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Rustic Italian Food

Slow-cooked meats, homemade breads, flavorful pastas... these are the traditional comfort-food classics that Italians have been roasting, baking, curing, and making in their own kitchens for generations - dishes that people actually want to cook and eat. In "Rustic Italian Food" acclaimed Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri celebrates the handcrafted cuisine of Italy, advocating a hands-on, back-to-the-basics approach ...
Цена:  2289.00
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Beauty and Healthcare Package Design

To win loyal customers in this fiercely competitive market, it's important to understand that high-quality package design is a vital element of a winning marketing strategy. Pretty, cute, and fashionable are buzzwords in the beauty and healthcare industry. This book presents some of the proven high-quality package designs in the field. The words organic and sweets are frequently used to entice the female demographic. ...
Цена:  2331.00
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New Encyclopedia of Paper Folding Design

Following Encyclopedia of Paper-Folding Designs, the first book in this series, New Encyclopedia of Paper-Folding Designs presents the folding techniques in flyers, leaflets, catalogs, in addition to direct mail and card projects. From relatively simple techniques to the most advanced, this book showcases various paper folding "tricks" such as folding up, folding over, wrapping, lifting, compressing, inserting, ...
Цена:  3864.00
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New Shop Image Graphics 2

In order to establish distinctive retail space - be it housewares shop, restaurant, cafe, boutique, hair salon, hotel or any other - it has become essential to develop a store identity based on clear marketing strategies and concepts. This book presents the superbly designed graphic applications that play instrumental roles in creating magnetic store identities, together with photographs of the shops and a description ...
Цена:  5787.00
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Neo Japanesque Graphics

Japanese-style graphics that break from traditional norms reflecting new Japanese sensibilities and contemporary arrangements. This collection presents a tremendous array of the next generation Japanese-style design that is currently drawin attention in creative circles as expressed in the form of flyers, catalogs, posters, packaging, CD jackets, alendars, book design, and more. Radically new and novel Japanese ...
Цена:  2741.00
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Beyond Advertising: Communication Design

How to create an effective advertising tools which can firmly reach to the targeted customers in limited resources? The designers are required to design not only a commercial design but also communication methods. This volume selects various outstanding practices of sales campaign held under the concept of “new style of communication to the consumers”, presenting a lot of hints how to succeed to communicate.
Цена:  2741.00
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Advertising Photography in Japan 2007

A special collection of works compiled under the editorial supervision by the Japan Advertising Photographers Association (APA) as its renewed 1st issue. Presenting the latest 385 outstanding works by freshest talent in Japanese advertising world including the awarded works, and 221 photos for the APAЎЗs open competition. The freshest advertising trend in Japan is here in this one volume.
Цена:  2741.00
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фото Advertising Photography in Japan 2007

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