable that nothing can break it... Samantha Barton survived imprisonment on the war-torn island of St. Pierre. Her family wasn't so lucky. Now, in her new identity as the tough-as-nails revolutionary code-named Topaz, she enlists the aid of an enigmatic industrialist, ...
Цена:  606.00
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The Secret Between Us

An unforgettable novel about making bad choices for the right reasons and the terrible consequences of a lie gone wrong. Deborah Monroe and her daughter, Grace, are driving home from a party when their car hits a man running in the dark. Grace was at the wheel, but Deborah sends her home before the police arrive, determined to shoulder the blame for the accident. Her decision then turns into a deception that ...
Цена:  606.00
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Breaking Loose

From the bestselling author of Loose and Easy comes a new novel set in the underground world of the Special Defense Forces - where sin and danger collide as the world's hottest secret agents compete for the prize everyone lusts after.
Цена:  606.00
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Stalking Susan

Introducing Riley Spartz, a spunky, clever, and endearing investigative reporter on the trail of a serial killer targeting women named Susan, murdering one on the same day each year. Riley Spartz, TV news reporter for Channel 3 in Minneapolis, is recovering from a heartbreaking, headline-making catastrophe of her own when a longtime police source drops two homicide files in her lap. Both cold cases involve women ...
Цена:  606.00
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The Magicians and Mrs. Quent

Galen Beckett weaves a dazzling spell of adventure and suspense in an evocative world of high magick and genteel society-a world where one young woman discovers that her modest life is far more extraordinary than she ever imagined. Of the three Lockwell sisters-romantic Lily, prophetic Rose, and studious, book-loving Ivy-it's Ivy, the eldest, who's held the family together after their father's silent retreat ...
Цена:  1136.00
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Last Kiss

Is it true that old love never dies, that hearts can mend, that a secret revealed can change everything? New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice spins a mesmerizing tale readers will long remember-the powerful story of a close-knit community grappling with a dark mystery, and of a woman reclaiming a love she believed lost a lifetime ago. For nearly a year after the tragedy that claimed her teenage son, ...
Цена:  803.00
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Black Out

When my mother named me Ophelia, she thought she was being literary. She didn't realize she was being tragic. On the surface, Annie Powers's life in a wealthy Floridian suburb is happy and idyllic. Her husband, Gray, loves her fiercely; together, they dote on their beautiful young daughter, Victory. But the bubble surrounding Annie is pricked when she senses that the demons of her past have resurfaced and, to ...
Цена:  606.00
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Flip! For Decorating

In this fresh, fun, and unique book, design consultant and "Today" show lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew shares essential insider tips for making any space stylish and timeless in a snap. Forget expensive fixes or labor-intensive endeavors, Flip! for Decorating can show you how to redecorate with what you have on hand, or with the simple purchases you'll need to create the room of your dreams. Flip through ...
Цена:  1707.00
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In this sequel to The Better to Hold You, Abra Barrow leaves her husband, who had infected her with the rare werewolf virus, for a new life in a small town. When she starts losing her temper and inhibitions, even in daylight, Abra finds herself releasing the beast in all the men around her.
Цена:  529.00
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How the Two Ivans Quarrelled

We all came out from under Gogol's Overcoat.' Fyodor Dostoevsky From the father of modern Russian fiction comes a hilarious look at holding a grudge. Gogol's classic story about friendship gone bad highlights the fierce wit and sharp sarcasm of the Russian master. This novella has never before been published as a stand-alone edition.
Цена:  703.00
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Mothers and Children

Mothers and Children is a collection of National Geographic photographs that capture the universal bond between mother and child. The rich, story-centric photographs, from past and present, take readers into the lives of families from around the world. An introductory essay will set the stage and in-depth captions illuminate the story behind each image. The collection includes nearly 100 images representing ...
Цена:  1405.00
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The Betrayal Game

History is just an assassin's bullet away... In 1961 Professor Mikhal Lammeck, a specialist in the history and weaponry of assassins, has come to Havana. In Fidel Castro, he believes the world is witnessing that rarest anomaly: the man who can change history... and therefore "must be murdered." The wild CIA plots, the treacherous double crosses, the near-miraculous escapes, are already legendary. But with a ...
Цена:  753.00
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Capitol Conspiracy

Oklahoma defense attorney Ben Kincaid has found himself smack in the middle of more than a few controversies and deadly predicaments-and the unexpected leap from his modest Tulsa law offices to Washington, D.C.'s Senate chamber hasn't taken the edge off Ben's knack for stepping into the line of fire. Now the idealistic junior senator is plunged into the thick of lethal intrigue when a shocking campaign of terror ...
Цена:  606.00
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Peter Tyler appears to have it all - a loving wife, a powerful job on Wall Street, a sprawling house in the suburbs. But in a moment of weakness, Peter indulges in a one-night stand with a beautiful trader. A few weeks later, his house is broken into and his wife brutally murdered. When the police discover Peter's infidelity, he immediately goes from grieving husband to prime suspect. Suddenly, it's up to Peter ...
Цена:  606.00
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The Night Ferry

A gripping tale of betrayal, murder, and redemption. Detective Alisha Barba hadn't heard from her long lost friend Cate in years, but when she receives a frantic letter pleading for help, she knows she must see her. They want to take my baby. You have to stop them, Cate whispers to Alisha when they finally meet. Then, only hours later, Cate and her husband are fatally run down by a car. At the crime scene, Alisha ...
Цена:  803.00
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Mary Emmerling's Beach Cottages

No matter which shore they are near or how modern or traditional the decor, America's beach houses share the timeless appeal of bringing together friends and family, memories and desires.
Цена:  2050.00
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Cold Day in Hell

Цена:  606.00
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From the writer Patricia Cornwell calls the most brilliant mystery novelist of our times comes a typically astute and suspenseful tale of what happens when a taste for dangerous heights becomes a way of life.
Цена:  713.00
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The Hot Flash Club

From the bestselling author of "Between Husbands and Friends" and "An Act of Love" comes a wise, wonderful, and delightfully witty "coming of age" novel about four intrepid women who discover themselves as they were truly meant to be: passionate, alive, and ready to face the best years of their lives. Meet Faye, Marilyn, Alice, and Shirley. Four women with skills, smarts, and secrets - all feeling over the hill ...
Цена:  587.00
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The Three Miss Margarets

Little does the town of Charles Valley, Georgia, know that beneath the irreproachable facades of its three most famous doyennes lies an explosive decades-old secret that is about to be revealed.
Цена:  1091.00
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Confessions of a shopaholic

Millions of readers have come to adore New York Times best-selling author Sophie Kinsella's irrepressible heroine. Meet Becky Bloomwood, America's favorite shopaholic - a young woman with a big heart, big dreams... and just one little weakness. Becky has a fabulous flat in London's trendiest neighborhood, a troupe of glamorous socialite friends, and a closet brimming with the season's must-haves. The only trouble ...
Цена:  553.00
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Time Out Croatia

Some 2,000 km of crystal clear coastline fringed by 1,200 mainly uninhabited islands is enticing a record number of visitors. The independent traveller can count on cheaply available accommodation, superb seafood, a lively bar scene and - unless it's a busy island in high season - lots of space. Inland, surrounded by national parks, traditional villages and rare wildlife, stands the culturally vibrant, classically ...
Цена:  1213.00
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Katie Price has led a rollercoaster life and the excitement, glamour and emotional twists and turns show no signs of slowing down. Although happily married to Peter Andre, the past few years have been troublesome for Katie. She has overcome a string of fiercely emotional challenges: she has battled post-natal depression, endured a traumatic miscarriage and continually fought fears for the safety and health of ...
Цена:  598.00
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Whatever She Wants

In "Whatever She Wants", Andrew Rosetta lifts the lid on the mysterious, sexy and little-known world of the male escort. As one of the most sought-after escorts in London, Andrew's clients are many and varied: from a gangster's wife in search of a little fun to a world-famous pop star requiring the utmost discretion, all of them are looking for different things. His personal life, meanwhile, is just as turbulent ...
Цена:  598.00
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War - in the mind of the fragile Bea B., in the infinite icy landscape she journeys through, in Vietnam, in 10,000 years of human history. The war of the title is not merely a war of arms but a generalised state of violence permeating every atom of Le Clezio's creation. Bea B. searches for clues for the origin of the evil. Under her searching gaze the most everyday objects - advertisements, cars, light bulbs ...
Цена:  1082.00
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The Giants

Upon an immense stretch of flat ground at the mouth of a river bathed in sunlight rises Hyperpolis. It stands there, surrounded by its four asphalt car-parks, to condemn us - a huge enveloping supermarket. Each of us will see ourselves reflected in the characters who move mindlessly about Hyperpolis, but The Giants is a call to rebellion. This bold and inventive novel is the work of a tremendously talented writer ...
Цена:  673.00
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How to Survive Your Sisters

When it comes to sisterly rivalry, the MacLeod family has a long history and with the social event of the year looming, there are bound to be some fireworks. Natalie wants the perfect wedding. Milly longs to be able to fit into something other than her maternity trousers. Avril secretly dreams of settling down with an unmarried man. And Hazel, the baby of the family, just wishes she was taken more seriously. ...
Цена:  841.00
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The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch

Beautiful Irishwoman Eliza Lynch became briefly, in the 1860s, the richest woman in the world. The book opens in Paris with Eliza in bed with Francisco Solano Lopez - heir to the untold wealth of Paraguay. The fruit of their congress will be extraordinary, and will send her across the Atlantic on the regal voyage to claim her glorious future in Ascuncion. With the lavish imaginative richness of Marquez and the ...
Цена:  598.00
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The Wig My Father Wore

It was a tough, wiry wig with plenty of personality. It rode around on his head like an animal. It was a vigorous brown. I was very fond of it as a child. I thought that it liked me back.' Anne Enright's extraordinary first novel is narrated by Grace, a TV producer, whose life is transfigured when she answers the door to a fully-fledged angel. Stephen was a bridge-builder in Canada before he killed himself, ...
Цена:  598.00
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Compass Guide to Coastal California

Domestic travel is hot this season, as more and more Americans discover the pleasure of packing up and hitting the road. Fodor's has the guides for every traveler in every region. With Fodor's Road Guide USA to get them there, Compass American for the history of the region, and Gold Guides for dining, lodging, and shopping options, your customers will never make a wrong turn.
Цена:  1304.00
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Flash and Bones

In the run up to the biggest NASCAR race week of the year, Dr Temperance Brennan is called to a landfill site backing onto the Charlotte speedway track in North Carolina. Someone has discovered a barrel of hardened asphalt with a human hand poking through the top. With the country's press trained on Charlotte, it is up to Tempe to try to release and identify the body in the barrel. But there is more than one ...
Цена:  676.00
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The Making of Us

In a hospice in Bury St Edmunds, a man called Daniel is slowly fading away. His friend Maggie sits with him every day; she holds his hand and she listens to the story of his life, to his regrets and to his secrets. And then he tells her about the children he has never met and never will. He talks of them wistfully. His legacy, he calls them. Lydia, Dean and Robyn don't know each other. Yet. And they are all ...
Цена:  563.00
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Blood Rites

Lydia Chin and Bill Smith have been hired by one of the most respected figures in New York City's Chinatown, for what appears to be a simple task - deliver a family heirloom to the young grandson of the recently deceased business colleague of Grandfather Gao. Before they can deliver the heirloom, the grandson is kidnapped and two separate ransom demands are made. While the family of the kidnapped boy tries to ...
Цена:  523.00
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Protect and Defend

On a cold day in January President Kerry Kilcannon takes the oath of office and within days makes his first, most important move: appointing a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Kilcannon's choice is a female judge with a brilliant record. And a secret. While the Senate spars over Caroline Masters' nomination, an inflammatory abortion rights case is making its way toward the judge--and will explode into ...
Цена:  396.00
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In Borrowed Light

The final part of the Langani Trilogy is a breathtaking story of friendship and love set against the backdrop of 20th-century Kenya Fourteen years after independence, the enduring childhood friendship of three women has carried them through times of violence and loss in Kenya, their chosen homeland. Hannah Olsen and her husband Lars own Langani Farm and Safari Lodge where they struggle to protect their wildlife ...
Цена:  673.00
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Truth Lies Bleeding

Four teenagers find the mutilated corpse of a young girl stuffed into a dumpster in an Edinburgh alleyway. Who is she? Where did she come from? Who killed her and why? Above all, where is the baby to which she has obviously recently given birth? Inspector Rob Brennan, recently back from psychiatric leave, is still shocked by the senseless shooting of his only brother. His superiors think that the case of the ...
Цена:  598.00
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Savage Blood

In Atlanta, Charlie Cortez MD diagnoses his mistress with an unknown neurodegenerative disease that is inducing violent and bloody psychosis. The apparent cause? Consumption of infected human flesh... In Vienna, Dr. Reeta Kapoor, eminent anthropologist, is forced to travel to a remote Indian archipelago in order to rescue her brother - he has become embroiled in a plot to thwart the colonization of a mysterious ...
Цена:  598.00
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Tongues of Flame

The gift of tongues, prophecy exorcism... what might such concepts mean in a complacent backwater of North London? For Richard Bowen, adolescence becomes a nightmare when his parents join the charismatic movement and find a devil in his brother.
Цена:  675.00
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In a book that combines psychology and sociology with an insightful understanding of human interactions, Ori and Rom Brafman have written a compelling narrative that helps us to understand the magic behind those moments when we form an incredible connection with other people, or which cause us to become fully engaged in whatever we are doing. In a page-turning narrative in the fashion of their previous book, ...
Цена:  772.00
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My Michael

My Michael is a beautiful work of great depth and lingers in the mind as a lyric song to his country's people as much as a moving love story. (Arthur Miller). 1950s Jerusalem. Hannah Gonen has just married and is thrilled and pained by her young well-meaning husband, Michael. Haunted by her dreams of two boys who disappeared from Jerusalem after the establishment of the state of Israel, Hannah gradually withdraws ...
Цена:  1082.00
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Bad Intentions

Early one September three friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin by Dead Water Lake. With only a pale moon to light their way, they row across the water in the middle of the night. But only two of them return. When the body of the third friend is discovered, Inspector Sejer is put in charge of the investigation. He is troubled by the apparent suicide and has an overwhelming sense that the surviving pair ...
Цена:  598.00
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Desert Claw

Present day Iraq: A country torn apart by war and anarchy. Thieves roam the streets. People are being killed in broad daylight. Security is non-existent. And now, terrorists have seized a Van Gogh painting worth 25 million from one of Saddam's palaces. They are offering it to the highest bidder. The painting's original owner, a Kuwaiti prince, from whom it was seized during Iraq's occupation of Kuwait in the ...
Цена:  223.00
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Time Out San Francisco

Time Out's resident team helps you get the best out of the City on the Bay, giving you the inside track on local culture plus hundreds of independent venue reviews. As well as covering visitor essentials. Time Out San Francisco explores the city's diverse neighborhoods and highlights its independent and creative spirit with a tour of its thriving gay, art, food, shopping and cultural venues.
Цена:  971.00
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The Last Stand

'The whites want war and we will give it to them' - Sitting Bull. This is the archetypal story of the American West. Whether it is cast as a tale of unmatched bravery in the face of impossible odds or of insane arrogance receiving its rightful comeuppance, Custer's Last Stand continues to captivate the imagination. Nathaniel Philbrick brilliantly reconstructs the build-up to the Battle of the Little Big Horn ...
Цена:  822.00
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Dark Touch: Fever

Deepdene has been swept by what seems to be a vicious tropical disease. Luckily Eve and Jess are both healthy so they're taking their chance to enjoy the unseasonal heat wave. But then teenagers start to disappear. The spread of the disease worsens and the town is placed under lockdown. A demon is among them. It could be anybody. And now there's nowhere to go... The third title in this successful series. It ...
Цена:  447.00
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A Different Sky

Singapore - a trading post where different lives jostle and mix. It is 1927, and three young people are starting to question whether this in between island can ever truly be their home. Mei Lan comes from a famous Chinese dynasty but yearns to free herself from its stifling traditions; ten-year-old Howard seethes at the indignities heaped on his fellow Eurasians by the colonial British; Raj, fresh off the boat ...
Цена:  598.00
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Maya Lowe is one of the world's biggest movie stars. Steve Watkins is her life-long friend. Both swear their relationship hasn't changed since they shared a school desk as London teenagers. But can a friendship like theirs really survive a fame as great as Maya's? Can a man like Steve, working away for a Heathrow logistics company, seriously remain part of her life? He certainly thinks so. But amid the twists ...
Цена:  598.00
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фото Maya

Ruby's Spoon

This is the tale of three women - one witch, one mermaid and one missing - and how Ruby was caught up in between. The Black Country town of Cradle Cross - home to buttonmakers, canal folk, and more than its share of widows - is bounded by canals, grief and superstition. Caught within this web is motherless thirteen-year-old Ruby, who dreams of escaping the soot and smoke of her home-town for the clear air of ...
Цена:  598.00
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The Road to Wanting

Na Ga was always in search of a better life. But now she sits, alone, in a hotel room in Wanting, a godforsaken town on the Chinese-Burmese border. Plucked from her wild life as a rural eel-catcher, Na Ga is first abandoned by her would-be rescuers in Rangoon. Later, as a teenager, she finds herself chasing the dream of a new life in Thailand - where further betrayals and violations await. Yet it seems that ...
Цена:  598.00
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фото The Road to Wanting

Ghost Light

Dublin 1907, a city of whispered rumours. A young actress begins an affair with a damaged older man, the leading playwright at the theatre where she works. Rebellious and flirtatious, Molly Allgood is a girl of the inner city tenements, dreaming of stardom in America. She has dozens of admirers but in the backstage of her life there is a secret. Her lover, John Synge, is a troubled genius, the son of a once ...
Цена:  598.00
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Dark Matter

Sebastian and Oskar have been friends since their days studying physics at university, when both were considered future Nobel Prize candidates. But their lives took divergent paths, as did their scientific views. Whenever Oskar comes to visit from his prestigious research post in Geneva, there is tension in the air, and it doesn't help their friendship that he feels Sebastian has not lived up to his intellectual ...
Цена:  598.00
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In 1982, the oil rig Ocean Ranger sank off the coast of Newfoundland during a Valentine's night storm. In the early hours of the next morning, all 84 men aboard died. Helen O'Mara is one of those left behind when her husband, Cal, drowns. Her story starts years after the Ranger disaster, but she is compelled to travel back to the 'February' that persists in her mind, and to that moment in 1982 when, expecting ...
Цена:  598.00
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фото February

The Patience Stone

A young woman prays at her husband's bedside as he lies in a coma with a bullet in his neck. From outside come the sounds of tanks, gunshots, screaming and, most terrifying of all, silence. Inside, her two frightened daughters call to her from the hallway. As she tries to keep her husband alive, the woman rages against men, war, culture, God. Even as her mind appears to unravel, she becomes intensely clear-sighted. ...
Цена:  598.00
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фото The Patience Stone

The House of Rajani

The year is 1895, Jeff. Salah Rajani, a troubled Muslim boy living in a dilapidated mansion surrounded by orange groves, suffers from peculiar visions about a disaster which is set to befall his people. His life is changed by the arrival of a handsome young man, a dynamic Jewish settler, new to the city, by the name of Isaac Luminsky. Luminsky covets both the fertile lands of the Rajani estate and Salah's beautiful ...
Цена:  598.00
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фото The House of Rajani

The Obamas

Peter Firstbrook spent many months in Kenya researching the history of Barack Obama's family, tracing Obama's roots from the present back through more than 20 generations, thanks to the Luo tribe's remarkable oral tradition. Seen though the eyes of the Obama family this will be the story of an African dynasty going back over 400 years. It is a truly astonishing drama culminating in the inauguration of Barack ...
Цена:  897.00
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Book of Clouds

Tatiana, a young Mexican woman, is adrift in Berlin. Choosing a life of solitude, she takes a job transcribing notes for the reclusive Doktor Weiss. Through him she meets 'an illustrator turned meteorologist' Jonas, a Berliner who has used clouds and the sky's constant shape-shifting as his escape from reality. As their three paths intersect and merge, the contours of all their worlds begins to change...
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Rebels and Traitors

Set against the terrible struggle of the English Civil War and the dark plots of the Commonwealth, Rebels and Traitors tells of soldiers, adventurers, aristocrats and kings, tradesmen, politicians, radicals and scavengers - and the hopes and dreams that carried them through one of the most turbulent eras of English history. Men who never imagined fighting a war gladly risk their lives; women strive to keep families ...
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Black Flies

Shannon Burke earned stunning reviews for his debut novel, Safelight, and now he returns with the same minimalist intensity in this arresting follow-up. Black Flies is the story of paramedic Ollie Cross and his first year on the job in mid-1990s Harlem. It is a ground's eye view of life on the streets: the shoot-outs, the bad cops, unhinged medics, and hopeless patients, the dark humour in bizarre circumstances, ...
Цена:  961.00
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Engineers of the Soul

Engineers of the Soul is the riveting story of how authors were forced to write in service of the Soviet Union's Communist ideology. Stalin first used the expression 'engineers of the soul' to refer to Soviet writers in 1932. It would become a well-known phrase and a feared concept. Together with the actual engineers, these engineers of the soul were supposed to contribute to the definitive establishment of ...
Цена:  1121.00
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The Forbidden Temple

To Luca Matthews the dangers of the high mountain peaks are quite literally the air upon which he thrives. In the ruthless pursuit of his goals he would sacrifice anything - even another climber's life. His friends and family know and fear it. So when he sights a virgin peak in the Himalayas that exists on no map, no one is surprised when he becomes obsessed with being the first to scale it. Together with his ...
Цена:  721.00
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Sacred Sierra

In a book, rich with characters and plants, this is a romantic and alluring leap into Spanish rural life with the author and his partner, a flamenco dancer, who buy a farm in a remote, steep valley and set about clearing land, planting and harvesting olives.
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Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones has come to my window. I don't know why, but he has. Maybe he's in trouble. Maybe he doesn't have anywhere else to go. Late on a hot summer night at the tail end of 1965, Charlie Bucktin, a precocious and bookish boy of thirteen, is startled by an urgent knock on his window. His visitor is Jasper Jones, an outcast in the regional mining town of Corrigan. Rebellious, mixed-race and solitary, Jasper ...
Цена:  961.00
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The Case of the Missing Servant

Meet Vish Puri, India's most private investigator. Portly, persistent and unmistakably Punjabi, he cuts a determined swathe through modern India's swindlers, cheats and murderers. In hot and dusty Delhi, where call centres and malls are changing the ancient fabric of Indian life, Puri's main work comes from screening prospective marriage partners, a job once the preserve of aunties and family priests. But when ...
Цена:  1082.00
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Cold Blood

The Russian Revolution is breaking out all around him, but Charlie Doig has a private war to fight. Even if he dies in the attempt, he's going to track down and kill Prokhor Glebov, the Bolshevik who raped and tortured his beautiful wife Elizaveta. Certain that Glebov will sooner or later turn up at Lenin's side, he and Kobi, his Mongolian henchman, make their way to St Petersburg. There, amidst the chaos of ...
Цена:  673.00
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American Adulterer

The subject of this novel is a habitual womaniser. He regards his high libido as physiologically normal; if he goes without a woman for three days, he suffers headaches. He embarks on affairs with Hollywood starlets, with mob molls and numerous female employees, despite debilitating ailments and a persistent fear of losing his beloved wife and children. And this particular philanderer must choose his partners ...
Цена:  598.00
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Forgotten Fruits

In an era when supermarket conformity rules, it is refreshing to discover that there are still wonderful, traditional varieties of fruit and veg out there waiting to be grown and tasted. What about Glaskin's Perpetual rhubarb, quick to settle in and ready to be cut in its first year? Or Alderman peas, deliciously sweet even when they reach the size of marbles? Not to mention Ashmead's Kernel apple, as devoured ...
Цена:  1060.00
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Born Evil

June Dawson has come a long way from the rough East End background where she met, got pregnant by and eventually married charming, reckless Johnny Fuller. Now she lives in leafy Rainham, in a nice little cul-de-sac, with her ultra-respectable second husband and a lovely social life. Then her world collapses when daughter Debbie announces that she is pregnant by her low-life, drug addict boyfriend, Billy McDaid. ...
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Will Ferguson takes us on a wild romp across the dust bowl of West Texas. The year is 1939. The world is on the brink of war, and the American Dream is rusting out from the inside. Jack McGreary is adrift in the faded boomtown of Paradise Flats. Raised by his eccentric and increasingly erratic father, Jack has learned to live by his wits. He outsmarts the local businessmen, out-argues the local priest, and even ...
Цена:  598.00
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Holly Barrett lives a very solitary, quiet life in a small town on the coast of Massachusetts. She has a five-year-old daughter called Katy, who she accidentally conceived the night she lost her virginity to the boy she'd had a crush on for years - and who ran a mile the minute he heard about her pregnancy - and the only other people in her life are her beloved grandfather, Henry, and her best friend Anna. All ...
Цена:  523.00
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Rules of Vengeance

It is six months since Jonathan Ransom foiled the attack on an Israeli jet that threatened to plunge the world into war. He has spent the last six months in hiding in South East Asia avoiding having to confront his wife's double life and the lie that was their eight-year marriage. Now Emma has initiated a reconciliation which Ransom reluctantly goes along with. They meet in London and vow to start over with ...
Цена:  897.00
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The hotel Waldhaus in the Swiss mountain village of Waltenberg is central to the action of this epic novel, which takes place in Europe from the First World War to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Waltenberg tells the story of the love between Hans Kappler, a German novelist, and Lena Hotspur, an American singer; of the friendship between Hans and Max Goffard, a French journalist. It is also a spy story. Michael ...
Цена:  747.00
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The Accidental Family

