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Fine Bonsai. Art and Nature

Bonsai trees, with a strong heritage in Japanese tradition, are the artistic miniatures of the plant world. Combining the natural and the artificial, they are as intricate as they are delicate. Each bonsai, in addition to resembling a full-size tree, must adhere to Japanese aesthetics of design and presentation, determined by centuries of example. In other words, bonsai are living sculptures. In this book, acclaimed ...
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Classic Wristwatches 2014-2015

A fully illustrated price guide to vintage mechanical watches from more than 45 historically significant brands. Now in its third edition, Classic Wristwatches is the ultimate resource for information on vintage watches, that is, watches no longer in current production. For each of the 1,300 timepieces listed, the authors provide a color photograph; a description of the movement, case, and special features or ...
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Norman Rockwell. 332 Magazine Covers

This is a magnificent new printing of this classic album of Norman Rockwell's best-loved works. Norman Rockwell gave us a picture of America that was familiar - astonishingly so - and at the same time unique, because only he could bring it to life with such authority. Rockwell best expressed this vision of America in his justly famous cover illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post, painted between 1916 and ...
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фото Norman Rockwell. 332 Magazine Covers

Greek and Roman Mosaics

Mosaic has been called "painting for eternity", and it is in fact one of the few arts of antiquity to survive in something like its original condition and variety. Mosaic pavements with geometric and figural motifs first appeared in Greece at the end of the fifth century BC and subsequently spread throughout the entire classical world, from the palaces of the Greco-Bactrian rulers of present-day Afghanistan ...
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American Impressionism

This book has long satisfied the ever-growing passion for American Impressionism. It is the definitive study of the subject, filled with information and insight garnered through many years of far-ranging research. All the masterworks are here, from Childe Hassam's sun-drenched gardens to John Twachtman's snow-silenced landscapes, from Edmund Tarbell's coolly elegant ladies in dim, luxurious parlors to Frederick ...
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Norman Rockwell. Postcard Book

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Joel Perlman: A Sculptor's Journey

An elegantly produced volume which illustrates celebrated American metal sculptor Joel Perlman's finest works and relates them to his fascinating life story This handsomely illustrated book is the first monograph devoted to the work of Joel Perlman, an acclaimed sculptor in steel and bronze, whose works are represented in the permanent collections of America's top museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of ...
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фото Joel Perlman: A Sculptor"s Journey

Norman Rockwell's Faith of America

More than one hundred heartwarming illustrations, many in full color, by the acclaimed artist offer an inspirational portrait of uniquely American towns, families, traditions, and more, all captured with Rockwell's trademark understanding of everyday human existence.
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Pieter Bruegel

The exciting recent rediscovery in Spain of a missing canvas by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (ca. 1525-69) has jolted a revived public awareness of the great Flemish painter and his work. Best known for his amusing depictions of peasants, landscapes, and Bosch-like fantasies, Bruegel also created a wide range of highly original interpretations of religious themes in an era marked by religious controversies. Over ...
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Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists 1958-1968

Pop Art was one of the most important artistic movements of the late twentieth century. Its adaptation of mediated, popular-culture imagery continues to influence artists, but until now, little attention has been paid to the important contributions that women made to the movement. Pop Art by women dealt less with direct consumerist critiques, instead subversively combating the stereotypical perceptions of women ...
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фото Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists 1958-1968

Starstruck: Vintage Posters from Classic Hollywood Films

For four decades film historian Ira M.Resnick has been amassing a superb collection of 2,000 vintage movie posters and 1,500 stills, which has never before been published. In Starstruck he has selected forty stills and some two hundred of his best posters, organized in five sections: celebrated actresses and actors; renowned directors; classic films; and unremarkable movies with great graphic posters. Resnick's ...
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фото Starstruck: Vintage Posters from Classic Hollywood Films

How to Photograph Children

Few parents can resist the urge to photograph every adorable stage of their children's lives, but most do it more lovingly than well. No matter how doting they are, too often the results are blurry, overexposed, and uninspired snapshots. Guide to Photographing Children offers practical, detailed, unintimidating advice to help transform parents' enthusiasm into memorable photographs that capture the child's own ...
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фото How to Photograph Children

Egyptian Wall Painting

Ancient Egyptian civilization developed its own highly individual manner of expressing visible and invisible worlds - earth and the domain of the gods - through distinctive "languages". This book presents an art, language, and culture of extraordinary richness.
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Reflections of Nature: Paintings by Joseph Raffael

Sun-dappled carp, radiant blossoms, and tumultuous waters are among the wonders and mysteries of nature captured in Joseph Raffaels brilliant close-up paintings. At a time when beauty is much out of favor in the art world, Joseph Raffael has taken what some would consider the highly radical step of daring to paint beautiful pictures. Long one of contemporary arts most highly regarded painters, Raffael transforms ...
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фото Reflections of Nature: Paintings by Joseph Raffael

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