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Moscow Stations

Moscow Stations, Venedikt Yerofeev's autobiographical novel, is in many ways the successor to Gogol's Dead Souls. The two works are comic historical bookends, with Gogol's novel portraying the sloth and corruption of feudal Russia and Yerofeev's novel portraying the sloth and corruption of feudal Communism. The truth is that while the streets of Moscow may be clogged with Volvos and Mercedes sedans these days ...
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The first of Turgenev's social novels, Rudin was first translated by Constance Garnett into English in 1894. The main protagonist Dmitri Rudin is a representative of men of that time, being knowledgeable and enthusiastic about new ideas and the search for truth. As S. Stepniak states in his introduction to the text in 1894 Rudin's enthusiasm is contagious because it is sincere, and his eloquence is convincing ...
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A Lear of the Steppes and Other Stories

In A Lear of the Steppes and Other Stories Martin Petrovitch, believing he has dreamed of his own impending death, transfers ownership of his estate to his two daughters. Turgenev's short story version of Shakespeare's King Lear, follows his protagonist from that fatalistic submission to the cataclysm of cruelty, betrayal and violence that follows. Three tales written by Turgenev in Constance Garnett's classic ...
Цена:  1024.00
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Gone Again

It's just to say that no-one has come to pick Nathan up from school, and we were wondering if there was a problem of some kind?" As Mark Douglas photographs a pod of whales stranded in the waters off Edinburgh's Portobello Beach, he is called by his son's school: his wife, Lauren, hasn't turned up to collect their son. Calm at first, Mark collects Nathan and takes him home but as the hours slowly crawl by he ...
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Red Icon

A big satisfying Stalin-era thriller from the master of the genre, the perfect read for fans of Phillip Kerr, Erik Larson or Robert Harris. The German Army begins to shatter before the advancing Soviet forces in 1944. Two Russian soldiers burrow into the crypt of a German church, where, clutched in the hands of a priest's skeleton, they discover a priceless icon last seen in the grasp of Rasputin, the mad monk ...
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The Buried Giant

Цена:  934.00
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The New Life

'I read a book one day, and my whole life was changed.' So begins The New Life, Orhan Pamuk's fabulous road novel about a young student who yearns for the life promised by a dangerously magical book. On his remarkable journey, he falls in love, abandons his studies, turns his back on home and family, and embarks on restless bus trips through the provinces, in pursuit of an elusive vision. This is a wondrous ...
Цена:  934.00
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Love + Hate. Stories and Essays

Hate skews reality even more than love. In the story of a Pakistani woman who has begun a new life in Paris, an essay about the writing of Kureishi's acclaimed film Le Week-End, and an account of Kafka's relationship with his father, readers will find Kureishi also exploring the topics that he continues to make new, and make his own: growing up and growing old; betrayal and loyalty; imagination and repression; ...
Цена:  855.00
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After the gravity of The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Immortality, Slowness comes as a surprise: It is certainly Kundera's lightest novel, a divertimento, an opera buffa, with, as the author himself says, not a single serious word in it; then, too, it is the first of his novels to have been written in French (in the eyes of the French public, turning him definitively into a French writer). Disconcerted ...
Цена:  763.00
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The Kind Worth Killing

Hello there. I looked at the pale, freckled hand on the back of the empty bar seat next to me in the business class lounge of Heathrow airport, then up into the stranger's face. 'Do I know you?' Delayed in London, Ted Severson meets a woman at the airport bar. Over cocktails they tell each other rather more than they should, and a dark plan is hatched - but are either of them being serious, could they actually ...
Цена:  563.00
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My Pet Show Panic!

Dear friends, I Love-Love-Love sharing my adventures as a classroom hamster with all my friends. But sometimes my paw gets tired from so much writing! To give it a rest, I've written some shorter tales that are every bit as funny and exciting as my According to Humphrey books. They're called Humphrey's Tiny Tales and they've even got illustrations (I'm quite pleased at how cute I look in the pictures). I'm unsqueakably ...
Цена:  654.00
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My Playful Puppy Problem!

Dear friends, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE sharing my adventures as a classroom hamster with all my friends. But sometimes my paw gets tired from so much writing! To give it a rest, I've written someshorter tales that are every bit as funny and exciting as my According to Humphrey books. They're called "Humphrey's Tiny Tales" and they've even got illustrations! (I'm quite pleased at how cute I look in the pictures.) I'm ...
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Ace, King, Knave

Behind doors is another story. Behind doors you can do what you like. Sophia - rational, demure, and hiding a 'little weakness' - has recently married the charismatic Mr Zedland. But Zedland has secrets of his own and Sophia comes to suspect that her marriage is not what it seems. In cramped rooms in Covent Garden, Betsy-Ann shuffles a pack of cards. A gambler, dealer in second-hand goods, and living with a ...
Цена:  1106.00
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My Treasure Hunt Trouble!

