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Botanical Painting with the Society of Botanical Artists

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An illustrated, comprehensive guide to botanical painting written by the Society of Botanical Artists. In this new book the Society of Botanical Artists provides a comprehensive guide to the different styles and methods of botanical painting, harvesting the talent of both Members and Distance Learning Diploma Course students around the world, past and present. Botanical Painting includes more advanced techniques and materials and demonstrates how these skills can be used to develop your own expertise. There are chapters on drawing with graphite and metal point, coloured pencil, vellum, egg tempera, body and watercolour in plant portraiture and illustration as well as "The Mixed Bunch". The inclusion of the historic methods used for egg tempera and metal point, as well as the technique required for working on vellum, makes this a valuable source of advice on subjects not readily available elsewhere. The gallery of paintings at the end of the book provides a guided walk around an SBA exhibition and is sure to excite and inspire. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout, with comprehensive critiques on the artworks and step-by-step demonstrations. It will be an invaluable and inspirational addition to the library of the more experienced botanical painter.

Цена:  3179.00 руб.

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книга Botanical Painting with the Society of Botanical Artists:

автор:  Stevens Margaret
издательство:  Anova Books
год выпуска:  2018
страниц:  160
обложка:  твердый переплет
ISBN:  978-1-84994-452-6

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