Six months ago, city girl Sophie Mills gave up everything to move to Cornwall. All to be with the man that she thinks she loves, and his two daughters who she knows she loves. But adjusting to life in the countryside isn't quite as easy as Sophie imagined it would be. Designer shoes aren't nearly so readily available - not that she ever has any occasion to wear them - and sometimes she doesn't even recognise ...
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The Garden of Last Days

One early September night in Florida, a young woman brings her daughter to work. April's usual babysitter, Jean, has had a panic attack that has landed her in hospital. April doesn't really know anyone else, so she decides it's best to have her three-year-old daughter close by, watching children's videos in the office, while she works. But April is a stripper at the Puma Club for Men. And tonight she has an ...
Цена:  961.00
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All the Sad Young Literary Men

A charming yet scathing portrait of young adulthood at the opening of the twenty-first century, All the Sad Young Literary Men charts the lives of Sam, Mark, and Keith, as they overthink their college years, underthink their love lives, and struggle through the encouragement of the women who love and despise them to find a semblance of maturity, responsibility, and even literary fame. Heartbroken in his university ...
Цена:  961.00
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A Vigil of Spies

This title presents a callous murder, a devastating secret, and a crime of passion. Bishopthorpe Palace, York. September 1373. John Thoresby, the Archbishop of York, lies dying. One of the most powerful men in the country, his imminent demise has the dominant families of the north vying to influence his succession. Owen Archer, Thoresby's master of the guards, is one of the few men Thoresby trusts. He is determined ...
Цена:  673.00
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The Carnival Master

The Cologne police know a woman is going to die. They know the day it will happen. And they're powerless to stop it. They call on an outside expert: Jan Fabel, head of Hamburg's Murder Squad and Germany's leading authority on serial killers. Fabel is on the point of leaving the police for good, but Carnival in Cologne is a time when the world goes crazy, and he is drawn into the hunt for the Carnival Cannibal. ...
Цена:  782.00
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In her second novel, Nicola Monaghan moves her focus from a Nottingham council estate to the City of London. It's the late '90s and party-girl Frankie Cavanagh has just started working as a trader, experiencing life on the trading floor in all its sweaty, adrenalin-fueled madness, for the first time. She is determined to fit in with the boys - she works hard, plays hard and gives as good as she gets. Frankie ...
Цена:  598.00
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Obabakoak means 'events that happened in Obaba', the village at the centre of a novel composed of 26 inked tales and parodies written with a delicate sense of childlike innocence. But underlying these stories is a darker theme of loss, as the narrator of the book becomes a victim of his own tales.
Цена:  747.00
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The Various

A gritty and captivating story of courage and strength against terrible odds, this is the story of Midge, abandoned with her eccentric uncle during the holidays, and her adventures with the Various, a band of earthily realistic fairies. The existence of the Various, who are strange, wild and sometimes even deadly, has been kept secret since the beginning of time, but when their world begins to clash with that ...
Цена:  961.00
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Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord

Dionisio Vivo, a South American lecturer in philosphy, is puzzled by the hideously mutilated corpses that keep turning up outside his front door. To his friend, Ramon, one of the few honest policement in town, the message is all too clear: Dionisio's letters to the press, exposing the drug barons, must stop; and although Dionisio manages to escape the hit-men sent to get him, he soon realises that others are ...
Цена:  598.00
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The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts

When the spoilt and haughty Dona Constanza tries to divert a river to fill her swimming pool, she starts a running battle with the locals. The skirmishes are so severe that the Government dispatches a squadron of soldiers led by the fat, brutal and stupid Figueras to deal with them. Despite visiting plagues of laughing fits and giant cats upon the troops, the villagers know that to escape the cruel and unusual ...
Цена:  673.00
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Lost and Found

Roxanne's world collapses when she comes home one day to discover her husband lying dead on the bathroom floor. Consumed by grief, she runs away from her life, quitting her job and heading for Peaks Island, a tiny speck off the coast of Maine. A former psycologist, she finds herself taking a job as an animal warden and reinventing her past so it doesn't include the tragedy of her husband's death. But despite ...
Цена:  598.00
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This moving and profoundly truthful story is told in the form of diary, kept by Angelika, the sister-in-law and friend of Klara, who, after her release from Auschwitz, wandered through war-ravaged Europe for two months before returning to Paris in August 1945. Gradually, over a period of six weeks, Klara reveals, with cold anger and pitiless lucidity, the full horror of what she experienced in Auschwitz as she ...
Цена:  598.00
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School's Out

In school playgrounds across the country parents huddle in worried packs, desperately putting together their final plans to survive the summer weeks of mayhem - school is officially out! For once, Amanda has a simple, cheap and fail-safe plan to make it through the summer holidays with her three, overexcited offspring. But a last minute addition of fellow-mum Suzanne and her perfect son Orlando quickly shatters ...
Цена:  523.00
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Fire in the Blood

This perfect gem of a novel by the author of the posthumously acclaimed and bestselling Suite Francaise has never previously been published and was discovered only recently in separate archive files. A couple of pages were in the famous suitcase which her daughters saved, and the balance had been deposited with a family friend and editor during the war. A morality tale with doubtful morals, a story of murder, ...
Цена:  598.00
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All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well

Meet Burt Hecker, aka Eckbert Attquiet, a 63 year old medieval re-enactor with a momentous nose, who dresses in tunics and drinks too much home-made mead. His treasured wife Kitty has died and their strange and beautiful relationship is now the stuff of history; he has sold all of his possessions and bought a one-way ticket to Europe, bent on rescuing his beloved son Tristan from the 'evil' city of Prague. If ...
Цена:  598.00
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The Birthday Party

It is the summer of 1975. Marco Timoleon, an Onassis-like tycoon, is nearing the end of his life. When he finds out his troubled daughter is pregnant by a man he doesn't approve of, he throws a birthday party for her on his private island, secretly intending to persuade her to terminate the pregnancy. A doctor stands by to perform the operation on the spot. The story of this fateful party and the lives it affects ...
Цена:  598.00
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The Courilof Affair

In 1903, Leon M - a devout terrorist - is given the responsibility of 'liquidating' Valerian Alexandrovitch Courilof, the notoriously brutal and cold-blooded Russian Minister of Education, by the Revolutionary Committee. The assassination, he is told, must take place in public and be in most grandiose manner possible in order to strike the imagination of the people. Posing as his newly appointed personal physician, ...
Цена:  673.00
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The First Patient

Two helicopters disrupt the peace of Dr Gabe Singleton's remote Wyoming ranch. From one of them strides the President of the United States with startling news - and a stunning request which will turn Gabe's quiet life upside down. President Stoddard's personal physician has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, and he needs Gabe to take the man's place. Reluctantly, Gabe agrees - but soon he discovers that ...
Цена:  721.00
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Where the River Ends

'Nobody fights forever, so I prepared myself for two battles. The first was fighting alongside her. We've done that. As well as two can. But, as the years have ticked by, I've seen a second front coming - and it's the tougher of the two. Abbie might still be swinging but she was beat. To be honest, I think she was still in the ring fighting, simply for me. Lately, the thing that had been keeping me up nights ...
Цена:  841.00
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The Aerodrome: A Love Story

A model of efficiency and order, the aerodrome stands on the hill looking down on the village below. Roy, coming of age in the messy, violent and adulterous world of the villagers, is simultaneously attracted and repelled by this strange place and by the powerful figure of the Air Vice-Marshal. Soon he is led to leave his family, his friends and his love in order to join the aerodrome and confront the secrets ...
Цена:  673.00
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It started as a joke. From the moment she first meets him Alice is aware that David is impotent. 'I'm impotent', he says, 'in so many ways.' He's separated from his wife and daughter, an HR executive worried for his job at a Glaswegian TV company. She's American, wants to be an artist. They move in together. To start with she tells him stories, bedtime stories about couples having sex, them watching. Then Alice ...
Цена:  598.00
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Alfred Day wanted his war. In its turmoil he found his proper purpose as the tail-gunner in a Lancaster bomber; he found the wild, dark fellowship of his crew, and - most extraordinary of all - he found Joyce, a woman to love. But that's all gone now - the war took it away. Maybe it took him, too. Now in 1949, employed as an extra in a war film that echoes his real experience, Day begins to recall what he would ...
Цена:  598.00
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фото Day

As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela

Mark Thomas is one of the UK's most effective and best-known political activists, as well as being a highly successful stand-up comedian. His show, The Mark Thomas Product, ran for six highly acclaimed series on Channel Four. Amazingly, this is his first book. As Used On the Famous Nelson Mandela is a deeply funny, deeply disturbing account of Mark's rampage through the arms trade. Under a fairly flimsy disguise ...
Цена:  598.00
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50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website

Google is a dominant force on the Internet, guiding millions of searches and online purchases every day. Understanding how it works and how to make the most of it is therefore essential to anyone building or running a web site, whether for business or as a hobby. This easy-to-follow guide not only explains how Google sifts the billions of pages of information its index contains, but also shows you how you can ...
Цена:  1082.00
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The Killing Jar

Five-year-old Kerrie-Ann Hill has an unusual neighbour. Mrs Ivanovich collects butterflies and she shows Kerrie-Ann how to catch them, take care of them, and even how to kill them using a jar and some funny-smelling liquid. Kerrie-Ann loves looking at these beautiful, delicate creatures, and imagines them flying free. This is Kerrie-Ann's story. She doesn't know who her father is, and her mother is a junkie. ...
Цена:  673.00
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The Beckoning Lady

Campion's glorious summer in Pontisbright is blighted by death. Amidst the preparations for Minnie and Tonker Cassand's fabulous summer party, a murder is discovered and it falls to Campion to unravel the intricate web of motive, suspicion and deduction with all his imagination and skill.
Цена:  1082.00
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Joy School

A luminous tale of love and loss In this exquisite new novel by bestselling writer Elizabeth Berg, a young girl falls in love - and learns how sorrow can lead to an understanding of joy. Katie has moved to Missouri with her distant, occasionally abusive father. She feels very alone: her much-loved mother is dead; she finds it difficult to settle in, in her new school and her only friends fall far short of being ...
Цена:  523.00
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Bhupinder 'Puppy' Singh Johal - handsome, rakish and spiritually disenfranchised - has left behind the immigrant neighbourhood of Southall to mix with the elite of metropolitan London society. When sloaney rich-girl Sophie, falls for him, he grabs the chance to escape his past and pursue the woman of his dreams, the voluptuous sophisticate Sarupa, who happens to be engaged to Sophie's cousin. Using whatever ...
Цена:  868.00
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Time Out Paris

These are exciting times for the world's most romantic city. Traditionally a global centre for the arts, fashion, film, gastronomy, architecture, shopping and sport, the French capital has been transformed by incumbent mayor Bertrand Delanoe. Recent public initiatives have included Paris-Plage, creating inner-city beaches and outdoor leisure activities along the Seine for a month in summer, and Nuit Blanche, ...
Цена:  971.00
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Bachelor Boys

Cassie is nothing if not organised. A successful journalist, she's ticked almost all the boxes: attentive boyfriend, own flat, good job, great friends... it's all fallen into place. In theory, at least. There's one part of Cassie's life, however, which is anything but organised, and that's her love for the Darling family. As the only child of ambitious parents, Cassie spent her childhood abandoned to the somewhat ...
Цена:  523.00
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The facts about Pontius Pilate are very few - when he was born and when he died is unknown. Nor is anything known about his career before he became Governor of Judea, or after he was recalled by Tiberius. This book is about all the Pilates, real, half-real and invented.
Цена:  965.00
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London: The Concise Biography

This is an abridged edition of Peter Ackroyd's magisterial biography of the city of London. Prize-winning historian, novelist and broadcast, Peter Ackroyd takes us on a journey - historical, geographical and imaginative - through the city of London. Moving back and forth through time, Ackroyd is an effortless, exuberant guide to times of plague and pestilence, fire and floods, crime and punishment, and sex and ...
Цена:  897.00
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S, M, L, XL

S, M, L, XL presents a selection of the remarkable visionary design work produced by the Dutch firm Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.) and its acclaimed founder, Rem Koolhaas, in its first twenty years, along with a variety of insightful, often poetic writings. The inventive collaboration between Koolhaas and designer Bruce Mau is a graphic overture that weaves together architectural projects, photos ...
Цена:  6874.00
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Where The Dead Lay

When Frank Behr’s friend and mentor is murdered without any apparent motive, he thirsts for answers and retaliation. But before he can make headway in the dead-end investigation, a private firm approaches him with a delicate proposition: two of its detectives have gone missing, and the firm wants Behr to find out what happened to them. The search for the missing detectives takes Behr into the recesses of Indianapolis’s ...
Цена:  675.00
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фото Where The Dead Lay

The Swerve

One of the world's most celebrated scholars, Stephen Greenblatt has crafted both an innovative work of history and a thrilling story of discovery, in which one manuscript, plucked from a thousand years of neglect, changed the course of human thought and made possible the world as we know it. Nearly six hundred years ago, a short, genial, cannily alert man in his late 30s took a very old manuscript off a library ...
Цена:  1450.00
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The Taker

This is an immortal love story. Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd do anything for them? When Dr Luke Findley turns up to his hospital shift in the small town of St Andrews, Maine, he's expecting just another evening of minor injuries and domestic disputes. But instead, Lanore McIlvrae walks into his life - and changes it forever. For Lanny is a woman with a past... Lanny McIlvrae is unlike anyone ...
Цена:  598.00
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фото The Taker

Private London

Sometimes when the nightmare ends - the terror is only just beginning. For Hannah Shapiro, a beautiful young American student, this particular nightmare began eight years ago in Los Angeles, when Jack Morgan, owner of Private - the world's most exclusive detective agency - saved her from a horrific death. She has fled her country, but can't flee her past. The terror has followed her to London, and now it is ...
Цена:  476.00
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In 1968, into the beautiful, spare environment of remote coastal Labrador in the far north-east of Canada, a mysterious child is born: a baby who appears to be neither fully boy nor girl, but both at once. Only three people share the secret - the baby's parents, Jacinta and Treadway, and a trusted neighbour, Thomasina. Together the adults make a difficult decision: to go through surgery and raise the child as ...
Цена:  673.00
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Sherlock: Sign of Four

The hit BBC series Sherlock offers a fresh, contemporary take on the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and has helped introduce a whole new generation of fans to the legendary detective. In this TV tie-in edition to the classic novel, Sherlock and Dr Watson receive a visit from Mary Morsten, who offers up a particularly cryptic puzzle for them to solve. Her father went missing six years ago and since ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Sherlock: Sign of Four

A Game of Thrones

In A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin has created a genuine masterpiece, bringing together the best the genre has to offer. Mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill the pages of the first volume in an epic series sure to delight fantasy fans everywhere. In a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, trouble is brewing. The cold is returning, and in the frozen wastes to the North of ...
Цена:  757.00
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фото A Game of Thrones


A hilarious collection of the many articles written by Stephen Fry for magazines, newspapers and radio. It includes selected wireless essays of Donald Trefusis, the ageing professor of philology brought to life in Fry's novel The Liar, and the best of Fry's weekly column for the Daily Telegraph.
Цена:  598.00
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If I Ran the Dog Show

In this latest installment of the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, the Cat and Co. attend the Short-Shaggy-Tail-Waggy Super Dog Show, a strictly Seussian-style event where readers learn - among other things - that dogs are mammals who vary wildly in size and shape; the difference between purebreds and mutts (who are both featured throughout); how tails help dogs to balance; that they can see better in dim ...
Цена:  671.00
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Ten Apples Up on Top!

A lion, a dog, and a tiger are having a contest - can they get ten apples piled up on top of their heads? You better believe it! This first counting book works as a teaching tool as well as a funny story.
Цена:  391.00
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Evening Class

It was the quiet ones you had to watch. That's where the real passion was lurking. They came together at Mountainview College, a down-at-the-heels secondary school on the seamy side of Dublin, to take a course in Italian. It was Latin teacher Aidan Dunne's last chance to revive a failing marriage and a dead-end career. But Aidan's dream was headed for disaster until the mysterious Signora appeared, transforming ...
Цена:  553.00
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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

An acclaimed bestseller and international sensation, Patrick Suskind's classic novel provokes a terrifying examination of what happens when one man's indulgence in his greatest passion - his sense of smell - leads to murder. In the slums of eighteenth-century France, the infant Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with one sublime gift-an absolute sense of smell. As a boy, he lives to decipher the odors of Paris, ...
Цена:  1255.00
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Silver Wedding

Цена:  647.00
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Wanderlust is the story of Audrey Driscoll. Orphaned young, Audrey has grown up caring for her eccentric millionaire grandfather and her demanding younger sister, Annabelle, who assume she will always be there for them. Sheltered yet restless, responsible beyond her years yet hungering for experience, Audrey is hopelessly bound until she herself makes the daring decision to leave. As the 1930s unfold, alone, ...
Цена:  553.00
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Whitethorn Woods

When a new highway threatens to bypass the town of Rossmore and cut through Whitethorn Woods, it will also destroy St. Ann's well, where people have been coming for generations to share their dreams and speak their prayers. Some believe the well to be a place of true spiritual power, demanding protection; others think it's a mere magnet for superstitions, easily sacrificed. Maeve Binchy creates a rich spectrum ...
Цена:  647.00
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Sherlock: A Study in Scarlet

The hit BBC series "Sherlock" offers a fresh, contemporary take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and has helped introduce a whole new generation of fans to the legendary detective. The debut episode took as its inspiration the very first Sherlock Holmes novel, "A Study in Scarlet" - and this new edition of Conan Doyle's novel will allow Sherlock fans to discover, or re-discover, the power of that classic ...
Цена:  650.00
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Sherlock: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The hit BBC series "Sherlock" offers a fresh, contemporary take on the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and has helped introduce a whole new generation of fans to the legendary detective. In this new edition of Conan Doyle's first collection of short stories, "Sherlock" co-creator Mark Gatiss explains how these gripping tales inspired and influenced the new series. "Sherlock: The Adventures" contains ...
Цена:  868.00
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The Sense of an Ending

This title is winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2011. Tony Webster and his clique first met Adrian Finn at school. Sex-hungry and book-hungry, they would navigate the girl-less sixth form together, trading in affectations, in-jokes, rumour and wit. Maybe Adrian was a little more serious than the others, certainly more intelligent, but they all swore to stay friends for life. Now Tony is in middle ...
Цена:  529.00
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Russian Winter

Set in contemporary Boston and in Moscow after the Second World War, Russian Winter tells the story of Nina Revskaya, who rose through the ranks of the Bolshoi Ballet to become one of the Soviet Union's greatest ballerinas, until her defection in 1952 on the heels of a terrible betrayal. Now confined to a wheelchair, Nina finds herself confronted by her haunting past in the form of a letter from Grigori Slonim, ...
Цена:  751.00
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The Red and the Green

The scene is Ireland. The time, 1916, is the eve of the famous, tragic Easter Rebellion in Dublin, which startled Europe even in the midst of the First World War. A single Anglo Irish family provides the extremely diverse characters. Pat Dumay is a Catholic and an Irish patriot. His relentlessly pious mother pursues her own private war with his step father, a man sunk in religious speculation and drink. Pat's ...
Цена:  788.00
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One Step Behind

It is Midsummer's Eve. Three young friends meet in a wood to act out an elaborate masque. But, unkown to them, they are being watched. Each is killed by a single bullet. Soon afterwards, one of Inspector Wallander's colleagues is found murdered. Is this the same killer, and what could the connection be? In this investigation, Wallander is always, tantalisingly, one step behind.
Цена:  788.00
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A Man of Parts

'The mind is a time machine that travels backwards in memory and forwards in prophecy, but he has done with prophecy now...' Sequestered in his blitz-battered Regent's Park house in 1944, the ailing Herbert George Wells, 'H.G.' to his family and friends, looks back on a life crowded with incident, books, and women. Has it been a success or a failure? Once he was the most famous writer in the world, 'the man ...
Цена:  638.00
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The Illustrated Mum

Dolphin adores her mother, Marigold. She's got wonderful clothes, bright hair and vivid tattoos all over her body - a colourful lady, to match her colourful life. But Dolphin's older sister, Star, is beginning to wonder if living with Marigold's fiery, unpredictable moods is the best thing for the girls...
Цена:  563.00
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Roger Brown has it all: Norway's most successful headhunter, he is married to a beautiful gallery owner and owns a magnificent house. But he's also a highly accomplished art thief. At a gallery opening, his wife introduces him to Clas Greve. Not only is Greve the perfect candidate for a position that Brown is recruiting for; he is also in possession of 'The Calydonian Boar Hunt' by Rubens, one of the most sought-after ...
Цена:  725.00
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Fatal Voyage

A plane crashes high in the mountains of North Carolina. But a severed foot is discovered a good distance from the crash site... Forensic anthropologist Dr Temperence Brennan is first on the scene. The task that confronts her is a sad and sickening one, and her investigation seems to be throwing up more questions than answers. But when Tempe makes a discovery that raises dangerous questions, her professional ...
Цена:  807.00
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Deja Dead

The meticulously dismembered body of a woman is discovered in the grounds of an abandoned monastery. 'Too decomposed for standard autopsy. Request anthropologic expertise.' Enter Dr Temperance Brennan, Director of Forensic Anthropology for the province of Quebec, who has been researching recent disappearances in the city. Despite the deep cynicism of Detective Claudel who heads the investigation, Brennan is ...
Цена:  807.00
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Death Du Jour

Another day. Another death. Death du Jour. My God, how many such days would there be?' On a bitterly cold March night in Montreal, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan is exhuming the remains of a nun proposed for sainthood in the grounds of an old church. Just hours later, Tempe is called to the scene of a horrific arson. A young family has perished, and there seems to be no witness, no motive, no ...
Цена:  751.00
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Complete Russian. The Basics

Learn Russian in 4 Simple Steps. With Living Language Complete Russian: The Basics, you’ll start by learning words, and then you’ll progress to phrases, sentences, and conversations. This simple four-step building block approach will have you speaking with confidence right from the beginning, and you’ll be able to learn gradually and effectively. If you’re confident in your pronunciation, then this coursebook ...
Цена:  931.00
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Thirteen Years Later. Russia, 1825

Aleksandr made a silent promise to the Lord. God would deliver him-would deliver Russia-and he would make Russia into the country that the Almighty wanted it to be. He would be delivered from the destruction that wasted at noonday, and from the pestilence that walked in darkness-the terror by night... 1825, Europe-and Russia-have been at peace for ten years. Bonaparte is long dead and the threat of invasion ...
Цена:  923.00
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Literary St. Petersburg. A Guide to the City and Its Writers

Much of Russian literature is St. Petersburg literature: set in the city, about the city, or written by writers who lived there. For each of the fifteen profiled writers, there is a biographical sketch focusing on his or her relationship to the city and a sense of his or her work, along with a list of St. Petersburg sites associated with the writer and the literary works. Travelers can wander through the museum ...
Цена:  998.00
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Of Love and Evil

Anne Rice's extraordinary new novel summons up for us the world of fifteenth-century Rome: of Michelangelo and Raphael, of the Holy Inquisition and of Leo X, second son of a Medici, holding forth on the papal throne... a city of domes and rooftop gardens and rising towers. And into this time, into this century, Toby O'Dare, former government assassin is summoned, by the angel Malchiah, to solve a terrible crime ...
Цена:  518.00
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Prep. A Novel

Lee Fiora is an intelligent, observant fourteen-year-old when her father drops her off in front of her dorm at the prestigious Ault School in Massachusetts. She leaves her animated, affectionate family in South Bend, Indiana, at least in part because of the boarding school’s glossy brochure, in which boys in sweaters chat in front of old brick buildings, girls in kilts hold lacrosse sticks on pristinely mown ...
Цена:  1192.00
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If Success is a Game, These are the Rules. Ten Rules for a Fulfilling Life

Ten rules for being human convey a universal wisdom to benefit all. The author explains there are no mistakes in life, only lessons that are repeated, offering insights on self-esteem, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, ethics, compassion, humility etc. Learn to create a more fulfilling life using the inner wisdom.
Цена:  570.00
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If Love is a Game, These are the Rules. Ten Rules for Finding Love and Creating Long-Lasting, Authentic Relationships

In her #1 New York Times bestseller If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules, Chrie Carter-Scott gave us ten rules for conquering life's challenges and managing its unpredictable ups and downs. Now, in If Love Is a Game, These Are the Rules, she presents ten simple rules to help us find true love and create long-lasting, authentic relationships. After twenty-five years of conducting workshops and seminars, Chrie ...
Цена:  570.00
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фото If Love is a Game, These are the Rules. Ten Rules for Finding Love and Creating Long-Lasting, Authentic Relationships

If Life is a Game, These are the Rules. Ten Rules for Being Human, as Introduced in Chicken Soup for the Soul

In If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules, Cherie shares that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons that are repeated. In thoughtful, inspirational essays illustrated with encouraging personal anecdotes, she includes the lessons that can be learned from each of the Rules and offers insights on self-esteem, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, ethics, compassion, humility, gratitude, and courage. Best of all, ...
Цена:  686.00
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фото If Life is a Game, These are the Rules. Ten Rules for Being Human, as Introduced in Chicken Soup for the Soul