I was unsqueakably excited when Garth took Og the frog and me home for the weekend, because he was having a birthday party! I was expecting to have a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT time. I wasn't expecting there to be a thief, hidden treasure, and a mystery only I could solve! This is a specially extended version of Humphry's 2011 World Book Day BooK.
Цена:  654.00
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All That Fall

Mrs Rooney, old and unwieldy, is dragging herself towards the railway station on a Saturday lunchtime to meet her blind husband on his way back from the office, and guide him home. She passes the time of day with a man with a dung cart, and a man with a bicycle. A third man with a motor car offers her a lift. A church-struck spinster helps her up the station steps... All That Fall, specially commissioned by ...
Цена:  678.00
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The Accident

In New York City, Isabel Reed, one of the most respected and powerful literary agents in the city, frantically turns the pages of a manuscript into the early dawn hours. This manuscript - printed out, hand-delivered, totally anonymous - is full of shocking revelations and disturbing truths, things which could compromise national security. Is this what she's been waiting for her entire career: a book that will ...
Цена:  476.00
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1,339 QI Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop

Following the sensational success of 1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off, the QI team returns with a fresh stack of facts to astonish and enlighten. Pigs suffer from anorexia. Wagner always wore pink silk underwear. Rugby School's first official rugby kit in 1871 included a bow tie. Lord Kitchener had four spaniels called Shot, Bang, Miss and Damn. It is impossible to whistle in a spacesuit. J. K Rowling has ...
Цена:  788.00
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The Girl With A Clock For A Heart

George Foss never thought he'd see her again, but on a late-August night in Boston, there she is, in his local bar, Jack's Tavern. When George first met her, she was an eighteen-year-old college freshman from Sweetgum, Florida. She and George became inseparable in their first fall semester, so George was devastated when he got the news that she had committed suicide over Christmas break. But, as he stood in ...
Цена:  650.00
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Because a Fire Was in My Head: 100 Poems

A wonderful anthology of poems to set fire to the imagination. We only have to 'remember, remember the 5th of November' to see a dark night filled with fireworks and bonfires. In their many different ways - through their sounds, rhythms, stories, surprises and jokes - these poems will set the fireworks crackling in our own heads. Michael Morpurgo has brought together poems by writers as diverse as Spike Milligan ...
Цена:  1061.00
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The Invisible Cat!

Can you see him? My kitten? Close your eyes tight. His fur is so soft and all silvery white Imagine him quick! Have you imagined enough? Oh, good, you can see him! It's Squishy McFluff! When Ava discovers an imaginary cat in the cabbage patch, she knows she's found a new best friend. Together, Ava and Squishy McFluff get up to all kinds of mischief...Bright new talent Pip Jones gives a hilarious, quirky twist ...
Цена:  763.00
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Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

Cats! Some are sane, some are mad and some are good and some are bad. You can meet magical Mr Mistoffelees, sleepy Old Deuteronomy and curious Rum Tum Tugger. But you'll be lucky to meet Macavity because Macavity's not there! In 1925 T.S. Eliot became co-director of Faber & Faber, who remain his publishers to this day. Throughout the 1930s he composed the now famous poems about Macavity, Old Deuteronomy, Mr ...
Цена:  763.00
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Dead Line

And just as your plan is developing, so you're evolving, too. You're changing in ways you never would have thought possible before. But that's acceptable to you. You're prepared to do whatever it takes...Why? Because you're the specialist. And that's how you're going to succeed. What do you do if your fiancee goes missing, presumed taken? If you're Daniel Trent, a highly-trained specialist in hostage negotiation, ...
Цена:  638.00
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QI. The Second Book of General Ignorance

Who made the first aeroplane flight? How many legs does an octopus have? How much water should you drink every day? What is the chance of tossing a coin and it landing on heads? What happens if you leave a tooth in a glass of coke overnight? What is house dust mostly made from? What colour are oranges? Who in the world is most likely to kill you? What was the first dishwasher built to do? John Lloyd and John ...
Цена:  850.00
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Apple Tree Yard

There can't be a woman alive who hasn't once realised, in a moment of panic, that she's in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong man. Louise Doughty, more sure-footed with each novel, leads her unnerved reader into dark territory. A compelling and bravely-written book. (Hilary Mantel). A superb novel. Grown-up, genuinely suspenseful, wonderfully well-constructed, intelligent and provocative. I really ...
Цена:  638.00
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Lord of the Flies

A plane crashes on a desert island and the only survivors, a group of schoolboys, assemble on the beach and wait to be rescued. By day they inhabit a land of bright fantastic birds and dark blue seas, but at night their dreams are haunted by the image of a terrifying beast.
Цена:  945.00
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This Is How You Lose Her

Junot Diaz's new collection, This Is How You Lose Her, is a collection of linked narratives about love - passionate love, illicit love, dying love, maternal love - told through the lives of New Jersey Dominicans, as they struggle to find a point where their two worlds meet. In prose that is endlessly energetic and inventive, tender and funny, it lays bare the infinite longing and inevitable weaknesses of the ...
Цена:  514.00
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A Convicted Killer: Despite always maintaining his innocence, Tori Pulli, once a powerful player on Oslo's underground crime scene, has been found guilty of murder. A Loose End: Scarred reporter, Henning Juul, is contacted by Pulli, who claims that if Henning can help clear his name he can give him details of who was responsible for the fire which killed his six-year-old son, Jonas. A Double Threat: Desperate ...
Цена:  725.00
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A Brutalised Victim In The Wilds - A solitary tent is found to contain the body of a half-buried woman. She's been stoned to death. There are lash marks across her back. One of her hands has been cut off. A Lone Voice - Two years earlier internet reporter Henning Juul lost his son, Jonas, in a domestic fire. As he returns to work, physically and emotionally scarred, Henning struggles to escape this past and ...
Цена:  514.00
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1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off

QI is the smartest comedy show on British television, but few people know that we're also a major legal hit in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Africa and an illegal one on BitTorrent. We also write books and newspaper columns; run a thriving website, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed; and produce an iPhone App and a sister Radio 4 programme. At the core of what we do is the astonishing fact - painstakingly ...
Цена:  901.00
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Safe House

