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The Luminaries

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Words Will Break Cement. The Passion of Pussy Riot

On February 21st 2012, five members of an obscure feminist post-punk collective called Pussy Riot staged a performance in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Dressed in their trademark brightly coloured dresses and balaclavas, the women performed their song 'Punk Prayer - Mother of God, Chase Putin Away!' in front of the altar. The performance lasted only 40 seconds but it resulted in two-year prison sentences ...
Цена:  1391.00
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фото Words Will Break Cement. The Passion of Pussy Riot

The Luminaries

It is 1866, and Walter Moody has come to make his fortune upon the New Zealand goldfields. On arrival, he stumbles across a tense gathering of twelve local men, who have met in secret to discuss a series of unsolved crimes. A wealthy man has vanished, a whore has tried to end her life, and an enormous fortune has been discovered in the home of a luckless drunk. Moody is soon drawn into the mystery: a network ...
Цена:  691.00
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May We Be Forgiven

Harry is a Richard Nixon scholar who leads a quiet, regular life; his brother George is a high-flying TV producer, with a murderous temper.They have been uneasy rivals since childhood.Then one day George loses control so extravagantly that he precipitates Harry into an entirely new life. In May We Be Forgiven, Homes gives us a darkly comic look at 21st century domestic life - at individual lives spiraling out ...
Цена:  908.00
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The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol

Collected here are Gogol's finest tales - from the demon-haunted St John's Eve to the strange surrealism of The Nose, from the heart-rending trials of the copyist in The Overcoat to those of the delusional clerk in The Diary of a Madman - allowing readers to experience anew the unmistakable genius of a writer who paved the way for Dostoevsky and Kafka. To this superb new translation - the first in twenty-five ...
Цена:  956.00
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Super Sad True Love Story

In a very near future a functionally illiterate America is about to collapse. But don't tell that to poor Lenny Abramov, proud author of what may well be the world's last diary. Despite his job at an outfit called 'Post-Human Services', which attempts to provide immortality for its super-rich clientele, death is clearly stalking this cholesterol-rich morsel of a man. And why shouldn't it? Lenny's from a different ...
Цена:  713.00
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Meet Misha Vainberg, aka Snack Daddy, a 325-pound disaster of a human being, son of the 1,238th richest man in Russia and proud holder of a degree in multicultural studies from Accidental College, USA. Misha is an American impounded in a Russian's body and the only place he feels at home is New York; he just wants to live in the South Bronx with his Latina girlfriend, but after his gangster father murders an ...
Цена:  812.00
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The Granta Book of the American Short Story: v. 2

Richard Ford, one of the finest American novelists and short story writers, introduced the first Granta Book of the American Short Story, which Granta published in 1992. It became the definitive anthology of American short fiction written in the last half of the twentieth century. In the fourteen years since, Ford has been reading new stories and re-reading old ones and selecting new favourites. This new collection, ...
Цена:  1202.00
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When 7-year-old Mischka and her Russo-Jewish family flee the oppresive regime of the USSR for the freedom of Vienna, her world seems to divide neatly in two: there`s life as she knew it before, and life as she must re-learn it now. But even as she`s busy dressing her new Barbie doll, perfecting her German, and gorging on fresh fruit, Mischka is aware that there`s part of her that can never escape her homeland, ...
Цена:  953.00
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The Sisters Brothers

Oregon, 1851. Eli and Charlie Sisters, notorious professional killers, are on their way to California to kill a man named Hermann Kermit Warm. On the way, the brothers have a series of unsettling and violent experiences in the Darwinian landscape of Gold Rush America. Charlie makes money and kills anyone who stands in his way; Eli doubts his vocation and falls in love. And they bicker a lot. Then they get to ...
Цена:  1574.00
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