The House

A young woman's dream, an old man's gift, and the surprises that await us behind every closed door... The house on the hill outside San Francisco was magnificent, built in 1923 by a wealthy man for the woman he adored. When Sarah, a perfectly sensible lawyer, walks through its empty rooms, she is drawn to the once-grand mansion in a way she cannot explain - to a drama that first unfolded in war-torn France, ...
Цена:  268.00
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In Bittersweet, Danielle Steel has written a novel for our times, a story of choices and new beginnings. India Taylor lived in a world of manicured lawns and neatly maintained calendars: a merry-go-round of Little League, piano lessons, and Cape Cod summer vacations. With four wonderful children, India believed in commitment and sacrifice, just as she believed in Doug, the man she married 17 years before. For ...
Цена:  303.00
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The Ranch

They had been inseparable in college, Mary Stuart, Tanya, and Zoe. But in the more than twenty years that followed, the three had moved on with their lives, settled in different cities, and found successful careers and new roles as mothers and wives. By chance, each would find herself alone for a few weeks one summer, wrestling with the present and the past. At a sprawling ranch in the foothills of Wyoming's ...
Цена:  314.00
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As a partner at one of New York's most prestigious law firms, Alexandra Parker barely manages to juggle husband, career, and the three-year-old child she gave birth to at forty. But Alex feels blessed with her life and happy marriage-until lightning strikes her. Suddenly a routine medical check-up turns her world upside down when tests reveal shattering news. Sam Parker is a star venture capitalist, a Wall Street ...
Цена:  303.00
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"Accident" is a powerful and ultimately triumphant novel of lives shattered and changed by one devastating moment. Although frequent business meetings keep her husband, Brad, away from home, Page Clarke feels blessed with her happy family and comfortable marriage. They have a house near San Francisco and she keeps busy looking after their seven-year-old son, Andy, and their teenage daughter, Allyson. Allyson, ...
Цена:  256.00
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Mixed Blessings

After the wedding of Diana Goode and Andrew Douglas, Diana teases that they will make a baby on their honeymoon. But long afterward, she is still not pregnant. As Diana and Andrew wait out each month only to be bitterly disappointed, they are forced to question just how much they are willing to go through to have a baby. Charlie Winwood dreams of a house filled with children. His bride, party-girl actress Barbie ...
Цена:  303.00
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Maximum Ride: Manga v. 3

Narrowly surviving their encounter with erasers in New York City, the flock is following up a lead on their pasts in Washington, D.C. But what they find waiting for them is... a home? How will the flock adjust to a real school - one that doesn't involve mad scientists and genetic freaks?
Цена:  844.00
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Maximum Ride: The Manga. Volume 4

Despite their initial hesitation, living with Anne has softened the flock, so Max is keenly aware that it's time to leave. With Thanksgiving so near, though, all of them want to stay, at least until they've had their first ever Thanksgiving turkey! But danger is on the horizon as Jeb's plan advances, and while the flock's new school seems normal and safe, secrets are hidden beneath its prestigious facade...
Цена:  563.00
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Salem's Lot

Ben Mears has returned to Jerusalem's Lot in the hopes that living in an old mansion, long the subject of town lore, will help him cast out his own devils and provide inspiration for his new book. But when two young boys venture into the woods and only one comes out alive, Mears begins to realize that there may be something sinister at work and that his hometown is under siege by forces of darkness far beyond his control.
Цена:  664.00
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The Sonnets and Other Poems

Shakespeare became famous as a dazzling poet before most people even knew that he wrote plays. His sonnets are the English language's most extraordinary anatomy of love in all its dimensions-desire and despair, longing and loss, adoration and disgust. To read them is to confront morality and eternity in the same breath. Produced under the editorial supervision of Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen, two of today's ...
Цена:  599.00
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Trust Me on This

"New York Times" bestselling novelist Jennifer Crusie combines fast-paced banter, sexy situations, and unforgettable characters in this delightful romance about two reluctant lovers who couldn't be more wrong about being right for each other. TRUST ME ON THIS Dennie Banks is an investigative reporter chasing down the biggest story of her career. Alec Prentice is a government agent working undercover to catch ...
Цена:  553.00
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Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart tells two intertwining stories, both centering on Okonkwo, a "strong man" of an Ibo village in Nigeria. The first, a powerful fable of the immemorial conflict between the individual and society, traces Okonkwo’s fall from grace with the tribal world. The second, as modern as the first is ancient, concerns the clash of cultures and the destruction of Okonkwo's world with the arrival of aggressive ...
Цена:  1035.00
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Ford County. Stories

Number 1 "New York Times "bestselling author John Grisham takes us back to Ford County, Mississippi, the setting of his first novel, A Time to Kill." "This riveting collection of short stories features an unforgettable cast of characters: Wheelchair-bound Inez Graney and her two older sons embark on a bizarre road trip through the Mississippi Delta to visit Inez's youngest son, Raymond-on death row. A hard-drinking, ...
Цена:  553.00
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Shopaholic & Sister

What’s a round-the-world honeymoon if you can’t buy the odd souvenir to ship back home? Like the twenty silk dressing gowns Becky found in Hong Kong...the hand-carved dining table (and ten chairs) from Sri Lanka...the, um, huge wooden giraffes from Malawi (that her husband Luke expressly forbade her to buy)... Only now Becky and Luke have returned home to London and Luke is furious. Two truckloads of those souvenirs ...
Цена:  606.00
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The Rainmaker

It's summer in Memphis. The sweat is sticking to Rudy Baylor's shirt and creditors are nipping at his heels. Once he had aspirations of breezing through law school and punching his ticket to the good life. Now he doesn't have a job or a prayer... except for one: an insurance dispute that leaves a family devastated and opens the door for a lawsuit, if Rudy can find a way to file it. By the time Rudy gets to court, ...
Цена:  652.00
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Russian Fairy Tales

A collection of the classic Russian folk and fairy tales. Nearly 200 characteristic and colourful traditional folk and fairy tales, full of action, magical and human, are brought together in the only comprehensive edition available in English.
Цена:  1208.00
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Complete Office Handbook. The Essential Reference for Today's Office

The administrative professional's guide to the modern office. This revised and updated Third Edition provides the office worker with practical advice on how to survive and thrive in today's fast-paced business environment. Written by business specialists, it has detailed information on standard office practices, with special emphasis on electronic communications and information technology. • Produced under the ...
Цена:  720.00
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The Lost Symbol. А novel

In this stunning follow-up to the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown demonstrates once again why he is the world's most popular thriller writer. The Lost Symbol is a masterstroke of storytelling-a deadly race through a real-world labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths... all under the watchful eye of Brown's most terrifying villain to date. Set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples ...
Цена:  407.00
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Mini shopaholic

Цена:  606.00
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The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

In his wickedly brilliant first novel, Debut Dagger Award winner Alan Bradley introduces one of the most singular and engaging heroines in recent fiction: eleven-year-old Flavia de Luce, an aspiring chemist with a passion for poison. It is the summer of 1950 - and a series of inexplicable events has struck Buckshaw, the decaying English mansion that Flavia’s family calls home. A dead bird is found on the doorstep, ...
Цена:  647.00
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Fodor's London 2012

Full-color guide - Make your trip to London unforgettable with 48 maps, illustrated features, and 260 color photos. Customize your trip with simple planning tools - Ideas for making the most of your time - Convenient overview of each neighborhood and its highlights - Easy-to-read color city and Underground Tube maps Explore Westminster, the East End, and beyond - Discerning Fodor's Choice picks for hotels, restaurants, ...
Цена:  450.00
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Norwegian Wood

First American Publication This stunning and elegiac novel by the author of the internationally acclaimed Wind-Up Bird Chronicle has sold over 4 million copies in Japan and is now available to American audiences for the first time. It is sure to be a literary event. Toru, a quiet and preternaturally serious young college student in Tokyo, is devoted to Naoko, a beautiful and introspective young woman, but their ...
Цена:  553.00
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Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones

"There is a great disturbance in the Force... "From the sleek ships of the glimmering Coruscant skyscape to the lush gardens of pastoral Naboo, dissent is roiling. The Republic is failing, even under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, elected ten years earlier to save the crumbling government. Separatists threaten war, and the Senate is hopelessly divided, unable to determine whether to raise an ...
Цена:  574.00
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Welcome to the Monkey House

"Welcome To The Monkey House" is a collection of Kurt Vonnueguts shorter works. Originally printed in publications as diverse as "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science fiction" and "The Atlantic Monthly" what these superb stories share is Vonnegut's audacious sense of humor and extraordinary range of creative vision.
Цена:  1224.00
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Doctor Who: The Tardis Handbook

As the Eleventh Doctor and Amy embark on all-new adventures in time and space, "The TARDIS Handbook" gives you the inside scoop on 900 years of travel aboard the Doctor's famous time machine. Everything you need to know about the TARDIS is here - where it came from, where it's been, how it works, and how it has changed since we first encountered it in a London junkyard in 1963. Including photos, design drawings, ...
Цена:  1025.00
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I am a Chechen!

"I Am a Chechen!" offers a lyrical fusion of exotic legends, stories and memories of Chechnya: a land of wondrous beauty, site of genocides past and present, and the author's ancestral home. Haunted by memories of the land he deserted, Sadulaev tells the stories of those who stayed behind. He brings dead friends back to life again, revisiting their first loves, their passion for rock music, and their quests ...
Цена:  673.00
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The Rum Diary: A Screenplay

This title comes with an introduction by Johnny Depp. This is a screenplay based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson. It's 1960. In a highrise hotel not far from the beaches of San Juan, a man is recovering from an animal of a hangover. Paul Kemp is an alcoholic journalist who's barely seen better days, arriving at the only job he can get: writing horoscopes for failing rag "The Daily Star". His fellow hacks ...
Цена:  638.00
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The Painted Veil

Kitty Fane is the beautiful but shallow wife of Walter, a bacteriologist stationed in Hong Kong. Unsatisfied by her marriage, she starts an affair with charming, attractive and exciting Charles Townsend. But when Walter discovers her deception, he exacts a strange and terrible vengeance: Kitty must accompany him to his new posting in remote mainland China, where a cholera epidemic rages... First published to ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото The Painted Veil

The Confession

An innocent man is days from execution. Only a guilty man can save him. Travis Boyette is a murderer. In 1998, in the small East Texas city of Sloan, he abducted, raped, and strangled a popular high-school cheerleader. He buried her body so that it would never be found, then watched and waited as police and prosecutors arrested Donte Drumm, a local football star with no connection to the crime. Tried, convicted ...
Цена:  517.00
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фото The Confession

Firefly Summer

It was a summer of warmth.... Kate Ryan and her husband, John, have a rollicking pub in the Irish village of Mountfern... lovely twelve-year-old twins... and such wonderful dreams... It was a summer of innocence... but all that is about to change this fateful summer of 1962 when American millionaire Patrick O'Neill comes to town with his irresistible charm and a pocketful of money... when love and hate vie for ...
Цена:  647.00
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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Brooks, author of the straight-faced parody "The Zombie Survival Guide", tells the story of the world's desperate battle against the zombie threat with a series of first-person accounts by various characters around the world.
Цена:  553.00
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фото World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War


King's #1 bestseller about a shy teenage girl who's bullied at school - but whose secret power allows her to exact revenge on her tormentors at prom.
Цена:  606.00
Посмотреть Carrie
фото Carrie

The Chancellor Manuscript

A secret group of Washington's most powerful men have J. Edgar Hoover killed in order to reach his secret files only to discover there is someone else capable of using these personal dossiers for blackmail and extortion.
Цена:  647.00
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фото The Chancellor Manuscript

Family Ties

From Manhattan to Paris and all the way to Tehran, #1 "New York Times" - bestselling author Steel weaves a powerfully compelling story that reminds readers how challenging and unpredictable life can be - and how the bonds of family hold them together.
Цена:  647.00
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Ford County: Stories

In his first collection of short stories, John Grisham takes readers back to Ford County, Mississippi, the setting of his first novel, "A Time to Kill." Available in a tall Premium Edition.
Цена:  597.00
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фото Ford County: Stories

The Icarus Agenda

Colorado congressman Evan Kendrick is trying to live out his term of officequietly - when a political mole reveals to the world Kendrick's deepestsecret... that Kendrick was the anonymous man in Masqar, the man whocourageously freed the hostage held in the American embassy by Arab terrorists; the unknown hero who performed an act of outrageous daring then silentlydisappeared. Now, suddenly, Kendrick is a living ...
Цена:  647.00
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фото The Icarus Agenda

The Return Journey

The Return Journey - a spellbinding trip into the human heart... In these powerful, poignant tales, the "New York Times" bestselling author of Evening Class and Tara Road once again reveals her unrivaled understanding of matters of the heart. Here are sons and lovers, daughters and strangers, husbands and wives in their infinite variety - powerfully compelling stories of love and loss, revelation and reconciliation. ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото The Return Journey

Southern Lights

Danielle Steel sweeps us from a Manhattan courtroom to the Deep South in her powerful new novel - at once a behind-closed-doors look into the heart of a family and a tale of crime and punishment. Eleven years have passed since Alexa Hamilton left the South behind, fleeing the pain of her ex-husband's betrayal and the cruelty of his prominent Charleston family. Now an assistant D.A. in Manhattan, Alexa has finally ...
Цена:  608.00
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The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town

In the town of Ada, Oklahoma, Ron Williamson was going to be the next Mickey Mantle. But on his way to the Big Leagues, Ron stumbled, his dreams broken by drinking, drugs, and women. Then, on a winter night in 1982, not far from Ron's home, a young cocktail waitress named Debra Sue Carter was savagely murdered. The investigation led nowhere. Until, on the flimsiest evidence, it led to Ron Williamson. The washed-up ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town


Can the future ever erase the past? Rose has a Cross mother and a nought father in a society where the pale-skinned noughts are treated as inferiors and those with dual heritage face a life-long battle against deep-rooted prejudices. Sephy, her mother, has told Rose virtually nothing about her father, but as Rose grows into a young adult, she unexpectedly discovers the truth about her parentage, and becomes ...
Цена:  644.00
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Double Cross

Just this once... Please let me get away with it just this once... Tobey wants a better life - for him and his girlfriend Callie Rose. He wants nothing to do with the gangs that rule the world he lives in. But when he's offered the chance to earn some money just for making a few 'deliveries', just this once, would it hurt to say 'yes'? One small decision can change everything... 'Packs a punch' - "Guardian". ...
Цена:  754.00
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The application of advanced philosophical techniques in a defence of historical materialism made the first edition of this book, published in 1978, a flagship for analytical Marxism. In this edition, the author re-constructs the theory, discussing the implictions and his reservations.
Цена:  553.00
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Inside Your Outside!

The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Dick on a trip in his Inside Your Outside Machine.
Цена:  729.00
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My, Oh My A Butterfly!: All about Butterflies

With a little help from the Cat in the Hat, Sally and Dick observe a small miracle in their own backyard - the metamorphosis of an egg into a caterpillar into a chrysalis into a bright new butterfly Along the way, beginning readers will find out how butterflies see thousands of images at once, drink nectar from flowers, avoid predators, and can be identified by size, shape, and color. Readers will also follow ...
Цена:  671.00
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Oh the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You: All About Staying Healthy

The Cat in the Hat takes children to the Feeling Great Clinic, where they learn about exercise, germs, healthy eating, and playing safely.
Цена:  671.00
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There's No Place Like Space

Blast off for educational fun! Beginning readers and budding astronomers are launched via Seussian sorcery on a wild trip to visit the nine planets in our solar system along with the Cat in the Hat, Thing One, Thing Two, and Dick and Sally.
Цена:  729.00
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The Girl Who Played with Fire

Crusading publisher Mikael Blomkvist has decided to run an explosive expose of a wide-ranging sex trafficking operation. Just before the piece is published, the two reporters responsible are murdered. The fingerprints on the murder weapon belong to his friend, the troubled hacker genius Lisbeth Salander. Blomkvist, convinced of Salander's innocence, plunges into an investigation. Meanwhile, Lisbeth herself is ...
Цена:  606.00
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My Many Colored Days

This beautiful board book edition of My Many Colored Days presents Dr. Seuss at his very youngest. Use it as an innovative color concept book. Use it to help toddlers express how they feel. Use it to introduce the fun of Dr. Seuss!
Цена:  599.00
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Complete Prose Tales

Beyond his perfect expression of Russian mood, Pushkin's universality of vision has made him a permanent place in the history of world literature. Gillon Aitken's distinguished translation is the only volume that contains all his prose fiction, including some tales which remained unfinished when Pushkin was tragically killed in a duel at the age of thirty-seven.
Цена:  1091.00
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The Murder of King Tut

Цена:  950.00
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On the hottest day of the summer of 1934, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has recently come down from Cambridge. By the end of that day, the lives of all three will have been changed for ever. Robbie and Cecilia will have crossed ...
Цена:  1076.00
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Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin

In the middle of Europe, in the middle of the twentieth century, the Nazi and Soviet regimes murdered fourteen million people in the bloodlands between Berlin and Moscow. In a twelve-year-period, in these killing fields - today's Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Western Russia and the eastern Baltic coast - an average of more than one million citizens were slaughtered every year, as a result of deliberate policies ...
Цена:  1185.00
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The British Museum is Falling Down

"The British Museum is Falling Down" is a brilliant comic satire of academia, religion and human entanglements. First published in 1965, it tells the story of hapless, scooter-riding young research student Adam Appleby, who is trying to write his thesis but is constantly distracted - not least by the fact that, as Catholics in the 1960s, he and his wife must rely on 'Vatican roulette' to avoid a fourth child.
Цена:  638.00
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"Are you there, Satan? It's me, Madison", declares the whip-tongued eleven-year-old narrator of "Damned", Chuck Palahniuk's subversive new work of fiction. The daughter of a narcissistic film star and a billionaire, Madison is abandoned at her Swiss boarding school over Christmas, while her parents are off touting their new projects and adopting more orphans. She dies over the holiday of a mari-juana overdose ...
Цена:  517.00
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Fenella McCabe works alone in the archive section of Trust Art, housed in one of the corridors of the Tate Gallery. She is hoping to trace a piece of art stolen in the 1930s and simultaneously trying to decide between two men.
Цена:  638.00
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Lord John and the Hand of Devils

A keepsake collection of Lord John Grey's shorter adventures and a spectacular addition to any Gabaldon fan's library, Lord John and the Hand of the Devils brings these three unique novellas together for the first time. Lord John and the Hellfire Club marks the first appearance of Lord John outside the Outlander novels (and chronologically precedes the novel Lord John and the Private Matter). A young diplomat ...
Цена:  901.00
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Man Who Sold the World

Цена:  1149.00
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The Merry-go-round

Looking out upon the backstreets, the suburbs and the high society haunts of Edwardian London, the delightfully witty and independent spinster Miss Ley surveys a tangled web of lives; she sympathetically observes the struggle under the pressures of convention, and the complex interplay between love and reason. Through Miss Ley's eyes we witness the brief but happy marriage of a dying poet; a woman's adulterous ...
Цена:  1000.00
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Paradise News

Bernard Walsh, agnostic theologian, has a professional interest in heaven. But when he travels to Hawaii with his reluctant father Jack, to visit Jack's dying, estranged sister it feels more like purgatory than paradise. Surrounded by quarrelling honeymooners, a freeloading anthropologist and assorted tourists in search of their own personal paradise, and with his father whisked off to hospital after an unfortunate ...
Цена:  999.00
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The Probable Future

When the women in the Sparrow family reach thirteen, they develop a unique ability. In young Stella's case, the gift, which is both a blessing and a curse, is the ability to see a person's probable future. Stella foresees a gruesome murder, and tells her charming, feckless father about it, but it is too late - the murder has already been committed and suspicion falls on him. Her mother Jenny, on the other hand, ...
Цена:  713.00
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The stories in Julian Barnes' long-awaited third collection are attuned to rhythms and currents: of the body, of love and sex, illness and death, connections and conversations. A divorcee falls in love with a mysterious European waitress; a widower relives a favourite holiday; two writers rehearse familiar arguments; a couple bond, fall out and bond again over flowers and vegetable patches. And at a series of ...
Цена:  1243.00
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Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel, Nazi Agent

Coco Chanel, high priestess of couture, created the look of the chic modern woman. For more than half a century, Chanel's life from 1941 to 1954 has been shrouded in rumour. This title pieces together Chanel's hidden years, from the Nazi occupation of Paris to the aftermath of the Liberation. It uncovers the truth of Chanel's anti-Semitism.
Цена:  2026.00
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The Wee Free Men

A wonderful new novel from the Carnegie Medal winner. A riotous, wise, and gripping junior Discworld novel. Up on the chalk downs known as The Wold, witches are banned - ever since the Baron's son vanished in the woods. Anyway, as all witches know, chalk is no good for magic. Nine-year-old Tiffany Aching thinks her Granny Aching - a wise shepherd - might have been a witch, but now Granny Aching is dead and it's ...
Цена:  676.00
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Agent Number 67, nicknamed Pygmy for his diminutive size, arrives in the United States from his totalitarian homeland. An 'exchange student' he is welcomed with open arms by his Midwestern host family. Simpsons-spinoffs, they introduce him into the rituals of postmodern American life, which he views with utter contempt. Along with his fellow operatives, he is planning something big, something truly, truly awful, ...
Цена:  524.00
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How to Win Friends and Influence People

Цена:  563.00
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The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

Is Discworld ready for educated rats? Set in the Discworld, a brand new and marvellously eccentric fantasy tale for young readers. Maurice, an amazing cat, who has survived four years on the toughest streets in the whole of the Discworld, reckons that rats are dumb. Clever, OK, but dumb. Maurice, however, is smart - smart enough to recognize that there's a new kind of rat around; rats that have been eating wizards' ...
Цена:  563.00
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American Caesars: Lives of the US Presidents, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush

The twentieth century has been called 'the American Century'. Not since the days of the Roman emperors has there been such a succession of rulers holding the fate of the world in their hands. Now, award-winning biographer Nigel Hamilton gives us the lives of the twelve men, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush, who presided over America's imperial fortunes - the good, the bad and the truly awful. How ...
Цена:  1687.00
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Cross Fire

Цена:  676.00
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Dancing Girls

This book features pregnant women, students and journalists; farmers and birdwatchers, ex-wives, adolescent lovers - and dancing girls. All ordinary people or are they? In this collection of short stories, Margaret Atwood maps human motivation we scarcely know we have.
Цена:  916.00
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I Shall Wear Midnight

Tiffany Aching, the young witch from The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith is back in a new adventure featuring Discworld characters both familiar to fans (such as Tiffany, the Wee Free Men, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg) and new (meet Wee Mad Arthur, the Nac Mac Feegle on the City Watch whose only previous appearance was a brief cameo in Feet of Clay and city witch Mrs. Proust - a fabulous Pratchett ...
Цена:  563.00
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Цена:  647.00
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Of Love & Evil

Цена:  563.00
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Oh Say Can You Say Whats the Weather Today

Цена:  671.00
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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After

The story opens with newly married protagonists, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, defending their village from an army of flesh-eating unmentionables. But the honeymoon has barely begun when poor Mr. Darcy is nipped by a raging dreadful. Elizabeth knows the only acceptable course of action is to promptly behead her husband (and then burn the corpse, just to be safe). But when she hears rumours of a miracle antidote ...
Цена:  1077.00
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The Thief

From the author of End in Tears comes a chilling thriller for Quick Reads - books for emergent readers, published as part of the UK's World Book Day Adult Literacy Initiative 2006. What you do in childhood may come back to haunt you. Stealing things from people who had upset her was something Polly did quite a lot. There was her Aunt Pauline; a girl at school; a boyfriend who left. And there was the man on the ...
Цена:  289.00
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A Time to Kill

When Carl Lee Hailey guns down the hoodlums who have raped his ten-year-old child, the people of Clanton see it as a crime of blood and call for his acquittal. But when extremists outside Clanton hear that a black man has killed two white men, they invade the town, determined to destroy anything and anyone that opposes their sense of justice. Jake Brigance has been hired to defend Hailey. It's the kind of case ...
Цена:  676.00
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Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?