When Rob Hale wakes up in hospital after a motorcycle crash he is told that Lena, the woman he claims was travelling with him, doesn't exist. The woman he describes bears a striking resemblance to his recently deceased sister, Laura, but has he really only imagined her? Rob sets out to find the answers to who Lena is and where she has gone. He is aided by Rebecca Lewis, a London-based PI, who has come to the ...
Цена:  638.00
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The Expats

Kate Moore is an expat mum, newly transplanted from Washington D.C. In the cobblestoned streets of Luxembourg, her days are filled with play dates and coffee mornings, her weekends spent in Paris or skiing in the Alps. Kate is also guarding a secret - one so momentous it could destroy her neat little expat life - and she suspects that another American couple are not who they claim to be; plus her husband is ...
Цена:  586.00
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The Character of Rain

The Japanese believe that until the age of three, children are gods, each one an okosama, or 'Lord Child'. On their third birthday they fall from grace and join the rest of mankind. Narrated by a child - from the age of two and a half up until her third birthday - this novel reveals how this fall from grace can be a very difficult thing indeed from which to recover. 'Nothomb potently distils from the state of ...
Цена:  999.00
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Men and Cartoons

The author of The Fortress of Solitude and Motherless Brooklyn now beguiles his readers nine times over into the ironic, heartbroken, eerie and absurd territory he has made forever his own. The nine stories in this collection present characters struggling with loneliness, failed relationships and the consequences of strange powers. Men and Cartoons is a place where superheroes take tenured positions at colleges, ...
Цена:  654.00
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Yes Prime Minister

Yes, Minister, and the equally successful sequel Yes, Prime Minister captured a niche in the political consciousness of the nation. First broadcast thirty years ago, the original writers of these classic series have reunited to create a bang up to date Yes, Prime Minister for the stage. Spin, blackberries, sexed-up dossiers, sleaze, global warming and a country on the brink of financial meltdown form the backdrop ...
Цена:  1266.00
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The Unconsoled

Ryder, a renowned pianist, arrives in a Central European city he cannot identify for a concert he cannot remember agreeing to give. But then as he traverses a landscape by turns eerie and comical - and always strangely malleable, as a dream might be - he comes steadily to realise he is facing the most crucial performance of his life. Ishiguro's extraordinary study of a man whose life has accelerated beyond his ...
Цена:  850.00
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Siberian Red

September 1939. The Second World War Has Begun. Even as the fighting rages in Poland, Stalin's long time obsession with the missing treasure of Tsar Nicholas II is rekindled. An informant claims to have information about the whereabouts of the man entrusted by the Tsar with hiding his gold. As the news of the informant reaches Stalin, however, the man is knifed to death. Stalin summons Pekkala to the Kremlin ...
Цена:  638.00
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Sarah Thornhill

This is a new novel from Kate Grenville and a journey back to the Thornhill family of the bestselling The Secret River. Sarah Thornhill, the youngest daughter of William Thornhill of the Hawkesbury River, has always believed she would marry the handsome Jack Langland. Me and Jack, she thinks, how could it go wrong? But there's an ugly secret in Sarah's family. It takes her into the darkness of the past, across ...
Цена:  476.00
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Original Sin

The Peverell Press, a two-hundred-year-old publishing firm housed in a dramatic mock - Venetian palace on the Thames, is certainly ripe for change. But the proposals of its ruthlessly ambitious new managing director, Gerard Etienne, have made him dangerous enemies - a discarded mistress, a neglected and humiliated author, and rebellious colleagues and staff. When Gerard's body is discovered bizarrely desecrated, ...
Цена:  751.00
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The Lieutenant

In 1788 Daniel Rooke sets out on a journey that will change the course of his life. As a lieutenant in the First Fleet, he lands on the wild and unknown shores of New South Wales. There he sets up an observatory to chart the stars. But this country will prove far more revelatory than the stars above. Based on real events, The Lieutenant tells the unforgettable story of Rooke's connection with an Aboriginal child ...
Цена:  613.00
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Baba Yaga Laid an Egg

Baba Yaga is an old hag who lives in a house built on chicken legs and kidnaps small children. She is one of the most pervasive and powerful creatures in all mythology. But what does she have to do with a writer's journey to Bulgaria in 2007 on behalf of her mother? Or with a trio of old women who decide to spend a week together at a hotel spa?
Цена:  863.00
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Stalin's Nemesis: The Exile and Murder of Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky was the charismatic intellectual of the Russian Revolution, an authoritarian organizer, who might have succeeded Lenin and become the ruler of the Soviet Union. But by the time the Second World War broke out he was in exile, living in Mexico in a villa borrowed from the great artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, guarded only by several naive young American acolytes. The household was awash with ...
Цена:  1235.00
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Unnatural Causes

Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh had been looking forward to a quiet holiday at his aunt's cottage on Monksmere Head, one of the furthest-flung spots on the remote Suffolk coast. With nothing to do other than enjoy long wind-swept walks, tea in front of the crackling wood fire and hot buttered toast, Dalgliesh was relishing the thought of a well-earned break. However, all hope of peace is soon shattered by murder. ...
Цена:  901.00
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An actress dies in shocking circumstances. She leaves behind an unconventional extended family of three who embark on a journey through grief and suffering, memories lost and gained, forbidden romance, redemption and recovery, and a confrontation with spirits on a remote Pacific island.
Цена:  772.00
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The Coma

