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Frances Lincoln

100 Flowers from the Royal Horticultural Society: 100 Postcards in a Box (Postcard Box)

The Libraries of the Royal Horticultural Society hold the world's finest collection of printed material on gardens and gardening and a selection of the best botanical paintings from this collection is featured here. One Hundred Flowers from the RHS gathers together the most striking images to create 100 different postcards to send, keep or frame. The earliest works of art date from the late 17th or early 18th ...
Цена:  1297.00
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фото 100 Flowers from the Royal Horticultural Society: 100 Postcards in a Box (Postcard Box)

Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds

Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds will be a captivating photographic portrait of the greatest British gardens and the lords, ladies and gardeners who own and manage them, with a focus on Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. It features 20 gardens designed by some of the leading contemporary garden designers from across the world. Accompanying the photographs will be essays on the design and planting that explain the ...
Цена:  1891.00
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фото Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds

The Gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright

The product of extended visits to properties associated with Wright, and extensive interviews with surviving colleagues and students, this is the first book in full colour to focus on Wright's four most famous residential landscapes - his first home and studio at Oak Park, Illinois; his magnificent 3,000 acre summer home Taliesin, Wisconsin; his 600-acre winter home Taliesin West, Arizona; and Fallingwater, ...
Цена:  3033.00
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фото The Gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright

Great Garden Design. Contemporary Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces

This book presents the best garden designs of the last five years from more than 50 top garden designers. It offers design solutions for every situation, every area, all tastes and budgets, and any size of garden. It draws on the talents of celebrated designers such as Tom Stuart Smith, Luciano Giubbilei, Cleve West, Dan Pearson and Joe Swift. It also showcases the work of lesser-known designers whose innovating ...
Цена:  2511.00
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фото Great Garden Design. Contemporary Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces

Remarkable Animals. 1000 Amazing Amalgamations

What is a Treevipus? A fantastic creature with the head of a trunkfish, the body of a weevil and the tail of a platypus, of course! Here, a host of creatures presented in humorous pictures and informative captions take on new names, and a hilarious new identity when their heads, bodies and legs are swapped around as the pages are flipped. Tony Meeuwissen's witty interchangeable text and beautifully detailed ...
Цена:  613.00
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фото Remarkable Animals. 1000 Amazing Amalgamations


Find out about all things British in this unusual alphabet picture book. A is for Arthur, B is for Beatles… this innovative new picture book delight looks at some of the things that give the UK its vibrant and unique cultural identity.
Цена:  226.00
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фото ABC UK

London Year: Daily Life in the Capital in Diaries, Journals and Letters

This is an anthology of short diary entries (with the occasional journal entry or letter), one or two for each day of the year, which, taken together, will provide an impressionistic portrait of life in the city over the last five centuries. The book will vividly evoke moments in the lives of Londoners in the past, providing snapshots of the city's inhabitants at work, at play, in pursuit of money, sex, entertainment, ...
Цена:  1485.00
Посмотреть London Year: Daily Life in the Capital in Diaries, Journals and Letters
фото London Year: Daily Life in the Capital in Diaries, Journals and Letters

Pugwash the Smuggler (+ CD-ROM)

Captain Pugwash is delighted at the prospect of earning five hundred golden crowns for smuggling barrels of brandy across the English Channel. But little does he suspect what is really inside the barrels! Luckily Tom the quick-witted cabin-boy uncovers Cut-throat Jake's dastardly plot and not only saves the day, but secures the Captain's reward as well!
Цена:  483.00
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фото Pugwash the Smuggler (+ CD-ROM)

Old MacDonald

Old Macdonald's farm is full of surprises. What's that in the pram? Who's flying a plane? What's got four arms and goes beep? Lift the flaps and see for yourself.
Цена:  451.00
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фото Old MacDonald