Цена:  376.00
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Big Girl

Цена:  647.00
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Dr. Seuss's ABC (+ Audio CD)

Цена:  1108.00
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The Reader

Цена:  647.00
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The Promise

Young architect Michael Hillyard and artist Nancy McAllister are determined to get married despite his wealthy mother's disapproval. Then, minutes before their wedding, a terrifying accident and a cruel deception separate Michael and Nancy - perhaps forever. Each pursues a new life - Nancy in California, Michael in New York. But eventually nothing - and no one - can keep them apart as they keep their vow never ...
Цена:  245.00
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Divine Misdemeanors

You may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie. Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye. In the fey and mortal realms alike, my life is the stuff of royal intrigue and celebrity drama. Among my own, I have confronted horrendous enemies, endured my noble kin's treachery and malevolence, and honored my duty to conceive a royal heir - all for the right to claim the throne. But I turned ...
Цена:  553.00
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Imperial Bedrooms

Цена:  495.00
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The Lost Symbol: A novel

In this stunning follow-up to the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown demonstrates once again why he is the world's most popular thriller writer. The Lost Symbol is a masterstroke of storytelling-a deadly race through a real-world labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths . . . all under the watchful eye of Brown's most terrifying villain to date. Set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and ...
Цена:  681.00
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Idoru-Trilogie: Drei Romane in einem Band

Цена:  1511.00
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Цена:  761.00
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Mein Leben im Schrebergarten

Цена:  761.00
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фото Mein Leben im Schrebergarten

Liebe im Exil

Die amerikanische Journalistin Edith Anderson und der deutsche Exilant Max Schröder begegnen sich 1943 in New York und werden ein Paar. Als Schröder 1946 nach Deutschland zurückkehrt, um in Ostberlin den Aufbau Verlag mitzugründen, folgt Edith ihrem Ehemann. In ihrer Biografie berichtet die Schriftstellerin aus den Aufbaujahren der DDR, erzählt von Lebensmittelrationen und Literaten, ...
Цена:  952.00
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Bis dein Zorn sich legt

Rebecka Martinsson, Staatanwältin im nordschwedischen Kiruna, wird in einen besonders grausamen Mordfall hineingezogen: Beim winterlichen Tauchen in einem See stirbt ein junges Pärchen, weil ein Fremder eine Holztür über das Loch schiebt, das sie ins Eis gehackt hatten, um nach einem versunkenen Wrack aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg zu tauchen. Wofür wurden die beiden mit dem Tod bestraft? ...
Цена:  952.00
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фото Bis dein Zorn sich legt

Die letzte Arche

Цена:  1010.00
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фото Die letzte Arche

Der Tag, an dem ich beschloss, meinen Mann zu dressieren

Цена:  1276.00
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Der Tourist: Roman

Цена:  1010.00
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In Torment fallen angel Daniel and his mortal love Lucinda think they are safe but evil forces are massing against them. As Luce learns more about her past, and discovers that the lives she's already lived hold the key to her future happiness; she starts to wonder if Daniel has told her the whole truth. What if his version of events isn't the way things happened? What if that means that she's really meant to ...
Цена:  563.00
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Short Stories

Somerset Maugham is the acknowledged master of the short story, and his full range is represented in this collection. In acclaimed stories such as Rain, The Letter, The Vessel of Wrath and The Alien Corn, Maugham illustrates his wry perception of human weakness and his genius for evoking compelling drama and an acute sense of time and place.
Цена:  1213.00
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Winner Take Nothing

Written when Hemingway was at the height of his creative powers, the stories in Winner Take Nothing glow with the mark of his unique talent. Hunters, wives, old men of wisdom, waiters, fighters, women loved, women lost: they are all here, living on the raw edge, making love, facing the inevitable reality of death. The characters, the dialogue, the settings, the remarkable insight could have come only from Hemingway's ...
Цена:  451.00
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The Comfort of Strangers

As their holiday unfolds, Colin and Maria are locked into their own intimacy. They groom themselves meticulously, as though there waits someone who cares deeply about how they appear. Then, they meet a man with a disturbing story to tell and become drawn into a fantasy of violence and obsession.
Цена:  638.00
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фото The Comfort of Strangers

In Between the Sheets

A collection of macabre short stories. Ian McEwan received the Somerset Maugham Award in 1976 for a previous collection of short stories entitled First Love, Last Rites.
Цена:  901.00
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фото In Between the Sheets

Mortal Remains

When Tempe is called to the scene of an autoerotic death, she has little idea of the tangled chain of events that will follow. Because the man whose body she is examining apparently died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam 40 years before. So who is buried in the soldier's grave? Tempe's investigations take her to Honolulu where she is caught up not only in the mystery of the unidentified body in the soldier's ...
Цена:  606.00
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Michael Beard is a Nobel prize-winning physicist whose best work is behind him. Trading on his reputation, he speaks for enormous fees, lends his name to the letterheads of renowned scientific institutions and half-heartedly heads a government-backed initiative tackling global warming. A compulsive womaniser, Beard finds his fifth marriage floundering. But this time it is different: she is having the affair, ...
Цена:  563.00
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Tell-All is many things: a Sunset Boulevard-inflected homage to Old Hollywood when grand dames like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford ruled the roost. A Douglas Sirk-inspired melodrama full of big gestures and muted psychic torment. A veritable Tourette's Syndrome of rat-tat-tat name-dropping, from the A-list to the Z-list. A merciless send-up of Lillian Hellman's habit of butchering the truth that will have Mary ...
Цена:  846.00
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What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse

A collection of the finest and funniest words from the finest funniest writer the past century ever knew. Published for the millennium and to mark the 25th anniversary of his death, this is the first major selection of the whole of P.G. Wodehouse's work to have been published for a generation, and it includes a generous selection of previously unpublished work. We all know Jeeves and Wooster, but what is the ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse

The Confession

When Travis Boyette, a convicted felon, walks into a church in small-town Missouri, he carries with him a terrible secret. Nearly a decade earlier Nicole Yarber, a high school senior with her whole life ahead of her, vanished. For two weeks, her home town stood still as thousands of volunteers combed the alleys and fields and ditches and abandoned buildings. But the search was futile. Nicole's body was never ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Confession

Witch & Wizard: The Gift

Ever since Whit and Wisty Allgood were cruelly torn from their home and family in the middle of the night, the soldiers of a brutal totalitarian government have relentlessly tried to capture and execute them for 'collusion, conspiracy, and experimentation with the dark and foul arts'. But this supremely skilled witch and wizard have instead boldly spearheaded the fight against the wicked regime of the New Order ...
Цена:  476.00
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фото Witch & Wizard: The Gift

Library of the Dead

A murderer is on the loose on the streets of New York City: nicknamed the Doomsday Killer, he's claimed six victims in just two weeks, and the city is terrified. Even worse, the police are mystified: the victims have nothing in common, defying all profiling, and all that connects them is that each received a sick postcard in the mail before they died - a postcard that announced their date of death. In desperation, ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Library of the Dead

The Quickening Maze

After a lifetime's struggle with alcohol, critical neglect and depression, in 1840 the nature poet John Clare is incarcerated. The asylum, in London's Epping Forest, is run on the reformist principles of occupational therapy. At the same time, the young Alfred Tennyson, moves nearby and became entangled in the life of the asylum. This historically accurate, intensely lyrical novel, describes the asylum's closed ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото The Quickening Maze

How to Talk Like a Local: From Cockney to Geordie

If you were a Londoner visiting Cornwall would you know how to recognise a grammersow? If you were from the West Country and took a trip up to Scotland, would you be bewildered if someone described you as crabbit? And what if you left your native Belfast for Liverpool, would you understand if someone called you a woollyback? How to Talk Like a Local is an entertaining guide that gathers together and explains ...
Цена:  1023.00
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фото How to Talk Like a Local: From Cockney to Geordie

Uncle Fred in the Springtime

Uncle Fred is one of the hottest earls that ever donned a coronet. Or as he crisply said, 'There are no limits, literally none, to what I can achieve in the springtime.' Even so, his gifts are stretched to the limit when he is urged by Lord Emsworth to save his prize pig, the Empress of Blandings, from the enforced slimming cure of the haughty Duke of Dunstable. Pongo Twistleton knows his debonair but wild uncle ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Uncle Fred in the Springtime

Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages

Generalisations about language and culture are at best amusing and meaningless, but is there anything sensible left to be said about the relation between language, culture and thought? Does language reflect the culture of a society? Is our mother-tongue a lens through which we perceive the world? Can different languages lead their speakers to different thoughts? In Through the Language Glass, acclaimed author ...
Цена:  840.00
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фото Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages


Saturday, February 15, 2003. Henry Perowne is a contented man - a successful neurosurgeon, the devoted husband of Rosalind and proud father of two grown-up children. Unusually, he wakes before dawn, drawn to the window of his bedroom and filled with a growing unease. What troubles him as he looks out at the night sky is the state of the world - the impending war against Iraq, a gathering pessimism since 9/11, ...
Цена:  880.00
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фото Saturday

To Kill a Mockingbird

Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird. This is a lawyer's advice to his children as he defends the real mockingbird of this story - a black man charged with raping a white girl in the Deep South of the 1930s.
Цена:  666.00
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фото To Kill a Mockingbird

Money: A Suicide Note

This is the story of John Self, consumer extraordinaire. Rolling around New York and London, he makes deals, spends wildly and does reckless movie-world business, all the while grabbing everything he can to sate his massive appetites: alcohol, tobacco, pills, pornography, a mountain of junk food and more. Ceaselessly inventive and thrillingly savage, this is a tale of life lived without restraint; of money, ...
Цена:  1070.00
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фото Money: A Suicide Note

A Simples Life: The Life and Times of Aleksandr Orlov

Aleksandr Orlov has in the last year become one of the most loved figures in British culture and his catchphrase - Simples! - can be heard from the playground to the office. Written in his inimitable voice (as dictated to his sidekick Sergei), his autobiography will offer the same humour as his TV ads, giving us the full story of his ancestor's Journey of Courageousness from the Kalahari to Russia, the low-down ...
Цена:  822.00
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фото A Simples Life: The Life and Times of Aleksandr Orlov

Ice Cold

Цена:  630.00
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фото Ice Cold

So schön wie hier kanns im Himmel gar nicht sein

Wie weiterleben, wenn man von einem Moment auf den anderen aus der Lebensbahn geworfen wird, wenn der Tod plötzlich nahe rückt? Christoph Schlingensiefs bewegendes Protokoll einer Selbstbefragung ist ein Geschenk an uns alle, an Kranke wie Gesunde, denen allzu oft die Worte fehlen, wenn Krankheit und Tod in das Leben einbrechen. Eine Kur der Worte gegen das Verstummen - und nicht zuletzt eine Liebeserklärung ...
Цена:  863.00
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фото So schön wie hier kanns im Himmel gar nicht sein

The Devil Wears Prada

The deliciously witty and delightfully dishy novel about life at a glamorous fashion magazine is now a major motion picture from 20th Century Fox, starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, set to open in theaters on June 30.
Цена:  565.00
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фото The Devil Wears Prada

Mord im Gurkenbeet

Dieser außergewöhnliche All-Age-Krimi hat die Herzen von Lesern, Buchhändlern und Kritikern aus aller Welt im Sturm erobert! Die junge Flavia de Luce staunt nicht schlecht, als sie im ersten Morgenlicht das Opfer eines Giftmordes in ihrem Gurkenbeet entdeckt! Da jeder ihren Vater, den sanftmütigen Colonel de Luce, für den Mörder zu halten scheint, nimmt die naseweise Flavia persönlich ...
Цена:  1037.00
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фото Mord im Gurkenbeet

Last Night in Twisted River

In 1954, in the cookhouse of a logging and sawmill settlement in northern New Hampshire, an anxious twelve-year-old boy mistakes the local constable's girlfriend for a bear. Both the twelve-year-old and his father become fugitives, forced to run from Coos County - to Boston, to southern Vermont, to Toronto - pursued by the implacable constable. Their lone protector is a fiercely libertarian logger, once a river ...
Цена:  608.00
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фото Last Night in Twisted River

The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag. A Flavia de Luce Mistery

Flavia de Luce, a dangerously smart eleven-year-old with a passion for chemistry and a genius for solving murders, thinks that her days of crime-solving in the bucolic English hamlet of Bishop's Lacey are over - and then beloved puppeteer Rupert Porson has his own strings sizzled in an unfortunate rendezvous with electricity. But who'd do such a thing, and why? Does the madwoman who lives in Gibbet Wood know ...
Цена:  599.00
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фото The Weed that Strings the Hangman"s Bag. A Flavia de Luce Mistery


Karin Slaughter's internationally bestselling novels are as notable for their vivid portraits of lives shadowed by loss and heartbreak as they are for their dramatic criminal investigations. Her latest offering features the return of her most compelling characters and introduces memorable new ones in a tale of corruption, murder, and confrontation that will leave more than one life... When Special Agent Will ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото Broken

Faceless Killers

First in the Kurt Wallander series. It was a senselessly violent crime: on a cold night in a remote Swedish farmhouse an elderly farmer is bludgeoned to death, and his wife is left to die with a noose around her neck. And as if this didn't present enough problems for the Ystad police Inspector Kurt Wallander, the dying woman's last word is foreign, leaving the police the one tangible clue they have-and in the ...
Цена:  642.00
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фото Faceless Killers

The Lost Art of Gratitude

Isabels son, Charlie, is now of an ageeighteen monthsto have a social life, and so off they go to a birthday party, where, much to Isabels surprise, she encounters an old adversary, Minty Auchterlonie, now a high-flying financier. Minty had seemed to Isabel a woman of ruthless ambition, but the question of her integrity had never been answered. Now, when Minty takes Isabel into her confidence about a personal ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото The Lost Art of Gratitude

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Lisbeth Salander - the heart of Larsson's two previous novels - is under close supervision in the intensive care unit of a Swedish city hospital. She's fighting for her life in more ways than one: when she's well enough, she'll stand trial for three murders. With the help of her friend, journalist Mikael Blomkvist, she will have to prove her innocence, and to identify the corrupt politicians who have allowed ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet"s Nest

The Year of the Flood

The long-awaited new novel from Margaret Atwood. The Year of the Flood is a dystopic masterpiece and a testament to her visionary power. The times and species have been changing at a rapid rate, and the social compact is wearing as thin as environmental stability. Adam One, the kindly leader of the God's Gardeners - a religion devoted to the melding of science and religion, as well as the preservation of all ...
Цена:  647.00
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фото The Year of the Flood

Interview with the Vampire

Here are the confessions of a vampire. Hypnotic, shocking, and chillingly erotic, this is a novel of mesmerizing beauty and astonishing force - a story of danger and flight, of love and loss, of suspense and resolution, and of the extraordinary power of the senses. It is a novel only Anne Rice could write.
Цена:  630.00
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фото Interview with the Vampire


Die Ermittlerin Lisbeth Salander steht unter Mordverdacht. Ihr Partner Mikael Blomkvist schwört, ihre Unschuld zu beweisen. Er weiß, dass es um Salanders Leben geht. Als seine Ermittlungen die schwedische Regierung in ihren Grundfesten zu erschüttern drohen, setzt er alles auf eine Karte. Nach "Verblendung" und "Verdammnis" der grandiose Höhepunkt der Trilogie um das Ermittlerduo Blomkvist und Salander.
Цена:  952.00
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фото Vergebung


Romantisch und gefühlvoll: Der dritte Roman des Jahreszeitenzyklus von Nora Roberts. Gemeinsam mit ihren drei besten Freundinnen betreibt die hübsche Konditorin Laurel die erfolgreiche Hochzeitsagentur Vows. Tag für Tag hilft sie glücklichen Paaren, ihre Liebe mit einem rauschenden Fest zu krönen, in Laurels eigenem Privatleben sieht es aber alles andere als rosig aus. Doch dann verliebt ...
Цена:  1010.00
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фото Herbstmagie

Für immer der Deine

An der Schwelle zwischen Leben und Tod findet Logan Thibault einen Glücksbringer: die Fotografie einer lächelnden, schönen Frau. Obwohl er sie noch nie zuvor gesehen hat, glaubt Thibault, dass sie den Schlüssel zu seinem Schicksal in Händen hält. Er sucht die geheimnisvolle Frau auf - und sein Leben nimmt eine so wunderbare wie dramatische Wendung.
Цена:  1198.00
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фото Für immer der Deine

Der verborgene Garten

Ein verwunschener Garten, eine adlige Familie, ein dunkles Geheimnis. Als die junge Australierin Cassandra von ihrer Großmutter ein kleines Cottage an der Küste Cornwalls erbt, ahnt sie nichts von dem unheilvollen Versprechen, das zwei Freundinnen ein Jahrhundert zuvor an jenem Ort einlösten. Auf den Spuren der Vergangenheit entdeckt Cassandra ein Geheimnis, das seinen Anfang in den Gärten ...
Цена:  1010.00
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фото Der verborgene Garten

Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Following the massive success of Pride Prejudice and Zombies, and the impressive pre-pub sales of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, we have Quirk Classic 3. Like 1 and 2 the suspense will build as we discover what new monster mayhem will descend upon us this Spring. Certain to create the same buzz and excitement as the previous Quirk Classic titles.
Цена:  776.00
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фото Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Little Criminals

Two worlds are about to collide. Justin and Angela Kennedy are doing fine. Better than fine. They have wealth, position, love, children and a limitless future. Jo-Jo Mackendrick is a pillar of Dublin gangland, a man determined that nothing endangers his hard-earned supremacy. Into their lives comes Frankie Crowe, an ambitious criminal tired of risking his life for small change. Together with a crew of singularly ...
Цена:  650.00
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фото Little Criminals

The World in Vogue: People, Parties, Places

This one-of-a-kind book features more than 300 color and black and white photographs of some of the most celebrated actors, artists, models, first ladies, and social figures that have appeared in the pages of "Vogue" over the past four decades.
Цена:  5594.00
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фото The World in Vogue: People, Parties, Places

Matters of the Heart

In a spellbinding blend of suspense and human drama, Steel tells a powerful and unusual story of one woman's journey from darkness into light, as she fights to escape a mesmerizing sociopath who holds her in his thrall.
Цена:  553.00
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фото Matters of the Heart


Brilliant plotting, relentless suspense, raved the Washington Post, A new synonym for terror, crowned the Detroit Free Press. The critics agree: no one writes suspense like Karin Slaughter, whose thrillers featuring medical examiner Sara Linton and her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, have propelled her to the top of bestseller lists the world over. Now Slaughter fuses her unmatched grasp of forensic ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото Faithless

The Prodigal Spy

This story set during the infamous McCarthy era revolves around the son of an American government official who is discovered to be a Russian spy. Readers follow the father and son over 20 years in an ordeal that involves murder, spies, shocking revelations about the past, and a passionate affair.
Цена:  553.00
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фото The Prodigal Spy

The Loop

An extraordinary new novel of love, family, and man's struggle with the wild. A pack of wolves makes a sudden savage return to the Rocky Mountain ranching town of Hope, Montana, where a century earlier they were slaughtered by the thousands. Biologist Helen Ross has come to Hope from the East, fleeing a life in shambles, determined to save the wolves from those who seek to destroy them. But an ancient hatred ...
Цена:  647.00
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фото The Loop

Little Golden Book Christmas Favorites

Three beloved Christmas Little Golden Books are gathered together in this charming mini-treasury: The Night Before Christmas, The Christmas Story, and The Animals' Christmas Eve. Perfect for gift-giving, and at the value Golden Books is known for!
Цена:  517.00
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фото Little Golden Book Christmas Favorites

In the Night Room

In this Bram Stoker Award-winning chiller, a children's book author discovers frightening parallels between her loss and a manuscript by a struggling horror writer, who suggests they must join forces to confront the evils surrounding them.
Цена:  553.00
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фото In the Night Room

Revenge of the Sith

The turning point for the entire Star Wars saga is at hand... As combat escalates across the galaxy, the stage is set for an explosive endgame: Obi-Wan undertakes a perilous mission to destroy the dreaded Separatist military leader, General Grievous. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine continues to strip away constitutional liberties in the name of security while influencing public opinion to turn against the Jedi. ...
Цена:  574.00
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фото Revenge of the Sith

The Witching Hour

From the author of the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles comes a huge mesmerizing novel of witchcraft and the occult through four centuries. Two people with special powers are drwan together and set out in a passionate alliance to unlock the mystery of her past and his unwelcome gift. As the strane saga is played out, a world of witches is created that will fascinate readers for years to come.
Цена:  647.00
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фото The Witching Hour

The Time Traveler's Wife

This clever and inventive tale works on three levels: as an intriguing science fiction concept, a realistic character study and a touching love story. Henry De Tamble is a Chicago librarian with "Chrono Displacement" disorder; at random times, he suddenly disappears without warning and finds himself in the past or future, usually at a time or place of importance in his life. This leads to some wonderful paradoxes. ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Time Traveler"s Wife

Picture Dictionary

The Ladybird Picture Dictionary is a great way to support children beginning to read and write in English. Children can use the dictionary to check their spelling and also to gain confidence in using the alphabet.
Цена:  324.00
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фото Picture Dictionary

Kiss of Crimson

He comes to her more dead than alive, a towering black-clad stranger riddled with bullets and rapidly losing blood. As she struggles to save him, veterinarian Tess Culver is unaware that the man calling himself Dante is no man at all, but one of the Breed, vampire warriors engaged in a desperate battle. In a single erotically charged moment Tess is plunged into his world - a shifting, shadowed place where bands ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото Kiss of Crimson

Kiss of Midnight

He watches her from across the crowded dance club, a sensual black-haired stranger who stirs Gabrielle Maxwell's deepest fantasies. But nothing about this night - or this man - is what it seems. For when Gabrielle witnesses a murder outside the club, reality shifts into something dark and deadly. In that shattering instant she is thrust into a realm she never knew existed - a realm where vampires stalk the shadows ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото Kiss of Midnight

Red Seas Under Red Skies

In his highly acclaimed debut, The Lies of Locke Lamora, Scott Lynch took us on an adrenaline-fueled adventure with a band of daring thieves led by con artist extraordinaire Locke Lamora. Now Lynch brings back his outrageous hero for a caper so death-defying, nothing short of a miracle will pull it off. After a brutal battle with the underworld that nearly destroyed him, Locke and his trusted sidekick, Jean, ...
Цена:  690.00
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фото Red Seas Under Red Skies

O is for Outlaw

The 15th novel in the bestselling series finds Kinsey Milhone investigating why her ex-husband Mickey, the man she left years ago after his implication in a fatal beating, lies dying in an L.A. hospital. Kinsey uncovers evidence that Mickey was innocent of the beating charge, but as she searches those in Mickey's life, she must also search the blind spots of her own life, including one that hides a killer. A ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото O is for Outlaw

Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks

Illustrated in full color. This car-and-truck-filled alphabet extravaganza that starts with an ambulance and ends with a zippercar, is shaped like Lowly Worm's applemobile.
Цена:  306.00
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фото Richard Scarry"s Cars and Trucks

Bend Sinister

The first novel Nabokov wrote while living in America and the most overtly political novel he ever wrote, Bend Sinister is a modern classic. While it is filled with veiled puns and characteristically delightful wordplay, it is, first and foremost, a haunting and compelling narrative about a civilized man caught in the tyranny of a police state. It is first and foremost a compelling narrative about a civilized ...
Цена:  1224.00
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фото Bend Sinister


Nabokov's third novel, The Defense, is a chilling story of obsession and madness. As a young boy, Luzhin was unattractive, distracted, withdrawn, sullen - an enigma to his parents and an object of ridicule to his classmates. He takes up chess as a refuge from the anxiety of his everyday life. His talent is prodigious and he rises to the rank of grandmaster - but at a cost: in Luzhin' s obsessive mind, the game ...
Цена:  1324.00
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фото Defense


Extensively revised by Nabokov in 1965 - 30 years after its original publication - Despair is the wickedly inventive and richly derisive story of Hermann, a man who undertakes the perfect crime: his own murder.
Цена:  1224.00
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фото Despair

Pale Fire: A Novel

In Pale Fire Nabokov offers a cornucopia of deceptive pleasures: a 999-line poem by the recluse genius John Shade: an adoring foreward and commentary by Shade's self-styled Boswell, Dr. Charles Kinbote: a darkly comic novel of suspense, literary idolatry and one-upmanship, and political intrigue.
Цена:  1224.00
Посмотреть Pale Fire: A Novel
фото Pale Fire: A Novel


Pnin is a professor of Russian at an American college who takes the wrong train to deliver a lecture in a language he cannot master. Pnin is a tireless lover who writes to his treacherous Liza: "A genius needs to keep so much in store, and thus cannot offer you the whole of himself as I do." Pnin is the focal point of subtle academic conspiracies he cannot begin to comprehend, yet he stages a faculty party to ...
Цена:  1243.00
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фото Pnin

Worst Case: A Detective Michael Bennett Novel

The son of one of New York's wealthiest families is snatched off the street and held hostage. His parents can't save him, because this kidnapper isn't demanding money. Instead, he quizzes his prisoner on the price others pay for his life of luxury. In this exam, wrong answers are fatal. Detective Michael Bennett leads the investigation. With ten kids of his own, he can't begin to understand what could lead someone ...
Цена:  476.00
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фото Worst Case: A Detective Michael Bennett Novel

A Maximum Ride Thriller: Fang

Fang will be the first to die. For years, Max has been on the run from evil forces threatening her and the Flock - but nothing could have prepared her for this horrifying prophesy delivered to her by Angel. Fang is Max's best friend, her soulmate, her partner in leadership of her flock of winged children. A life without Fang is a life unimaginable. Max's desperate desire to protect Fang brings the two closer ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото A Maximum Ride Thriller: Fang

House of Sand and Fog

In this stunning novel Andre Dubus III set in present-day California a story of human conflict that has the power and resonance of a classical tragedy. Working on a road crew in California, a former colonel in the Shah's Air Force yearns to restore his family's dignity. When an attractive bungalow comes up at a country auction for a fraction of its value, he sees an opportunity to dream his own American Dream, ...
Цена:  713.00
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фото House of Sand and Fog

A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005

I don't have two lives, Annie Leibovitz writes in the Introduction to this collection of her work from 1990-2005. This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it. Portraits of well-known figures-Johnny Cash, Nicole Kidman, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Keith Richards, Michael Jordan, Joan Didion, R2-D2, Patti Smith, Nelson Mandela, Jack Nicholson, William Burroughs, George W. Bush ...
Цена:  4578.00
Посмотреть A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005
фото A Photographer"s Life: 1990-2005

Merlin: Villains Guide

This the official guide contains facts and profiles from the hit TV show. In a land of myth and a time of magic there is a constant battle to maintain the balance of the world. Evil forces are at work to destabilize the kingdom. Meet the villains out to destroy Camelot in this official guide. Filled with tales of dreadful deeds, fascinating facts and fun activities this is the must-have guide for all Merlin fans.
Цена:  401.00
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фото Merlin: Villains Guide

Who Shot Rock and Roll

More than 200 spectacular photographs catch and define the energy, intoxication, rebellion, and magic of rock and roll. This work explores the photographs and the photographers who captured rock's message of freedom and personal reinvention.
Цена:  2540.00
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фото Who Shot Rock and Roll

A Stroke of Midnight

Meredith Gentry, P.I., a.k.a. Princess Merry, heir to the throne of Faerie, faces dark and erotic encounters which grow ever stronger, threatening to consume her as she challenges new and ominous enemies in this fourth book of the sexually charged series by #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Hamilton.
Цена:  579.00
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фото A Stroke of Midnight

Seduced by Moonlight

Now in paperback - the anticipated return of Meredith Gentry in this third installment of Hamilton's "New York Times" bestselling series that brings the dark, erotic reign of the immortal fey to a startling new depth.
Цена:  553.00
Посмотреть Seduced by Moonlight
фото Seduced by Moonlight

A Caress of Twilight

I am Princess Meredith, heir to a throne - if I can stay alive long enough to claim it. After eluding relentless assassination attempts by Prince Cel, her cousin and rival for the Faerie crown, Meredith Gentry, Los Angeles private eye, has a whole new set of problems. To become queen, she must bear a child before Cel can father one of his own. But havoc lies on the horizon: people are dying in mysterious, frightening ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото A Caress of Twilight

A Kiss of Shadows

My name is Meredith Gentry, but of course it's not my real name. I dare not even whisper my true name after dark for fear that one hushed word will travel over the night winds to the soft ear of my aunt, the Queen of the Air and Darkness. She wants me dead. I don't even know why. Meredith Gentry, Princess of the high court of Faerie, is posing as a human in Los Angeles, living as a P.I. specializing in supernatural ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото A Kiss of Shadows

Hellfire Club

A riveting new thriller from the award-winning author of Ghost Story. Nora, a bored housewife, married to a weakling of a husband, is kidnapped at gunpoint by Dick Dart, a man who is suspected of committing four recent murders. Now Nora can stay alive only by feeding Dart's ego and outwitting him without seeming to do so.
Цена:  553.00
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фото Hellfire Club

Memnoch the Devil. Book V of The Vampire Chronicles

"Like "Interview with the Vampire", "Memnoch" has a half-maddened, fever-pitch intensity... Narrated by Rice's most cherished character, the vampire Lestat, Memnoch tells a tale as old as Scripture's legends and as modern as today's religious strife". Rolling Stone. "Sensual... Bold, Fast-Paced". USA Today. "Rice has penned an ambitious close to this long-running series... Fans will no doubt devour this". The ...
Цена:  476.00
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фото Memnoch the Devil. Book V of The Vampire Chronicles


In their desperate quest to find the grail, stolen by the forces of the Dark, the Drew children have returned to Trewissick. One night, in a strange ceremony, Jane watches the village women construct the Greenwitch: an ancient offering to the sea. Overcome by the Greenwitch's power, Jane makes a perilous wish - one that will tip the balance in the ongoing struggle between good and evil.
Цена:  476.00
Посмотреть Greenwitch
фото Greenwitch

The Dark Is Rising

It is Midwinter's Eve, the night before Will's eleventh birthday. But there is an atmosphere of fear in the familiar countryside around him. Will is about to make a shocking discovery - that he is the last person to be born with the power of the Old Ones, and as a guardian of the Light he must begin a dangerous journey to vanquish the terrifyingly evil magic of the Dark.
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Dark Is Rising

Rebel Heiress

A glorious historical novel based on the 17th century life of Eleanor Glanville who was destined to become one of the most famous entomologists in history. But not before she had endured a life of extraordinary vicissitude: two marriages and an all-consuming love which would prove her undoing.
Цена:  563.00
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фото Rebel Heiress

I am a Chechen!