Carl is brutally assaulted in an underground train while protecting a young woman from a gang of thugs. Beaten unconscious he lies for days in a hospital bed - but appears to make a full recovery. On discharge from hospital Carl picks up the threads of his daily life, visiting friends, seeing his girlfriend - until he starts to notice strange leaps in time, distortions in his experience. Is he truly interacting ...
Цена:  583.00
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An Unsuitable Job for A Woman

Meet Cordelia Gray: twenty-two, tough, intelligent and now sole inheritor of the Pryde Detective Agency. Her first assignment finds her hired by Sir Ronald Callender to investigate the death of his son Mark, a young Cambridge student found hanged in mysterious circumstances. Required to delve into the hidden secrets of the Callender family, Cordelia soon realizes it is not a case of suicide, and that the truth ...
Цена:  589.00
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A Taste for Death

Two men lie in a welter of blood in the vestry of St Matthew's Church, Paddington, their throats brutally slashed. One is Sir Paul Berowne, a baronet and recently resigned Minister of the Crown, the other an alcoholic vagrant. Dalgliesh and his team, set up to investigate crimes of particular sensitivity, are faced with a case of extraordinary complexity as they discover the Berowne family's veneer of prosperous ...
Цена:  638.00
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Shroud for a Nightingale

The young women of Nightingale House are there to learn to nurse and comfort the suffering. But when one of the students plays patient in a demonstration of nursing skills, she is horribly, brutally killed. Another student dies equally mysteriously, and it is up to Adam Dalgliesh to unmask a killer who has decided to prescribe murder as the cure for all ills.
Цена:  638.00
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Oracle Night

Several months into his recovery from a near-fatal illness, novelist Sidney Orr enters a stationery shop in Brooklyn and buys a blue notebook. It is September 18, 1982, and for the next nine days Orr will live under the spell of this blank book, trapped inside a world of eerie premonitions and bewildering events that threaten to destroy his marriage and undermine his faith in reality. Paul Auster's mesmerizing ...
Цена:  514.00
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Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall

In a sublime story cycle, Kazuo Ishiguro explores ideas of love, music and the passing of time. From the piazzas of Italy to the Malvern Hills, a London flat to the 'hush-hush floor' of an exclusive Hollywood hotel, the characters we encounter range from young dreamers to cafe musicians to faded stars, all of them at some moment of reckoning. Gentle, intimate and witty, this quintet is marked by a haunting theme: ...
Цена:  751.00
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A Mind to Murder

A piercing scream, shattering the evening calm, brings Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh hurrying from his literary party to the nearby Steen Psychiatric Clinic, where he discovers the body of a woman sprawled on the basement floor, a chisel thrust through her heart. As Dalgliesh probes beneath the apparently unruffled calm of the clinic, he discovers that many an intrigue lies hidden behind the Georgian terrace's ...
Цена:  638.00
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Man in the Dark

August Brill, an elderly book critic, lies awake in the dark, unable to sleep. Elsewhere in the house are his daughter, Miriam, and granddaughter, Katya, each with her own reasons for lying awake and watchful in the long Vermont night...
Цена:  641.00
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Six days ago, a man blew himself up by the side of a road in northern Wisconsin... The explosion that detonates the narrative of Paul Auster's remarkable novel also ends the life of its hero, Benjamin Sachs, and brings two FBI agents to the home of one of Sachs' oldest friends, the writer Peter Aaron. What follows is Aaron's story, an intricate, subtle and gripping investigation of another man's life in all ...
Цена:  641.00
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The Lacuna

The Lacuna is the heartbreaking story of a man's search for safety of a man torn beween the warm heart of Mexico and the cold embrace of 1950s McCarthyite America. Born in the U.S. and reared in Mexico, Harrison Shepherd is a liability to his social-climbing flapper mother, Salome. Making himself useful in the household of the famed Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and exiled Bolshevik leader Lev ...
Цена:  514.00
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Invention of Solitude

'One day there is life... and then, suddenly, it happens there is death'. So begins Paul Auster's moving and personal meditation on fatherhood. The first section, 'Portrait of an Invisible Man', reveals Auster's memories and feelings after the death of his father. In 'The Book of Memory' the perspective shifts to Auster's role as a father. The narrator, 'A', contemplates his separation from his son, his dying ...
Цена:  514.00
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Innocent Blood

Philippa Palfrey, adopted as a child, believes herself to be the motherless, illegitimate daughter of an aristocratic father. At eighteen she exercises her right to find out the truth. What she discovers will change her life forever. Philippa enters a new and terrifying world and soon comes to realize that she is not the only one interested in her parents' whereabouts.
Цена:  638.00
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The Dream of the Celt

As The Dream of the Celt opens, it is the summer of 1916 and Roger Casement awaits the hangman in London's Pentonville Prison. Dublin lies in ruins after the disastrous Easter Rising led by his comrades of the Irish Volunteers. He has been caught after landing from a German submarine. For the past year he has attempted to raise an Irish brigade from prisoners of war to fight alongside the Germans against the ...
Цена:  725.00
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Death Comes to Pemberley

The year is 1803, and Darcy and Elizabeth have been married for six years. There are now two handsome and healthy sons in the nursery, Elizabeth's beloved sister Jane and her husband Bingley live nearby and the orderly world of Pemberley seems unassailable. But all this is threatened when, on the eve of the annual autumn ball, the guests are preparing to retire for the night when a chaise appears, rocking down ...
Цена:  751.00
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The Chemistry of Tears