Vintage 80s. London Street Photography

'No other city has the variety of hairstyles male and female that parade the streets of London. The bouffant, the duck arse, the white wings of power swept over the ears, the coxcomb punk, the flat top, the social outrider's bowl cut. They're all there to make a place. In respect of the hair of the 80s, the rest of the world was dead from the neck up.' Buy a 35 mm camera at the beginning of 1980 and spend the ...
Цена:  962.00
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фото Vintage 80s. London Street Photography

All My Own Work. Adventures in Art

This engaging draw from your imagination book holds many adventures for young readers: a dragon to fight, a mystery ship sailing to shore, a splendid archway to step through. The starting point for each adventure is an intriguing image from a painting in London's National Gallery. With the help of paints, crayons, pencils, felt-tip pens, scraps of paper, and, above all, imagination, budding artists fill in the ...
Цена:  776.00
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фото All My Own Work. Adventures in Art

Snail Trail: In Search of a Modern Masterpiece

A colourful snail asks you to help him look for his favourite painting. Follow his silver trail through a selection of famous modern paintings by an exciting range of modern artists including Pollock, Rothko, Mondrian, Dali, Picasso and Matisse in search of a piece of art that represents him.
Цена:  844.00
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фото Snail Trail: In Search of a Modern Masterpiece

Escape from Mercy Hall

“Any creature who gets changed after passing through the Rainbow Cave is sentenced to death by pegging out,” said Drago soberly. “They are simply chained out in the fields and when the evening comes the Muttons appear and eat everything in sight.” In trouble again with the unpopular headmaster of Mercy Hall, Jethro Barking, Milly escapes from the orphanage with the help of her friends George and Samuel, and ...
Цена:  821.00
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фото Escape from Mercy Hall

William Burges and the High Victorian Dream

William Burges (1827-81) was arguably the greatest of all Victorian architects. But he was more than just the creator of a modest number of fabulous, and fabulously expensive, buildings. He dreamed of hundreds more, designed dozens, and in addition created some of the most remarkable furniture and jewellery of all time. He was an art-architect. Rich, clever, well connected and short lived, he was uncompromising, ...
Цена:  4520.00
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фото William Burges and the High Victorian Dream

Great Houses of London

The great houses of London represent one of the marvels of English architecture and yet they are almost entirely unknown. They are for the most part disguised behind sober facades but their riches within are astonishing. This book will range from the romantic 17th century Ashburnham House, nestling in the shadow of Westminster Abbey, through the splendid 18th century aristocratic palaces of the West End, to ...
Цена:  2196.00
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фото Great Houses of London

The Secrets of Mercy Hall

This weird and wonderful tale follows the exploits of eight year old Milly, and nine year old George and Samuel, as they escape from the grey world of a Victorian orphanage into a land of curious and unsettling modernity.
Цена:  428.00
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фото The Secrets of Mercy Hall

Heroes of Mercy Hall

As weird and wonderful as Escape from Mercy Hall and Secrets of Mercy Hall, the final book in the trilogy see the children back behind the Hedge again, this time on a rescue mission. Where is the lever to the Hedge? Shouted Jethro Barking as he towered over them! I'll feed you to the sharks, I'll hang you by your feet, I'll give you to the Muttons, one by one 'till you tell me. So ended Secrets of Mercy Hall. ...
Цена:  428.00
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фото Heroes of Mercy Hall

Rossetti: Painter and Poet

Dante Gabriel Rossetti is the most intriguing and flamboyant figure in nineteenth-century British art. He inspired the first Pre-Raphaelite generation of 1849 and the second generation ten years later and both brought about significant changes in British art. His poetry, too, acted as a stimulus to many writers at the end of the century, who saw in his subtle manipulation of the sonnet and the ballad forms ways ...
Цена:  4257.00
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фото Rossetti: Painter and Poet

London's Parks and Gardens

This book takes the reader on a guided tour of London's public squares, community and allotment gardens, front gardens and window boxes – and the myriad and monumental public parks, from the grand formality of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to the wild heathland of Hampstead and the commons. Illustrated with photographs that capture all the diversity of London's green spaces, presenting a unique and fresh ...
Цена:  1992.00
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фото London"s Parks and Gardens