I Am a Chechen! offers a lyrical fusion of exotic legends, stories and memories of Chechnya: a land of wondrous beauty, site of genocides past and present, and the author's ancestral home. Haunted by memories of the land he deserted, Sadulaev tells the stories of those who stayed behind. He brings to life his friends - now reduced to pieces of flesh - revisiting their first loves, their passion for rock music, ...
Цена:  1396.00
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фото I am a Chechen!

Elvis 1956

In 1956, a twenty-one-year-old Elvis Presley was at the beginning of his remarkable and unparalleled career. Photojournalist Alfred Wertheimer was asked by Presley's new label, RCA Victor, to photograph the rising star for a one-day assignment that quickly developed into an odyssey. With unimpeded access to the young performer, Wertheimer was able to capture the unguarded and everyday moments in Elvis' life ...
Цена:  1824.00
Посмотреть Elvis 1956
фото Elvis 1956

Mona Lisa Overdrive

William Gibson, author of the extraordinary multiaward-winning novel Neuromancer, has written his most brilliant and thrilling work to date... The Mona Lisa Overdrive, Enter Gibson's unique world - lyric and mechanical, erotic and violent, sobering and exciting - where multinational corporations and high tech outlaws vie for power, traveling into the computer-generated universe known as cyberspace. Into this ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото Mona Lisa Overdrive

A Really Short History of Nearly Everything

Suitable for younger readers, this book covers the wonder and mysteries of time and space, the frequently bizarre and often obsessive scientists and the methods they used, and the extraordinary accidental discoveries which suddenly advanced whole areas of science when the people were actually looking for something else (or in the wrong direction).
Цена:  1221.00
Посмотреть A Really Short History of Nearly Everything
фото A Really Short History of Nearly Everything

The Tenth Chamber

Abbey of Ruac, rural France: A medieval script is discovered hidden behind an antique bookcase. Badly damaged, it is sent to Paris for restoration, and there literary historian Hugo Pineau begins to read the startling fourteenth-century text. Within its pages lies a fanciful tale of a painted cave and the secrets it contains and a rudimentary map showing its position close to the abbey. Intrigued, Hugo enlists ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото The Tenth Chamber

Witch & Wizard

The world is changing - the government has seized control of every aspect of society, and now kids are disappearing. For fifteen-year-old Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside-down when they are hauled out of bed one night, separated from their parents, and thrown into a secret compound for no reason they can comprehend. The new government is clearly trying to suppress life, liberty, and the pursuit ...
Цена:  476.00
Посмотреть Witch & Wizard
фото Witch & Wizard

The Dogs and the Wolves

Ada grows up motherless in the Jewish pogroms of a Ukrainian city in the early years of the twentieth century. In the same city, Harry Sinner, the cosseted son of a city financier, belongs to a very different world. Eventually, in search of a brighter future, Ada moves to Paris and makes a living painting scenes from the world she has left behind.
Цена:  638.00
Посмотреть The Dogs and the Wolves
фото The Dogs and the Wolves

Kalooki Nights

Fixated on the crimes which have been committed against his people, but unable to live among them, Max moves away, and draws cartoon histories of Jewish suffering in which no one is much interested. He is drawn into the Holocaust obsessions from which he realises there can be, and should be, no release. This book is a comedy of cataclysm.
Цена:  713.00
Посмотреть Kalooki Nights
фото Kalooki Nights

The Last Juror

In 1970, one of Mississippi's more colourful weekly newspapers, The Ford County Times, went bankrupt. To the surprise and dismay of many, ownership was assumed by a 23 year-old college drop-out, named Willie Traynor. The future of the paper looked grim until a young mother was brutally raped and murdered by a member of the notorious Padgitt family. Willie Traynor reported all the gruesome details, and his newspaper ...
Цена:  626.00
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фото The Last Juror

Coming from Behind

Sefton Goldberg: mid-thirties, English teacher at Wrottesley Poly in the West Midlands; small, sweaty, lustful, definatly unappreciative of beer, nature and organised games; gnawingly aware of being an urban Jew islanded in a sea of country-loving Anglo-Saxons. Obsessed by failure - morbidly, in his own case, gloatingly, in that of his contemporaries - so much so that he plans to write a bestseller on the subject. ...
Цена:  638.00
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Who's Sorry Now?

Marvin Kreitman lives for sex, or at least he lives for women. Charlie Merriweather, on the other hand, loves just the one woman, also called Charlie. Once a week, the two friends meet for a Chinese lunch, contriving never quite to have the conversation they would like to have - about fidelity and womanising, and which makes happier.
Цена:  563.00
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Thames: Sacred River

Offers a guide to this extraordinary river and the towns and villages which line it. Exploring its history since prehistoric times, this book shows the fishes that swam in the river and the boats that plied its surface; about floods and tides; hauntings and suicides; miasmas and malaria; locks, weirs and embankments; bridges, docks and palaces.
Цена:  1709.00
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The Pelican Brief

Two Supreme Court Justices are dead. Their murders are connected only in one mind, and in one legal brief conceived by that mind. Brilliant, beautiful and ambitious, New Orleans legal student Darby Shaw little realises that her speculative brief will penetrate to the highest levels of power in Washington and cause shockwaves there. Shockwaves that will see her boyfriend atomised in a bomb blast, that will send ...
Цена:  476.00
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Mother Night

A companion novel to Slaughterhouse 5, covering similar themes and drawing on the author's experiences as a prisoner of war in Dresden. A black satire, it tells of an American spy in Germany who becomes confused by his own methods as he sends his coded messages by using pro-Nazi radio broadcasts.
Цена:  1142.00
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Here is Edward Rutherfurds classic novel of London, a glorious pageant spanning two thousand years. He brings this vibrant citys long and noble history alive through the ever-shifting fortunes, fates, and intrigues of half-a-dozen families, from the age of Julius Caesar to the twentieth century. Generation after generation, these families embody the passion, struggle, wealth, and verve of the greatest city in the world.
Цена:  838.00
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The Last Dickens

News of the untimely death of Charles Dickens reaches James R Osgood at his American publisher. Expecting the arrival of the latest instalment of The Mystery of Edwin Drood and suspicious of unscrupulous New York publishers keen to get their hands on the novel, Osgood sends his clerk, Daniel Sands, to await its arrival.
Цена:  563.00
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It is 1951 in America, the second year of the Korean War. A studious, law-abiding, intense youngster from Newark, New Jersey, Marcus Messner is beginning his sophomore year on the pastoral, conservative campus of Ohio's Winesburg College. And why is he here and not at a local college in Newark where he originally enrolled?
Цена:  476.00
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From the seedy backstreets of London's Soho in the 60s to the tough, sexy world of international rock-stardom in the 70s, Georgia sees it all-When nine-year-old orphan Georgia James is unexpectedly fostered by the kindly Celia and her bank manager husband she can hardly believe her luck. But then - on her fifteenth birthday - she suffers the cruellest betrayal of all at the hands of her foster father and is ...
Цена:  838.00
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Ellie is a sweet-natured brunette, generous of heart with a sparkling smile and an accent which reveals her East End background. Bonny is beautiful and spoilt, with cascades of blonde hair, the brightest pair of blue eyes and a mouth like Cupid's bow. The two girls meet in London at the end of the war when, seduced by two American airmen, they pool their wits and resources and set off to make a living on the ...
Цена:  638.00
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Doctor Who: The Sontaran Games

Every time the lights go out, someone dies... The Tardis lands at an academy for top athletes, all hoping to be chosen for the forthcoming Globe Games. But is one of them driven enough to resort to murder? The Doctor discovers that the students have been hushing up unexplained deaths. Teaming up with a young swimmer called Emma, the Doctor begins to investigate - but he doesn't expect to find a squad of Sontarans ...
Цена:  214.00
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Doctor Who: Made of Steel

Since its return to the screen in 2005, masterminded by Russell T Davies, Doctor Who has become a genuine phenomenon picking up countless awards, attracting huge audiences and selling lots and lots of books - over half a million so far. This latest adventure sees the Doctor pitted against one of his most famous adversaries - the deadly Cybermen. It is the first book to feature the Doctor's new companion Martha ...
Цена:  326.00
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Doctor Who, I am a Dalek

Equipped with space suits, golf clubs and a flag, the Doctor and Rose are planning to live it up, Apollo mission-style, on the Moon. But the TARDIS has other plans, landing them instead in a village on the south coast of England; a picture-postcard sort of place where nothing much happens.
Цена:  237.00
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Doctor Who: Code of the Krillitanes

'I blame those new Brainy Crisps. Since he started eating them, he's been too clever by half'. Can eating a bag of crisps really make you more clever? The company that makes the crisps says so, and they seem to be right. But the Doctor is worried. Who would want to make people more brainy? And why?
Цена:  162.00
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Butcher and Bolt

Afghanistan has been a strategic prize for more than 200 years. Foreign invaders have continually fought across its beautiful and inhospitable terrain. A century ago, the common sneer about how British soldiers treated Afghan tribesmen was that they would 'butcher' them, then 'bolt'. This book recounts this violent history.
Цена:  638.00
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It is April 1204, and Constantinople, the splendid capital of the Byzantine Empire, is being sacked and burned by the knights of the Fourth Crusade. Amid the carnage and confusion, one Baudolino saves a Byzantine historian and high court official from certain death at the hands of the crusading warriors, and proceeds to tell his own story.
Цена:  1094.00
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The Oathbound Wizard

Matt Mandrell, unsuspecting graduate student, never imagined his research would lead him to a strange scrap of parchment that would change his life forever... Crossing the void of time and space, Matt is whisked away to an enchanted world where speaking in rhymes works the most dazzling magic. There he wins not only fame and power as the Lord High Wizard, but the heart of the beautiful Queen Alisande. His dreams ...
Цена:  481.00
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The Mammoth Hunters

In the third book of the Earth's Children series, Ayla and Jondalar set forth into the land of the Mamutoi. Although Ayla finds warmth and friendship, she must choose between Jondalar and Ranec as her mate.
Цена:  553.00
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The Last Airbender: Prequel Zuko's Story

Prince Zuko is banished from the Fire Nation by his own father, Fire Lord Ozai. Horribly scarred and stripped of everything he holds dear, Zuko wanders the earth for almost three years in search of his only chance at redemption: the Avatar, a mystical being who once kept the four nations in balance.
Цена:  752.00
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I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!

Illus. in full color. "A rhyming story that is full of laughs. 'The alarm can ring. The birds can peep... Today's the day I'm going to sleep, 'says a lazy boy one morning, and despite a pail of icy water, television coverage, and the arrival of the Marines, he vows to stay in bed - and he does! The repetition of concepts and words will keep children turning the pages, as will the energetic drawings. A sure draw ...
Цена:  611.00
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The story of a British earthling plucked from his planet, and his subsequent adventures elsewhere in the universe.
Цена:  606.00
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Her Majesty's Wizard

Matt read the forbidden runes and found himself in a world where reciting verses worked magic. He got himself locked in a dungeon, created a fire-breathing dragon, and eventually discovered a beautiful princess he swore to save. Little did he guess how hard that would be...
Цена:  553.00
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Covenant With the Vampire: The Diaries of the Family Dracul

Honoring a family pact that compels him to return to Transylvania to take part in a secret ceremony, young Arkady Tsepesh of the family Dracul learns a devastating truth about his ancestor, Prince Vlad.
Цена:  324.00
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The Complete Short Novels

Aanton Chekhov, widely hailed as the supreme master of the short story, also wrote five works long enough to be called short novelshere brought together in one volume for the first time, in a masterly new translation by the award-winning translators Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. The Steppethe most lyrical of the fiveis an account of a nine-year-old boy's frightening journey by wagon train across the ...
Цена:  1245.00
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The Clan of the Cave Bear

A stunning epic that has stirred the imagination of millions of readers, "The Clan of the cave Bear" tells the story of the orphaned Ayla and her struggle to fit in and survive after her own tribe is killed by an earthquake.
Цена:  611.00
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Children of the Vampire: The Diaries of the Family Dracul

The battle waged in the heart of the Family Dracul continues, as the innocent take up arms against the monster. As his loved ones indulge in forbidden crimes with a legendary passion, Vlad the Impaler's heir, Arkady, cries out to his sons" "Let the curse end with me!"
Цена:  553.00
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The Vampire Armand

The leader of the vampire coven, the Theatre des Vampires in Paris was snatched from the steppes of Russia as a child, and sold as a slave in Renaissance Venice. From there Armand's story spans several hundred years, culminating in a visit to New Orleans at the end of the twentieth century. Here his victims await either death or immortality.
Цена:  476.00
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The Red House Mystery

Far from the gentle slopes of the Hundred Acre Wood lies The Red House, the setting for A.A Milne's only detective story, where secret passages, uninvited guests, a sinister valet and a puzzling murder lay the foundations for a classic crime caper. And when the local police prove baffled, it is up to a guest at a local inn to appoint himself 'Sherlock Holmes' and, together with his friend and loyal 'Watson', ...
Цена:  838.00
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Midnight's Children

Born at the stroke of midnight at the exact moment of India's independence, Saleem Sinai is a special child. However, this coincidence of birth has consequences he is not prepared for: telepathic powers connect him with 1,000 other 'midnight's children' all of whom are endowed with unusual gifts. Inextricably linked to his nation, Saleem's story is a whirlwind of disasters and triumphs that mirrors the course ...
Цена:  1076.00
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Inherent Vice

Part noir, part psychedelic romp - private eye Doc Sportello comes, occasionally, out of a marijuana haze to watch the end of an era as free love slips away and paranoia creeps in with the L A fog. In this lively yarn, Thomas Pynchon, working in an unaccustomed genre, provides a classic illustration of the principle that if you can remember the sixties, you weren`t there...
Цена:  650.00
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The Twelve

Sooner or later, everybody pays - and the dead will set the price... Gerry Fegan, a former paramilitary contract killer, is haunted by the ghosts of the 12 people he has slaughtered. Every night he drowns their screams in drink, on the point of losing his mind. Then one of the ghosts offers Fegan a solution: kill those who engineered their deaths. From the greedy politicians to the corrupt security forces, the ...
Цена:  598.00
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To Kill a Mockingbird

'Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird'. A lawyer's advice to his children as he defends the real mockingbird of Harper Lee's classic novel - a black man charged with the rape of a white girl. Through the young eyes of Scout and Jem Finch, Harper Lee explores with exuberant humour the irrationality of adult attitudes to race and class in the Deep South ...
Цена:  837.00
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The Tenth Man

Written in 1944 but first published in 1985, The Tenth Man is set in a prison in occupied France during World War II and concerns Lewis Chavel, a captured rich lawyer who is probably going to be shot in a German act of reprisal. In a prison in Occupied France one in every ten men is to be shot. The prisoners draw lots among themselves - and for lawyer Louis Chavel it seems that his whole life has been leading ...
Цена:  725.00
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The Suitcase Kid

When my parents split up they didn't know what to do with me... My family always lived at Mulberry Cottage. Mum, Dad, me - and Radish, my Sylvanian rabbit. But now, Mum lives with Bill the Baboon and his three kids. Dad lives with Carrie and her twins. And where do I live? I live out of a suitcase. One week with Mum's new family, one week with Dad's. It's as easy as A B C. That's what everyone says. But all ...
Цена:  626.00
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A Star Called Henry

A historical tale marking a new turn in Doyle's writing. Born in the slums of Dublin in 1902, his father a one-legged whorehouse bouncer, Henry Smart has to grow up fast. He eventually becomes a Fenian, a rebel, a republican legend - one of Michael Collins's boys, an assassin on a stolen bike.
Цена:  638.00
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The Seance

'Sell the Hall unseen; burn it to the ground and plough the earth with salt, if you will; but never live there...' London, the 1880s. A young girl grows up in a household marked by death, her father distant, her mother in perpetual mourning for the child she lost. Desperate to coax her mother back to health, Constance Langton takes her to a seance. Perhaps they will find comfort from beyond the grave. But that ...
Цена:  638.00
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The Rainmaker

Rudy Taylor is a newly qualified lawyer: he has one case, and one case a lone, to save himself from his mounting debts. It is a bad faith case against a giant insurance company which could have saved a young mans life, but has instead refused to pay the claim until it is too late. The settlement could be worth millions of dollars, but there is one problem: Rudy has never argued a case in court before and he ...
Цена:  526.00
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The Partner

They found him in a small town in Brazil, near the border with Paraguay. He had a new name, Danilo Silva, and his appearance had been changed by plastic surgery. The search had taken four years. They'd chased him around the world, always just missing him. It had cost their clients three and a half million dollars. But so far none of them had complained. The man they were about to kidnap had not always been called ...
Цена:  447.00
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Our Man in Havana

Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman, was short of money. His daughter had reached an expensive age - so he accepted Hawthorne's offer of $300-plus a month and became Agent 59200/5, MI6's man in Havana. To keep the job, he pretends to recruit sub-agents and sends fake stories. Then they come true.
Цена:  880.00
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Only You Can Save Mankind

As the mighty alien fleet from the very latest computer game thunders across the computer screen, Johnny prepares to blow them into the usual million pieces. And they send him a message: We surrender. They're not supposed to do that! They're supposed to die. And computer joysticks don't have 'Don't Fire' buttons-But it's only a game, isn't it. Isn't it?
Цена:  476.00
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Notwithstanding: Stories from an English Village

Welcome to the village of Notwithstanding where a lady dresses in plus fours and shoots squirrels, a retired general gives up wearing clothes altogether, a spiritualist lives in a cottage with the ghost of her husband, and people think it quite natural to confide in a spider that lives in a potting shed. Based on de Bernieres' recollections of the village he grew up in, "Notwithstanding" is a funny and moving ...
Цена:  563.00
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"Moonwalk" is the only book about his life that Michael Jackson ever wrote. It chronicles his humble beginnings in the Midwest, his early days with the Jackson 5, and his unprecedented solo success. Giving absolutely unrivalled insight into the King of Pop's life, it details his songwriting process for hits like "Beat It, Rock With You", "Billie Jean", and "We Are the World"; and describes how he developed his ...
Цена:  889.00
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The King of Torts

The Office of the Public Defender is not known as a training ground for bright young litigators. When Clay Carter reluctantly takes the case of a young man charged with a random street killing, he assumes it is just another of the many senseless murders that hit Washington DC.
Цена:  476.00
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The Keeper

Mia Lockhart has a secret. Her mother was a keeper, as was her grandmother - women who were warriors, healers and protectors. And when a mysterious man enters her life, she puts this to the test. Adrian Ashton is a brilliant scientist - and a killer. With the aid of an ancient Chinese text, he has mastered the art of capturing the chi of his opponents - the vital energy that flows through their bodies. Mia finds ...
Цена:  563.00
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If You Liked School, You'll Love Work

In his first short-story collection since "The Acid House", Irvine Welsh sets us five tricky questions. In "Rattlesnakes" how do three young Americans find themselves lost in the desert, and why does one find himself performing fellatio on another while being watched by the bare-breasted Madeline and two armed Mexicans? Who is the mysterious Korean chef who has moved upstairs to Chicago socialite Kendra Cross, ...
Цена:  1201.00
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The Godfather

Tyrant, blackmailer, racketeer, murderer - his influence reaches every level of American society. Meet Don Corleone, a friendly man, a just man, a reasonable man. The deadliest lord of the Cosa Nostra. The Godfather. A modern masterpiece, "The Godfather" is a searing portrayal of the 1940s criminal underworld. It is also the intimate story of the Corleone family, at once drawn together and ripped apart by its ...
Цена:  563.00
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The End of the Affair

The love affair between Maurice Bendix and Sarah, flourishing in the turbulent times of the London Blitz, ends when she suddenly and without explanation breaks it off. After a chance meeting rekindles his love and jealousy two years later, Bendix hires a private detective to follow Sarah, and slowly his love for her turns into an obsession.
Цена:  807.00
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Ethan Blake is seventeen and desperate to escape from his dead-end life. When he sees someone B.A.S.E. jump from the top of his block of flats, it changes the way he sees the world for ever. Soon, Ethan is caught up in the adrenaline-fuelled world of skydiving. He's a natural, so it's no surprise when he's invited to join an elite skydive team, but is he signing up for more than just jumping out of planes? The ...
Цена:  476.00
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Doctor Fischer of Geneva

Mr Jones, a quiet unprepossessing man who works as a translator in a Swiss chocolate factory, meets and falls in love with Anna-Luise, many years his junior and the daughter of Doctor Fischer, the notorious toothpaste millionaire.
Цена:  682.00
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Death at La Fenice

The twisted maze of Venice's canals has always been shrouded in mystery. Even the celebrated opera house, La Fenice, has seen its share of death. But nothing so horrific and violent as that of world-famous conductor, Maestro Helmut Wellauer - poisoned during a performance of La Traviata. Even Commissario of Police, Guido Brunetti, used to the labyrinthine corruptions of the city, is shocked at the number of ...
Цена:  638.00
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Crippled and disconsolate, sixteen-year-old Catalina is the one person unable to join in the festivities of the Feast of the Assumption. Yet that is when she miraculously meets and talks with the Blessed Virgin as though she were her own mother. But in the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition, the Church is apt to take a serious view of such an ostentatious claim. The last of Maugham's novels, Catalina is a ...
Цена:  713.00
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The Broker

In his final hours in the Oval Office the outgoing President grants a controversial last minute pardon to Joel Backman, a notorious Washington power broker who has spent the last six years hidden away in a federal prison. It seems that Backman, may have obtained secrets that compromise the world's most sophisticated satellite surveillance system.
Цена:  447.00
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The Brethren

Trumble is a minimum security federal prison, home to an assortment of criminals, including three former judges. When one of their scams goes awry, it ensnares the wrong victim, an innocent on the outside, a man with dangerous friends.
Цена:  476.00
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Neely was once star quarterback for Messina High School's football team but his playing days ended with an injury. For 15 years he's been trying to forget his past as sporting hero but hasn't been able to move on. That is until the man who moulded him, Coach Eddie Rake is dying and Neely returns to Messina.
Цена:  476.00
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фото Bleachers