An automaton, a man and a woman who can never meet, a secret love story, and the fate of the warming world are all brought to incandescent life in this hauntingly moving novel from one of the finest writers of our time. London 2011, Catherine Gehrig, conservator at the Swinburne museum, learns of the unexpected death of her colleague and lover of thirteen years. As the mistress of a married man she has to grieve ...
Цена:  514.00
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The Brooklyn Follies

'I was looking for a quiet place to die. Someone recommended Brooklyn, and so the next morning I travelled down there from Westchester to scope out the terrain'... So begins Paul Auster's remarkable new novel, The Brooklyn Follies. Set against the backdrop of the contested US election of 2000, it tells the story of Nathan and Tom, an uncle and nephew double-act. One in remission from lung cancer, divorced, and ...
Цена:  514.00
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The Book of Illusions

One man's obsession with the mysterious life of a silent film star takes him on a journey into a shadow-world of lies, illusions, and unexpected love. After losing his wife and young sons in a plane crash, Vermont professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in grief. Then, watching television one night, he stumbles upon a lost film by silent comedian Hector Mann, and remembers how to laugh... Mann was ...
Цена:  514.00
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Juxtaposes two tales about mothers, trans-sexuality, kitchens, love, tragedy, and the terms they all come to in the minds of a pair of free-spirited young women in contemporary Japan.
Цена:  540.00
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The Black Album

Set in London in 1989, the year of the fatwah and the fall of the Berlin Wall, this is a thriller with a background of raves, ecstasy, religious ferment and sexual passion. By the author of "The Buddha of Suburbia" and "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid"..
Цена:  532.00
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The New York Trilogy

The New York Trilogy is an astonishing and original book: three cleverly interconnected novels that exploit the elements of standard detective fiction and achieve a new genre that is all the more gripping for its starkness. In each story the search for clues leads to remarkable coincidences in the universe as the simple act of trailing a man ultimately becomes a startling investigation of what it means to be ...
Цена:  641.00
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On Canaan's Side

As they used to say in Ireland, the devil only comes into good things. Narrated by Lilly Bere, On Canaan's Side opens as she mourns the loss of her grandson, Bill. The story then goes back to the moment she was forced to flee Dublin, at the end of the First World War, and follows her life through into the new world of America, a world filled with both hope and danger. At once epic and intimate, Lilly's narrative ...
Цена:  656.00
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Siberian Red

It is September 1939. The Second World War has begun. Even as the fighting rages in Poland, Stalin's long time obsession with the missing treasure of Tsar Nicholas II is rekindled when an informant in an isolated Gulag, deep in the wastes of Siberia, offers - in exchange for his freedom - to reveal the location of Colonel Kolchak, the man entrusted by the Tsar with hiding his gold from the Bolsheviks. No sooner ...
Цена:  1047.00
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After twelve years in political exile in Germany, a poet Ka returns to Istanbul for his mother's funeral, and takes a commission to report on the municipal elections in Kars near the Russian border. There he discovers a dangerous atmosphere, with tensions running high between the political Islamists and the 'enlightened, pro-Western' Turkish military. The second half of the novel takes place over a three-day ...
Цена:  987.00
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The Time of the Hero

A powerful social satire which outraged the authorities of the author's native Peru, where 1000 copies were publicly burned.
Цена:  851.00
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Chaplin: The Tramp's Odyssey

An Everyman who expressed the defiant spirit of freedom, Charlie Chaplin was first lauded and later reviled in the America that made him Hollywood's richest man. He was a figure of multiple paradoxes, and many studies have sought to unveil 'the man behind the mask'. Louvish charts the tale of the Tramp himself through his films - from the early Mack Sennett shorts through the major features (The Gold Rush, City ...
Цена:  956.00
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фото Chaplin: The Tramp"s Odyssey

How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood, 1941-1981

From her days as a youthful minx at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to her post-studio reign as America`s lustiest middle-aged movie queen, Elizabeth Taylor has defined the very essence of Hollywood stardom. This book offers an intimate look at this girl who grew up with fame, who learned early - and well - how to be famous.
Цена:  1069.00
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Sandstorm is the best kind of reportage: humane, historically-informed and full of details that only a writer close to the action could have noticed. The overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi has been one of the twenty-first century's defining moments: the Arab world's most bizarre dictator brought down by his own people with the aid of NATO aircraft. Lindsey Hilsum was in Libya when Gaddafi met his squalid end. She ...
Цена:  1253.00
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Любовь и влечение в Бомбее (на английском языке)

Set in contemporary India, this work includes five tales which paint a picture of Bombay - its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries - while exploring questions of the human spirit.
Цена:  743.00
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фото Любовь и влечение в Бомбее (на английском языке)

Never Let Me Go

Kathy, Ruth and Tommy were pupils at Hailsham - an idyllic establishment situated deep in the English countryside. The children there were tenderly sheltered from the outside world, brought up to believe they were special, and that their personal welfare was crucial. But for what reason were they really there? It is only years later that Kathy, now aged 31, finally allows herself to yield to the pull of memory ...
Цена:  531.00
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Devices and Desires

When Commander Adam Dalgliesh visits Larksoken, a remote headland community on the Norfolk coast in the shadow of a nuclear power station, he expects to be engaged only in the sad business of tying up his aunt's estate. But the peace of Larksoken is illusory. A serial killer known as the Whistler is terrorising the neighbourhood and Dalgliesh is drawn into the lives of the headlanders when it quickly becomes ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото Devices and Desires

