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Abbeville Press

Francis Bacon (Modern Masters Series)

With their searing colors and compelling images, the paintings of Francis Bacon are among the most powerful, and the most poignant, to be made in the twentieth century. During his sixty-odd years as a painter Francis Bacon fearlessly tackled the unruly imagery of life, remaining defiantly committed to giving "this purposeless existence a meaning." His insistence on depicting the mysteries of human experience ...
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фото Francis Bacon (Modern Masters Series)

Ansel adams national parks service photo

In 1941, Ansel Adams photographed America's national parks for a series of murals that would celebrate the country's natural heritage. Because of the escalation of World War II, the project was suspended after less than a year, but not before Adams had produced these images, which illustrate both his early innovations and the shape of his later, legendary career as America's foremost landscape photographer. The ...
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Wristwatch Annual 2013

The definitive book for the collector of mechanical wristwatches, with complete information-including prices-on over 1,400 models made by more than 120 international brands. This fifteenth edition of the watch industry mainstay features over 1,400 of the world's most luxurious wristwatches and provides color photographs and complete specifications for each watch. With Wristwatch Annual, collectors have a wealth ...
Цена:  3475.00
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фото Wristwatch Annual 2013

The Clintons' War on Women

Hillary Clinton is running for president as an advocate of women and girls, but there is another shocking side to her story that has been carefully covered up - until now. This stunning expose reveals for the first time how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abused women and others - sexually, physically, and psychologically - in their scramble for power and wealth. In this groundbreaking book, New York ...
Цена:  2414.00
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фото The Clintons" War on Women


Essential for every art lover - the definitive new book on Rodin's life and work. With more than 350 pictures, many never before seen, Rodin reveals, in great beauty and detail, the genius of the man known as the father of modern sculpture. The stories of Rodin's sculptures, well known for their sense of fluidity and movement, are told through each stage of development from paster casts to the glorious end result. ...
Цена:  13897.00
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Joel Perlman: A Sculptor's Journey

An elegantly produced volume which illustrates celebrated American metal sculptor Joel Perlman's finest works and relates them to his fascinating life story This handsomely illustrated book is the first monograph devoted to the work of Joel Perlman, an acclaimed sculptor in steel and bronze, whose works are represented in the permanent collections of America's top museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of ...
Цена:  7330.00
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фото Joel Perlman: A Sculptor"s Journey

How to Photograph Children

Few parents can resist the urge to photograph every adorable stage of their children's lives, but most do it more lovingly than well. No matter how doting they are, too often the results are blurry, overexposed, and uninspired snapshots. Guide to Photographing Children offers practical, detailed, unintimidating advice to help transform parents' enthusiasm into memorable photographs that capture the child's own ...
Цена:  2534.00
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фото How to Photograph Children

Reflections of Nature: Paintings by Joseph Raffael

Sun-dappled carp, radiant blossoms, and tumultuous waters are among the wonders and mysteries of nature captured in Joseph Raffaels brilliant close-up paintings. At a time when beauty is much out of favor in the art world, Joseph Raffael has taken what some would consider the highly radical step of daring to paint beautiful pictures. Long one of contemporary arts most highly regarded painters, Raffael transforms ...
Цена:  4384.00
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фото Reflections of Nature: Paintings by Joseph Raffael

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