Before She Met Me

Graham Hendrick, an historian, has left his wife Barbara for the vivacious Ann, and is more than pleased with his new life. Until, that is, the day he discovers Ann's celluloid past as a mediocre film actress. Soon Graham is pouncing on old clues, examining her books for inscriptions from past lovers, frequenting cinemas and poring over the bad movies she appeared in. It's not that he blames Anne for having ...
Цена:  838.00
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When the family business collapses, Beauty and her two sisters are forced to leave the city and begin a new life in the countryside. However, when their father accepts hospitality from an elusive and magical Beast, he is forced to make a terrible promise.
Цена:  476.00
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фото Beauty


On the hottest day of the summer of 1934, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has recently come down from Cambridge. By the end of that day, the lives of all three will have been changed for ever. Robbie and Cecilia will have crossed ...
Цена:  911.00
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фото Atonement

Angel Time

At the centre: Toby O'Dare - Lucky the Fox - a contract killer of underground fame. A soulless soul, a dead man walking... He's fallen far from grace, and lives under a series of aliases. Lucky takes his orders from someone he calls 'The Right Man', someone whose name and allegiances he doesn't know. When the novel opens, the time is the present. The place is Riverside, California, the Mission Inn. For Lucky, ...
Цена:  476.00
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Personal Demon

"New York Times" - bestselling author Armstrong follows "No Humans Involved" with the eighth sexy, action-packed Women of the Otherworld novel featuring a wickedly beautiful, supernaturally gifted heroine who may love danger a bit too much.
Цена:  171.00
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No Humans Involved

In this seventh installment of Armstrong's sizzling paranormal series Women of the Otherworld, celebrity necromancer Jamie Vegas finds herself haunted by children who are trapped between two worlds.
Цена:  171.00
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фото No Humans Involved

Industrial Magic

Wiccan heroine Paige Winterbourne returns in this sequel to "Dime Store Magic." After her mother's murder, Paige breaks away from her coven and tries to start a new one. But someone soon begins murdering the teenage offspring of some of the underworld's most powerful families.
Цена:  273.00
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Sexy supernatural suspense abounds in this fifth novel in Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series.
Цена:  553.00
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фото Haunted


Unsettled by her pregnancy, werewolf Elena Michaels is given the task of retrieving a stolen letter allegedly written by Jack the Ripper, but she soon discovers that the letter contains a portal to Victorian London's underworld, allowing the vicious killer access to the twenty-first century, where he and a pair of zombie thugs are searching for Elena.
Цена:  553.00
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фото Broken

The Woman and the Ape

Madelene is married to Burden, an ambitious zoologist, comfortably off and a chronic alcoholic. The ape is Erasmus, who comes ashore in London from sailing boat called The Ark. Burden aims to use the ape as the means to fulfil his ambition to direct the London Zoo. Erasmus and Madelene elope.
Цена:  638.00
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фото The Woman and the Ape

The Rise and Fall of Communism

The inexorable rise of Communism was the most momentous political phenomenon of the first half of the twentieth century. Its demise in Europe and its decline elsewhere have produced the most profound political changes of the last few decades. In this illuminating book, based on forty years of study and a wealth of new sources, Archie Brown provides a comprehensive history as well as an original and compelling ...
Цена:  1174.00
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фото The Rise and Fall of Communism

Piccadilly Jim

This is a P.G. Wodehouse novel. It takes a lot of effort for Jimmy Crocker to become Piccadilly Jim - nights on the town roistering, headlines in the gossip columns, a string of broken hearts and breaches of promise. Eventually, he becomes rather good at it and manages to go to pieces with his eyes open. But no sooner has Jimmy cut a wild swathe through fashionable London than his terrifying Aunt Nesta decides ...
Цена:  514.00
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The Innocent Man

John Grisham's first work of non-fiction, an exploration of small town justice gone terribly awry, is his most extraordinary legal thriller yet. In the major league draft of 1971, the first player chosen from the State of Oklahoma was Ron Williamson. When he signed with the Oakland A's, he said goodbye to his hometown of Ada and left to pursue his dreams of big league glory. Six years later he was back, his ...
Цена:  606.00
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I Never Knew That About London

Bestselling author Christopher Winn takes us on a captivating journey around London to discover the unknown tales of our capital's history. Travelling through the villages and districts that make up the world's most dynamic metropolis "I Never Knew That About London" unearths the hidden gems of legends, firsts, inventions, adventures and birthplaces that shape the city's compelling, and at times, turbulent past. ...
Цена:  1025.00
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I Never Knew That About Britain!

Bestselling author and quiz master Christopher Winn is here to test your knowledge of Britain with 501 questions to perplex and puzzle about our glorious islands. Covering a myriad of subjects including history, cathedrals, sports, records, modern Britain, royalty, people, places, deeds, discoveries and disasters, there is something to test everyone from Britain's brainiest boffins to the quiz beginner. Featuring ...
Цена:  875.00
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The Firm

When Mitchell McDeere qualified third in his class at Harvard, offers poured in from every law firm in America. The firm he chose was small, but-well respected. They were prepared to match, and then exceed Mitch's wildest dreams: eighty thousand a year, a BMW and a low-interest mortgage. Now the house, the car and the job are his. Then the nightmares begin: the secret files, the bugs in the new bedroom, the ...
Цена:  676.00
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The Slitheen Excursion

1500 BC - King Actaeus and his subjects live in mortal fear of the awesome gods who have come to visit their kingdom in ancient Greece. Except the Doctor, visiting with university student June, knows they're not gods at all. They're aliens. For the aliens, it's the perfect holiday - they get to tour the sights of a primitive planet and even take part in local customs. Like gladiatorial games, or hunting down ...
Цена:  328.00
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Judgement of the Judoon

Elvis the King Spaceport has grown into the sprawling city-state of New Memphis - an urban jungle, where organised crime is rife. But the launch of the new Terminal 13 hasn't been as smooth as expected. And things are about to get worse... When the Doctor arrives, he finds the whole terminal locked down. The notorious Invisible Assassin is at work again, and the Judoon troopers sent to catch him will stop at ...
Цена:  725.00
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Doctor Who: Forever Autumn

It is almost Halloween in the sleepy New England town of Blackwood Falls. Autumn leaves litter lawns and sidewalks, paper skeletons hang in windows, and carved pumpkins leer from stoops and front porches. The Doctor and Martha soon discover that something long-dormant has awoken in the town, and this will be no ordinary Halloween. What is the secret of the ancient chestnut tree and the mysterious book discovered ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Feast Of The Drowned

When a naval cruiser sinks in mysterious circumstances in the North Sea, all aboard are lost. Rose is saddened to learn that the brother of her friend, Keisha, was among the dead. And yet, he appears to them as a ghostly apparition, begging to be saved from the coming feast... the feast of the drowned.
Цена:  650.00
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The Eyeless

At the heart of the ruined city of Arcopolis is the Fortress. It's a brutal structure placed here by one of the sides in a devastating intergalactic war that's long ended. Fifteen years ago, the entire population of the planet was killed in an instant by the weapon housed deep in the heart of the Fortress. Now only the ghosts remain. The Doctor arrives, and determines to fight his way past the Fortress' automatic ...
Цена:  725.00
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Cocktail Time

This is an Uncle Fred novel. It was never the habit of Frederick, fifth Earl of Ickenham, to grumble when events crowded in on him, but he did sometimes feel that the life-work he had set himself of spreading sweetness and light - or, as some preferred to put it, meddling in other people's business - was almost more than any man could be expected to undertake single-handed. So many problems had presented themselves ...
Цена:  514.00
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Captain Corelli's Mandolin

It is 1941 and Captain Antonio Corelli, a young Italian officer, is posted to the Greek island of Cephallonia as part of the occupying forces. At first he is ostracised by the locals, but as a conscientious but far from fanatical soldier, whose main aim is to have a peaceful war, he proves in time to be civilised, humourous - and a consummate musician. When the local doctor's daughter's letters to her fiance ...
Цена:  713.00
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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The story of "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" is very difficult to describe. Usually we give some clues about the book on the cover, but in this case we think that would spoil the reading of the book. We think it is important that you start to read without knowing what it is about. If you do start to read this book, you will go on a journey with a nine-year-old boy called Bruno. (Though this isn't a book for ...
Цена:  673.00
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Big Money

This is a P.G. Wodehouse novel. Lord Biskerton, son and heir of the sixth Earl of Hoddesdon, and known to his friends as Biscuit, had red hair, a preliminary scenario for a moustache and a noble determination to escape the disgrace of work. His friend Berry Conway, however, had succumbed to economic pressure and become the secretary to T. Paterson Frisby, a dyspeptic American who had twenty million and loved ...
Цена:  514.00
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Wolf to the Slaughter

It was better than a hotel, this anonymous room on a secluded side street of a small country town. No register to sign, no questions asked, and for five bucks a man could have three hours of undisturbed, illicit lovemaking. Then one evening a man with a knife turned the love nest into a death chamber. The carpet was soaked with blood - but where was the corpse? Meanwhile, a beautiful, promiscuous woman is missing ...
Цена:  565.00
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The Vampire Armand

In this sixth installment of "The Vampire Chronicles", Rice brings readers the story of the eternally young Armand. Introduced as a minor player in the classic "Interview With the Vampire", Armand now takes his place center stage as he relates his 500-year history. Features an exclusive interview with Rice.
Цена:  471.00
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Tilting the Balance (Worldwar 2)

An alternative World War II takes an unexpected turn when a race of lizard-like space aliens sweep down to conquer Earth, causing the Allied and Axis forces to combine atomic bomb technologies.
Цена:  553.00
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Striking the Balance (Worldwar 4)

Alternate History is historical fiction that examines the ramifications of a change or changes in known history. Alternate History can use science-fiction devices - such as time-travel - to change history, or it can simply pick a point where, had things merely happened differently (for example: Abraham Lincoln decided not to go to the theater that night, or Henry VIII stayed married to his first wife), history ...
Цена:  553.00
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One Fish, Two Fish, Three, Four, Five Fish

One fish, two fish, three, four, five...This one has a car to drive...This bouncy counting board book comes with five beads shaped like Seussian fish that toddlers can move across the top of the book as they count along. Based on Dr. Seuss' s celebrated classic, this sturdy board book will be a hit with all the little fish in your family.
Цена:  599.00
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Patty Bigelow thought she'd finally figured life out. Then her wayward sister Leila abandons her child, Tanya, on her doorstep. The aunt and troubled niece slowly learn to live together, with the help of Dr Alex Delaware's counselling. Now, fifteen years later, Tanya is back in Alex's office, a self-possessed Harvard student, about to enter graduate school in clinical psychology. Patty - the only real mother ...
Цена:  553.00
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The Mummy

The reader is held captive, and, ultimately, seduced. SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Ramses the Great has awakened in Edwardian London. Having drunk the elixir of life, he is now Ramses the Damned, doomed forever to wander the earth, desperate to quell hungers that can never be satisfied. Although he pursues voluptuous aristocrat Julie Stratford, the woman for whom he desperately longs is Cleopatra. And his intense ...
Цена:  553.00
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Mostly Harmless

The fifth hilarious novel in the classic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series follows the exploits of Arthur Dent, who has to adjust to a new life when his spaceship crashes on a remote planet. If you were hoping for more of the zany, nonsensical, mayhem produced in the earlier books, you're in luck.
Цена:  553.00
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Life, the Universe and Everything

The unhappy inhabitants of planet Krikkit are sick of looking at the night sky above their heads so they plan to destroy it. The universe, that is. Now only five individuals stand between the white killer robots of Krikkit and their goal of total annihilation. They are Arthur Dent, a mild-mannered space and time traveler, who tries to learn how to fly by throwing himself at the ground and missing; Ford Prefect, ...
Цена:  647.00
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In Balance: Alternate History of Second World War

Alternate History is historical fiction that examines the ramifications of a change or changes in known history. Alternate History can use science-fiction devices - such as time-travel - to change history, or it can simply pick a point where, had things merely happened differently (for example: Abraham Lincoln decided not to go to the theater that night, or Henry VIII stayed married to his first wife), history ...
Цена:  553.00
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Happy Birthday to You!

Today is your birthday! Today you are you!...There is no one alive that is younger than you! Six pages of rollicking pop-ups animate this simple adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic. It's the best-of-the-best way to say...Happy Birthday to You!
Цена:  517.00
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The Halloween Tree

"A fast-moving, fairytale set on Halloween night. Eight costumed boys running to meet their friend Pipkin at the haunted house outside town encounter instead the huge and cadaverous Mr. Moundshroud. As Pipkin scrambles to join them, he is swept away by a dark Something, and Moundshroud leads the boys on the tail of a kite through time and space to search the past for their friend and the meaning of Halloween. ...
Цена:  411.00
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Fox in Socks (+ Audio CD)

A collection of tongue twisters for the young reader to read by himself is accompanied by a sound disc.
Цена:  642.00
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Fifteen-year-old Eragon believes that he is merely a poor farm boy - until his destiny as a Dragon Rider is revealed. Gifted with only an ancient sword, a loyal dragon, and sage advice from an old storyteller, Eragon is soon swept into a dangerous tapestry of magic, glory, and power. Now his choices could save or destroy the Empire.
Цена:  647.00
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Dating Game

One of America's most cherished novelists takes readers on the roller-coaster ride of dating the second time around. Poignant and wickedly funny, "Dating Game" is about tackling life and love with both courage and laughter - told as only Steel can tell it.
Цена:  647.00
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Dark Prince

The chaos spirit had chosen the child Alexander to be its human host. But Parmenion, most powerful warrior of ancient Greece, had won a small victory over the darkness that sought to rule through Alexander. The boy's soul had not been destroyed by evil, but instead had merged with it - and now Parmenion aided Alexander in the battle between light and dark that constantly raged within him.But there was another ...
Цена:  647.00
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Cry to Heaven

They were the castrati-male sopranos whose glorious voices brought them adulation throughout Europe even as they were despised as monsters. For Tonio Treschi, the child of Venetian nobility, kidnapped and castrated in a murderous family conspiracy, only one thing would soothe his soul-revenge!
Цена:  553.00
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Colonization: Down to Earth

Alternate History is historical fiction that examines the ramifications of a change or changes in known history. Alternate History can use science-fiction devices - such as time-travel - to change history, or it can simply pick a point where, had things merely happened differently (for example: Abraham Lincoln decided not to go to the theater that night, or Henry VIII stayed married to his first wife), history ...
Цена:  606.00
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Christ the Lord: Road to Cana

Anne Rice's vivid and hugely ambitious continuation of the life of Christ the Lord tells of the last winter of Jesus' "hidden years" - his thirtieth - and ends with His first great miracle - the turning of water into wine at the marriage of Cana. Based on the Four Gospels and scrupulously researched.
Цена:  553.00
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The Best Man to Die

Who could have suspected that the exciting stag party for the groom would be the prelude to the murder of his close friend Charlie Hatton? And Charlie's death was only the first in a string of puzzling murders involving small-time gangsters, cheating husbands, and loose women. Now Chief Inspector Wexford and his assistant join forces with the groom to track down a killer...
Цена:  647.00
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The Very Bloody History of Britain: Pt. 2

From post-war rationing to the glut of the Thatcher years, from Harold Macmillan's famous 'You've never had it so good' to the winter of discontent, this book contains the essential stuff of modern history. As Britain gets the bomb, CND starts up to ban it. As the cold war years roll on, many a politician is caught with a face as red as the Russian flag. Further afield there's trouble in Cyprus, a crisis over ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Twilight Watch

Walking the streets of Moscow, indistinguishable from the rest of its population, are the Others. Possessors of supernatural powers and capable of entering the Twilight, a shadowy world that exists in parallel to our own, each owes allegiance either to the Dark or the Light. Night Watch Agent Anton Gorodetsky's holiday is abruptly shortened when an urgent call from Gesar - his boss and Night Watch head - forces ...
Цена:  892.00
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Torn Apart

Cory Friedman was an ordinary fun-loving little boy. Cory developed a rare combination of Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and other neurological conditions. This book tells the story of his family's courage, heartbreak, sacrifice and ultimately, triumph.
Цена:  563.00
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Something Fresh

This is a Blandings novel. This is the first Blandings novel, in which P.G. Wodehouse introduces us to the delightfully dotty Lord Emsworth, his bone-headed younger son, the Hon. Freddie Threepwood, his long-suffering secretary, the Efficient Baxter, and Beach the Blandings butler. As Wodehouse wrote, 'without at least one impostor on the premises, Blandings Castle is never itself'. In Something Fresh there ...
Цена:  514.00
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Skinheads is the story of a way of life, told through three generations of a family: Terry English, original ska-loving skinhead and boss of a mini-cab firm; Nutty Ray, street-punk skin and active football hooligan; and, Lol, son of Terry, nephew of Ray, a fifteen-year-old kid just starting out. Challenging all society's fears and prejudices, Skinheads shows us a group of truly humane characters driven by passion ...
Цена:  938.00
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Selected Poems

Anna Akhmatova is one of the most accomplished and well loved poets Russia has ever produced. Her moving and passionate writing has won her an ardent readership all over the world. This selection, beautifully translated by poet and novelist D.M. Thomas, illustrates her broad scope and brilliant imaginative gifts. It covers both her earlier work and the poems she produced during her persecution by the Russian authorities.
Цена:  673.00
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The Second Wives Club

It's Alison's wedding day, her gorgeous husband Luca is by her side, and everything is just perfect. Perfect that is, until Luca's first wife gatecrashes the reception and makes it clear that she's going to remain very much part of his life...A stunned Alison soon finds an ally in Fiona, a founding member of The Second Wives Club and similarly plagued by her husband's ex. There she's introduced to Julia, whose ...
Цена:  713.00
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The Runaway Wife

Marion Bishop's life has fallen apart. Her daughter Hope was killed in a hit-and-run accident six months ago, and now Sam, her beloved husband, has walked out. Left alone with her grief, Marion has begun to contemplate the unthinkable. However, even her suicide plans go awry. Firstly, she's all out of pills, and then she's mugged when she goes out to get more. In fact, it's the mugging that wakes her up to the ...
Цена:  523.00
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The Runaway Jury

Every Jury has a leader, and the verdict belongs to him. In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark trial with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake begins routinely, then swerves mysteriously off course. The jury is behaving strangely, and a least one juror is convinced he's being watched. Soon, they have to be sequestered. Then, a tip from an anonymous young woman suggests she is able to predict the juror's increasingly ...
Цена:  709.00
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This is the story of Precious Jones, a sixteen year old illiterate black girl who has never been out of Harlem. She is pregnant by her own father for the second time, and kicked out of school when that pregnancy becomes obvious. Placed in an alternative teaching programme, she is urged to write down her thoughts in a book. This is Precious' diary, in which she honestly records her relationships and her life. ...
Цена:  638.00
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The Position

The book was called Pleasuring: One Couple's Journey to Fulfillment. The title, when the children had first heard it and begun to understand it, was so incontestably mortifying that it threatened to stunt them forever, leaving them clocked in time and steadfast refusal to enter the adult world. This is more or less what happens to Holly and Michael, Dashiell and Claudia, after they read the seminal book which ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Murder of King Tut

Since 1922, when Howard Carter discovered Tut's 3,000-year-old tomb, most Egyptologists have presumed that the young king died of disease, or perhaps an accident, such as a chariot fall. But what if his fate was actually much more sinister? Now, in The Murder of King Tut, James Patterson and Martin Dugard chronicle their epic quest to find out what happened to the boy-king. The result is a true crime tale of ...
Цена:  563.00
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The Mummy

Ramses the Great has reawakened in opulent Edwardian London. Having drunk the elixir of life, he is now Ramses the Damned, doomed forever to wander the earth, desperate to quell hungers that can never be satisfied. He becomes the close companion of a voluptuous heiress, Julie Stratford, but his cursed past again propels him toward disaster. He is tormented by searing memories of his last reawakening, at the ...
Цена:  638.00
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The Master and Margarita

This book is with an introduction by Will Self. The devil makes a personal appearance in Moscow accompanied by various demons, including a naked girl and a huge black cat. When he leaves, the asylums are full and the forces of law and order in disarray. Only the Master, a man devoted to truth, and Margarita, the woman he loves, can resist the devil's onslaught.
Цена:  451.00
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Love, Etc

In Talking it Over Gillian and Stuart were married until Oliver - witty, feckless Oliver - stole Gillian away. In Love, Etc Julian Barnes revisits the three of them, using the same intimate technique of allowing the characters to speak directly to the reader, to whisper their secrets, to argue for their version of the truth. Darker and deeper than its predecessor, Love, Etc is a compelling exploration of contemporary ...
Цена:  902.00
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The Inimitable Jeeves

A Jeeves and Wooster collection. A classic collection of stories featuring some of the funniest episodes in the life of Bertie Wooster, gentleman, and Jeeves, his gentleman's gentleman - in which Bertie's terrifying Aunt Agatha stalks the pages, seeking whom she may devour, while Bertie's friend Bingo Little falls in love with seven different girls in succession (including the bestselling romantic novelist Rosie ...
Цена:  514.00
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The Heart of a Dog

This title is presented with a new introduction by Andrey Kurkov. A rich, successful Moscow professor befriends a stray dog and attempts a scientific first by transplanting into it the testicles and pituitary gland of a recently deceased man. A distinctly worryingly human animal is now on the loose, and the professor's hitherto respectable life becomes a nightmare beyond endurance. An absurd and superbly comic ...
Цена:  598.00
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Following on from his bestselling study of violence, THE FOOTBALL FACTORY, John King considers Britain's other obsession-sex. Formed in the chemical mists of New year's Eve, The Sex Division sees the once-sacred act of procreation at its most material, as five men devise system based on the sexual act. In this lagerosoaked league, the most that women can offer man is 4 points-unless, that is, she leaves her ...
Цена:  713.00
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The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Men

Jennifer Hunter is an expert on men. She can tell if they're single, married or lying...She runs a company which specialises in conducting fidelity inspections for those who suspect their loved ones are capable of infidelity. Boyfriend behaving badly? Suspect your husband woof straying? Then Jennifer can supply the ultimate test. Some might call it entrapment but to Jennifer it's business pure and simple. And ...
Цена:  725.00
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Three and a half years ago former Grant County medical examiner Sara Linton moved to Atlanta hoping to leave her tragic past behind her. Now working as a doctor in Atlanta's Grady Hospital she is starting to piece her life together. But when a severely wounded young woman is brought in to the emergency room, she finds herself drawn back into a world of violence and terror. The woman has been hit by a car but, ...
Цена:  476.00
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Fatherland is set in an alternative world where Hitler has won the Second World War. It is April 1964 and one week before Hitler's 75th birthday. Xavier March, a detective of the Kriminalpolizei, is called out to investigate the discovery of a dead body in a lake near Berlin's most prestigious suburb. As March discovers the identity of the body, he uncovers signs of a conspiracy that could go to the very top ...
Цена:  699.00
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The five, irreverent, satirical and imaginative stories contained in Diaboliad caused an uproar upon the book's first publication in 1925. Full of invention, they display Bulgakov's breathtaking stylistic range, moving at dizzying speed from grotesque satire to science fiction, from the plainest realism to the most madcap fantasy. Diaboliad is a wonderful introduction to literature's most uncategorisable and ...
Цена:  638.00
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Cross Country

When Detective Alex Cross is called to investigate a massacre-style murder scene, he is shocked to find that one of the victims is an old friend. Angry, grieving, and more determined than ever, Cross begins the hunt for the perpetrators of this vicious crime. He is drawn into a dangerous underworld right in the heart of Washington DC that leads him on a life-threatening journey to the Niger Delta, where heroin ...
Цена:  524.00
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A Country Doctor's Notebook

With the ink still wet on his diploma, the twenty-five-year-old Dr Mikhail Bulgakov was flung into the depths of rural Russia which, in 1916-17, was still largely unaffected by such novelties as the motor car, the telephone or electric light. How his alter-ego copes (or fails to cope) with the new and often appalling responsibilities of a lone doctor in a vast country practice - on the eve of Revolution - is ...
Цена:  880.00
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Book of Souls

A shocking truth lies within the pages of an ancient library, locked inside a high-security complex deep beneath the Nevada desert. And the US government will stop at nothing to keep it classified. But now a shadowy group of ex-employees want the world to know - however terrifying the disclosure might prove to be. And when a single volume missing from the original collection mysteriously surfaces at a London ...
Цена:  476.00
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Black Snow

When Maxudov's bid to take his own life fails, he dramatises the novel whose failure provoked the suicide attempt. To the resentment of literary Moscow, his play is accepted by the legendary Independent Theatre and Maxudov plunges into a vortex of inflated egos. With each rehearsal more sparks fly and the chances of the play being ready to perform recede. Black Snow is the ultimate back-stage novel and a brilliant ...
Цена:  934.00
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Arthur and George

Arthur and George grow up worlds and miles apart in late 19th-century Britain: Arthur in shabby-genteel Edinburgh, and George in the vicarage of a small Staffordshire village. Arthur becomes a doctor, and then a writer; George a solicitor in Birmingham. Arthur is to become one of the most famous men of his age, George remains in hardworking obscurity. But as the new century begins, they are brought together ...
Цена:  1166.00
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All Our Worldly Goods