The Book of Proper Names

From France's 'literary lioness' (Elle), The Book of Proper Names is the story of the hapless orphan girl, Plectrude. Raised by her aunt, and unaware of the dark secret behind her past, she is a troubled but dreamy child who is both blessed and cursed by her intoxicating eyes. Discovered to have enormous gifts as a dancer, she is accepted at Paris's most prestigious ballet school where she devotes herself to ...
Цена:  656.00
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Anthony is a British journalist whose American wife, Lucy, has suddenly died. Grieving and haunted, he becomes obsessed with her youth and the years he missed before he met her. To find out more, he travels to a remote part of the Nevada desert to meet Lucy's first husband. Their encounter is the beginning of a journey that takes him across the world, to the edge of madness, and into the corners of the human ...
Цена:  693.00
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Volk's Game

Two men are massacred in an expensive Moscow bar. But the bullets miss their target: Alexei Volkovoy - Volk for short. He's a deadly, battle-hardened veteran of Russia's brutal war in Chechnya, and he serves two masters: Maxim, a psychotic mafia kingpin; and a military man known only as the General. By his side is Valya, an exotic beauty and the most dangerous weapon in Volk's arsenal. Together they are commissioned ...
Цена:  569.00
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A novel by the author of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". A moment of confusion sets in motion a complex chain of events which crosses and recrosses the divide between fantasy and reality.
Цена:  763.00
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The Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence - set in Istanbul between 1975 and today - tells the story of Kemal, the son of one of Istanbul's richest families, and of his obsessive love for a poor and distant relation, the beautiful Fusun, who is a shop-girl in a small boutique. The novel depicts a panoramic view of life in Istanbul as it chronicles this long, obsessive, love affair between Kemal and Fusun; and Pamuk beautifully ...
Цена:  589.00
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фото The Museum of Innocence

My Life as a Fake

Sarah Wode-Douglas is an aristocratic Englishwoman making her living in literary London, until she impulsively journeys across the world to Kuala Lumpur. Here, she encounters the strange and forgotten poet Christopher Chubb, whose secrets Sarah is compelled to discover.
Цена:  751.00
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фото My Life as a Fake

Shallow Grave: Screenplay

One of a hand-picked selection of some of the most popular and cult-worthy titles on Faber and Faber's extensive list of film scripts.
Цена:  725.00
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фото Shallow Grave: Screenplay

Theft: A Love Story

Narrated by the twin voices of the artist Butcher Bones, and his 'damaged two-hundred-and-twenty-pound brother' Hugh, "Theft: A Love Story" once again displays Peter Carey's extraordinary flair for language. Ranging from the rural wilds of Australia to Manhattan via Tokyo, it is a brilliant and moving exploration of art, fraud, responsibility and redemption.
Цена:  713.00
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фото Theft: A Love Story


Meet Mr Bones, the canine sidekick and confidant of Willy G. Christmas, the brilliant, troubled and altogether original poet-saint from Brooklyn. Like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza before them, they sally forth on a last great adventure...
Цена:  713.00
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фото Timbuktu

The Coma

From the internationally-renowned author of The Beach, a gripping mystery and stylistic tour de force that delves into the subconscious mind, with brilliantly disturbing results. The brilliant mindmessing thriller from the author of 28 Days Later and The Beach A big success in its original editions, the paperback looks set to become an essential lead title in all summer reading promotions The award-winning illustrations ...
Цена:  1058.00
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фото The Coma

The Remains of the Day

An elderly butler is on a five-day motoring trip through the West Country in the 1950's. The climax of his journey is to be a reunion with his former housekeeper. This 1989 Booker Prize-winner attempts to capture a period in British history and draw a portrait of a man in old age.
Цена:  662.00
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фото The Remains of the Day

Sunset Park

In the sprawling flatlands of Florida, 28-year-old Miles is photographing the last lingering traces of families who have abandoned their houses due to debt or foreclosure. Miles is haunted by guilt for having inadvertently caused the death of his step-brother, a situation that caused him to flee his father and step-mother in New York 7 years ago. What keeps him in Florida is his relationship with a teenage high-school ...
Цена:  551.00
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If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren't There More Happy People? Quotes for Quite Interesting Times

Have you ever wondered why most books of quotations are stuffed full of quotes by people you've never heard of? It's a shame because a really good quotes book, one which gathered the truest and funniest insights of the best minds, a book which offered you a useful take on almost every situation life throws at you (from the death of your child's hamster to the unified theory of everything), well, that would be ...
Цена:  1000.00
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фото If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren"t There More Happy People? Quotes for Quite Interesting Times

The Red Coffin

It is 1939. In the Soviet Union, Stalin has placed his hopes on a 30-ton steel monster, known as the RED COFFIN. But the design is not yet complete. And when the weapon's secretive and eccentric architect is found murdered, Stalin sends for Pekkala, his most trusted investigator. He is convinced that a sinister group called the White Guild intends to bring about a German invasion before the RED COFFIN is ready. ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото The Red Coffin

The Poisonwood Bible

This is a story told by the wife and four daughters of Nathan Price, a fierce evangelical Baptist who takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959.
Цена:  713.00
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фото The Poisonwood Bible