A Village Lost and Found

Brian May's painstaking excavation of exquisite stereo photographs from the dawn of photography transports the reader back in time to the lost world of an Oxfordshire village of the 1850s. At the book's heart is a reproduction of T R Williams' 1856 series of stereo photographs Scenes In Our Village. Using the viewer supplied with this book, the reader is absorbed profoundly into a village idyll of the early ...
Цена:  3516.00
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фото A Village Lost and Found

Herculaneum: Past and Future

In AD 79, the volcano Vesuvius erupted, burying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under ash and rock, and leaving them remarkably well preserved for centuries. While Pompeii has been extensively written about and popularized, the remains of its sister city, a smaller yet wealthier community close to the sea, are less widely known, but they have yielded spectacular archaeological evidence. This is the first ...
Цена:  4864.00
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фото Herculaneum: Past and Future

The Architecture of Hope: Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres

Since the mid-1990s an exciting building project has been underway, new cancer caring centres that offer a fresh approach in architecture and health. Named after Maggie Keswick and co-founded with her husband, the writer and landscape designer Charles Jencks, these centres aim to be at all the major British hospitals that treat cancer. Already six have been completed and six more are in the pipeline. Starting ...
Цена:  3516.00
Посмотреть The Architecture of Hope: Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres
фото The Architecture of Hope: Maggie"s Cancer Caring Centres

Public Faces Private Places: Portraits of Artists 1956-2008

Sandra Lousada grew up amidst a circle of actors, writers and artists living alongside the River Thames at Hammersmith. Through her grandfather, A.P. Herbert, her mother, the stage designer Jocelyn Herbert, and Jocelyn Herbert's lover, George Devine, founder of the Royal Court, she had privileged access to the worlds of literature, the arts, and the theatre. By the late 1950s she had begun to forge a language ...
Цена:  2511.00
Посмотреть Public Faces Private Places: Portraits of Artists 1956-2008
фото Public Faces Private Places: Portraits of Artists 1956-2008

Style City

London now ranks alongside Paris, New York and Milan as a global fashion capital, and it has produced such outstanding designers as John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Stella McCartney. Style City tells, for the first time, the story of how that came about, describing how fashion developed in Britain from the early 1970s, when designer fashion scarcely existed, to the present day. The story ...
Цена:  1741.00
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фото Style City

Crop Circles

Whether they are scientific enigmas, paranormal phenomena, mischievous hoaxes or inspired land art, the scale, beauty and mathematical and symbolic complexity of crop circles continues to astound. Throughout the summer months every year, in fields of oilseed rape, barley and wheat, a rash of ever more elaborate circles and designs appears. Lucy Pringle has been photographing and researching crop circles for ...
Цена:  1023.00
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фото Crop Circles

Garden Designer

In this fully revised edition of a classic design and style sourcebook, Robin Williams shows you how to make beautiful gardens in which every element fits harmoniously into a whole. With a wealth of examples and plans, including three-dimensional sketches, he sets out the general principles of garden design and guides you through the process of assessing the plot, finding a style and choosing every garden element, ...
Цена:  1246.00
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фото Garden Designer

Swedish Style

This text distills the chief characteristics of Swedish interior design - a look that embraces the cool colours and modest proportions of Gustavian interiors and the unpretentious charm of country nostalgia. Five practical chapters show readers how to adapt and recreate this style themselves.
Цена:  1615.00
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фото Swedish Style

Cracow. City of Treasures

Cracow, for 700 years the ancient capital of Poland, is its most historic and architecturally ornate city and one of Europe's architectural gems. Its oldest quarter is on UNESCO's list of the world's 12 most precious monuments. Cracow tells the story of the city from its Silver Age in the 14th century through its Golden Age in the 15th and 16th centuries, up to the present day. Photographs show the city in all ...
Цена:  698.00
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фото Cracow. City of Treasures

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