In haunting ways this wonderful, compelling novel prefigures Suite Francaise and some of the themes of Nemirovsky's great unfinished sequence of novels. All Our Worldly Goods, though, is complete, and exquisitely so - a perfect novel in its own right. First published in France in 1947, after the author's death, it is a gripping story of family life and starcrossed lovers, of money and greed, set against the ...
Цена:  638.00
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Across the River and into the Trees

The War is just over. In Venice, a city elaborately and affectionately described, Richard Cantrell, an American colonel, falls passionately in love with Renata, a young Italian countess who has 'a profile that could break your or anyone else's heart'. Cantrell is embittered, war-scarred old enough to be Renata's father but is overwhelmed by the selflessness and freshness of the love she is offering. But this ...
Цена:  383.00
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Sie sehen dich

Harlan Cobens bislang beklemmendster Thriller! Der Teenager Spencer Hill ist tot: Selbstmord. Oder doch Mord? Als sein engster Freund Adam Baye verschwindet, befürchten dessen Eltern Mike und Tia das Schlimmste. In der Sorge um ihren Sohn haben sie heimlich ein Spionageprogramm auf Adams Computer installiert, das schon bald eine bedrohliche E-Mail zu Tage fördert. Alarmiert und schockiert macht sich ...
Цена:  863.00
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Nur der Tod kann dich retten

Ein ermordetes Mädchen. Eine Hütte im Wald. Eine Stadt in Angst Als die Lehrerin Sandy Crosbie gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann Ian und ihren Kindern nach Torrance in South Florida zieht, kann sie nicht ahnen, welch verhängnisvolle Ereignisse ihr bevorstehen. Denn kurz nach ihrer Ankunft verschwindet an der örtlichen High School ein Mädchen spurlos – und wird nach Tagen verzweifelter Suche tot ...
Цена:  952.00
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фото Nur der Tod kann dich retten

Die Täuschung

Mörderische Provence ... Peter Simon, geschätzt als erfolgreicher Geschäftsmann und geliebt als fürsorglicher Ehemann und Vater, verschwindet spurlos auf einer Reise in der Provence. Als seine junge Frau Laura verzweifelt vor Ort recherchiert, stößt sie nicht nur auf eigenartige Widersprüche, sondern muss schließlich erkennen, dass ihr Mann nicht der war, für den ...
Цена:  1010.00
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фото Die Täuschung

Knochen zu Asche

Thrill hoch 10! - Worte können lügen. Knochen nicht Das vermisste Mädchen hat Tempe Brennan nie vergessen. Auch wenn es damals noch kein Fall für sie war. Tempe war 13 Jahre alt, als ihre beste Freundin Evangéline ohne Abschied spurlos verschwand. Nun liegen Jahre alte Knochen eines weiblichen Teenagers zur forensischen Untersuchung vor Tempe und reißen alte Wunden auf. Hängt ...
Цена:  916.00
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фото Knochen zu Asche

Aus Versehen verliebt

Liebe hat nie ein Drehbuch ... Es ist nicht leicht, ein Star mit dem Image einer mutigen, romantischen Heldin zu sein, wenn man vor den Trümmern seiner Ehe und seiner Filmkarriere steht. Aber was hat sich Georgie York nur dabei gedacht, in Las Vegas spontan Bram Shepard, ihren grässlichen Filmpartner zu heiraten? Die schlimmste Fehlbesetzung ihres Lebens! Und es gibt nicht mal ein Drehbuch, an das ...
Цена:  916.00
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фото Aus Versehen verliebt

Putin's Labyrinth: Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia

In "Putin’s Labyrinth", acclaimed journalist Steve LeVine, who lived in and reported from the former Soviet Union for more than a decade, provides a gripping account of modern Russia. President Dmitri Medvedev and the country’s real power, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, are posing a resolute challenge to the West. In a penetrating narrative that recounts the lives and deaths of six Russians, LeVine portrays ...
Цена:  952.00
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фото Putin"s Labyrinth: Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia

The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss's Wacky Book of Opposites (board book)

A toe-tapper babies will love - the classic Seussian book about opposites: "Wet foot, dry foot. Low foot, high foot..."
Цена:  378.00
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фото The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss"s Wacky Book of Opposites (board book)

The Opposite of Love

With perfect pitch for the humor and heartbreak of everyday life, Julie Buxbaum has fashioned a heroine who will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has loved and lost and loved again. When successful twenty-nine-year-old Manhattan attorney Emily Haxby ends her happy relationship just as her boyfriend is on the verge of proposing, she can’t explain to even her closest friends why she did it. Somewhere beneath ...
Цена:  481.00
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фото The Opposite of Love

O Jerusalem

With her bestselling mystery series featuring Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, Laurie R. King has created "lively adventure in the very best of intellectual company", according to The New York Times Book Review. Now the author of "The Beekeeper's Apprentice" and "The Moor" - the first writer since Patricia Cornwell to win both the American Edgar and British Creasey Awards for a debut novel (A Grave Talent) ...
Цена:  481.00
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The heir to the magnificent English trading company, the Noble House…the direct descendant of the first Toranaga Shogun battling to usher his country into the modern age…a beautiful young French woman forever torn between ambition and desire…Their lives intertwine in an exotic land newly open to foreigners, gai-jin, torn apart by greed, idealism, and terrorism. Their passions mingle with monarchs and diplomats, ...
Цена:  757.00
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фото Gai-Jin

Dragonfly in Amber

From the author of "Outlander"... a magnificent epic that once again sweeps us back in time to the drama and passion of 18th-century Scotland... For twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets. But now she is returning with her grown daughter to Scotland's majestic mist-shrouded hills. Here Claire plans to reveal a truth as stunning as the events that gave it birth: about the mystery of an ancient circle ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото Dragonfly in Amber

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Ages 3-7 (+ Audio CD)

In 1957, Dr. Seuss published the very first Beginner Book, The Cat in the Hat, and made a major impact on the world of education, proving that learning to read can indeed be fun. Now, for the first time, children can hear their favorite Beginner Books on compact disc.
Цена:  986.00
Посмотреть One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Ages 3-7 (+ Audio CD)
фото One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Ages 3-7 (+ Audio CD)

Hop on Pop

A condensed, board book version of the classic bestseller, perfect for babies and toddlers. Introduces the youngest readers to the wonderful world of Seussian word play.
Цена:  376.00
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фото Hop on Pop

Blood Magic

In the days when powerful witches used their magic to shield humanity from demons, their allies and guardians were a group of men gifted with preternatural abilities of their own – the witch guardians. But when a band of witches traded their humanity for demonic power, the ancient bond was broken, and the guardians became the hunters. Darcy MacAlister knows nothing of demons or magic. But this beautiful young ...
Цена:  481.00
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фото Blood Magic

The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein

'It was at Oxford that I first met Bysshe. We arrived at our college on the same day; confusing to a mere foreigner, it is called University College. I had seen him from my window and had been struck by his auburn locks'. The long-haired poet - 'Mad Shelley' - and the serious-minded student from Switzerland spark each other's animated interest in the new philosophy of science which is over-turning long-cherished ...
Цена:  439.00
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фото The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein

Vampire Beach: Ritual/Legacy

Jason and his sister have just moved to Malibu - to a town full of beautiful rich kids whose lives revolve around money, fashion, cars and parties. But these teens hide a dark - and dangerous secret... Ritual Jason takes his sister to a New Age fair - and they visit a psychic. Jason is given a warning of great danger - and sure enough, he is soon after attacked by a mysterious assailant. When he wakes up in ...
Цена:  187.00
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фото Vampire Beach: Ritual/Legacy

Vampire Beach: Bloodlust/Initiation

Jason and his sister have just moved to Malibu - to a town full of beautiful rich kids whose lives revolve around money, fashion, cars and parties. But these teens hide a dark - and dangerous secret... Bloodlust Jason gets swept along by the excitement of his new crowd and is flattered to be included - and also very flattered by the apparent interest of the stunning Sienna. But when he finds out the truth behind ...
Цена:  187.00
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фото Vampire Beach: Bloodlust/Initiation

Buyology: How Everything We Believe About Why We Buy is Wrong

Most anti-smoking campaigns inadvertently encourage people to smoke. The scent of melons helps sell electronic products. Subliminal advertising may have been banned, but it's being used all the time. Product placement in films rarely works. Many multi-million pound advertising campaigns are a complete waste of time. These are just a few of the findings of Martin Lindstrom's groundbreaking study of what really ...
Цена:  1013.00
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фото Buyology: How Everything We Believe About Why We Buy is Wrong

George's Secret Key to the Universe

Take a rollercoaster ride through the vastness of space and, in the midst of an exciting adventure, discover the mysteries of physics, science and the universe with George, his new friends next door – the scientist Eric and his daughter, Annie – and a super-intelligent computer called Cosmos, which can take them to the edge of a black hole and back again. Or can it? And who else would like to get their hands ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото George"s Secret Key to the Universe

My Sister Jodie

Pearl and Jodie are sisters. Pearl is the quiet, cautious, studious one. Jodie is bold and brash and bad - but Pearl adores her anyway. When their parents get new jobs as the cook and caretaker at a fusty old boarding school, the girls have to move there and spend their summer holidays in the school with just a few children and staff for company. And when they arrive, things start to change. Jodie has always ...
Цена:  725.00
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фото My Sister Jodie

Devil Bones

An underground chamber is exposed in a seedy, dilapidated house with sagging trim and peeling paint… In the dark cellar, a ritualistic display is revealed. A human skull rests on a cauldron, surrounded by slain chickens and bizarre figurines. Beads and antlers dangle overhead. Called to the scene is forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan. Bony architecture suggests that the skull is that of a young, black ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото Devil Bones

What I Talk about When I Talk about Running

In 1982, having sold his jazz bar to devote himself to writing, Murakami began running to keep fit. A year later, he'd completed a solo course from Athens to Marathon, and now, after dozens of such races, not to mention triathlons and a slew of critically acclaimed books, he reflects upon the influence the sport has had on his life and on his writing. Equal parts travelogue, training log, and reminiscence, this ...
Цена:  523.00
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фото What I Talk about When I Talk about Running

Emotional Intelligence

Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why. Daniel Goleman's brilliant report from the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience offers startling new insight into our "two minds"—the rational and the emotional—and how they together shape our destiny. Through vivid examples, Goleman delineates the five crucial skills of ...
Цена:  630.00
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фото Emotional Intelligence

The Diary of Young Girl

Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life, Anne Frank's remarkable diary has since become a world classic — a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an eloquent testament to the human spirit. In 1942, with Nazis occupying Holland, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl and her family fled their home in Amsterdam and went into hiding. For the next two years, until their whereabouts were ...
Цена:  517.00
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фото The Diary of Young Girl


Darkness falls…despair abounds…evil reigns… Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix, cruel ruler of the Empire. Now Eragon must travel to Ellesmera, land of the elves, for further training in the skills of the Dragon Rider: magic and swordsmanship. Soon he is on the journey of a lifetime, his eyes open to awe-inspring new places ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото Eldest

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Eagerly anticipated by her legions of fans, this sixth novel in Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling Outlander saga is a masterpiece of historical fiction from one of the most popular authors of our time. Since the initial publication of "Outlander" fifteen years ago, Diana Gabaldon’s New York Times bestselling saga has won the hearts of readers the world over — and sold more than twelve million books. Now, "A Breath ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Drums of Autumn

The magnificent saga continues.... It began in Scotland, at an ancient stone circle. There, a doorway, open to a select few, leads into the past — or the grave. Claire Randall survived the extraordinary passage, not once but twice. Her first trip swept her into the arms of Jamie Fraser, an eighteenth-century Scot whose love for her became legend — a tale of tragic passion that ended with her return to the present ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Drums of Autumn

The Fiery Cross

Crossing the boundaries of genre with its unrivalled storytelling, Diana Gabaldon’s new novel is a gift both to her millions of loyal fans and to the lucky readers who have yet to discover her. In the ten years since her extraordinary debut novel, "Outlander", was published, beloved author Diana Gabaldon has entertained scores of readers with her heart-stirring stories and remarkable characters. The four volumes ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото The Fiery Cross

Random House Webster's Pocket Reference Boxed Set

The perfect pocket reference library for home, school or office. The set includes: · Random House Webster's Pocket American Dictionary, Fifth Edition · Random House Webster's Pocket American Thesaurus, Second Edition · Random House Webster's Pocket Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation, Second Edition
Цена:  894.00
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фото Random House Webster"s Pocket Reference Boxed Set

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Цена:  553.00
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фото The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Keepsake

New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen knows how to expertly dissect a brilliantly suspenseful story, all the while keeping fascinated readers riveted to her side. By turns darkly enthralling and relentlessly surprising, The Keepsake showcases an author at the peak of her storytelling powers. For untold years, the perfectly preserved mummy had lain forgotten in the dusty basement of Boston’s Crispin ...
Цена:  858.00
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фото The Keepsake

The Sicilian

After Mario Puzo wrote his internationally acclaimed The Godfather, he has often been imitated but never equaled. Puzo's classic novel, The Sicilian, stands as a cornerstone of his work - a lushly romantic, unforgettable tale of bloodshed, justice, and treachery...The year is 1950. Michael Corleone is nearing the end of his exile in Sicily. The Godfather has commanded Michael to bring a young Sicilian bandit ...
Цена:  574.00
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фото The Sicilian

The Tailor of Panama

He is Harry Pendel: Exclusive tailor to Panama's most powerful men. Informant to British Intelligence. The perfect spy in a country rife with corruption and revolution. What his "handlers" don't realize is that Harry has a hidden agenda of his own. Deceiving his friends, his wife, and practically himself, he'll weave a plot so fabulous it exceeds his own vivid imagination. But when events start to spin out of ...
Цена:  553.00
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фото The Tailor of Panama

Henry VIII: King and Court

‘This magnificent new book is Alison Weir's greatest achievement: a detailed biography of Henry VIII, set against the cultural, social and political background of his court - the most magnificent court ever seen in England - and the splendour of his many sumptuous palaces. Seen from this new perspective, Henry VIII emerges as a fully-rounded and realistic personality, not the two-dimensional caricature of popular ...
Цена:  788.00
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фото Henry VIII: King and Court

7th Heaven

Two cases have pushed Detective Lindsay Boxer to the limit. The hunt for a deranged murderer with a taste for fire, and a devastating new lead in the high profile disappearance of the governor’s son combine in an electrifying series of stunning twists and emotional surprises. With the help of her friends and fellow members of the Women's Murder Club - Yuki, an attorney feeling the strain of a high profile court ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото 7th Heaven

Hot Water

Château Blissac, on its hill above St Roque, is in a setting where every prospect pleases. But it doesn’t please its current occupier, J. Wellington Gedge. Mr Gedge wants none of it – and particularly none of the domineering Mrs Gedge’s imperious wish that he should become American Ambassador to Paris. Instead he pines for the simpler life of California, where men are men and filling stations stand tall. Mrs ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Hot Water


Money makes the world go round for Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge – and when there isn’t enough of it, the world just has to spin a bit faster. Ever on the lookout for a quick buck, a solid gold fortune, or at least a plausible little scrounge, the irrepressible Ukridge gives con men a bad name. Looking like an animated blob of mustard in his bright yellow raincoat, he invests time, passion and energy (but ...
Цена:  601.00
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фото Ukridge

The Rottweiler

The first girl had a bite mark on her neck. When the tabloids got hold of the story, they immediately called the killer 'The Rottweiler', and the name stuck. The latest body was discovered very near Inez Ferry's antique shop in Marylebone. Someone spotted a shadowy figure running away past the station, but couldn't say for sure if it was a man or a woman. There were only two other clues. The murderer seemed ...
Цена:  901.00
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фото The Rottweiler

Difficult Loves

This dazzling collection of stories follows the individual adventures of a varied cast of characters and masterfully illustrates Calvino's unique perspective and narrative gifts. As well as the eleven tales from his "Difficult Loves" collection this volume also includes "Smog" and "A Plunge into Real Estate".
Цена:  638.00
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фото Difficult Loves

The Confidential Agent

In a small continental country civil war is raging. Once a lecturer in medieval French, now a confidential agent, D is a scarred stranger in a seemingly casual England, sent on a mission to buy coal at any price. Initially, this seems to be a matter of straightforward negotiation, but soon, implicated in murder, accused of possessing false documents and theft, held responsible for the death of a young woman, ...
Цена:  821.00
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фото The Confidential Agent

The Razor's Edge

Larry Darrell is a young American in search of the absolute. The progress of this spiritual odyssey involves him with some of Maugham's most brillant characters - his fiancee Isabel, whose choice between love and wealth have lifelong repercussions, and Elliot Templeton, her uncle, a classic expatriate American snob. The most ambitious of Maugham's novels, this is also one in which Maugham himself plays a considerable ...
Цена:  838.00
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фото The Razor"s Edge

Cakes and Ale

With an introduction by Nicholas Shakespeare "Cakes and Ale" is both a wickedly satirical novel about contemporary literary poseurs and a skilfully crafted study of freedom. As he traces the fortunes of Edward Driffield and his extraordinary wife Rosie, one of the most delightful heroines of twentieth-century literature, Maugham's sardonic wit and lyrical warmth expertly combine in this accomplished and unforgettable novel.
Цена:  838.00
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фото Cakes and Ale

Travels With My Aunt

Henry Pulling, a retired bank manager, meets his septuagenarian Aunt Augusta for the first time in over fifty years at what he supposes to be his mother's funeral. Soon after, she persuades Henry to abandon Southwood, his dahlias and the Major next door to travel her way, Brighton, Paris, Istanbul, Paraguay. Through Aunt Augusta, a veteran of Europe's hotel bedrooms, Henry joins a shiftless, twilight society: ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото Travels With My Aunt

Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman: Adventures of a Curious Character

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965, Richard Feynman was one of the world's greatest theoretical physicists, but he was also a man who fell, often jumped, into adventure. An artist, safecracker, practical joker and storyteller, Feynman's life was a series of combustoble combinations made possible by his unique mixture of high intelligence, unquenchable curiosity and eternal scepticism. Over a period ...
Цена:  1025.00
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The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 5

Poor Bertie is in the soup again, and throughout this latest omnibus it is only Jeeves who keeps him from being the fish and the main course as well. In these delightful pages you will encounter all the stalwarts who have made the Jeeves novels and stories the pinnacle of English humour, from Aunts Agatha and Dahlia to Roderick Spode, Tuppy Glossop, Madeline Bassett, Oofy Prosser and Anatole the Chef. At the ...
Цена:  1809.00
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фото The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 5

The Tooth Book

Teeth–they come in handy when you chew or smile! In Dr. Seuss’s hilarious ode to teeth, little ones will laugh out loud as they find out all the things teeth can do and how to take care of them so they last a lifetime! All the fun and charm of the original book are in this new board book version for the youngest readers.
Цена:  406.00
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Tara Road

New York Times bestselling author Maeve Binchy has captured the hearts of millions with her unforgettable novels. Binchy's graceful storytelling and wise compassion have earned her the devotion of fans worldwide - and made her one of the most beloved authors of our time. Now she dazzles us once again with a new novel filled with her signature warmth, humor, and tender insight. A provocative tale of family heartbreak, ...
Цена:  647.00
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фото Tara Road

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Teddy was born in squalor. Now he is a craftsman determined to banish ugliness from his life. Harriet is a beautiful, bored trophy wife who employs a series of repairmen for her sexual satisfaction. And Francine is a college student who witnessed her mother's murder and now must free herself from her father's manipulative second wife. Connected by strands of chance, their lives intersecting in the strangest ...
Цена:  647.00
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фото A Sight for Sore Eyes

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories Volume II

Since his first appearance in "Beeton’s Christmas Annual" in 1887, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has been one of the most beloved fictional characters ever created. Now, in two paperback volumes, Bantam presents all fifty-six short stories and four novels featuring Conan Doyle’s classic hero - a truly complete collection of Sherlock Holmes’s adventures in crime! Volume II begins with "The Hound of ...
Цена:  481.00
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фото Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories Volume II

I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!

Illus. in full color. "In Seuss's familiar rhymed couplets and illustrations, the Cat in the Hat shows Young Cat some wonderful stuff about reading with both eyes open". - School Library Journal.
Цена:  671.00
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фото I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!

Green Eggs & Ham

Do you like green eggs and ham? If so, you'll love them with flaps and stickers! Flip the flaps to see where those green eggs and ham will pop up next! All the fun and charm of the original book is here in this interactive version of Dr. Seuss's classic Green Eggs and Ham!
Цена:  647.00
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фото Green Eggs & Ham

The Hammer of Eden

The FBI doesn't believe it. The Governor wants the problem to disappear. But agent Judy Maddox knows the threat is real: an extreme group of eco-terrorists has the means and the know-how to set off a massive earthquake of epic proportions. For California, time is running out. Now Maddox is scrambling to hunt down a petty criminal turned cult leader turned homicidal mastermind. Because Judy knows that the dying ...
Цена:  606.00
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фото The Hammer of Eden

Green Eggs and Ham (+ Audio CD)

Цена:  1108.00
Посмотреть Green Eggs and Ham (+ Audio CD)
фото Green Eggs and Ham (+ Audio CD)

The Fall of the Hyperion

In the stunning continuation of the epic adventure begun in "Hyperion", Simmons returns us to a far future resplendent with drama and invention. On the world of Hyperion, the mysterious Time Tombs are opening. And the secrets they contain mean that nothing - nothing anywhere in the universe - will ever be the same.
Цена:  553.00
Посмотреть The Fall of the Hyperion
фото The Fall of the Hyperion

Don Quijote de la Mancha (II)

"Хитроумный идальго Дон Кихот Ламанчский" - величайший роман эпохи Возрождения, переведенный почти на сотню языков и волнующий умы вот уже более четырех веков. Трагикомическая эпопея Мигеля де Сервантеса о безумном рыцаре, не боявшемся показаться смешным в своем утопическом стремлении сделать мир лучше, о надежде и отчаянии, мудрости и сумасбродстве, величии и убожестве на сегодняшний день является самой публикуемой ...
Цена:  682.00
Посмотреть Don Quijote de la Mancha (II)
фото Don Quijote de la Mancha (II)

Dear Prince Charming

Too short to be a model, too unartistically inclined to be a designer, Valerie Wagner has finally found her niche in the fashion world she loves as the publicist for Glass Slipper, Inc., and the mastermind behind the launch of their brand-new glossy magazine. She's signed up the perfect cover model - Prince Charming, an advice columnist who's won the hearts of millions of women with his acerbic wit and his on-target ...
Цена:  565.00
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фото Dear Prince Charming

Confess, Fletch

Confess, Fletch The flight from Rome had been pleasant enough, even if the business he was on wasn’t exactly. His Italian fiance’s father had been kidnapped and presumably murdered, and Fletch is on the trail of a stolen art collection that is her only patrimony. But when he arrives in his apartment to find a dead body, things start to get complicated. Confess, Fletch Inspector Flynn found him a little glib ...
Цена:  717.00
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фото Confess, Fletch

The Communist's Daughter

"The Communist's Daughter" is a sweeping novel of love and betrayal spanning the trenches of the Great War to the horrors of Spain and China. Norman Bethune was a visionary whose dedication touched millions. Rebelling in childhood against his father's religion, he finds a calling himself, saving lives on the battlefield. In Republican Spain he fulfills his idealism, yet before long politics destroy his romance ...
Цена:  233.00
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фото The Communist"s Daughter

The Chrysalis

Haarlem, Holland, seventeenth-century: The city’s chief magistrate commissions a family portrait from Dutch master painter Johannes Miereveld. But when the artist sees the magistrate’s daughter, Amalia, an illicit love affair begins. Miereveld creates a captivating masterpiece, The Chrysalis – a stunning portrait of the Virgin Mary, full of Catholic symbols, that outrages his Protestant patron and signals the ...
Цена:  529.00
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фото The Chrysalis


Anne Rice, creator of the Vampire Lestat, the Mayfair witches and the amazing worlds they inhabit, now gives us the first in a new series of novels linked together by the fledgling vampire David Talbot, who has set out to become a chronicler of his fellow Undead. The novel opens in present-day Paris in a crowded café, where David meets Pandora. She is two thousand years old, a Child of the Millennia, the ...
Цена:  653.00
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фото Pandora

Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

It was January 2021, and Rick Deckard had a license to kill. Somewhere among the hordes of humans out there, lurked several rogue androids. Deckard's assignmet - find them and then..."retire" them. Trouble was, the androids all looked exactly like humans, and they didn't want to be found!
Цена:  647.00
Посмотреть Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
фото Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The October Country

Haunting, harrowing, and downright horrifying, this classic collection from the modern master of the fantastic features: "The Small Assassin": a fine, healthy baby boy was the new mother's dream come true - or her nightmare... "The Emissary": the faithful dog was the sick boy's only connectioin with the world outside - and beyond... "The Wonderful Death Of Dudley Stone": a most remarkable case of murder - the ...
Цена:  599.00
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фото The October Country


Gorgeously written and with characters, who will stay with us for the rest of our lives – the eagerly awaited novel by the author of "The English Patient" and "Anil’s Ghost".
Цена:  507.00
Посмотреть Divisadero
фото Divisadero

The Ministry of Special Cases

The long-awaited novel from Nathan Englander, author of „For the Relief of Unbearable Urges“, which won the 2000 Pen/Malamud Award.
Цена:  171.00
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фото The Ministry of Special Cases