Parrot and Olivier in America

Книга "Parrot and Olivier in America" Carey Peter (EN) не оставит равнодушными любителей чтения, благодаря своему захватывающему сюжету, ярким эмоциям и стилистической изюминкой писателя. Книга направлена на широкую аудиторию, порадует читателей многообразием образов, удивительной развязкой, и доставит большое удовольствие. Несомненно, прочитав это произведение, оно надолго оставит в душе приятные воспоминания.
Цена:  638.00
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фото Parrot and Olivier in America

A Razor Wrapped in Silk

St Petersburg. 1870. A child factory worker is mysteriously abducted. A society beauty is sensationally murdered. Two very different crimes show up the deep fissures in Russian society of the late tsarist period. The first is barely noticed by the authorities. The latter draws the full investigative might of St Petersburg's finest, led by magistrate Porfiry Petrovich. The dead woman had powerful friends - including ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото A Razor Wrapped in Silk

Eye of the Red Tsar

It is the time of the Great Terror. Inspector Pekkala - known as the Emerald Eye - was the most famous detective in all Russia. He was the favourite of the Tsar. Now he is the prisoner of the men he once hunted. Like millions of others, he has been sent to the gulags in Siberia and, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, he is as good as dead. But a reprieve comes when he is summoned by Stalin himself ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото Eye of the Red Tsar


Sinuously constructed in four interlocking parts, "Invisible" opens in New York City in the spring of 1967 when twenty-year-old Adam Walker, an aspiring poet and student at Columbia University meets the enigmatic Frenchman Rudolf Born, and his silent and seductive girlfriend Margot. Before long, Walker finds himself caught in a perverse triangle that leads to a sudden, shocking act of violence that will alter ...
Цена:  531.00
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фото Invisible

His Illegal Self

Che is raised in isolated privilege by his New York grandmother, precocious son of radical Harvard students in the sixties. Yearning for his famous outlaw parents, denied all access to television and the news, he takes hope from his long haired teenage neighbour who predicts they will come for you, man. They'll break you out of here. Soon Che too is an outlaw, fleeing down subways, abandoning seedy motels at ...
Цена:  613.00
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фото His Illegal Self

The Bellini Card

The third book in Jason Goodwin's celebrated series takes Yashim from the winding alleyways of Istanbul to the decaying grandeur of Venice. Charged by the Sultan to find a stolen painting by Bellini, he enlists the help of his friend Palewski, the Polish Ambassador, and goes undercover. Venice in 1840 is a city of empty palazzos and silent canals, and Palewski starts to mingle with Venetian dealers - self-made ...
Цена:  613.00
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фото The Bellini Card


Opens in 1944, as the women of a small Welsh farming community wake one morning to find that their husbands have gone. Soon after that a German patrol arrives in their valley.
Цена:  613.00
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фото Resistance

The Love of Stones

Precious stones pass through the hands of many people, hands that leave no apparent trace. But traces are there all the same - impressions, like the atoms of hydrogen drawn to the surface of a diamond. This story charts three lives linked by one such jewel.
Цена:  800.00
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фото The Love of Stones

End Games

Aurelio Zen is posted to Calabria, where in the heart of a tight-knit traditional community there has been a brutal murder. Zen is determined to find a way to penetrate the code of silence and uncover the truth. But his mission is complicated by another secret which has drawn strangers from the other side of the world - a hunt for buried treasure launched by a single-minded player with millions to spend pursuing ...
Цена:  613.00
Посмотреть End Games
фото End Games

Blood Rain

The discovery of an unidentified, decomposed corpse in a railway wagon marks the beginning of Zen's most difficult and dangerous case. Set against the backdrop of the 3000-year-old city of Catalina, in the shadow of Mount Etna, Blood Rain finds Aurelio Zen at his most desperate and driven.
Цена:  613.00
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фото Blood Rain


This novel, by the author of Oscar and Lucinda, tells the story of a man who, recovering from death, is convinced that he is in hell. For the first time in his life, Harry Joy sees the world as it really is, and takes up a notebook to explore and note down the true nature of the Underworld.
Цена:  551.00
Посмотреть Bliss
фото Bliss

Be Near Me

When an English priest takes over a small Scottish parish, not everyone is ready to accept him. He makes friends with two local youths, Mark and Lisa, and clashes with a world he can barely understand. The town seems to grow darker each night. Fate comes calling and before the summer is out his quiet life is the focus of public hysteria. Meanwhile a religious war is unfolding on his doorstep... Be Near Me is ...
Цена:  613.00
Посмотреть Be Near Me
фото Be Near Me

The Necropolis Railway

When railwayman Jim Stringer moves to the garish and tawdry London of 1903, he finds his duties are confined to a mysterious graveyard line. Perplexingly, the men he works alongside have formed an instant loathing for him. And his predecessor has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Can Jim work out what is going on before he too is travelling on a one-way coffin ticket aboard the Necropolis Railway? ...
Цена:  613.00
Посмотреть The Necropolis Railway
фото The Necropolis Railway

Days of Atonement

Three children are massacred in their beds. The crushed corpse of their mother is discovered in a dockside warehouse. Then the husband, Bruno Gottewald, is dead and buried - killed while out on field manoeuvres. In less than a week, the entire Gottewald family has been wiped off the face of the earth. A tragic coincidence? Or are the invading French army using the massacre to expand their power? Hanno Stiffeniis, ...
Цена:  613.00
Посмотреть Days of Atonement
фото Days of Atonement

