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Learn Russian the Fast and Fun Way

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Barron’s popular "Fast and Fun Way" foreign language learning programs are designed primarily for travelers to foreign countries but are also suitable for instruction in classrooms and language labs. "Learn Russian the Fast and Fun Way" is available in its book-only format and can also be purchased with a set of six audio compact discs. The book is filled with cheerful illustrations, word lists, pull-out vocabulary flash cards, a pull-out miniature dictionary, and language-learning exercises that take the form of games and puzzles. Emphasis is on the practical Russian that travelers will need when getting around in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or outlying villages. The program teaches appropriate words and phrases for greetings and introductions, finding one’s way in cities, dining, shopping, getting hotel accommodations, telephoning, seeking medical help, reading road signs, and more. This book is also available with a set of 6 audio compact discs which offer valuable practice in Russian pronunciation, listening comprehension and basic conversational skills.

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книга Learn Russian the Fast and Fun Way:

издательство:  Barron's Ed
год выпуска:  2009
серия:  Fast and Fun Way
страниц:  256
обложка:  мягкая обложка
ISBN:  978-0-7641-4214-7

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