Know-How. The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don't

The new grand theory of leadership by Ram Charan... The breakthrough book that links know-how —the skills of people who know what they are doing — with the personal and psychological traits of the successful leader. How often have you heard someone with a commanding presence deliver a bold vision that turned out to be nothing more than rhetoric and hot air? All too often we mistake the appearance of leadership ...
Цена:  1529.00
Посмотреть Know-How. The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don't
фото Know-How. The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don"t

House of Hilton. From Conrad to Paris: A Drama of Wealth, Power, and Privilege

This intimate, shocking — and thoroughly unauthorized — portrait of the Hiltons chronicles the family’s amazing odyssey from poverty and obscurity to glory and glamour. From Conrad Hilton, the eccentric “innkeeper to the world” who built a global empire beginning with a fleabag in a dusty Texas backwater, to Paris Hilton, his great-granddaughter, whose fame took off with a sex video, "House of Hilton" is the ...
Цена:  834.00
Посмотреть House of Hilton. From Conrad to Paris: A Drama of Wealth, Power, and Privilege
фото House of Hilton. From Conrad to Paris: A Drama of Wealth, Power, and Privilege

Ring for Jeeves

Captain Biggar, big-game hunter and all round tough guy, should make short work of the two bookies who have absconded with his winnings after a freak double made him a fortune. But on this occasion Honest Patch Perkins and his clerk are not as they seem. In fact they’re not bookies at all, but the impoverished Bill Belfry, Ninth Earl of Rowcester and his temporary butler, Jeeves. Bertie Wooster has gone away ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Ring for Jeeves

Dead Babies

Blitzed on uppers, downers, blue movies and bellinis, the bacchanalia bent bon-vivants ensconced at Appleseed Rectory for the weekend are reeling in an hallucinatory haze of sex and seduction. But as Friday melts into Saturday and Saturday spirals into Sunday and sobriety sets in, the orgiastic romp descends to disastrous depths.
Цена:  856.00
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фото Dead Babies

The Sandcastle

The quiet life of schoolmaster Bill Mor and his wife Nan is disturbed when a young woman, Rain Carter, arrives at the school to paint the portrait of the headmaster. Mor, hoping to enter politics, becomes aware of new desires. A complex battle develops, involving love, guilt, magic, art and political ambition. Mor's teenage children and their mother fight discreetly and ruthlessly against the invader. The Head, ...
Цена:  673.00
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фото The Sandcastle

Portnoy's Complaint

The famous confession of Alexander Portnoy who is thrust through life by his unappeasable sexuality, yet held back at the same time by the iron grip of his unforgettable childhood.
Цена:  938.00
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фото Portnoy"s Complaint

Very Good, Jeeves

An outstanding collection of Jeeves stories, every one a winner, in which Jeeves endeavours to give satisfaction: By saving a grumpy cabinet minister from being marooned and attacked by a swan – in the process saving Bertie Wooster from his impending doom... By rescuing Bingo Little and Tuppy Glossop from the soup (twice each)... By arranging rather too many performances of the song ‘Sonny Boy’ to a not very ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Very Good, Jeeves

Under The Net

Iris Murdoch's first novel is a gem - solid and sparkling. Set in a part of London, where struggling writers rub shoulders with successful bookies, and film starlets with frantic philosophers. Its hero, Jake Donaghue, is a drifting, clever, likeable young man who makes a living out of translation work and sponging on his friends. Meeting again, after some years, an old flame, Anna, he is led into a series of ...
Цена:  751.00
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фото Under The Net

Uncle Dynamite

The uncle in question is Frederick Altamount Cornwallis, Fifth Earl of Ickenham, better known as Uncle Fred, an old boy of such a sunny and youthful nature that explosions of sweetness and light detonate all around him (in the course, it must be said, of a plot that involves blackmail, impersonation, knock-out drops, stealing, arrests and potential jewel-smuggling). This is Wodehouse at his very best, with sundered ...
Цена:  551.00
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фото Uncle Dynamite

Thank You, Jeeves

"Thank You, Jeeves" is the first novel to feature the incomparable valet Jeeves and his hapless charge Bertie Wooster – and you’ve hardly started to turn the pages when he resigns over Bertie’s dedicated but somewhat untuneful playing of the banjo. In high dudgeon, Bertie disappears to the country as a guest of his chum Chuffy – only to find his peace shattered by the arrival of his ex-fiancée Pauline Stoker, ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Thank You, Jeeves

Still Lost in Translation: More misadventures in English abroad

Have you ever arrived in a hotel room and been baffled by the information provided? Beware of your luggage. In your room you will find a minibar which is filled with alcoholics. Do not throw urine around. Have you ever been to a restaurant and wondered what on earth to order? Bored Meat Stew Lorry Driver Soup Kiss Lorraine Have you ever arrived in an airport and found that the supposedly helpful signs just make ...
Цена:  713.00
Посмотреть Still Lost in Translation: More misadventures in English abroad
фото Still Lost in Translation: More misadventures in English abroad

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

Bertie Wooster looks pretty stylish in his new Tyrolean hat – or so he thinks: others, notably Jeeves, disagree. But when Bertie embarks on an errand of mercy to Totleigh Towers, things get quickly out of control and he’s going to need all the help Jeeves can provide. There are good eggs present, such as Gussie Fink-Nottle and the Rev. ‘Stinker’ Pinker. But there also is Sir Watkyn Bassett J.P., enemy of all ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

South Of The Border, West Of The Sun

Growing up in the suburbs in post-war Japan, it seemed to Hajime that everyone but him had brothers and sisters. His sole companion was Shimamoto, also an only child. Together they spent long afternoons listening to her father's record collection. But when his family moved away, the two lost touch. Now Hajime is in his thirties. After a decade of drifting he has found happiness with his loving wife and two daughters, ...
Цена:  713.00
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фото South Of The Border, West Of The Sun


Amy, Bella, Chloe, Daisy and Emily are friends at school and have their own Alphabet Club (just look at their initials!). Daisy is the newest member and is desperate to fit in, even though Chloe is distinctly unfriendly to her at times. Throughout Daisy’s first year at the school, the girls plan ever-more elaborate sleepover parties for their birthdays. Daisy is dreading the time when her birthday comes round ...
Цена:  676.00
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фото Sleepovers

Shoe Addicts Anonymous

Four very different women...all addicted to shoes. Lorna is up to her eyeballs in debt but can't help bidding for the newest Jimmy Choos on eBay. Helene is unhappily married to a politician who keeps threatening to cancel her credit cards. Sandra pays her shoe bills by working as a phone sex operator. And Joss is a nanny who has found herself in a family from hell and will do just about anything to get out of ...
Цена:  725.00
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фото Shoe Addicts Anonymous

Service with a Smile

As a peer of the realm, Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth, has an occasional duty to leave the Empress of Blandings, surely the most considerable pig in the whole world, and travel to London for the opening of parliament. It comes hard to him, for he has a proper sense of the priorities in life, which rate pigs and flowerbeds higher than politicians. But no sooner has he returned to Blandings than his real problems ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Service with a Smile

The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy

For Lucy Sweeney, motherhood isn't all astanga yoga and Cath Kidston prints. It's been years since the dirty laundry pile was less than a metre high, months since Lucy remembered to have sex with her husband, and a week since she last did the school run wearing pyjamas. Motherhood, it seems, has more pitfalls than she might have expected. Caught between perfectionist Yummy Mummy No 1 and hypercompetitive Alpha ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy

Right Ho, Jeeves

Gussie Fink-Nottle’s knowledge of the common newt is unparalleled. Drop him in a pond of newts and his behaviour will be exemplary, but introduce him to a girl and watch him turn pink, yammer, and suddenly stampede for great open spaces. Even with Madeline Bassett, who feels that the stars are God’s daisy chain, his tongue is tied in reef-knots. And his chum Tuppy Glossop isn’t getting on much better with Madeline’s ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Right Ho, Jeeves

Pigs Have Wings

Can the Empress of Blandings win the Fat Pigs class at the Shropshire Show for the third year running? Galahad Threepwood, Beach the butler and others have put their shirt on this, and for Lord Emsworth it will be paradise on earth. But a substantial obstacle lurks in the way: Queen of Matchingham, the new sow of Sir Gregory Parsloe Bart. Galahad knows this pretender to the crown must be pignapped. But can the ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Pigs Have Wings

Out of the Blue

Selena Harper always thought she had the perfect job: working on a luxury cruiseship, excitement and adventure await her in every port. But as she prepares for her latest shore-leave she finds herself unexpectedly deserted by her newly-engaged best friend. On a whim, she agrees to spend a week on the idyllic island of Crete, in the company of Alekos, a man she's convinced is an incorrigible womaniser. Steeped ...
Цена:  782.00
Посмотреть Out of the Blue

Mulliner Nights

A private detective who can make the guilty confess simply by smiling at them. An artist so intimidated by his morally impeccable cat that he feels compelled to wear formal attire at dinner. A devotee of Proust whose life is turned upside down when he inadvertently subscribes to a correspondence course on How to Acquire Complete Self-Confidence and an Iron Will. These are just a few of the many members of the ...
Цена:  601.00
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фото Mulliner Nights

Much Obliged, Jeeves

Just as Bertie Wooster is a member of the Drones Club, Jeeves has a club of his own, the Junior Ganymede, exclusively for butlers and gentlemen’s gentlemen. In its inner sanctum is kept the Book of Revelations, where the less than perfect habits of their employers are lovingly recorded. The book is, of course, pure dynamite. So what happens when it disappears into potentially hostile hands? Tossed about in the ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Much Obliged, Jeeves

Mr Mulliner Speaking

In the bar-parlour of the Angler’s Rest, Mr Mulliner tells his amazing tales, which hold the assembled company of Pints of Stout and Whiskies and Splash in the palm of his expressive hand. Here you can discover what happened to The Man Who Gave Up Smoking, share a frisson when the butler delivers Something Squishy on a silver salver (‘your serpent, Sir’, said the voice of Simmons) ­– and experience the dreadful ...
Цена:  676.00
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фото Mr Mulliner Speaking

Meet Mr Mulliner

In the Angler’s Rest, drinking hot scotch and lemon, sits one of Wodehouse’s greatest raconteurs. Mr Mulliner, his vivid imagination lubricated by Miss Postlethwaite the barmaid, has fabulous stories to tell of the extraordinary behaviour of his far-flung family: In particular there’s Wilfred, inventor of Raven Gypsy face-cream and Snow of the Mountain Lotion, who lights on the formula for Buck-U-Uppo, a tonic ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Meet Mr Mulliner

The Mating Season

At Deverill Hall, an idyllic Tudor manor in the picture-perfect village of King's Deverill, impostors are in the air. The prime example is man-about-town Bertie Wooster, doing a good turn to Gussie Fink-Nottle by impersonating him while he enjoys fourteen days away from society after being caught taking an unscheduled dip in the fountains of Trafalgar Square. Bertie is of course one of nature’s gentlemen, but ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото The Mating Season

Lenin, Stalin and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe

This remarkably ambitious book tells the story of the great social and political catastrophe that enveloped Europe between 1914 and 1945. In a period of almost continuous upheaval society was transformed by two world wars, the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust and the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Combining a powerful narrative with profound analysis, acclaimed historian Robert Gellately argues that these ...
Цена:  1567.00
Посмотреть Lenin, Stalin and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe
фото Lenin, Stalin and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe

Leave it to Psmith

Lady Constance Keeble, sister of Lord Emsworth of Blandings Castle, has both an imperious manner and a valuable diamond necklace. The precarious peace of Blandings is shattered when her necklace becomes the object of dark plottings, for within the castle lurk some well-connected jewel thieves – among them the Honourable Freddie Threepwood, Lord Emsworth’s younger son, who wants the reward money to set up a bookmaking ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Leave it to Psmith


Sylvie and Carl have been friends since they were tiny children. They've always played together, eaten with each other's families, called each other boyfriend and girlfriend and deep down, Sylvie has always believed that they'd end up married to each other. They even have a magical fantasy world that belongs to them alone - and the glass hut where it's all created, at the bottom of Carl's garden. But as they ...
Цена:  592.00
Посмотреть Kiss
фото Kiss

Joy in the Morning

Trapped in rural Steeple Bumpleigh, a man less stalwart than Bertie Wooster would probably give way at the knees. For among those present were Florence Craye, to whom Bertie had once been engaged and her new fiancé ‘Stilton’ Cheesewright, who sees Bertie as a snake in the grass. And that biggest blot on the landscape, Edwin the Boy Scout, who is busy doing acts of kindness out of sheer malevolence. All ...
Цена:  514.00
Посмотреть Joy in the Morning
фото Joy in the Morning

Jeeves in the Offing

Jeeves is on holiday in Herne Bay, and while he’s away the world caves in on Bertie Wooster. For a start, he’s astonished to read in The Times of his engagement to the mercurial Bobbie Wickham. Then at Brinkley Court, his Aunt Dahlia’s establishment, he finds his awful former head master in attendance ready to award the prizes at Market Snodsbury Grammar School. And finally the Brinkley butler turns out for ...
Цена:  514.00
Посмотреть Jeeves in the Offing
фото Jeeves in the Offing

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

The beefy ‘Stilton’ Cheesewright has drawn Bertie Wooster as red-hot favourite in the Drones club annual darts tournament – which is lucky for Bertie because otherwise Stilton would have beaten him to a pulp and buttered the lawn with him. Stilton does not like men who he thinks are trifling with his fiancée’s affections. Meanwhile Bertie has committed a more heinous offence by growing a moustache, and ...
Цена:  514.00
Посмотреть Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
фото Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

I Married a Communist

Radio actor Iron Rinn is a big Newark roughneck lighted by a brutal personal secret from which he is perpetually in flight. An idealistic Communist, an uneducated ditchdigger turned popular performer, a six-foot, six-inch Abe Lincoln look-alike, he emerges from serving in WW2 passionately committed to making the world a better place and winds up instead blacklisted and unemployable, his life in ruins. I Married ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото I Married a Communist

Girls in Tears

Ellie, Magda and Nadine are back - but they're not very happy! Ellie's glorious romance with Russell is teetering on the rocks. Magda's lost her pet and is desperately upset (though the others didn't even know she still had a hamster!). And Nadine is fed up with the other two lecturing her about the dangers of meeting someone on the Internet. She thinks her e-mail boyfriend sounds wonderful! Buckets of tears ...
Цена:  773.00
Посмотреть Girls in Tears
фото Girls in Tears

Girls In Love

REASONS TO READ MY BOOK, NUMBERS 1 TO 9 1. It’s about three girls in Year Nine 2. You can learn all sorts of secrets about me (I’m Ellie) 3. Ditto my best friend Nadine 4. Ditto my equally best friend Magda 5. You can see if your nine all-time heros/heroines match up with mine 6. You can squirm at my most embarrassing moments 7. You can have lots of laughs (mostly at me!) 8. You might even cry a bit, too 9. ...
Цена:  725.00
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фото Girls In Love

Girls Under Pressure

Magda is tall and glamorous, Nadine is willowy and ‘gothic’ and Ellie, well, Ellie is just plain normal. The three girls have been best friends ‘forever’ but now Ellie is convinced she’s fat; Nadine wants to be a model; and Magda worries that her appearance is giving guys the wrong idea… They all long to change their looks and they’re all under pressure!
Цена:  650.00
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фото Girls Under Pressure

Enduring Love

One windy spring day in the Chilterns Joe Rose's calm, organized life is shattered by a ballooning accident. The afternoon, Rose reflects, could have ended in mere tragedy, but for his brief meeting with Jed Parry. Unknown to Rose, something passes between them - something that gives birth in Parry to an obsession so powerful that it will test to the limits Rose's beloved scientific rationalism, threaten the ...
Цена:  725.00
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фото Enduring Love

End In Tears

A father's worst nightmare. It's first light and George Marshalson's daughter hasn't returned home. He doesn't yet know that she never will - that her body lies prone just yards from the family house. Or that he will himself make the shocking discovery. Chief Inspector Wexford has never known a case of a father finding the murdered body of his daughter. He has daughters of his own but can barely imagine himself ...
Цена:  725.00
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фото End In Tears

The Code of the Woosters

When Bertie Wooster goes to Totleigh Towers to pour oil on the troubled waters of a lovers' breach between Madeline Bassett and Gussie Fink-Nottle, he isn’t expecting to see Aunt Dahlia there – nor to be instructed by her to steal some silver. But purloining the antique cow creamer from under the baleful nose of Sir Watkyn Bassett is the least of Bertie’s tasks. He has to restore true love to both Madeline and ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото The Code of the Woosters

The Clicking of Cuthbert

The Oldest Member knows everything that has ever happened on the golf course – and a great deal more besides. Take the story of Cuthbert, for instance. He’s helplessly in love with Adeline, but what use are his holes in one when she’s in thrall to Culture and prefers rising young writers to winners of the French Open? But enter a Great Russian Novelist with a strange passion, and Cuthbert’s prospects are transformed. ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото The Clicking of Cuthbert


Victor Mancini has devised a complicated scam to pay for his mother's hospital care: pretend to be choking on a piece of food in a restaurant and the person who 'saves you' will feel responsible for you for the rest of their lives. Multiply that a couple of hundred times and you generate a healthy flow of cheques, week in, week out. Victor also works at a theme park with a motley group of losers, cruises sex ...
Цена:  507.00
Посмотреть Choke
фото Choke

Carry On, Jeeves

These marvellous stories introduce us to Jeeves, whose first ever duty is to cure Bertie’s raging hangover (‘If you would drink this, sir… it is a little preparation of my own invention. It is the Worcester Sauce that gives it its colour. The raw egg makes it nutritious. The red pepper gives it its bite. Gentlemen have told me they have found it extremely invigorating after a late evening.’) And from that moment, ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Carry On, Jeeves

Blandings Castle and Elsewhere

The ivied walls of Blandings Castle have seldom glowed as sunnily as in these wonderful stories - but there are snakes in the rolling parkland ready to nip Clarence, the absent-minded Ninth Earl of Emsworth, when he least expects it. For a start the Empress of Blandings, in the running for her first prize in the Fat Pigs Class at the Shropshire Agricultural Show, is off her food ­- and can only be coaxed back ...
Цена:  514.00
Посмотреть Blandings Castle and Elsewhere
фото Blandings Castle and Elsewhere

Aunts Aren't Gentlemen

Bertie Wooster has been overdoing metropolitan life a bit, and the doctor orders fresh air in the depths of the country. But after moving with Jeeves to his cottage at Maiden Eggesford, Bertie soon finds himself surrounded by aunts – not only his redoubtable Aunt Dahlia but an aunt of Jeeves’s too. Add a hyper-sensitive racehorse, a very important cat and a decidedly bossy fiancée – and all the ingredients ...
Цена:  514.00
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фото Aunts Aren"t Gentlemen

The Appeal

In a crowded courtroom in Mississippi, a jury returns a shocking verdict against a chemical company accused of dumping toxic waste into a small town’s water supply, causing the worst “cancer cluster” in history. The company appeals to the Mississippi Supreme Court, whose nine justices will one day either approve the verdict or reverse it. Who are the nine? How will they vote? Can one be replaced before the case ...
Цена:  563.00
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фото The Appeal

Küche totalitär

Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein – für Russen schon gar nicht. Das wahre Symbol für Luxus und feine Lebensart ist in Russland die Ananas. Dieses Beispiel zeigt: Kulinarisch ist die ehemalige Sowjetunion hierzulande unbekanntes Terrain. Dank Wladimir Kaminer ist damit nun Schluss. Er führt durch Töpfe und Teller der alten Sowjetrepubliken, bringt dem Laien nebenbei Länder und Leute näher ...
Цена:  761.00
Посмотреть Küche totalitär
фото Küche totalitär

Ich mache mir Sorgen, Mama

Wer Wladimir Kaminers Geschichten kennt, kennt auch seine Familie: seine Frau Olga, seine beiden Kinder und natürlich seine Eltern. Egal ob Erziehungsfragen, sexuelle Aufklärungsarbeit, deutscher Behördendschungel, sportliche Extravaganzen, Mysterien des Religionsunterrichts, Urlaubskatastrophen oder die Invasion der Playmobilfiguren – das Leben mit seiner Familie stellt Wladimir Kaminer unablässig ...
Цена:  863.00
Посмотреть Ich mache mir Sorgen, Mama
фото Ich mache mir Sorgen, Mama

Der Deutschland-Clan. Das skrupellose Netzwerk aus Politikern, Top-Managern und Justiz

Deutschland heute: ein Netzwerk hochrangiger Politiker, führender Konzernchefs und toleranter Justizbehörden, die den Rechtsstaat aushöhlen, die Gemeinsinn durch Egoismus und Gesetze durch die Macht des Kapitals ersetzen. Wer wen erpresst, wer die Drahtzieher sind und warum die Justiz nicht ermittelt – dieses Buch enthüllt Gaunerkartelle, Korruptionsaffären und Verstrickungen von Ministern, ...
Цена:  863.00
Посмотреть Der Deutschland-Clan. Das skrupellose Netzwerk aus Politikern, Top-Managern und Justiz
фото Der Deutschland-Clan. Das skrupellose Netzwerk aus Politikern, Top-Managern und Justiz

Eugene Onegin And Other Poems

Pushkin was the first Russian writer of European stature, and he is among the very few artists - such as Homer and Shakespeare - to have shaped the consciousness and history of an entire nation and its language, thereby affecting the world at large. Eugene Onegin is not merely the greatest poem in the Russian language by its most influential poet: it is a global culture, social and political icon of the highest ...
Цена:  968.00
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фото Eugene Onegin And Other Poems

The Witching Hour

On the verandah of a great New Orleans house, now faded, a mute and fragile woman sits rocking. And the witching hour begins...Demonstrating once again her gift for spellbinding storytelling and the creation of legend, Anne Rice makes real for us a great dynasty of witches - a family given to poetry and incest, to murder and philosophy, a family that over the ages is itself haunted by a powerful, dangerous, ...
Цена:  551.00
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фото The Witching Hour

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Toru Okada's cat has disappeared and this has unsettled his wife, who is herself growing more distant every day. Then there are the increasingly explicit telephone calls he has started receiving. As this compelling story unfolds, the tidy suburban realities of Okada's vague and blameless life, spent cooking, reading, listening to jazz and opera and drinking beer at the kitchen table, are turned inside out, and ...
Цена:  967.00
Посмотреть The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Wilt On High

Wilt is still teaching at the Fenland Tech, attempting to drill English into plasterers, dozing through tedious committee meetings and occasionally getting mildly plastered in 'The Pig in a Poke' with one of his few bearable colleagues. But the even tenor of his days is rudely interrupted when the shadow of drug dealing flickers across the Tech. Suddenly Wilt becomes the target of suspicion. His colleagues believe ...
Цена:  807.00
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фото Wilt On High

The Wilt Alternative

In this, the second of Tom Sharpe's chronicles about Henry Wilt, our hero is no longer the victim of his own uncontrolled fantasies. As Head of a reconstituted Liberal Studies Department, he has assumed power without authority at the Fenland College of Arts and Technology and the fantasies he now confronts are those of political bigots and reactionary bureaucrats - in addition to his wife's enthusiasm for every ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото The Wilt Alternative

White Guard

Set in Kiev during the Russian revolution, "White Guard" tells a story about the war's effect on a middle-class family and was turned into a hugely successful play on publication. It brought the author overnight success and became 'a new Seagull' for the new generation, although it also received hostile reviews for the sympathetic portrayal of White officers. Paradoxically, "The White Guard" was one of Stalin's ...
Цена:  673.00
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Wall and Piece

Artistic genius, political activist, painter and decorator, mythic legend or notorious graffiti artist? The work of Banksy is unmistakable, except maybe when it's squatting in the Tate or New York's Metropolitan Museum. Banksy is responsible for decorating the streets, walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cites throughout the world. Witty and subversive, his stencils show monkeys with weapons of mass destruction, ...
Цена:  1222.00
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фото Wall and Piece

An Unofficial Rose

This is the story of nine people, each of whom is looking for love, and the resulting complex relationships between them. Impelled by affection, lust, lost scruple, illusion and disillusion, wanting to be free yet needing to be involved, these characters perform the linked figures of their destiny.
Цена:  638.00
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Цена:  476.00
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Vintage Lust: Tom Jones & The Rachel Papers

"Vintage Lust" is a limited edition gift pack which consists of beautifully designed separate volumes of "Tom Jones" by Henry Fielding and Martin Amis's critically acclaimed "The Rachel Papers". "Vintage Lust" is just one of ten "Vintage Classic Twins" to collect. Each twin consists of two books: a specially designed limited edition of one modern classic title and one established classic work. The books in each ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото Vintage Lust: Tom Jones & The Rachel Papers

To Have & Have Not

Harry Morgan was hard, the classic Hemingway hero, rum-running, gun-running and man-running from Cuba to the Florida Keys in the depression. He ran risks, too, from stray coastguard bullets and sudden double-crosses. But it was the only way he could keep his boat, keep his independence, and keep his belly full.
Цена:  383.00
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фото To Have & Have Not

The Testament

Troy Phelan is a self-made billionaire, one of the richest men in the United States. He is also eccentric, reclusive, confined to a wheelchair, and looking for a way to die, His heirs, to no one's surprise especially Troy's - are circling like vultures. Nate O'Riley is a high-octane Washington litigator who's lived too hard, too fast, for too long. His second marriage in a shambles, he is emerging from his fourth ...
Цена:  476.00
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The Stars Tennis Balls

For Ned, 1978 seems a blissful year. Handsome, popular, responsible, and a fine cricketer, life if progressing smoothly, if not effortlessly. When he meets Partia Fendeman his personal jigsaw appears com