Critique of Criminal Reason

It's the year 1793, and Hanno Stiffeniis is a magistrate in Prussia. He has been called to investigate a spate of murders which has reduced the city to a state of terror, under the watchful gaze of his mentor, Kant. Four people have died, and there is no sign of an end to the killing spree. When the killer tries to murder him, the magistrate finds himself confronted by the demons of his own past. Therein lies ...
Цена:  613.00
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фото Critique of Criminal Reason

The Blackpool Highflyer

When railwayman Jim Stringer is assigned to drive holiday makers to Blackpool in the summer of 1905, he thinks he's struck lucky. But his dreams are soon destroyed - when his train meets a huge millstone on the line. A thriller of sabotage, this book brings a twist to tales of Edwardian England, steam railways and amateur sleuthing.
Цена:  725.00
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фото The Blackpool Highflyer

Lord of the Flies

Golding's best-known novel is the story of a group of boys who, after a plane crash, set up a fragile community on a previously uninhabited island. As memories of home recede and the blood from frenzied pig-hunts arouses them, the boys' childish fear turns into something deeper and more primitive.
Цена:  458.00
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фото Lord of the Flies

Vengeful Longing

It's the middle of a hot, dusty St Petersburg summer in the late 1860s. A doctor's wife and son die suddenly and the doctor is arrested, suspected of poisoning. But when further, apparently unconnected, murders occur, Porfiry Petrovich is forced to reassess his assumptions. Delving into the hidden, squalid heart of the city, he is brought face to face with incomprehensible horror and cruelty, in this vivid rendering ...
Цена:  638.00
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фото Vengeful Longing

Strange Telescopes

When Daniel Kalder, acclaimed author of "Lost Cosmonaut", descended into the sewers of Moscow in pursuit of the mythical lost city of tramps, he didn`t realise that he was embarking on a bizarre, year-long odyssey that would lead him thousands of miles across Russia to the Arctic Circle via the heart of Asia.
Цена:  821.00
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фото Strange Telescopes

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy

Twenty-three illustrated gothic tales from the dark corridors of the imagination of the creative genius behind Batman, Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish. Burton`s lovingly lurid illustrations evoke both the sweetness and tragedy of a cast of gruesomely sympathetic children - hopeful, yet hapless beings.
Цена:  914.00
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фото The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy


Ka returns to Istanbul and takes a commission to report on the municipal elections in Kars near the Russian border. There he discovers a dangerous atmosphere, with tensions running high between the political Islamists and the enlightened, pro-Western Turkish military.
Цена:  743.00
Посмотреть Snow
фото Snow

My Name Is Red

In the late 1590s, the Sultan secretly commissions a great book: a celebration of his life and his empire, to be illuminated by the best artists of the day - in the European manner. At a time of violent fundamentalism, however, this is a dangerous proposition. Even the illustrious circle of artists are not allowed to know for whom they are working. But when one of the miniaturists is murdered, their Master has ...
Цена:  738.00
Посмотреть My Name Is Red
фото My Name Is Red

When We Were Orphans

England, the 1930s. Christopher Banks has become the country's most celebrated detective, his cases the talk of London society. Yet one unsolved crime has always haunted him; the mysterious disappearance of his parents, in Old Shanghai, when he was a small boy. Now, as the world lurches towards total war, Banks realises the time has come for him to return to the city of his childhood and at last solve the mystery ...
Цена:  676.00
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фото When We Were Orphans


Translated from the Russian, this razor-sharp satire on consumer culture, Russian style, follows the irresistible rise of a Moscow advertising copywriter, who specialises in adjusting Western adverts to the Eastern mentality and selling Pepsi, Seven-up, Gucci, Mercedes and Reebok to the rising middle class.
Цена:  1118.00
Посмотреть Babylon
фото Babylon

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

A novel of irreconcilable loves and infidelities, which embraces all aspects of human existence, and addresses the nature of twentieth-century 'Being'. From the author of "Testaments Betrayed".
Цена:  702.00
Посмотреть The Unbearable Lightness of Being
фото The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Pulp Fiction

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Screenplay and the Palme d`Or at Cannes Film Festival, Pulp Fiction exploded onto the screen in 1994 and transformed the direction of contemporary cinema. This triplet of interwoven crime stories displays Tarantino`s visceral approach to character and plot.
Цена:  1237.00
Посмотреть Pulp Fiction
фото Pulp Fiction

Blue Lantern

A collection of short stories by Russias new writers.
Цена:  868.00
Посмотреть Blue Lantern
фото Blue Lantern

Omon Ra

Trained as a cosmonaut for the Soviet space programme, the hero of this novel, whose name combines the Russian word for special police force and the Ancient Egyptian sun god, finds that his mission to the moon develops unexpectedly, and builds to a bizarre conclusion.
Цена:  900.00
Посмотреть Omon Ra
фото Omon Ra

Volk's Game

Two men are massacred in an expensive Moscow bar. But the bullets miss their target: Alexei Volkovoy - Volk for short. He's a deadly, battle-hardened veteran of Russia's brutal war in Chechnya, and he serves two masters: Maxim, a psychotic mafia kingpin; and a military man known only as the General. By his side is Valya, an exotic beauty and the most dangerous weapon in Volk's arsenal. Together they are commissioned ...
Цена:  569.00
Посмотреть Volk's Game
фото Volk"s Game

The Remains of the Day

An elderly butler is on a five-day motoring trip through the West Country in the 1950s. The climax of his journey is to be a reunion with his former housekeeper. This 1989 Booker Prize-winner attempts to capture a period in British history and draw a portrait of a man in old age.
Цена:  713.00
Посмотреть The Remains of the Day
фото The Remains of the Day

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